Umut Umut nl Frans z yazar Andr Malraux nun neredeyse b t n d nya dillerine evrilen bir ba yap t Yer spanya i sava b t n ac mas zl yla s rmektedir Ya am l mle s rt s rtad r Madrid sokaklar nda barikatlar

  • Title: Umut
  • Author: André Malraux Attilâ İlhan
  • ISBN: 9789754706734
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Umut, nl Frans z yazar Andr Malraux nun neredeyse b t n d nya dillerine evrilen bir ba yap t Yer spanya i sava b t n ac mas zl yla s rmektedir Ya am l mle s rt s rtad r Madrid sokaklar nda barikatlar bir kurulur, bir y k l r Silahl milislerle dolu kamyonlardan y kselen Enternasyonal mar na, falanjistler taraf ndan kur una dizilenlerin l klar e lik edeUmut, nl Frans z yazar Andr Malraux nun neredeyse b t n d nya dillerine evrilen bir ba yap t Yer spanya i sava b t n ac mas zl yla s rmektedir Ya am l mle s rt s rtad r Madrid sokaklar nda barikatlar bir kurulur, bir y k l r Silahl milislerle dolu kamyonlardan y kselen Enternasyonal mar na, falanjistler taraf ndan kur una dizilenlerin l klar e lik eder Malraux 1937 de yay mlanan Umut ta, devrim i bir kavram olarak ve de spanya da ge en bir tragedya olarak sorgularken, i sava tan yola karak ayr nt l bir fa izm tahlili de yapar Bu e siz yap t i in s ylenecek son s z de, Attil lhan n g zel T rk esi ve enfes ns z yle yay mlanm olmas.

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    • André Malraux Attilâ İlhan

      Malraux was born in Paris during 1901, the son of Fernand Georges Malraux and Berthe Lamy Malraux His parents separated during 1905 and eventually divorced He was raised by his mother and maternal grandmother, Berthe and Adrienne Lamy in the small town of Bondy His father, a stockbroker, committed suicide in 1930 Andre had Tourette s Syndrome during his childhood, resulting in motor and vocal tics.At the age of 21, Malraux left for Cambodia with his new wife Clara Goldschmidt In Cambodia, he undertook an exploratory expedition into the Cambodian jungle On his return he was arrested by French colonial authorities for removing bas reliefs from one of the temples he discovered Banteay Srei The French government itself had removed large numbers of sculptures and artifacts from already discovered sites such as Angkor Wat around this time Malraux later incorporated the episode into his second novel La Voie Royale.Malraux became very critical of the French colonial authorities in Indochina, and during 1925 helped to organize the Young Annam League and founded a newspaper Indochina in Chains.On his return to France, he published The Temptation of the West 1926 which had the format of an exchange of letters between a Westerner and an Asian comparing aspects of the two cultures This was followed by his first novel The Conquerors 1928 , then by The Royal Way 1930 which was influenced by his Cambodian experience, and then by Man s Fate La Condition Humaine For La Condition Humaine, a novel about the 1927 failed Communist rebellion in Shanghai, written with obvious sympathy for the Communists, he won the 1933 Prix Goncourt.During the 1930s, Malraux was active in the anti Fascist Popular Front in France At the beginning of the Spanish Civil War he joined the Republican forces in Spain, serving in, and helping to organize, their small air force His squadron, called Espa a , became something of a legend after his claims of nearly annihilating part of the Nationalist army at Medell n According to Curtis Cate, his biographer, he was slightly wounded twice during efforts to stop the Falangists takeover of Madrid, but the British historian Hugh Thomas denies this He also toured the United States to raise funds for the Spanish Republicans A novel influenced by his Spanish war experiences, Man s Hope, L Espoir was published during 1938.At the beginning of the Second World War, Malraux joined the French Army He was captured in 1940 during the Battle of France but escaped and later joined the French Resistance He was captured by the Gestapo during 1944 and underwent a mock execution He later commanded the tank unit Brigade Alsace Lorraine in defence of Strasbourg and in the attack on Stuttgart Germany He was awarded the M daille de la R sistance, the Croix de Guerre He was also awarded the British Distinguished Service Order for his work with British liaison officers in Corr ze, Dordogne and Lot, and after Dordogne had been liberated, leading a battalion of former resistance fighters to Alsace Lorraine where they fought alongside the First Army.During the war he worked on a long novel, The Struggle with the Angel based on the story of the Biblical Jacob The manuscript was destroyed by the Gestapo after his capture in 1944 A surviving first part titled The Walnut Trees of Altenburg, was published after the war He would never write another novel.Malraux and his first wife divorced during the 1940s His daughter from this marriage, Florence b.1933 , married the filmmaker Alain Resnais.Malraux had two sons by his second wife Josette Clotis Pierre Gauthier 1940 1961 and Vincent 1943 1961 During 1944, while Malraux was fighting in Alsace, Josette died when she slipped while boarding a train His two sons were killed during 1961 in an automobile accident.After the war, Malraux served in a variety of government p

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    • Begin in medias res exhort those tale-tellers of antiquity, and so doth Malraux hear and obey - enjoining his 500+ page work on the Spanish Civil War, already in progress.Like the awful war itself this book is a mess, and perhaps it should be, because the reader feels constantly unconnected to the action - so very much in the dark - just as the fascism fighting republicans stay in a constant fog of war. There are a panoply of minor characters that come in and go out (mostly in a bloody way) of t [...]

    • Very good book about the Spanish Civil War - almost in the same class as Hemingway and Orwell. The only problem is the translation - bizarre usage of English slang and odd choices of words muddles most of the dialogue - it's a shame, as it is otherwise a fine book, with many excellent scenes and monologues about the nature of war.

    • Ομολογώ ότι για ένα μεγάλο βιβλίο δεν βρίσκω εύκολα χρόνο! Αλλά ήταν καλοκαίρι και ο ήλιος της Κρήτης έκαιγε όσο και της Βαρκελώνης το 1936, και θόλωνε τον ορίζοντα και χρειαζόταν μια Ελπίδα να ξεπροβάλει στο Φραγκο-κάστελλο. Κι έτσι το κατάλευκο εξώφυλλο της συμπαθητικής σει [...]

    • I almost quit reading this book. It starts out slowly, almost woodenly, and I couldn’t make a connection with the characters. However, because it was mentioned in another book as one of the best books on the Spanish Civil War and because it is by Andre Malraux, I kept reading a little bit more to see if something would finally click. When it did, it came in a rush and I was hardly able to put the book down.It’s not really a narrative. There is a “plot”: the waging of the Spanish Civil Wa [...]

    • Malraux the hero, the liar, the robber (he plundered Angkor), the coward (his attitude with Clara) and yet we cannot to prevent to like him. He is endangered physically for his ideas. Then the war Spain, this trauma, this preparation of the 2° war. They all are there, Malraux, Orwell, Kessel, Hemmingway. And the Communists who eliminate the trotskystes. Remain books of which that one. But there is also a film. The productions is awkward, the hieratic characters, but it is a good reflection of t [...]

    • Un des rares livres que j'ai abandonné en cours de lecture, après quand même 250 pagesLa narration, le style, les personnages rien ne m'a vraiment plu.J'en garde un souvenir très pesant, ennuyeux et un peu donneur de leçons.

    • While Malraux was writing l'Espoir, he was still a communist and he, like the other Europeans believed that the conflicting forces in the Spanish civil war were fascism and the people. However, nowadays, I believe historians agree that it was in fact an entirely particular problem in a country that hadn't gone through an industrial revolution, in which partisans of "law and order" and the remnants of a colonial army (with so many officers that it could only collapse) fought for control, but with [...]

    • This book and me didn't get along, at all! First of all, I can blame it on a deceptive description at the back of the book that gave me some unrealistic expectations. It's a novel, not his witness of the times he spent in the Spanish Civil War.But never mind that. I just couldn't get into the book, into the story or the characters. There were some dramatic events but nothing touched me, it wasn't remotely close to Orwell's Homage to Catalonia. Don't mind the mark, it's not a bad novel. Actually [...]

    • Read this when I was 17; I was totally overwhelmed. Reread it when I was 48: what a disappointment! However, from a literary point of view "L'espoir" can be situated on a higher level than Malraux's other ones: there's a better balance between action and introspection. This book is interesting as an historic document about the Spanish Civil War, especially on the great division on the leftist side. But all in all it's too much about the "brotherhood of men in war", focussing on their battle with [...]

    • I'm sorry to say that this one sinks into the black hole of the half read book. I loved 'Man's Fate' and expected this to be similar. It's more of a confusing jumble that I at first thought was mirroring the confusion of the war but when one of the characters died and I felt nothing, I knew that this book wasn't for me.

    • L'éspoir est le sentiment avec lequel on commence ce livre, l'éspoir de mieux comprendre l'époque et les personnes qui y ont vécu. Malheuresement, il n'y répond que très partiellement, car la part du lion du récit est concentrée sur les discussions idéologiques dont le contexte a été pérdu avec le temps. Le vécu cependant montre qu'il y a eu bien des causes justes dans le camp républicain, et que la guerre de l'Éspagne a été conduite dans l'absurdité d'une guerre honorable orn [...]

    • A very good war story, much better than it would ever be made into a a movie. Lots of drama and suspense. The good guys lose of course but that's not exactly where it leaves off. Malraux writes semi autobiographically, but obviously saw enough horror and death as he may have not but fictionalized. Kinda sorta probably currently relevant too, with what has been happening in Catalonia and Spain of late. Good one.

    • Alternates between evocative passages of immense prose and long stretches of ennui. Couple that with too many characters too faintly sketched and it is not a Malraux masterpiece.

    • Avanzar en la lectura de L'Espoir es avanzar en la misma guerra civil española. André Malraux recrea magistralmente las distintas fases de dicha contienda bélica, tanto en escenarios geográficos como psicológicos. Las primeras páginas son desoladoras, no por lo que se describe sino por el verismo con el que Malraux describe la ingenuidad del entusiasmo de los milicianos y de las fuerzas leales a la República. El lector sabe que la lucha y la muerte de muchos de ellos será en vano. Pero e [...]

    • Read By: Steven CarpenterCopyright: 1938Number of MP3s: 13Total Duration: 15:29:24The Fascists invade Madrid, and the International Brigade is forming to stop them. In this brigade are Manuel, a Communist laborer, and Magnin, an ex-airline pilot. They must train a hodgepodge of men--both idealistic and despairing--all from different countries. This arduous training process, coupled with outdated equipment, conspire to keep them from succeeding against Franco.The tragedy of the Spanish Civil War [...]

    • This book talks about the Spanish civil war that eventually ended with Franco's victory. This subject is often overseen by the beginning of WWII, so I hoped to get a good insight from a historical perspective. However, the view is obscured by the author sympathy for the communists, who, at that times opposed the fascists in Spain. The narration is somehow confuse and it took me some time to get myself familiar with the main characters. The pace is growing slow and steady as well as my reading sp [...]

    • Surprisingly fresh account of the early months of the Spanish Civil War told as a collective novel from the Republican perspective. Short philosophical discussions on war, leadership, life and death, and especially the positive and negative aspects of partisanship are interwoven with sharply-observed battle scenes. Since the author was a war pilot himself, the descriptions of the air war is especially evocative.

    • The Spanish civil war covered in this collection of participants and situations. Malraux was an airman on the Republican side, so we can guess that much of the material for this great book was taken from his own experiences. Really nice book.

    • Maybe it’s my translation or writing style doesn’t work for me, but I found this novel about the Spanish Civil War almost unreadable. It’s supposed to be the masterpiece of that time.Out of Print version.

    • Malraux's sincerity I guess has been doubted but he could write. If you have any interest in the Spanish Civil War, this is a great snapshot of the early Republican effort from the International volunteers to the Spanish anarchists.

    • This book is a masterpiece nevertheless, i think you can only appreciate it in french because of the complex writing style of Malraux.

    • This one was difficult to get through: graphic violence and heavy subject matter. Many, many characters. It does get better as it goes along.

    • I've picked it up three times and have finally given up ever finishing it. I really wanted to like it, but found just too many characters and not enough development.

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