The Punk

The Punk The first punk novel Romeo and Juliet with safety pins

  • Title: The Punk
  • Author: Gideon Sams
  • ISBN: 0954773705
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • The first punk novel Romeo and Juliet with safety pins.

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      113 Gideon Sams
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    • Gideon Sams

      Gideon Sams wrote The Punk in 1977 at the age of 14 It was originally a school project, marked with red biro in an old exercise book.It ended up in the bin, where it was retrieved by his mother, who saw the work as a chance for social redemption.

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    • seorang gideon sams, entah terpengaruh dengan psikotropika jenis apa hingga dia bisa membuat novel seperti ini untuk tugas sekolahnya, ceritanya memang sangat simple, tentang lifeline seorang punkers.tapi kemudian novel ini banyak mengilhami para penulis punk lain, dan yang paling kick ass ini adalah novel punk pertama dan dibuat oleh seorang bocah!hehe jalan ceritanya jadi mengingatkan saya pada era saparua dulu , PI, dan taman senang dago. hehe lots of laugh, alcohol, and COPS!!!yaiiiks A.C.A. [...]

    • Most interesting for its historicall significance and for being written by a 14-year-old, this brief novel (probalby more accurately a novella - I'd have to do a word count, but it might be no longer than a short story), holds its own as a work of fiction. It is most useful, though, to see the punk movement through the eyes of a kid living through it, like a memoir but with the immedicay of a diary. It humanizes the punk movement, and with no attempts at grand philosophy or sociology shows us wh [...]

    • This is a fascinating, almost unknown little book, written by a fourteen year old about the punk scene in 1977. I came across it while doing research on the figure of the punk--it touts itself as the "first punk novel." I'm glad I found this book. Sams's novella has a raw quality that is somewhat aesthetically interesting--it seems in a sense a precursor to the "dirty realism" that was so lauded in the 80s--and is also an interesting quasi-sociological document of the punk scene (or at least the [...]

    • Buku ini sebenarnya biasa saja. Ceritanya tentang kehidupan anak-anak punk di sebuah kota.Lalu kenapa saya memberi 5 bintang pada buku ini?!Gideon Sam, menulis buku ini sebagai tugas sekolah. Kalau tak salah ia masih duduk dibangku setara dengan SMP di Indonesia. Luar biasa. ABG nulis tentang kehidupan punk!Yang lebih fantastis, The Punk dianggap sebagai novel (tentang) punk pertama di dunia.Wew!

    • On page 43 the Sex Pistols, the Damned and the Clash are doing a free gig at the Roxy; on page 53 Adolph had 'heard about the gig quite a while in advance so he bought tickets early'. Mmmm Bit mean to point out faults with a 14 year old's book but, hey!, i'm that kinda girl. Very enjoyable short read - read it during my journey to work this morning

    • for peoples around, yang bisa dibilang sama sekali gak ngerti tentang musik punk tentang perkembangannya, dan sejarahnya buku ini cociks banget isinya penyampaian sejarah dari genre musik punk yang dibalut sama cerita fiksi dari tokoh di dalemnya suka!

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