Lullaby The squadroom at on New Year s morning looked much as it did on any other day But an exceptionally heinous crime was already sending a wave of outrage through even the veteran cops of the th Pr

  • Title: Lullaby
  • Author: Ed McBain
  • ISBN: 9780743470742
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • The squadroom at 5 15 on New Year s morning looked much as it did on any other day But an exceptionally heinous crime was already sending a wave of outrage through even the veteran cops of the 87th Precinct a wealthy couple, returning home from New Year s festivities, discovered their baby and the infant s teenage sitter murdered Parents themselves, detectivesThe squadroom at 5 15 on New Year s morning looked much as it did on any other day But an exceptionally heinous crime was already sending a wave of outrage through even the veteran cops of the 87th Precinct a wealthy couple, returning home from New Year s festivities, discovered their baby and the infant s teenage sitter murdered Parents themselves, detectives Carella and Meyer resolve to bring in the perpetrator at any cost Meanwhile, gang warfare is overtaking the city s streets, threatening its very foundation A sinister song of death and destruction echoes through the 87th, and it isn t Auld Lang Syne.

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      111 Ed McBain
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    • Ed McBain

      Ed McBain is one of the pen names of American author and screenwriter Salvatore Albert Lombino 1926 2005 , who legally adopted the name Evan Hunter in 1952 While successful and well known as Evan Hunter, he was even better known as Ed McBain, a name he used for most of his crime fiction, beginning in 1956.He also used the pen names John Abbott, Curt Cannon, Hunt Collins, Ezra Hannon, Dean Hudson, Evan Hunter, and Richard Marsten.

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    • In the forty-first installment of Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct series, the detectives of the 87th ring in the New Year with a particularly gruesome crime when a couple returns home from a New Year’s Eve party to find the sixteen-year-old babysitter knifed to death and their baby smothered. The likeliest suspect appears to be the boyfriend that the babysitter threw over a few weeks earlier, but he’s proving hard to find and, given the fact that the crimes occurred on the hardest-partying night [...]

    • Waste of time.Made it about 40%, couldn't finish it, never read another book written by this author. Main plot and another story keeps going back and forth. This type of writing was confusing and made it impossible to enjoy and follow.

    • McBain is a genius at dialogue - he writes it like no one else. This is party why I enjoy his books - they move quickly and I enjoy the banter between characters.This book was great until about the last 50 pages where the drug deal started taking over. I may have been reading the book when I was too tired to understand the plot 100% - but there was still too much going on in a plot I thought of as secondary.I thought that the reveal of the baby's killer was unexpected but it happened with 20 pag [...]

    • Starts strong with the heinous double murder of a teenage babysitter and her infant charge. The secondary plot about drug dealers seemed disjointed from the primary plot, but it's been awhile since I read a McBain, and it is later in the series, so maybe this was a normal thing in order to involve all the different characters. Still a good book, with excellent dialogue.

    • A dark book, starting in the early hours of a New year with Carella and Meyer catching the murder of a baby and her babysitter, an armed robbery in the same building and Kling interrupting a beating which turns out to be part of a complex series of violent gang battles over a major drug deal. Written in 1988, the 87th team face the modern world.

    • Starý dobrý Ed v novém kabátku. Příběh měl tři hlavní dějové linie, přičemž mě se líbily ty nedůležité :))) Skvělá hádací detektivka :-))

    • One of the better ones. Carella and Meyer are called to the scene of a double murder: a young infant and her babysitter, and the city is outraged. Meanwhile, Kling saves the life of an ungrateful Puerto Rican from a Jamaican gang, and gets involved in stopping a major drug shipment and preventing a drug war. And Bert's cop girlfriend, Elaine, is battling her demons and consulting a police psychologist.

    • First time reader of Ed McBain and although it was an interesting enough book I didn’t like how he changed to different crimes in the middle of a page without a paragraph indent or anything at all to indicate the change was coming. There were 3 different crimes and none of them connected to the others. The murder story was intriguing although before it was solved I had figured out who did it and why. The drug story was way too complex (not that I didn’t get it) and did not need to be in this [...]

    • Police procedural involving 3 story lines: Carella and Meyer investigate murders of an infant and baby sitter, Kling gets involved in gang wars among Jamaicans, Chinese, and Latins; Eileen Burke sees a psychologist to learn why she wants to quit the force. All interesting and believable with well developed resolutions.

    • Realistic charctersHis characters are consistent over time. Plots are unpredictable but never unrealistic. The ending to this one left me with goosebumps! My one complaint with the Kindle version is that separations for different scenes are not provided.

    • McBain. Three concurrent separate and complex sub-plots. The best cop-suspect dialogue ever. Fast pace, tight and excellent writing. What else do you need? Enjoy.

    • This was the old maestro's fortieth novel in the 87th Precinct series, and it's one of the longest and best. The main plot strand has Carella and Meyer tracking down the killer of a babysitter and baby during the early hours of New Year's Day -- a killer who's not unafraid to kill again. In the usual McBain fashion, there's plenty of dirty laundry that comes out during the two cops' investigation. Meantime, Kling has saved the life a small-time hood who promises, not as a favour but more as a ma [...]

    • This book started out quite well but I just couldn't stay interested. But I have to admit that I was reading several other books at the same time (I always do) (and some really great ones at that) so don't judge my rating as negative, just as a consideration. I read hundreds of books every year so I know what a good book is and what a good book isn't. This book started well but I just couldn't stay focused in the story and I don't know the reason for that. Please read for yourself to decide. It [...]

    • The 41st book in the 87th Precinct series. Not the one to begin reading the series. The multiple plotlines are good if you know how to put them in context of the series characters - like coming into the middle of a TV series and not knowing any of the backstory. McBain’s writing is solid and I will instead check out the first book in the series, Cop Hater. I read Lullaby directly after reading one of his standalone books (Downtown - 4 stars) and was expecting it to be in the same vein/style [...]

    • I discovered Ed McBain over 20 years ago. I decided to finish his beloved 87th Pricinct Series. As with most of the series, Lullaby is the definition of. a Police Procedural. All the footwork, plodding interviews and closing the case. Lullaby is definitely a bit dated by todays standards. They're using pay phones & typewriters. McBain is forthright in his prose when describing race, religion and gender. He is definitely NOT politically correct. But, he is also brutally honest in his prose. T [...]

    • I am an Ed McBain/Evan Hunter fan. I especially enjoy the 87th Precinct books and this was no exception. He always spins a good tale and you are of course, wondering "who dun it". Given that, however, I found this to be enjoyable but not one of his better tales. In this story, a baby and her sitter are murdered on New Year's Eve. As Carella and Meyers conduct their interviews, we find that some people have been less than honest in their responses. The New Year is not turning out to be too happy [...]

    • 87th Precinct Mysteries, gritty, and real I first read the 87th precinct mysteries over 25 years ago. Then after awhile, I found the formula almost boring.Picked up again on vacation and Ed McBain doesn't disappoint. The characters have been developed over time but you can still pick up anywhere in the series. Always interesting, very often humorous, unpredictable and at times touching. Reminds me of NYPD Blue. Not just another police procedural but real people on the job.

    • InterestingMy rating would have been higher, if the author had separated the plots a little. One sentence leaves you expecting to continue the current plot, but suddenly it switches to the second plot. No break or page marker, double space or any other indications that the plot was alternating. I certainly enjoy dual plots, or triple, but there needed to be some separation. I enjoyed the three storylines, and I was able to identify the killer of the baby and babysitter.

    • The book meanders on somewhat, until the last 50 pages, then it all gets wrapped up rather quickly. Quite a slow read until those last 50 pages. I hung on 'cos I wanted to see who'd done it, but I had an inkling when the characters appeared in the book who they were. I think it could have flowed better and had been more gripping.I used to like McBain 87th precinct novels, now I'm beginning to question my taste based on this one. I shall try one more

    • #41 in the 87th Precinct series - basically very good - good multiple murders being investigated along with a police woman going through the psych evaluation required after killing someone in the line of duty. Both of those story lines were very good. Intermingled between those was a drug deal story I didn't really find that interesting. So, parts really good, parts only so so.

    • Pretty good entry into the 87th Precinct series that felt more Elmore Leonard than it did Ed McBain, since a large portion of the book focused on the point of view of one of the criminals. I feel like this entry was also a bit humorless when compared to other books in the series, and the subject matter (the murder of a baby) was a bit off-putting.

    • Not my favorite Ed McBain. The main plot about the murder of the babysitter and the baby was pretty good. I should have figured it out myself. The subplot about gangs and drugs was not very compelling. I should have skipped over it.

    • This is the first time I've read this author. Actually, I listened to this book, it was given to me yesterday, so set down and listened to it. It was an interesting book to listen to, I think I enjoyed it more than if I would have read the book.

    • Another great 87th precinct book -- these are all wonderful. Well, I haven't read ALL of them, but quite a few.

    • Overall, I had a sensation that I was reading rather a film script than a book. But it wasn´t bad, just not my cup of tea.

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