The Assassin's Wife (Angels & Assassins Book 1)

The Assassin s Wife Angels Assassins Book Assassin s did not keep angels Yet the first time David laid eyes on his dancer he knew he would take her away from the light and keep her Take her away from the men who touched her as she twirled an

  • Title: The Assassin's Wife (Angels & Assassins Book 1)
  • Author: Nikita Slater
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Assassin s did not keep angels Yet, the first time David laid eyes on his dancer he knew he would take her away from the light and keep her Take her away from the men who touched her as she twirled and smiled, bowed and leapt upon a stage Remove her from the audience that coveted the angel as much as him He would chain her to his side and keep her with him in the shadoAssassin s did not keep angels Yet, the first time David laid eyes on his dancer he knew he would take her away from the light and keep her Take her away from the men who touched her as she twirled and smiled, bowed and leapt upon a stage Remove her from the audience that coveted the angel as much as him He would chain her to his side and keep her with him in the shadows Obsession wasn t supposed feel this way It wasn t supposed to change his plans Because eventually his wife would have to go Except the time he spent with her, the he clipped his angel s wings, the selfish he became, the time he wanted Until she saw the assassin in the dark and ran away from him Natasha should not have fought back He could have spared her the horror of knowing the truth about her husband She could have gone to sleep and never woken up His dancing angel, frozen forever, perfect and beautiful Now she would know the monster This is book one of the Angels Assassins series All books are standalone and can be read in any order Guaranteed HEA, no cheating, no cliffhanger This is a sizzling dark mafia romance with violence and sexual themes that may offend some readers Read at your own risk

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      Nikita lives on the beautiful Canadian prairies with her eleven year old son and two crazy awesome dogs Nikita has an unholy affinity for books especially erotica , wine, animals and anything chocolate Despite some of the darker themes in her books which are pure fun and fantasy , Nikita is a staunch feminist and advocate of equal rights for all races, genders and non gender specific persons When she isn t writing, dreaming about writing or talking about writing, she helps others discover a love of reading and writing through literacy and social work.Almost as much as reading ALL THE BOOKS EVERYWHERE Nikita enjoys writing them After a lifetime of writing thousands of pages of sexy fiction like a psycho romance stalker on speed, Nikita has decided to share her stories for like minded crazies that want to devour the pages as fast as they re written.Nikita has been writing for many years and is excited to share the thought bubbles that pour out of her brain with her fellow dark romance fans Please feel free to drop her an email if you feel like chatting, she enjoys talking with like minded romance fiends as much as she enjoys reading, writing and drinking wine on her deck in the summer For free cupcakes please like Nik s Facebook page facebook slaternikita The offer of free cupcakes may be exaggerated or possibly not exist at all Sorry.

    857 thoughts on “The Assassin's Wife (Angels & Assassins Book 1)

    • This book tops my Nikita Slater favorites list as I loved everything about it. David and Natasha are perfectly balanced darkness and light, and while much of the book toes the line of consent, their love is never overshadowed. David has to be one of the most OTT jealous, possessive heroes I’ve ever encountered, but he’s never had to deal with those feelings, and the whole book is about how he eventually comes to accept that he loves his little dancer. Natasha starts out quite sheltered in th [...]

    • As someone who’s devoured (and suffered serious book hangovers) as a result of nearly every book Slater has published, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on TAW!Natasha and David’s story is not an easy one. I didn’t expect it to be easy. What I did expect is for their story to POP! This is an expectation I have as previous stories captured this element without fail. Natasha and David’s story is missing the key element previous stores nailed, “wow factor”. After the first few chapters, [...]

    • Heroine was a bit of a dope acted like she was 14 rather than 22, but other than that I really liked it. I like sprinkling in darker reads every once in a while to flush out all the fluff that’s been popping up. There was a good amount of angst between the Hero and heroine, but the good kind. Not the OW/OM kind that authors usually pull.

    • My favorite Nikita Alpha to date! Swooooooon! I have read majority of Nikita’s work and have always loved that edge her alphas seem to have and this was no different. The Assassin’s Wife was the perfect recipe for dark mafia romance read. From the character depth to a plot with sexy scenes I couldn’t get enough of, this delivered on every level for me. David’s dominance and ALPHA is out of this world sexy. His obsession with Natasha, who is a skilled dancer, is almost unbearable at time. [...]

    • Mixed feelings about this one. I love my dark reads but David's treatment of Natasha is just downright abuse! Natasha is way above her head with David who literally takes control of her life and puts a stop to her successful dancing career. In the 'name of lust' he basically alienates her. Running away from him does not solve anything in fact when he catches up with her, he uses this an excuse to abuse her further. There are glimpses of H thawing out but at this point I am just too pissed off at [...]

    • Loved that the heroine had a backbone. Love David's dominance. The story line is definitely much more original. Nikita Slater is officially on my stalk list.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! I have to admit, this is the first book I've read by this author, but it won't be the last!This was just a fun book for me! It wasn't super dark, surprisingly enough, since it is about an assassinbut it's not all rainbows and unicorns either! Natasha was a sweet, innocent young ballerina who had the misfortune of catching the eye of an older, merciless assassin. Even though she was obviously innocent about a lot of things, she wasn't annoyingly innocent li [...]

    • My first time reading this author. The story showed a that even those incapable of love can learn the meaning of it. In this situation the cost of love for David a trained assassin from birth, comes with a hefty price. That price being Natasha a prima ballerina bought to be his wife. The flow of the book was good. The steamy scenes were hot. It was a good book just not great which is why I gave it 4*.

    • For some crazy reason I effing loved this story! I effing loved this cold,brutal,emotional roller coaster! I have mad respect for authors who push it. And specially when they push it on my favorite trope! HELLYEAH BABY! David is NOT an easy man. No effing way but he still needed all the love and life he was given. I think Natasha is hands down in the very very short list of my favorite heorines. She's willful, she's smart and she's fierce but most of all. her heart and her acceptance of David ev [...]

    • Another Slay Girlfriend!!!I just loved it!! I mean it was an amazing read that took me away to my happy fantasy place. Working two jobs and doing the single mom thangI need the outlet and you never disappoint. Thanks so much for writing consistently and not getting your fans all worked up and then disappearing off the face of the earth and taking your characters with you. As long as you keep it coming. pun intended lolI wil be a loyal fan. Love ya!!!.

    • This book is going to be an absolute favorite. The love between David and Natasha is so heartbreaking and passionate, but so incredibly worth everything they go through to get to their happy ever after. This book is sometimes difficult to read because David is so dominant and uncompromising. The imagery is very beautiful and made me wish I could live where they lived. Well done Nikita Slater! I can't wait to read Elena's book now!

    • Talk about dark and possessive. I think I’m in love with David, and Tasha is just as wonderful. I have been in a book slump lately and this is the first book I read in a long time where I couldn’t put it down.

    • David was a stone cold, ruthless killer. He was efficient and steadfast as a murderer. He didn't expect to feel the tugging at his heartstrings when he laid eyes on Natasha. Though he tried to control her the only way he knew how, he knew she was special. She might come to know the monster, but she also would know the man. I was enthralled with this first book, and can't wait to read more!

    • I voluntarily reviewed a Advance Reader CopyTasha was a ballet dancer and was torn away from the only world she knew for the past 6 years. She was taken unwillingly and thrust into the role of wife. Until one day she saw something and was then forced to run.David was a hardened killer but was also a loving husband to Tasha (at some point). He was obsessed with her. He wanted her badly so he made sure he got her, that's when he became a real ahole. The question is Is he going to stay an ahole an [...]

    • This is my first Nikita Slayer book and I quite enjoyed the story. It had the mafia elements, although a bit subdued, but there was danger and violence. A damn hot and brooding male that is obsessed over a woman, and goes to the ends of the earth to have and keep what is his. I really liked David’s character, he is cold and emotionless, just as any killer should be. I was shocked of his plans for his wife once he was done with her. It’s not very often that you see that sort of coldheartednes [...]

    • This book was borderline abusive and dark and my jaw was dropping most of the time because for the life of me I didn't understand the flow of it all; it was happy then sad then angry then sex then back to angry and violent most of the time. If you guys are looking for angry sex this is the gold mine right here! Nobody does almost-too-much-too-real-is-this-still-consensual sex and relationships quite like Nikita! And that's why I'm still here for it! One of a kind, baby!

    • Bad guys need love tooAs always this authors writes an over the top alpha male who I just fell in love with. David needed Natasha in so many ways. She was sweet and soft but just what the cold assassin needed. In my opinion no other kind of heroine would have worked with such a ruthless hero. I am as always anxiously awaiting her next book.

    • Ok. This my first time reading a book by Nikita Slater. The book wasn't bad but kind of slow for me. At some point the book pick up but slowed down again but caught myself wanting to know what was going to happened next. Now I can say her husband was a very much a Alpha man which I loved. All in all the book was not bad and I will try another one of Nikita Slater books.

    • DryI started this book excited to pick up. I got halfway through it got bored with it. Nothing really happens but a lot sex. If there was more suspense to the plot it would have made a more interesting story.

    • Great read I have to say i was very impressed. Its a great story and the writer delivered. I look forward to reading more of this series.

    • WowI loved the over all plot line. I would have liked some more details more history about the two main characters.

    • WowThis was quite the roller coaster was up, and down, and up, and down, never quite sure where it was going to take me next, and I couldn't get through it fast enough.

    • 17-01-'18: started reading29-01-'18: Kom er maar niet doorheen t'is niet echt slecht, maar de manier waarop het geschreven is pakt me niet echt.26-02-'18: okay, I give up. Het staat nu al te lang in 'currently reading' zou opnieuw moeten beginnen omdat ik alweer dingen vergeten ben, lol! Dit gaat'um niet worden dusss, verplaatst naar 'to-read-ooit'.

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