Nerd in Shining Armor

Nerd in Shining Armor For Genevieve Terrence it seemed like a dream come true a weekend alone on Maui with her sexy boss Nick Brogan But little did she know that Nick had dreams of his own a nefarious scheme that nearly g

  • Title: Nerd in Shining Armor
  • Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780440334040
  • Page: 204
  • Format: ebook
  • For Genevieve Terrence it seemed like a dream come true a weekend alone on Maui with her sexy boss, Nick Brogan But little did she know that Nick had dreams of his own a nefarious scheme that nearly got her killed on the flight over the Pacific Lucky for her, brilliant computer programmer Jack Farley was on board and quick witted enough to crash land the plane Now JacFor Genevieve Terrence it seemed like a dream come true a weekend alone on Maui with her sexy boss, Nick Brogan But little did she know that Nick had dreams of his own a nefarious scheme that nearly got her killed on the flight over the Pacific Lucky for her, brilliant computer programmer Jack Farley was on board and quick witted enough to crash land the plane Now Jack is her sole companion on a remote desert island with nothing but guava trees and sharks for company Who d expect the shy genius and the least alpha male she knows to turn out to be the uninhibited stud of her wildest dreams Saving Genevieve s life has made Jack a hero in the eyes of the woman he has secretly lusted after for months Now they re alone together in a tropical eden where they re free to give in to their every sensual whim But when some nasty unfinished business puts them at risk again, Gen will learn there s nothing quite as dangerous as a fully aroused ex nerd who ll move heaven and earth to protect the woman he loves From the Paperback edition.

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      New York Times and USA Today bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson believes love makes the world go around and laughter makes the trip worth taking The recipient of RWA s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award and the author of than ninety books, Vicki pioneered a new kind of romance hero with Nerd in Shining Armor Following the success of her nerd stories, Vicki launched a boisterous paranormal series featuring a matchmaking witch and wizard, an ADD dragon named George, and a black cat inspired by her own precocious feline, Eve.

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    • 4 Jack the Orgasm Man StarsNerd in Shining Armor is not the kind of book you read to have your mind blown it's the kind of book you read to make you smile because it's cute and sweet. And that is exactly what I got with this book. It was funny, cute and sweet. I really love when the nerd gets the girl. Jack was a super sexy nerd and I just loved him to pieces. Seriously there was something so endearing about him. He was the perfect blend of nerdy/geek and still manly. He was truly caring, unself [...]

    • Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

      Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestYou know, for a book that's supposedly about nerds saving the day, this book sure puts us down a lot. And I mean, a lot. In fact, every main character at one point takes part in some nerd-shaming.Genevieve Terrence, the main character, is an ex-hillbilly currently residing in beautiful Hawaii. Jack Farley, the titular nerd in this story, has been crushing on Genevieve ever since they started working together. Gen hasn't noticed, because she's infa [...]

    • I wanted to like this book, I really, really did. However, the title would have been more appropriate if it read "Underwear Model Posing as a Nerd in Shining Armor". There is a rule in writing: Write what you know. If you don't know, research the heck out of it until you do know. I'm a nerd/geek. I was a nerd/geek before is was chic and cool. I devoured X-Men as a kid, Storm was my hero. I cut my RPG teeth on Dungeons and Dragons Red box Basic Set back when TSR owned the brand. I had Star War ac [...]

    • I went into reading Nerd In Shining Armor knowing that it was a romantic comedy. Even if I didn't, it wouldn't have been difficult to figure that out with the cartoon cover. Still, I guess I was expecting it to have at least a little bit of depth. Instead, what I got was a frothy concoction that reminded me of a B-movie. Admittedly, I have a tendency to constantly analyze both the content of a book, as well as my emotions and reactions to it as I'm reading, which in this case, was leading to a l [...]

    • 2.5 starsI know this is a fluffy read and it's suppose to be light and entertaining but I wasn't really entertained. I usually have no problem with willing suspension of disbelief for a good read but I found this book to be too unbelievable. There was nothing totally fantastical going on but i found the character's(even with their "edges" and hidden characteristics) silly and vexing. I found it odd that the author went from having the main characters seem almost naive and "innocent" and then fol [...]

    • I have a thing for tall, thin, pale, geeky white boys with big brains. So, I was super excited to find a book about a computer programmer beta-hero. After reading this book, I should amend that to mention the word “capable” somewhere in my description. Gen has a major crush on one of her bosses, who just happens to be a bad guy. Jack is the company computer programmer and has a major crush on Gen. They both end up on a deserted island after their boss tries to kill them. In large part, they [...]

    • Not really sure how to rate this one. A lot of the book felt repetitive, and I found myself skimming a little. The first half was quite cute though. I was interested in both the idea of a nerd winning the heart of a woman out of his league, as well as the "stranded on a desert island" theme. It's too bad the idea was better than the execution.Unfortunately, once the "hot girl" dropped her image and started to show just how backwoods she really was, I was ready to cringe every time another "tarna [...]

    • I honestly can't believe that I read this book. It was the title, I promise. It was incredibly predictable (like most "fluff" books) and an okay read. I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone though

    • Check out my reviews and share the love my fellow bilbliophiles on my website! touchmyspinebookreviewsGenevieve is asked by sexy and womanizer boss Nick to go on a business trip. Nick is well known for these business trips because he always takes a different secretary and hits it and quits it. Genevieve believes that Nick is her true love and she can change his ways. Jack, a geeky programmer is told by boss, Matt to go on the trip as well to help customers. To say the least things go unexpected [...]

    • The whole time reading this, all I kept thinking was "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!". Okay, so this is a romance, obviously that's the focus. Still, I couldn't help thinking, "great they made it to land! Now they need to find food and shelter ASAP!". But instead they make out and make plans to have sex! Needless to say, I was very happy when they finally got their act together. Although, I couldn't wait till they got to the romantic bit I suppose I got caught up in in the whole dramatics of th [...]

    • He sighed. "In all my life, I've never felt like somebody's hero before. Yesterday was the first time that I was a " He flushed. "It sounds dumb.""A knight in shining armor?""Yeah. Something like that. I want to keep that feeling a little bit longer. I know this isn't much, but it's something I can do, something heroic. Take the energy bar."3 1/2 rounded up to 4 stars. "Nerd in Shining Armor" is a wonderful romantic comedy that's fun, lighthearted, and entertaining. If you're looking for a serio [...]

    • Yeah, this was pretty much crap but I bought despite the bad reviews because of my love of nerdy heroes and stranded/survival romance. I finished it but to be honest, I started skipping over ALL the mother/boss chapters. Yep, that's right. There are whole chapters about how the mother is connecting with Chick's boss, mother and son apparently both have pyschic abilities (uh, okay). Complete waste of time and money.Oh and I just recalled this but I found the Southern Stereotypes to be the most of [...]

    • Genevieve Terrance is a Tennessee redneck, turned wannabe sophisticate, whose mama financed the family’s move to Hawaii after selling her prized pair of Elvis’s jockey shorts. Jackson Farley is a colorblind computer nerd in need of a woman. When a business trip goes awry, the two end up stranded together on a deserted island. You can probably guess the rest…I recently attended a webinar on romance novels during which one of the presenters indicated this series as a personal favorite, so I [...]

    • 1/5 StarsFINALLY finished this train wreck of a story. I starting writing my initial review at about 55%, although I could've started much sooner.This sounds like your typical high school romance story. You know, the one where the popular person falls for the nerd after something bad happens with the other popular person of the opposite sex. Except it's adults. So there went a whole star.I rather loathed this book. It was chock full of stereotypes and cliches. And not even the good ones.For exam [...]

    • This contemporary romance between a Hawaiian Hillbilly transplant and a weight lifting computer programmer was so much fun. The chemistry was great. They didn't have any artificial strife or stupid misunderstandings. There was a villain and action and adventure, even a side plot romance. There were some odd set-ups involving sharks and albatross that seemed to go nowhere, but overall a great story.

    • A friend posted that she had just started this, and the title made me giggle. Got a copy of it and it wasn't to my taste. Then, she posted that she abandoned it. Wonder who got farther?

    • Okay romance with a brilliant, rich nerd, psychic hillbillies, bumbling criminals and a murdering psycho.

    • Esta novela comienza con muy buen ritmo pero va decayendo segun va avanzando, hasta tal punto que me costo horrores acabarlosolo se merece un 4

    • This was a re-read for me, although it’s been at least four years since the last time I picked it up. Reading it this time around was a bit of an eye-opener, as I hadn’t noticed the first time just how obnoxious Genevieve really is. Genevieve just assumes that Jack is inexperienced sexually without bothering to test his abilities first and constantly berates his lack of outdoorsy skills. Just because someone doesn’t go on a lot of dates or tell dirty jokes doesn’t mean that they don’t [...]

    • 2015 Reading Challenge # 46, a book written by an author with your same initials. Had trouble finding TV, so cheated a little and went VT. Hey, it's the end of the year and I needed a book in a hurry!I dislike most romances but decided that since I have a nerdy husband that maybe I'd like the book. Didn't quite happen. There were so many stereotypes, and the writing and plot was so very predictable. Two people marooned on beach; prioritize sex over food/shelter/etc. Throw some odd psychic powers [...]

    • So this was cute but not as good as I had hoped. It had all sorts of potential to be great. Beautiful girl, geeky guy, stranded on a deserted island, good not actual sex scenes, dangerous situations, bad guys, mostly good dialogue. Coming from the south myself, I've used and heard all the "hick" colloquialisms our heroine, and her mama, use so that wasn't the issue. Something about it just didn't click for me though. I'll probably read another in the series and I'll definitely read another of th [...]

    • I give this book 3.5 stars. It was fun with good characters. Had a sweet ending. Both characters had interesting backgrounds. I plan to continue with this series just to see where it goes. You don't find too many books with nerd's as the main character.Smirks.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SpoilerNote to self:Hawaii (United States) Genevieve Terrence(26yo,half sis,"Gen",secretary)+ Jackson Farley("Jack",computer programmer),An [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book. It was a page-turner, had great humor, emotions, banter, a few good steamy scenes, family, and suspense too. I would definitely read this book again and am keeping it on the shelf. I loved the antics and the self-discovery, all the sticky situations and how those were conquered. The characters were great too. I liked all of them and really liked how they all blended. It made me laugh and hold by breath and kept me reading too late. I would definitely read this book ag [...]

    • What a cute story! I found myself all wrapped up in the building relationship of Gen and Jack and having them stuck on a deserted island made it all the more fun! :)I also found it nice that there was a side romance story going on with Gen's mother Annabelle and her boss Matt. :) Made it more interesting and more real.Hope all of this authors books are this good! I'm already dying to read more soon.

    • Loved Gen and Jackson's interplay and getting to know each other. I didn't feel like it was rushed and you get to know the characters. Agree with some other reviewers that I wasn't too into the Elvis bits and some of the other things that the author did to try to get the reader to laugh. Enjoyed the plot and the sunny island atmosphere.

    • Funny and exciting stuck on a desert island story. Action packed from beginning to end had me totally engaged throughout and I really like it when hero falls in love first. Gen was excited about a weekend in Maui with her boss but unexpected happens and nerdy coworker Jack saves the day.

    • This book made me smile and care what happened to the H/h. It also had a hot romance and a hint of suspense, although that was not the focus of the plot. For me I love a book that has humor, romance and suspense and this book ticked all my boxes.

    • The first book in the Nerds series. An enjoyable, lighthearted romp. I liked it a lot. It may not have had that WOW factor but it was just what I needed at this time. A fun, light read! :)

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