The Virgin Widow

The Virgin Widow A dazzling historical novel set during England s War of the Roses the story of the courageous Anne Neville future wife of Richard III who comes of age in a time of chaos Anne Neville daughter of th

  • Title: The Virgin Widow
  • Author: Anne O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9780451231291
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • A dazzling historical novel set during England s War of the Roses the story of the courageous Anne Neville, future wife of Richard III, who comes of age in a time of chaos Anne Neville, daughter of the powerful Earl of Warwick, grows up during the War of the Roses, a time when kings and queens are made and destroyed in an on going battle for the ultimate prize the tA dazzling historical novel set during England s War of the Roses the story of the courageous Anne Neville, future wife of Richard III, who comes of age in a time of chaos Anne Neville, daughter of the powerful Earl of Warwick, grows up during the War of the Roses, a time when kings and queens are made and destroyed in an on going battle for the ultimate prize the throne of England As a child Anne falls in love with the ambitious, proud Richard of Gloucester, third son of the House of York But when her father is branded a traitor, her family must flee to exile in France As Anne matures into a beautiful, poised woman, skillfully navigating the treacherous royal court of Margaret of Anjou, she secretly longs for Richard, who has become a great man under his brother s rule But as their families scheme for power, Anne must protect her heart from betrayals on both sides and from the man she has always loved, and cannot bring herself to trust.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information My home is in the Welsh Marches, although much of my early life was spent in Yorkshire, most recently in the East Riding.Ann O Brien The Marches is a remote region of England, surrounded by echoes from the past Hereford is close with its famous Mappa Mundi and chained library.So is Shrewsbury, and also Ludlow with its splendid castle and its connections with our Plantagenet and Tudor kings With my husband, I live in an eighteenth century timber framed cottage, which itself must have seen much history over two hundred years.I have always enjoyed the appeal of History.I taught the subject with enthusiasm but it became my ambition to write historical romances My first novel, The Runaway Heiress, was published by Mills and Boon in 2004.This first book was a Regency Romance in the great tradition of Georgette Heyer who has not admired her skill and delicate touch for the period I have drawn on my interest in the Stuart century to write about the English Civil War and Restoration England of Charles II Living in the Marches however I soon discovered the wealth of atmosphere and legend in this isolated part of England from medieval times It was not long before I was encouraged to create a medieval romance inConquering Knight, Captive Lady.When not writing, I have a large rambling garden where George and I grow organic vegetables and soft fruit or perhaps I should admit that he grows them whilst I pick and cook them We have a wild garden, an orchard, a formal pond and herbaceous flower borders We share it all with rabbits and pheasants, frogs and goldfinches, hedgehogs and buzzards It is a beautiful place When we first settled into our cottage I planted a herb garden on a Tudor pattern with stone pathways and clipped box hedges From this I developed my interest in herbs and their uses.Nicholas Culpeper s The Complete Herbal, a fascinating resource to a historical novelist first published in 1649, has become essential bedside reading As a result the use of herbs in medicine and witchcraft, for both good and ill, has appeared in some of my novels.For pure relaxation I enjoy yoga as well as singing with a local Choral Society Watercolour painting allows me to simply sit and appreciate the landscape and the flowers in my garden, when my mind is busy constructing my next plot.

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    • Anne Neville is on my list of favorite queens - I prefer the outrageous and the neglected ones, hence Eleanor of Aquitaine and Anne Neville being way up there on the notepad. Anne O'Brien's story of the early life of Anne Neville (or Nevill), youngest daughter of celebrated earl Richard Neville of Warwick, aka "The Kingmaker," was refreshing, different and followed the historical timeline with artistic license. The histories are silent regarding Richard the Third's queen save that she was a poli [...]

    • Warning, there be spoilers. And me being an irritated history fan.I'll say it upfront: I did not like this book, and I had several problems with it.Anne Neville in this book is portrayed as courageous, headstrong, and determined. However, there were several points in the book where she was just plain annoying and childish. It's even more irritating since the book is told entirely from her perspective.Another thing I had a problem with was Anne and Richard's marriage. The book states that they ob [...]

    • I guess we should thank Phillpa Gregory for a revival in historical romance; if only the hangers on had her talent! I have read a slew of do-I -want- to- be-a bodice ripper-or-do-I-want-to-pretend-I-have-historical-value-novels.This one probably falls in the middle of the pack as far as readability and historical accuracy goes. I think the authors of this genre should pay attention to how the authors of historical mysteries (like Margaret Frazier and Paul Doherty) weave their fact and fiction.

    • As a fan of historical fiction, I was excited to read The Virgin Widow. I was even more excited to find out that it was a fast, fun read that was interesting throughout.O’Brien lists Anne Neville as the “forgotten queen”, and although she might be forgotten she shouldn’t be.Traded back and forth like the perfect commodity, Anne was two times a queen. Posed on both sides of the War of the Roses, Anne was never able to choose a husband for herself. Instead, Anne made the only choice availa [...]

    • DNF after 80 pagesUgh. UGH. So boring. I just couldn't make myself continue.I got sucked in at the bookstore by the intriguing and so cliché title, but it just wasn't a very good book. After 80 pages, pretty much NOTHING had happened, and there wasn't even any good characterization or a tantalizing romance to keep me interested.Oh well!

    • "As for Richard - he is the light of my life. And I of his, so he says."I have so much love for these two, they are my historical otp and there's so little known about their relationship. Richard III is very famous, he's the maligned king, but Anne Neville is known as 'the forgotten queen', which is very sad because I have the feeling that she was a very strong woman of the history. I want to start off by saying that I hate the Tudor propaganda and I believe Richard is not guitly of half the thi [...]

    • As soon as Anne O'Brien talked to me of her first book on Anne Neville, VIRGIN WIDOW, while we were arranging her interview for my blog flyhigh-by-learnonline to present her second historical novel, Queen Defiant, I wished I could read it. After Sharon Key Penman's The Sunne in Splendour, and Josephine Tey's The Daughter of Time , I wanted to know more about those events linked to the War of the Roses and to King Richard III's personal story. I was curious to see those known facts from a differe [...]

    • Richard III was SEXY!!! I completely enjoyed this fresh look at a much maligned person from history, no thanks to William Shakespeare. Anne O'Brien is a historian who thoroughly knows this time period (War of the Roses). As an American, I was somewhat unfamiliar with the history of the Houses of York and Lancaster and their struggles over the throne of England. But O'Brien's storytelling (although I realize that most scenes and all dialogue were fictionalized) help to breathe life into the histo [...]

    • I really wanted to like this book; I find Anne Neville and her story fascinating. The book is a nice enough run-through of what little we *do* know about Anne, as well as her part in the Wars of the Roses, and I enjoyed it as a novel, but I didn't walk away loving it. I also found the "closure" a bit unsettling ~ after spending many many pages learning about Anne and coming to care for her, a one sentence "she died in ." was a bit harsh!And, also, the title is a bit misleading ~ the book covers [...]

    • A stirring romance painted on a historical canvas of palace intrigue, ambition, deceit, and betrayal. Prepare to discover one of the world’s oft-overlooked heroines, who lived during England’s notorious Wars of the Roses. Daughter of The Kingmaker and beloved of the future King Richard III, Anne Neville’s voice will leave a powerful impact long after you turn the last page.Anne O’Brien’s debut novel is nothing short of an impressive start to what could very possibly evolve into an illu [...]

    • Originally posted at Small Review3.5 starsI've been trying to read through more of the books I own, and I've owned The Virgin Widow for about four years. For such a large book (hey, for me 400 pages is large!), it was a pretty quick read.It was also a pretty surface-level read. Which, isn't a bad thing, but it is a little disappointing. Anne O'Brien mostly focuses on events and throws in a few one-note emotions for flavor. Basically, Anne loves Richard. Anne doesn't like admitting that to Richar [...]

    • “Virgin Widow” is the story of Anne Neville, Richard III's wife, even though the book ends before she becomes queen. This is a shame, but I can see why O'Brien decided not to go there: the book is mostly about the love story between Anne and Richard, and their last years were not very idyllic.It is clear from the beginning that this is more a historical romance than a historical novel. The book is fluffy, there is no denying it. However, there are several interesting things happening which d [...]

    • Three and a half starsThe Virgin Widow is a historical romance set during the war of the roses concerning Anne Neville, youngest daughter of the king maker, the Earl of Warwick. We are introduced to a young Anne, at the age of 6, and follow her journey through England and France, as well as, her father’s shifting alliances between the houses of York and Lancaster. Although very much a pawn in these royal intrigues, Anne demonstrates courage, strength and fortitude, as her life takes her from p [...]

    • Despite the story being set in historical times, this is first and foremost a romance novel. The story is told through the voice of a very young Anne Neville, so all her idealizations of the various characters, in particular of Richard III, were justified, though rather unbelievable. The romance between Anne and Richard is extremely, well, romantic -- not a blemish of insincerity could be found. While the purity of this love is the one aspect of the book that compelled me to finish the book, I h [...]

    • Very little information comes to us about Anne Neville, queen to Richard III. Anne O'Brien has written an entirely fictitious account based on what little is known of her. Richard and Anne Neville fall in love in their youth but politics, war and ambition for power separate them. Her father wants power over the crown. Edward IV would reign on his own. Henry VI, imprisoned and insane has a bitter wife and egoistic son who also want the crown. Caught between all this intrigue, Anne becomes mainly [...]

    • This is an unashamedly romantic view of the life of Anne Neville, daughter of Warwick the Kingmaker. With the novel's focus being from Anne's childhood to her marriage with Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the writer leaves us with a happy ending, but brief notes at the end explain that Anne died aged 28/29, her only child predeceasing her, and of course, many readers would alreay know what became of her husband. The author's chosen timeline means that we never actually see Anne Neville become queen [...]

    • This book looked specifically at the relationship between Anne Neville and Richard, brother of King Edward. They were betrothed to each other as children, then the betrothal was broken and Anne was forced to marry Edward the Lancastrian prince. Edward was a cruel boy with a sickening relationship with his mother. Anne is left feeling lonely and unwanted in their marriage. When Anne and Richard are finally reunited, things are not as they were when the two left each other.O'Brien's writing is ver [...]

    • This book had such a promising beginning that I was shocked by the difference in the quality of the writing once the characters arrived in France and in company of Margaret of Anjou and Edward of Lancaster. I don't deny the writer the right to depict these characters as abusive and volatile, but it is unfortunate that it could not be done in a more sophisticated way instead of in a histrionic and tawdry manner like an over sensationalised television soap opera. This is the kind of writing that u [...]

    • I enjoyed this tale of Anne Neville, as it was a historical figure that hasn't been done to death, like many of the tudors. Therefore it was nice to learn some of the historical facts of the time. The thought of being married off at 14 seems so foreign to us, and the lack of control of their lives that these women experienced is scary. To be at the whim of your father, brothers, husbands, sons and in some case kings was the way the world worked.

    • I want to read this, but all the books I read about Richard III invariably fall short of Sharon Kay Penman's Sunne in Splendour. THAT is the definitive portrait of RIII.

    • Three and a half stars. This is the Anne Neville I like to read about! This is quite a fun book to read - only a few anachronisms, & a couple of places where historical accuracy took a back seat to plot and readability. I like Anne as a feisty woman with a mind of her own. In reality, we know very little about her and we're unlikely to find out more, unless some hidden treasure trove of historical documents is ever found - which could happen! We'll never know if Anne and Richard were really [...]

    • An entertaining read to be sure - based on the few existing facts on Anne Neville, with a whole lot of guessing to fill in between the dates, never the less. I enjoy reading books on jolly old England - the political posturing was worth your life and this one - set in the War of the Roses - is no exception. She was truly a minor character in the scope of their history, essentially a pawn in the big game of Royalty, but it was fun to see her 'fleshed out' to see some of what could have occurred i [...]

    • “This was my favorite read of the entire year.”I saw one reader comment just that about The Virgin Widow, at that time the next title in my to-read pile. High praise indeed, thought I, with a little bit of cynicism–slogging through The Other Boleyn Girl tends to jade your perspective on life. My one hope was that Anne O’Brien’s book would be satisfactory enough to justify a hiatus in the Marcus Didius Falco series. After all, I do have three more Lindsey Davis books waiting on the shel [...]

    • A gripping page turnerRomance, politics and adventure all perfectly entwined. Anne O'Brien has a talent for drawing readers in and not allowing them out until the end of the story.

    • Missing pagesI found the book hard to follow at times because of missing pages. There are several blank pages thru out the story

    • This is the story of Anne Neville, from the time Richard first entered her world when she was a young girl and he came to live and train under the tutelage of her father, through their betrothal and its eventual negation, through her exile from England and enforced marriage to a one-time enemy, to her return to England and battle for significance and even survival. It is an unlikely love story, but then those are often the best and most poignant. Perhaps because so little fact is known about thi [...]

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