One Fine Cowboy

One Fine Cowboy He s got a way with horsesd with women His heart is as wild as the horses he trained Nate Shawcross is perfectly content to spend his days training wild horses So when a beautiful greenhorn unexpected

  • Title: One Fine Cowboy
  • Author: Joanne Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781402236709
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • He s got a way with horsesd with women His heart is as wild as the horses he trained Nate Shawcross is perfectly content to spend his days training wild horses So when a beautiful greenhorn unexpectedly shows up for a seminar from the famous Horse Whisperer of Wyoming, all Nate wants to do is send her packing The last thing she expects is a lesson iHe s got a way with horsesd with women His heart is as wild as the horses he trained Nate Shawcross is perfectly content to spend his days training wild horses So when a beautiful greenhorn unexpectedly shows up for a seminar from the famous Horse Whisperer of Wyoming, all Nate wants to do is send her packing The last thing she expects is a lesson in romance Graduate student Charlie Banks came to the ranch to learn about horse communication, but when she meets the ruggedly handsome cowboy, she starts to fantasize about another connection entirely Nate needs to stay focused if he s going to save his ranch from foreclosure, but he can t help being distracted by the brainy and breathtakingly sexy Charlie Could it be that after all this time Nate has finally found the one woman who can tame his wild heart

    • Unlimited [Psychology Book] ↠ One Fine Cowboy - by Joanne Kennedy ✓
      261 Joanne Kennedy
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      Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001Laramie CountyBooks Most Recent Publications First Author Website joannekennedybooksAuthor Email Joanne JoanneKennedyBooksFacebook facebook pages Joanne Kennedy Books 114277591920110Biographical and Professional InformationJoanne Kennedy s fascination with Wyoming s unique blend of past and present leads her to write contemporary Western romances with traditional ranch settings Her books include Cowboy Trouble, Cowboy Fever, and 2011 RITA nominee One Fine Cowboy Her next book, Tall, Dark Cowboy, will be released in November 2011 Two contemporary western romances will be released in 2012 At various times, Joanne dabbled in horse training, chicken farming, and bridezilla wrangling at a department store wedding registry Themes that have remained constant throughout her life are Jack Russell terriers, a tendency to confuse fiction with real life, and a fascination with literature that led to careers in bookselling and writing She lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming with two dogs and a retired fighter pilot The dogs are relatively well behaved.A member of Romance Writers of America and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Joanne loves to hear from readers and can be reached through her website, joannekennedybooks Speaking EngagementsJoanne is available for speaking engagements on writing, romance, and the West She teaches writing workshops including Finding Resonant Endings, Starting and Structuring Your Novel, The Strategic Synopsis and other topics related to

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    • Ah yes, another cowboy book. I just can't get enough! This is my second Joanne Kennedy book and it was completely different from the other one. One word, fantastic!One Fine Cowboy really isn't a great title for the actual story. Here's why:Our girl, Charlie (authors: stop giving female characters "unisex" names!! It is not cute and sassy, it's confusing!!)She's a spitfire from Jersey. A lit stick of dynomite. Really what I'm strying to say is that she's a heaping bushel of crazy! LOL. But we lik [...]

    • If you are like me & have a major crush on shy, hardworking cowboys, this book is a must read. Nate is a man of few words. His gentle, sincere and patient nature not only helps him to work with troubled horses, but eventually will help him to win the heart of a big city girl.Joanne Kennedy's love for Wyoming's wind-swept plains, breathtaking sunrises & the ability to share it with readers, is what makes her stand out from other contemporary western authors.She quickly became one of my fa [...]

    • This was cute in a sort of weird way. I thought it got off to kind of a slow start, and yet a little bit too fast of one ((view spoiler)[they sort of jumped into bed together a little soon (hide spoiler)]). Still, it was an enjoyable story, although I like the Cowboys of Decker Ranch series better, I think. I definitely still want to continue with this series though. Can't go wrong with a cowboy (unless you are a prejudiced woman like Charlie and even then you'll end up loving at least one cowbo [...]

    • In One Fine Cowboy we meet Nate, a sweet,kind, caring cowboy who loves his ranch and has worked hard for what he has, but he also is a bit of a grump and the not so polite kind. This impolite manner was brought on by his common law wife, she not only took everything he had, every last cent withdrawn from their bank accounts, she also took their beloved daughter when she left. To top it all off she changed his ranch into a horse whisperer learning school without telling him. So here he is with th [...]

    • Charlie Banks wants to go back to New Brunswick where she belongs…the city. Though first Charlie must survive Latigo Ranch in Wyoming. She is doing a grad paper on horse whispering. Charlie is almost to the ranch when her car breaks down. She is rescued by a tall, dark and sexy cowboy. His name is Nate Shawcross. It just so happens that Nate is the man Charlie was looking for. She heard he was the best horse whisper around. Unfortunately for Charlie, Nate wants nothing to do with helping her w [...]

    • Charlie comes to Wyoming under the pretense of Horse Whispering on a dude ranch according to the brochure. She did not know Sandi Nate's ex girlfriend lied about the way the ranch looked. It was almost in shambles. The first think Charlie wanted to do was go right back home. As shocked as she was she could not get a refund as Sandi cleaned out the checking and savings account and left town to go to Denver. Nate was broke and needed help with the clinic he had no clue it was to take place. With C [...]

    • Okay, disclaimer: I'm not one to read romance novels.Another disclaimer: But I love books about cowboys.I was hesitant to post this review because I'm still slightly embarassed by the fact that I read a romance novel, but I totally enjoyed this book and it would be unfair not to. It was decently written, wasn't uncomfortably raunchy/subversive and there was even some character development there. That's all I expected, or wanted, from this so I was happy.Every time I felt like Charlie was being a [...]

    • Ok so I'm going to try to say this without giving anything away from this book. I have never wanted to slap someone as much as I did this one woman in this book. It's not the main character Charlie. Trust me you will know who it is when she pops into the picture. One Fine Cowboy follows a common formula of 2 people trying to fight their feelings for each other. Joanne Kennedy's writing skills made it hard for me to put this book down. Oh how I wish her 3rd book was out now.

    • 3 1/2 stars. Not bad, and more of a steamy read then I expectedwhich was a pleasant surprise. At first I thought, no way am I going to finish this one, then it picked up, Nate grabbed my heart and I was pulling for him. Charlie has some repetitive, gotta gogonna stay moments, but other than that it was quite enjoyable.

    • I wasn't sure I would like Charlie at first. She's a Jersey girl who refers to cowboys as “stupid cowboys”. She's a vegetarian animal rights activist, who doesn't believe in riding horses - “It's morally wrong, forcing animals to serve us.” She's a grad student, and has been sent to this ranch in the wilds of Wyoming to attend a clinic for the purpose of “assessing the parallels between the training techniques of Western livestock managers and the nonverbal cues with which humans commu [...]

    • Reviewed By~DesereReview Copy Provided By~Contest WinThis is the first in a series of cowboy books by the very talented Joanne Kennedy. The books focus on rough, tough and devastatingly sexy cowboys and the woman who are in someways their downfall but also their saviors. In One Fine Cowboy we meet Nate, a sweet,kind, caring cowboy who loves his ranch and has worked hard for what he has, but he also is a bit of a grump and the not so polite kind. This impolite manner was brought on by his common [...]

    • Charlie Banks, New Jersey grad student and avid PETA member, heads to the desolate plains of Wyoming to research horse whispering. But when she arrives on the supposedly lavish dude ranch, the brochure pictures looks nothing like the reality, she is stuck. Her car breaks down almost there and it will take a week for it to be fixed. The only person on the ranch is Nate Shawcross, a rangy cowboy without alot of words. Nate's not surprised that his ex-girlfriend Sandi concocted the idea, but Sandi' [...]

    • I was so hopeful that this was a good book - an emotionally 'wounded' cowboy, a heroine who comes to his rescuee best part of this book was turning the last page and congratulating myself for actually finishing it. And, now, after reading this, I will never be able to look at another frozen turkey dinner without grossing myself out. Let's start with the heroI get the wanting to bring something new to the book, so we have an emotionally wounded hero - whichtally ruins the whole cowboy image thing [...]

    • A clinic with a horse whisperer? That was the hope of four or five people who ventured into an out-of-the-way place in Wyoming, who found a run-down ranch and a discouraged rancher with empty coffers thanks to an ex-live-in-girlfriend who decided to "clean him out." Charlie Banks is a psychology grad student who is researching non-verbal communication with animals and ends up trying to cook and clean and help manage a bad situation until she can get her "deposit" back and head home to New Jersey [...]

    • Joanne Kennedy has a great sense of humor. Her portrayal of Nate, the cowboy and Charlie the New Jersy city girl psych grad student I thought was right on. Two wounded people who needed each other. there were many references in the book to popular culture and I was surprised I got most of them. I also totally understood Charlie's reluctance to get involved with Nate. Charlie wanted a career, she wanted to make a difference in the world, she wanted and needed more than just to be married and have [...]

    • In Joanne’s second novel, she has quickly become a seasoned storyteller. In her debut novel, Cowboy Trouble (my review is here), I felt there was a little nativity to the story. Not in this one. Joanne knocked my socks off! I loved this book. I have reread it many times since I finished it two weeks ago. I love the characters, Nate and Charlie. Having worked with horses for a few decades, Charlie’s misconceptions made me laugh. I wanted to be in that stall with Charlie when she connects with [...]

    • There was something that was just right about this story. It was perfectly cheesy in the right parts, the characters were endearing and it had One Fine Cowboy in it! I was a bit on the fence after the last book, but this one was just what I was looking for. In the last book, I felt that the suspense element stole the focus away from the real story - character development. In this book, Charlie and Nate bring their assorted baggage and dirty laundry into a surprising and accidental relationship. [...]

    • I liked this one much better than Kennedy's first, Cowboy Trouble, the story was simpler which I think helped.Charlie is nothing like me, she's a vegetarian PETA member. Early on her insistence that cowboys are evil because they don't just let horses run free bugged me. But I liked Nate. I really liked Nate, so I stuck it out and Charlie thaws and realises that cowboys are not evil. Charlie's not my favourite heroine, mostly because she jumped to many a conclusion that made no sense to me.Nate, [...]

    • Sohave you seen To Wong Foo? I recognize that this movie informs MANY of my book reviews, but hey, I love drag queens. Anyway, there's a young cowboy-type character in the movie and as I read this booke hero read like that kid. I just couldn't see the hero as a man, he just seemed like a big, insecure, clueless child. The heroine was, well, a bit slow on the uptake more than once and she would make a decision, then cave moments later. That frustrated me.I wanted to like this book. And I did like [...]

    • I picked up this book at my library, as I needed something for a cowboy challenge. I have to say I really didn't expect to like it as much as I did. Joanne Kennedy has a great witty style that I really enjoyed. Loved the name of Nate's dog - Buttercup, or Butt for short. I don't know how she limited herself to using the phrase "smelled like Butt" only onceI think I could have gotten carried away with that one! There was also a running theme about Charlie's underwear - very cute. I think what I l [...]

    • The dynamics between all of the characters that come to the ranch is great. There are so many different personalities. You have an old time cowgirl Doris that comes from her own ranch and has been around the block a time or two and takes no guff from anyone, just tells it like it is. Then you have Phaedra, a teenager that is a little to in to her heavy eyeliner and black dress-code. A gothic cowgirl, with a little chip on her shoulder and a daddy complex. Bring in her dad, Taylor, a well known c [...]

    • Joanne Kennedy delivers the perfect recipe for romance in One Fine Cowboy. We have a man and a woman absolutely butting heads at every turn, creating all sorts of tension. We also have unforeseen circumstances forcing these two people to be stuck together in the short term and having to find a way to get a long. The hand they have been dealt pushes these two opposites to understand each other. What happens when they start letting their guards down and start letting each other in, is a whole lot [...]

    • I'm developing quite a soft-spot for the cowboy books. This was a very emotional book to me. A lot of the characters have issues that surround bad/neglectful parents. I loved how each character was handling their stuff differently, but able to help others at the same time. Nate was an interesting character. A true cowboy he didn't say much and I liked that the story wasn't so dialogue based. A lot of the story is moved along by internal dialogue and descriptions. The romance was great, although [...]

    • A vegetarian city mouse (woman from New Jersey--same thing!) is sent to a dude ranch to learn about human/animal nonverbal communication (horse whispering) with an expert. However, the expert doesn't know he's running a dude ranch or any kind of lessons--turns out his ex-girlfriend had advertised it, taken the registration money, cleaned out his bank account, and left him. But he decides to make the best of it--with support of our city mouse. And a bunch of characters come to the ranch and lives [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book with 1 exception, I wanted to slap Charlie up-side the head with a two by four. Seriously?? A super hot cowboy who has shown you nothing but kindness and proves over and over and over and over again that he's trustworthy and you still want to leave him because he isn't part of "The Plan" even after he tells you and shows you how much he loves you? Honey, I'll take him off your hands if you don't want him!Other than said frustration with the heroine of the book, it was [...]

    • Charlie travels to Wyoming to research a horse whisperer but finds so much more in Nick, a quiet rancher with a heart as big as, well, Wyoming.I read this because it was a RITA finalist and it deserves every accolade. The hero and heroine are appealingly flawed, the plot keeps you guessing, the secondary characters add a lot of depth to the story, and the setting makes you long for the open range. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    • Charlie was annoying in the beginning with her preconceived ideas, but she learns (gradually). Nate is the perfectly wounded hero. I did like Charlie and Nate together. Their differences complimented each other. Sandi is just a bitch; a good villain for the story. The side characters are good ones too.

    • I like westerns but not this one so much.The author made no attempt to find an original plot thread. The basic idea of a woman out of touch with herself and a man desperate for "something" just wasn't credible. The central characters were ok but not for an entire book. Maybe I'll finish this someday but not anytime soon.

    • I really love a good western romance being a city girl who belongs in the country! This book was just ok for me. The plot was too simplistic and predictable so I found myself board with it. There were still some decent parts to the book I enjoyed so not a total wash. Not sure if I will try any others by this author or not.

    • This is the first book that I read by Joanne and I really liked it it took me a few pages to get into the book but after that it was a really intersting read. I am now going to start on a different one of her book hope its as good as this one was

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