Dr Dog

Dr Dog Meet Doctor Dog he s the Gumboyle family s favourite pet and their very own trusty physician When Doctor Dog jets off to a medical conference in Brazil the Guimboyles decide they can t survive withou

  • Title: Dr Dog
  • Author: Babette Cole
  • ISBN: 9780099650812
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet Doctor Dog, he s the Gumboyle family s favourite pet and their very own trusty physician When Doctor Dog jets off to a medical conference in Brazil the Guimboyles decide they can t survive without him and so he returns to rescue them from all sorts of ailments itchy nits, tickly tonsils and worms to name but a few.

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    • [PDF] ↠ Free Read ↠ Dr Dog : by Babette Cole ✓
      403 Babette Cole
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    • Babette Cole

      English children s writer and illustrator

    471 thoughts on “Dr Dog

    • Really liked this. It's a little bit gross in places, but, awfully funny if you have a kid the right age for it. My daughter loves all things gross, so she thought this book was great. I need to hunt down some more by Babette Cole. We've read a couple of them and liked them both.

    • A dog that acts as a doctor tells children what to do to avoid getting sick. Easy to understand and children can relate to it because it's all the things that they tend to do that may make them sick like putting dirty hands in their mouth etc. Funny illustrations keep kids interested.

    • This odd little book has pages with quasi diagrams of our internal organs suffering from various ailments. That's by way of Dr Dog's family (human) who all get quite ill. It's good in that it's attempting to teach children good hygiene. The grandchildren weren't that interested in the story though.

    • Well, that was a heck of a ride. If you want a (more-or-less) accurate portrayal of the perils of medical conditions like pin worms, head lice, and beer-and-beans-induced flatulence, look no further. Charming illustrations and adorably juvenile humor.

    • Doctor Dog is amazing. The Gumboyle family is incredibly lucky to have a pet that is such a competent physician, particularly with their horrible hygiene habits.

    • Babette Cole’s children’s book ‘Dr. Dog’ is a clever and hilarious book that is guaranteed to make children laugh out loud.The book tells the story of the Gumboyle family and their pet dog who acts as the family doctor, ‘this is their dog. He is a doctor.’ Whilst Dr. Dog was away on a medical business meeting, he is quickly summoned back because all of the Gumboyle children, and their Granddad, have fallen ill: Kurt Gumboyle has a cough because he has been smoking; Gerty caught a col [...]

    • Helen for bigbooklittlebookI have enjoyed a few of Babette Cole’s stories and when my youngest picked this up in the library I was quite happy to add it to our pile of books to borrow. However the girls decided that we had to read it in the library then and there, so we did and it attracted some comments from other library users too. This is a book that can’t fail to induce an opinion!The story is about the Gumboyle family whose pet dog is also their doctor. This is of huge benefit to them a [...]

    • Babette Cole's Dr. Dog is an amusing story about a canine doctor who is away on holiday to Brazil, but is quickly summoned home after the Gumboyle family attain a series of different ailments. From itchy bums to Grandad's dangerous gases, this book introduces young readers to different parts of the body as well as how to not get these preventable illnesses.Dr. Dog's wonderful illustration is something that I remember loving when I read it as a child, as well as the slightly naughty aspect of the [...]

    • Although this story has unrealistic characters, like the dog being a doctor, it displays real life situations in a funny way. Dr. Dog is a beagle who belongs to the Gumboyle family. He goes away to Brazil and his family gets sick so they sent him a note telling him he had to come home to cure everybody, so he did. Students can relate to some of the characters in the book which would keep students engaged in the story. One of the characters doesn't wear a raincoat or hat when it is raining outsid [...]

    • A most excellent book that I strongly recommend NOT reading to your Children's Services class, or they'll all just stare at you like WTF?!? This book had me rolling on the floor laughing the first time I read it and every time since. It's chock full of potty humor and related hygiene lessons. Prime example: "Never pick your bum and suck your thumb" *turn page* Imagery of the resultant catastrophe if one does. Note: Not something I'd read at storytime. Not something I'd read to the average adult [...]

    • Dr. Dog was first introduced to me several years ago by my good friend Joey Payne. I must admit that on the first reading my prudish self was very shocked. Now I am less easily shocked and more easily amused plus I find quite a bit of wisdom in this quirky and often disgusting book. "Never scratch your bum and suck your thumb" is actually very sound advice as is, "It's not good to smoke." I do however, question the practice of sending a child to school with lice shampoo still in his hair as well [...]

    • "Dr. Dog" is Babette Cole's most informative and creative book yet! It's about how the family dog is actually a doctor and he tries to help take care of his family while explaining to the audience about the various diseases that each family member have.Babette Cole's illustrations are hilarious as always and the information that she provides for each disease is so informative that I found myself being surprised at such information. "Dr. Dog" is a brilliant book about learning about diseases that [...]

    • A fun quirky read that had me laughing out loud. A coworker shared this book with me after I spotted it in her office. Dr. Dog is overworked and needs a break from his family. He takes a break but his family comes and finds himself. Family and dog loyal to each other. Dr. Dog diagnoses and stresses hygiene. A story to share with others.

    • Babette Cole has a unique world view. Dr Dog ministers to his rather hapless family. He dispenses very sensible advice, don't smoke, never scratch your bum and suck your thumb. Advice to live by really. And it all ends with a fart joke. Fabulous entertainment.

    • A funny and informative book on illness in a family told through Dr. Dog (the family physician and pet). With great illustrations and explanations on gas, lice and a cold, both you and whomever you read it too will be laughing with delight.

    • Uhmt quite sure what to say about his one. It's cute. What child isn't going to laugh at a picture of a naked tushy? Especially when the accompanying text says "never scratch your bum and suck your thumb!" Ugh!

    • OMG absolutely amazing book by Babette Cole! As always, she manages to portray real life experiences (in this case a few warnings about healthy living) into a fun and enjoyable children's book.100% advise anyone to read this, even if you don't have kids!

    • Loved the pictures, Babette Cole has always amused meory rather dull, bit too medically pseudo-informative for kids.

    • oh my god, this is my son's altime favourite. He never fails to laugh when Grandpa goes through the roof. Great kids book full of good health messages.

    • Fun illustrations and rolling story of different maladies each member of the families have and Dr. Dog takes care of them. There is a bit of a lesson with each one.

    • This funny little children's book might actually be where the band Dr. Dog got their name from. This is just speculation. :)

    • I found this book hilarious and good help with teaching hygiene. Not everyone appreciates this type of humor however. I think it may be fart humor maybe?

    • All 5 year old boys need to be reminded to wash their hands etc this does that with built in toilet humour that's right up their ally.

    • Not for prissy adults. Kids love it and if your not a prissy adult you will enjoy reading again and again to your kids!

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