In the Woods

In the Woods When Cameron rescues a baby abandoned in the woods everyone says it is a miracle A stroke of luck that he just happened to be there riding his bike along that trail and heard the baby s cry But Cam

  • Title: In the Woods
  • Author: Robin Stevenson
  • ISBN: 9781554692002
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Cameron rescues a baby abandoned in the woods, everyone says it is a miracle A stroke of luck that he just happened to be there, riding his bike along that trail, and heard the baby s cry But Cameron has a secret It wasn t just luck He was there because his twin sister Katie begged him to go Did Katie know about the baby Is she covering for someone At first CamWhen Cameron rescues a baby abandoned in the woods, everyone says it is a miracle A stroke of luck that he just happened to be there, riding his bike along that trail, and heard the baby s cry But Cameron has a secret It wasn t just luck He was there because his twin sister Katie begged him to go Did Katie know about the baby Is she covering for someone At first Cameron just wants some answers but once he knows the truth he has to decide what to do with it.Also available in Spanish.

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      Robin Stevenson is an award winning Canadian author of 20 books for teens and children Her newest book is her first work of non fiction PRIDE CELEBRATING DIVERSITY AND COMMUNITY 2016 Robin lives on the west coast of Canada, with her partner and son When she isn t writing, she edits books and teaches creative writing classes and workshops.

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    • Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooCameron's sister, Katie, asks him to do her a favor. "Just do this one thing," is what she asks, followed by, "Don't tell anyone."He's not happy to be riding through the woods in the rain, but Katie looked kind of freaked out. When Cameron stops for a moment, he hears something. He listens carefully and hears it again. It sounds like crying. It is crying. In fact, it's a baby!Cameron can't believe he has found what looks like a newborn [...]

    • I would not call this book a novel. I would call it a short story with chapters. It's very simplistic, and the only reason for it to exist is to perhaps stop a teenage mom from hiding a pregnancy or abandoning a newborn. Told from the standpoint of the twin brother of the teenage mom. The kid does all the right things, thank goodness. The sister does not and almost dies, and the baby could have died with one little mistake. It's very didactic, simply written, and might help in some teen in crisi [...]

    • Veo que aquí me enseña que mi último “update” fue en página 75, pero las otras veces lo he hecho de mi teléfono y no se han grabado. Tampoco se grabó cuando estaba en TJ pero si sirve in TJ entonces no sé qué esta pasado. Me gustan estos libros chicos porque el cuento es chico pero interesante. Este libro se trata de Katie, la cual es hermana de Cameron, y su bebe. Al principio, Katie le llama a Cam para que vaya al bosque. En el bosque, el encuentra a un bebe y lo tiene que llevar [...]

    • An interesting read, but I felt like it ended too quickly and left you wondering things. I didn't care for the strong language, but other than that a nice, quick read.

    • The book In the Woods was a simple and short read. The book didn’t have any parts that were very gripping and didn’t go much into detail. The storyline of this book was very predictable and many parts were left unexplained. Like what had happened with Katie and her mom's ex boyfriend? What happens with the baby in the ending?. The book could be more developed and have some twists in it. The major theme the book explores is teen pregnancy . The book shows a teenager named Katie who always got [...]

    • The book I read is called ‘In the Woods” By Robin Stevenson. I basically read this book because I told my teacher that I didn’t know what book to read and that I needed a book that would be easy to comprehend. Once I started to read the book I actually happened to find it really interesting. When I saw the books cover I really thought it was going to be a complicated book and I thought it would just be about some teenagers who get lost in the woods and them just doing dumb things. Well, th [...]

    • “ Into the Woods”, a indulgence for lovers of adult fiction, sees the life of a teenage boy as he makes a shocking discovery led by his sister. The book deals with interesting sibling relationships, and family responsibility as well as involving mature issues such as teen pregnancy and sexual abuse in a riveting manner. Cameron can't believe he has found what looks like a newborn wrapped in blankets out in the woods. He wraps it in his sweater and zips it inside his coat and bikes out. After [...]

    • Book Tittle:In the woodsAuthor:Robin Stevenson The Book "In the woods" by Robin Stevenson takes place in the woods. Cameron who is the main character gets a call from his sister Katie to go to the lake where their family use to have picnics, and kids from his school would have parties there. Cameron rode his bike there and found a baby in the woods under a tree. Cameron brought the baby to the hospital, then soon later found out that it was his sister Katie's baby. Katie had asked Cameron to hel [...]

    • I think this is an awesome book because It gives us a lesson for all those people who think that think are perfect but at the end everything goes down. It talks about Katie, a girl who is "perfect" like she had straight A's in school, she was really popular, and really smart. Her twin brother Cameron, was totally the opposite of her, he wasn't really good at school or have any friends. Katie ended up being pregnant and she didn't want her mom to know because she didn't want her mom upset. She ma [...]

    • While this book is a little short to be able to get into the possible depth of the story, it really was interesting and difficult to put down. Since it's more novella length, I stayed up the extra 30 minutes to finish it. The suspense isn't great, as it's somewhat obvious. I enjoyed the characters, but they didn't have enough room to be too well fleshed out. The main character also feels a little bit girl-ized due to the female author perspective, making it maybe slightly more appealing for girl [...]

    • In the Woods is about a boy that was riding his bike around the forest and found a baby new born. Nobody knows who’s the mother; they’re finding out who it is. It's going to be a mystery to solve. Will they find out who’s the mother?What I really liked about the book was the setting, plot, and characters. The setting was at the forest, the boy’s house, and the hospital. The plot was mainly about finding the baby’s mother and was about the boy’s sister and some of her friends. The cha [...]

    • An Orca Sounding book that encompasses the plot and themes of After by Efaw in a more simplistic and shorter story where Katie, gives birth in the woods and asks her twin brother, Cameron, to go to the woods (though he doesn't know what for), only to discover the newborn baby and take it to the hospital. The baby survives but Cameron is confused and not until he finally gets to talk with Katie does she finally admit that she gave birth but is in need of medical attention. The story focuses on th [...]

    • This is one of the high interest, low reading ability titles from the Orca Soundings series. It's an unusual story about Cameron, a teen who finds a baby abandoned in the woods, and who comes to suspect that it's his twin sister Katie's baby. I enjoyed the story but felt that making it longer would have given the sister's character more time to be fleshed out, and thereby give it a more emotional impact. More could have been done with the effect of their mother's boyfriend's abuse on Katie. Howe [...]

    • In the Woods by Robin Stevenson is a book about a boy who finds a baby who had just been born out in the woods. This was all a mystery because no one knew who was the mother- the baby was abandoned. He just took the baby to the hospital. I liked very much the way this book is written. It is like you walked into the story with the characters or just like you're living these moments with them. It is really interesting because the story has a lot of parts and mysterious questions, such as who is th [...]

    • Part of the Orca Soundings hi-lo series, this Spanish-language version of "In The Woods" tells the story of Cameron finding a newborn baby in the woods and suspecting that his twin-sister, the always-perfect Katie, is the mother. The reader will come the that conclusion shortly before Cameron does but the story line remains interesting. Will Cameron tell the social worker? The police? There is a back story that could've been developed a bit more--that of the abuse on Katie by their mother's form [...]

    • Cameron is used to the way things are. He's the screw up and his sister Katie is the perfect one. Then something happens that upsets everything Cameron is used to. He finds a baby abandoned in the woods, and saves its life. Cam is a hero, but he hasn't told the whole truth. Katie told him where to go to find the baby. How did she know it would be there? This quick read from Orca Soundings is a pretty gripping read. Will Cameron choose to save the day, or take the easy road and ignore what he kno [...]

    • This was more of a short story from the perspective of a twin brother who is forced into a secret that his sister is at the head of. Cameron isn't the perfect twin and his sister has always beenbut in the two days that this book covers he discovers that keeping someone on a pedistal isn't the best thing to do. This book is about the uncomfortable topic of mothers abandoning babies after labor. The book took me a little over a half hour to readry short!!!

    • This book starts off with a suspicious phone call, making me more into the book. As the book goes on, it starts getting more curious and more unexpected turnovers. Even though this book was good, it could have worked more upon adding more because I felt like the book neeeded something else, I just couldn't put my finger on it. Overall, this book was a fast, easy read with an amazing yet suspensful story that many readers will enjoy once they read this book.

    • This is an excellent quick read that deals with the very popular topic of teen girls abandoning their newborns. Cameron's "perfect" twin sister begs him to go to the woods. Once there he finds a baby dumped among the leaves and debris. The remainder of the book deals with Cameron comint to terms with the fact that his sister may have abandoned the baby and also with fact that his sister is not as perfect as she seems.

    • A group of kids find a baby in the forest all alone. They talked about what a miracle the baby survived. Cameron was in the forest because his sister Katie begged him to walk with her in the forest. They brought the baby out of the forest and onto the highway. A nurse stopped for them and they took the baby to the hospital. She was too scared to tell her family this was her baby. Book ended abruptly.

    • This was a pretty enjoyable story. The one thing about these books is that it they usually feel as though you're only getting part of the story. In the Woods wasn't too much like that, though I personally would have like a little more back story and a little longer ending. There was some strong language in the story, which is something that I would prefer not be in stories. Overall, it was an entertaining read that made you realize that not everyone is as they appear.

    • A good premise and an interesting topic for a young adult novel except this barely registers as a short story. Many topics are barely touched upon, and while it does give some useful information for a pregnant teen (or someone who knows one) the characters feel more like spokespersons for the author's POV than actual people with a life outside of the story's scope.

    • This book is defiantly a fast read! Took me only and hour to finish. All around it was a pretty good book. Very Very predictable Im pretty sure your reading this review because your interested in reading the book so I wont be giving any details away Really if I were you I wouldnt waste my time reading the book Hope this helped :) Have a goodread!

    • Half of me kind of liked the book because the end just ruins it. After all I enjoined the book because it was really interesting & really good. If you like mystery stories, I recommend you to read this book. I would give this book 9.5 because it had a bad ending. It didn’t state anything about the future of the characters life.

    • Hi-Lo Book. This was one of my favorite books for this class. Cameron discovers a new born infant in the woods. He searches for answers to try to find out if the baby belongs to his twin sister and if it the baby does, why would she abandon her baby. A very heart felt story. A Must Read. I highly recommend this book.

    • The book in the woods by robin Stevenson is a great book I recommend it if you are into mysterious types of books. I liked it because it also had action in it. It just made you to keep wanting to reading to lead up to the exposition. It was a little confusing at the beginning then it lead off to making sense. This was a very good book.

    • You know those books that fall off the shelf when you pull out the one next to it, so you thumb through it for a minute and an hour later realize you've read the whole thing? This is one of those books.Might be good for reluctant reader girls who want pregnancy-related drama, though. Orca Soundings, so you know it's a quick read.

    • Easy fast read. From my point of view, the storyline is predictable, even from the start of the first chapter. A bit disappointed because I thought there's more climax to this book, or at least something surprising/exciting.

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