Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great Demi s storytelling skills bring Alexander the Great s exploits to life Her splendid illustrations were painted with Chinese inks and gold overlays and with frames inspired by jewels from the tomb of

  • Title: Alexander the Great
  • Author: Demi
  • ISBN: 9780761457008
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Demi s storytelling skills bring Alexander the Great s exploits to life Her splendid illustrations were painted with Chinese inks and gold overlays and with frames inspired by jewels from the tomb of Philip II of Macedonia at Verghina.

    • Free Read [Paranormal Book] Ô Alexander the Great - by Demi ¿
      207 Demi
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      Demi September 2, 1942 born Charlotte Dumaresq Hunt, is an award winning children s book author and illustrator During her career she has published over 300 titles.Demi was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts She is the great grand daughter of the American painter William Morris Hunt, and the great grand niece of architect Richard Morris Hunt Demi earned her nickname as a young child when her father started calling her demi because she was half the size of her sister.She studied art at Instituto Allende, Mexico, and with Sister Corita at the Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles She was a Fulbright scholar at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India where she received her Master s degree.Demi is known for her biographies for spiritual figures including Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Mary mother of Jesus , Muhammad, Rumi, Francis of Assisi, Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama.In 1990, Demi and her husband Tze si Jesse Huang represented the United States at the First Children s International Book Conference in Beijing.Source

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    • This is a very brief summary of what Alexander achieved in his lifetime. Nevertheless, I think that it's a perfect read for those who want to introduce Alexander to children or children who are interested in him. The drawings are lovely and something they would enjoy looking at while reading the accompanying text.

    • With gorgeous endpapers resembling tapestry wall hangings and her trademark mixed media illustrations filled with gold, Demi tackles the life of Alexander the Great. Born in 356 BCE, Alexander was clearly destined for greatness, and yet, as I read the accounts of battle after battle, triumph after triumph, I couldn't help but feel saddened that this brilliant strategist wasted so much of his energy and his 32 years of life on conquering other lands. By doing so, he added to his own wealth, but a [...]

    • Demi's books are wonderful for teaching children (and yourself!) about historical events and world cultures, and this offering does not disappoint. Alexander's interesting life is sketched out, not only through interesting, engaging narrative, but also through rich artwork that gives the reader a feel for the cultures and times being represented. I had my seven-year-old sit down to read this to me while I worked in the kitchen and she was less than enthusiastic, but after a few pages she began r [...]

    • I've never read anything by Demi, but I have a feeling that I will searching out more of her over 100 children's books. This is a gorgeous biography of Alexander, with concise, informative writing and beautiful, detailed illustrations. I was very impressed by Demi's ability to tell the story of Alexander's life in a simple way that would be readable and comprehensible to a child, but without dumbing down anything.

    • Though entertaining and educational, this picture-book biography of Alexander the Great overemphasizes his exploits as a military leader, neglecting to show that he was also an aesthete and bibliophile, a loyal and devoted friend (Hephaestion), and a builder of the greatest intellectual and cultural center of the ancient world (Alexandria). Many of the illustrations are too tiny and detailed to be fully appreciated.

    • "What good does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose his soul?" (Mark 8:36)This book is a homeschool gem. It covers the early life of Alexander (including the story of his taming his horse, Bucephalus and schooling under Aristotle) and Alexander's inheritance of his kingdom from his father (thankfully skipping over the strong possibility of Alexander's mother, Olympia's, role in his father's death), as well as many of his battles, his premature death, and ends with a map of his [...]

    • Alexander the Great did not live very long even for the time period he lived in and his royal status. By age 32, he had conquered much of the world and changed the cultures of many lands to include Greek customs and rulers. Son of King Philip II of Macedonia, a Greek kingdom, he inherited his father's throne when he died at a young age and took dad's powerful army across Asia, the Middle East and Africa to conquer some of the most important lands in the Ancient World. His ancestors became rulers [...]

    • This is beautifully illustrated picture book biography of Alexander the Great. This book does not glorify war or the conquests of the great Alexander. If anything it shows how brutal and destruction war can be. One might even think that land acquisitions and war were nothing more than a mere game to Alexander. I especially enjoyed the part where Alexander meets the great Greek philosopher and mystic Diogenes who is lying in his tub and enjoying the sunshine in his face. When Diogenes tells Alexa [...]

    • I really appreciated this telling of Alexander's life and choices. The visuals are stunning and the story is accurate in its portrayal. I especially appreciated the description of the meeting between Alexander and Diogenes. "Alexander could feel the truth of Diogenes' words. He said, 'In my next life, I would not ask to be Alexander but to be Diogenes!' Diogenes said, 'You do not need to way that long. You can be Diogenes right now. Just come and sit in the sunlight with me and stop all your con [...]

    • I liked this book because it really tells me about Alexander's life. Alexander was born on July 20, 356 BCE in Pella, located in Greece. He was taught to fight, and also kill lions. My favorite part of the story was when Alexander had a big army and the army had super long spears. His archers were the best in the empire. His weapons included mobile siege towers, stone-throwinng catapults, and javelin hurlers. He became King of Macedonia, then he conquered many places like Asia, and he died becau [...]

    • Date: September 8th, 2014Author: DemiTitle: Alexander the GreatPlot: Alexander the Great is known as the greatest general who ever lived. Demi's picture-story book focuses on Alexander the Great and his quest to conquer and rule over kingdoms and dynasties. Setting: Macedonia, Thebes, Athens, Persia, India, Far East, Tyre, Gaza, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Gaugamela, Babylon, Susa, Persepolis, Pasargadae (and other various places). Characters: King Philip II, Queen Olympias, Darius III, Diogenes, Point- [...]

    • A beautifully illustrated biography of Alexander the Great. The sparse text, written in the style of a timeline, focuses on his battles and victories. The final pages, a two-page map of Alexander's route and conquests of most of the ancient world, are stunning. While Alexander must have had some striking abilities as a strategist, Demi provides little insight as to why he was so successful, or into his personal life, but this book serves as a wonderful introduction to Alexander's exploits and ba [...]

    • In 338 BCE at age 18, Alexander led a cavalry charge into battle, helping his father conquer the Greek cities of Thebes and Athens, to bring them under Macedonian rule. So I asked Calvin, what are YOU going to do with your life? LOL. This is a beautiful book, of course, because of the illustrations. Alexander's name kept coming up in our Bible study this winter, so I figured I better find out a bit about him. He was indeed ambitious, but I wouldn't exactly say I'd want my kids emulating everythi [...]

    • Jamming in the entire life and exploits of Alexander into one picture books is quite the task. Demi did a nice job. I don't feel my daughter or I will remember the details of the lands and people he conquered but we certainly now understand why he was such an important historical figure and how wide his reach got. I am so happy a map with the routes he travelled major battles are included at the end. The story is well illustrated with appropriate costumes, tapestries, art and architecture.

    • Wow! This book is gorgeous!This book has got to be the most beautiful biography ever. I know it is the most beautiful book I've ever read about Alexander the Great. Even the battle scenes are stunningly elegant -- although I doubt very much that they were in real life.

    • Demi's beautiful illustrations deliver Alexander the Great's story through a tapestry effect. It's hard to believe he traveled and conquered so much of the known ancient Greek world by the time he was thirty two.

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    • This. Book is a good story about AlexanderIt needs to change the text bigger and more info about Alexander and more realistic picture of Alexander in the past to the future

    • This book is full of great information especially if you are writing a research paper but the illustrations are horrible and unappealing to the young ones.

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