The Unknown

The Unknown She has solved every mystery known to man But there is one mystery that remains UNKNOWN Revered as the smartest person alive Catherine Allingham is the world s most famous private investigator Follow

  • Title: The Unknown
  • Author: Mark Waid Minck Oosterveer
  • ISBN: 9781934506974
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Hardcover
  • She has solved every mystery known to man But there is one mystery that remains UNKNOWN Revered as the smartest person alive, Catherine Allingham is the world s most famous private investigator Follow her adventures as she sets out to solve the one mystery she s never been able to crack death A new graphic novel series from Mark Waid KINGDOM COME in the vein of RUShe has solved every mystery known to man But there is one mystery that remains UNKNOWN Revered as the smartest person alive, Catherine Allingham is the world s most famous private investigator Follow her adventures as she sets out to solve the one mystery she s never been able to crack death A new graphic novel series from Mark Waid KINGDOM COME in the vein of RUSE with international superstar Minck Ooosterveer.

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      142 Mark Waid Minck Oosterveer
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    • Mark Waid Minck Oosterveer

      Mark Waid born March 21, 1962 in Hueytown, Alabama is an American comic book writer He is best known for his eight year run as writer of the DC Comics title The Flash, as well as his scripting of the limited series Kingdom Come and Superman Birthright, and his work on Marvel Comics Captain America.

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    • Mark Waid does a nice job juggling the practical with the supernatural as his heroine Cat Allingham tries to solve the mystery of the hereafter. Cat’s given six months to live and because she’s a world renowned super sleuth she wants to solve the mystery as to what is exactly in store for her when she dies.Waid keeps his characters and the reader off balance, as Cat and her ex-bouncer assistant chase specters (or are they?) throughout Eastern Europe. Nice blend of humor, action and the super [...]

    • Meh, left me cold. I know, bustiest Holmes ever teams up with bar-bouncing assistant to solve the mystery of death sounds like a fail-safe premise, but I'm afraid this just wasn't for me. Can't say it was bad, really, just that I did not at all connect with the main characters for some reason.

    • I swear, I read a graphic novel that had an almost identical opening scene except it later turned out that the detective lady (view spoiler)[was lying about having a terminal illness (hide spoiler)] which has not so far been suggested here.["br"]>["br"]>

    • Catherine Allingham suffers from a brain tumor, hence hallucinations. I thought she had A.D.H.D at first. Plus she wears a low cut blouse, which makes her look like a party girl. Lovely artwork!

    • Cat Allingham ist ein weiblicher moderner Sherlock Holmes. Gutaussehend, smart, zupackend und - sie hat einen Hirntumor.Der nächtliche Besucher, der sie plagt, ist doch wohl nur eine Wahnvorstellung, vom Tumor verursacht?In den letzten ihr verbleibenden Monaten ihres Lebens will sie wissen, ob es eine unsterbliche Seele gibt. Schon im Altertum haben Ärzte Sterbende gewogen, um festzustellen, ob der Leichnam Gewicht verloren hat - das wäre dann das Gewicht der Seele. Heute gibt es natürlich g [...]

    • A really neat Sherlock Holmes-y story about a super sleuth who decides to to solve the mystery of what happens after you die upon learning that she only has six months left to live. My only complaint was that the story moved too quickly, jumping to the conclusion too soon, although I understand it was only allotted four issues initially, so that explains some of that. Still, the book accomplishes enough of its initial goal to give you a story but still leaves plenty of room to learn more about t [...]

    • A very solid premise is undermined by a lack of depth. Catherine Allingham is is considered the smartest person alive, and possibly the world's greatest detective. She picks up an intelligent assistant for his brain and muscle as she is heading out to investigate the world's first allegedly quantum crime. Her character hook? An inoperable brain tumor that will kill her in 6 months, and she wants to answer the one question no one else has. What lies beyond death. This is all a very solid base, bu [...]

    • 3,5 / 5A Catherine Allingham, una detective de alto nivel en casos sobrenaturales, le han diagnosticado 6 meses de vida debido a un tumor cerebral terminal que le produce una serie de alucinaciones. Requerida por unos científicos en Viena por el robo de una extraña caja que pesa cualquier sustancia con una precisión atómica de su propia invención, pide ayuda a un ex – gorila de discoteca con muy buenas habilidades de percepción para embarcarse en una trama sobrenatural que se complica.Me [...]

    • This is the 4th graphic novel I have read from Boom! Comics. I think they produce some good stuff. I would probably mark this 3.5 stars, but it's on the high side so I marked it 4.I like the premise of the story but felt like it fell a little flat on the science vs. supernatural aspect. There were some (what I believe to be) clearly supernatural elements, but the main character discounts them. I don't actually know if it was normal or supernatural. I know it is a series and there is another comp [...]

    • Nope. I didn't know what is was going to be about but nope. No way I was going to like this. You cannot put a door to afterlife in a realistic universe. Nope.Also, it feels like Sherlock-Holmes fanfict (The greatest detective who has solved every mystery ? The sidekick called Doyle (like arthur conan)

    • Cool stuff. Creepy. Smart. Clever dialogue. Everything I like in a comic. I'm sorry to hear there's only one more volume in the series. But I'm ordering that right now.

    • Brilliant detective with mental issues hires an offbeat assistant to solve ONE LAST MYSTERY. Oh, wait, should I be more specific? There are supernatural elements. What do you mean that doesn't really narrow it down much more? Eh, that's not totally fair. Waid does a serviceable job with the plot and the characters. An observant bouncer is a new type, I suppose. I liked the first volume enough to keep reading, but only because I have easy access to the next two volumes.

    • I read this because I love Waid's Daredevil. I wasn't disappointed, it was an interesting storyline with decent artwork, that had enough adventure to keep me into the story.

    • Creepy and interesting, a quick read but it sticks with you for a bit. I do wish someone would let comic book artists know about the existence of bras and gravity though.

    • Lately, I've been spending my days watching my way through the entire 12 seasons of Murder, She Wrote on Netflix. I love it. I don't know that I should, but I do. And I like it a lot. So I guess that may be why I'm rating this a little higher than it deserves. Because I enjoyed it for no good reason and not because it is any great shakes. And really that's what this book is. Murder, She Wrote meets Kolchak: The Night Stalker. The positives of the book are that it has two very strong and likeable [...]

    • Cat Allingham is the world’s greatest detective, and with just six months left to live she’s determined to solve the world’s greatest mystery: what happens when we die?Unfortunately, Cat’s brilliant mind is being somewhat clouded by the hallucinations her illness causes, and she employs ex-bouncer James Doyle to help her distinguish between imagination and reality as she tracks down a stolen machine, built to measure the weight of a person’s soul. As her visions spiral out of control, [...]

    • The premise and the art looked interesting when I flipped through it in the library, but honestly I picked this one up on the strength of "hey, it's published by Boom".It's pretty much what it says on the tin, with bonus interesting arguments about science and some funny banter. I definitely like the art, which favors heavy lines and good negative space -- not quite Mignola, but leaning toward him from a more standard realism. I do like the plot, but I am feeling a little dubious about the endin [...]

    • The second of the Boom trades (this one in hardcover) that I picked up on sale. I've always enjoyed Waid's comics and his non-superhero stuff is probably even better than the superhero books. This is a mystery, perhaps a bit of a fantasy, maybe with a touch of horror, story about a private investigator who's searching for the truth of the afterlife. Her investigation - or so she keeps claiming - is based on science, not mysticism, although the conclusion to the mystery is a bit mystical and a bi [...]

    • Catherine is dying but she isn't going to spend her time layed up in a hospital. She plans on living her life as though nothing is wrong and continueing her detective work. She hires James Doyle, a bouncer, to work as her assisstant b/c she believes that the tumor in her brain is causing her hallucinations (and sometimes, it is) however there is more going on then meets the eye. Loved Catherine and James and the way she solves mysteries is interesting. I liked how the book just jumped in w/o try [...]

    • Really 3 1/2 stars is more correct. It's better than a 3, but I couldn't quite give it a 4, due to the rushed pacing.The basic premise is outstandinga modern woman who has applied a brilliant intellect to the task of being a modern Sherlock Holmes, given what amounts to a death sentence by her doctor. Her response, which is to try to solve the mystery of death itself, is fascinating. The story rushes a bit too quickly, though, and the boundary between medicated hallucination and altered reality [...]

    • Might make a good TV show, but the comic left me a bit cold. Two interesting leads ( the world's greatest detective who has run out of good mysteries and is now trying to solve the ultimate questions and her watson, an ex-bouncer) and some great ideas never quite work as a complete story. Too much weirdness is thrown at the reader and then very little effort is made to explain it, as we are constantly rushing onto the next vague weird thing.The ending was pretty weak as well. Lots of potential a [...]

    • Put this book off for a while, but was so glad I finally read it. It's very suspensful and action-packed, with just enough creepiness to really bring the story to life. I mean, it follows a world famous detective trying to solve the mystery of what awaits us after death- of course you're going to have a great, creepy story. The characters are very interesting, and I felt like I was watching an awesome T.V. show (which they really should make this a T.V. show- it would be so cool). Overall, aweso [...]

    • I'd had such high hopes for this one, as I'd loved Ruse, Volume 1: Enter the Detective, and I was psyched to see The Unknown described as a modern, female version of Ruse. But I felt it lacked world-building, I wasn't into the paranormal elements, and neither of the main characters seemed to have much in the way of characterization. Definitely not Waid's best work.

    • A short story that brings another adventure to Lord John Grey's attention, this time a trip to the New World, specifically CANADA.Grey heads over the ocean to play his part in a court martial,. but gets mixed up in a British attack on Quebec. Grey also fionds a brief amour while there and fends off the potential marriage proposal of another.I wonder if this short tale will be a bridge to the next full-length novel, Lord John and the Scottish Prisoner, or simply a tangent to keep the reader's mem [...]

    • Mark Waid writing a mystery? Hell Yea! This series is great! The main character, Catherine Allingham, is strong and well developed and I love her choice of "Watson" if you compare her to Sherlock. I love that there is the normal mystery happening but then there is the bigger mystery that she is trying to figure out, what happens after you die? The ultimate question right? It does get a little crazy at the end, you wonder if they are going to ruin it at the end but Waid saves it and leaves me wan [...]

    • A strong start, with a not-particularly-likable main character and an interesting mystery. The best thing about the protagonist is her affliction, and the way it manifests. There's a bit of a mystery around that too, one that I'm not sure where it's going. Unfortunately, after a strong start, the story sort of fell apart and was rushed to its conclusion. We probably could've done with another issue in order to finish the arc, rather than cramming it into 4 issues.

    • A female version of Sherlock Holmes tries to solve the mystery of what happens when you die after being diagnosed with a cancer which will kill her in the next 6 months.A mildly interesting story about a girl who is apparently the best detective on the planet as long as you believe Waid with no evidence.

    • Waid agrupa los lugares comunes del thriller sobrenatural televisivo en una propuesta sencilla y bien presentada. La detective terminal seducida por los enigmas del Más Allá, su ayudante adusto y el gran enigma sobre el Más Allá que ella busca resolver en cuatro números con más preguntas que respuestas, esperando animar al lector con la inevitable secuela.

    • I absolutely love this concept, which should be a TV show or movie. Unfortunately, the comic doesn't work as well as it could. I think the art is partly to blame's not always telling a very easy to follow story, and some of the character designs are more silly than chilling. There's an immense amount of potential here.

    • I'm not super in love with the art, but the premise was good enough for me to pick it up anyway.On finishing, I'd say the premise is still intriguing, but virtually nothing has happened yet (and there ain't no way I would have paid twenty-five bucks for this). I think Western comics and I just have artistic differences.

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