Paper Stars

Paper Stars One magical holiday Some assembly required Police Chief Delaney Reed loves the holidays in Ordinary Oregon the beach town where gods vacation and monsters reside But this year she has a lot on her

  • Title: Paper Stars
  • Author: Devon Monk
  • ISBN: 9781939853080
  • Page: 211
  • Format: ebook
  • One magical holiday Some assembly required Police Chief Delaney Reed loves the holidays in Ordinary, Oregon, the beach town where gods vacation and monsters reside But this year, she has a lot on her plate It isn t just the creature who follows her home, or the terrible storm barreling toward town It isn t that Mrs Yates s penguin has been stolen Again It s thatOne magical holiday Some assembly required Police Chief Delaney Reed loves the holidays in Ordinary, Oregon, the beach town where gods vacation and monsters reside But this year, she has a lot on her plate It isn t just the creature who follows her home, or the terrible storm barreling toward town It isn t that Mrs Yates s penguin has been stolen Again It s that her boyfriend, Ryder Bailey, has been gone for two months and is growing distant She s beginning to think she knows why But when a demon, a dragon, and a god bearing unusual gifts get thrown on top of her to do list, Delaney decides to roll up her sleeves and make this holiday unforgettable One disaster at a time.

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      Devon Monk is a national best selling writer of urban fantasy Her series include Ordinary Magic, House Immortal, Allie Beckstrom, Broken Magic and Shame and Terric She also writes the Age of Steam steampunk series, and the occasional short story which can be found in her collection A Cup of Normal, and in various anthologies She has one husband, two sons, and lives in Oregon When not writing, Devon is either drinking too much coffee or knitting silly things.

    670 thoughts on “Paper Stars

    • 4.25 stars!OMG I LOVED THIS SO MUCH!!! I know that it's only a novella but I think fans of Ordinary Magic series must NOT miss this one. It's sweet, it's cute, it's tender, and OMG SO ROMANTIC!! The Christmas present that Ryder gave to Delaney was THE BEST (be still my heart, that man wins a million points from me!)It's a delightful story -- it has dragon that takes form as a piglet ((view spoiler)[it's a present from Crow for Delaney, and I think it has a significance over Bathin's the demon wh [...]

    • I love the the town of “Ordinary,” Oregon, the Reed sisters and the crazy gods who vacation there. “Paper Stars” is a cute little Christmas novella about Delaney Reed and her greatest desire for Christmas.Delaney’s boyfriend, Ryder has been working in Bend, Oregon for two months and she feels as though their relationship is slipping or is it. He promises to be home for Christmas but as we all know something always seems to challenge happiness. Meanwhile, Delaney and her sister enters a [...]

    • I love this series. It's a bit of a departure for Devon Monk, from her urban fantasy of Allie Beckstrom and Broken Magic worlds. Or steampunk of Age of Steam or dystopian future of House Immortal. Or maybe not departure so much as addition to her diverse stable of intriguing stories. Ordinary Magic series is paranormal cozy and fantastic. It's comforting, fun, warm, suspenseful and neat premise. Supernatural beings come to Ordinary, Oregon to get away from it all. This novella takes place at Chr [...]

    • I love the Reed sisters, who are the police that keep the vacationing gods and the monsters in the town of Ordinary in line. Delaney Reed, the police chief, has a lot of responsibility, but this close to Christmas, she’s missing her boyfriend, Ryder Bailey, who has been out of town for two months. If only she could hear those three little words from him, all would be right with the world. These stories always have some humor in them, usually a bit of suspense or danger, and a scoop of romance [...]

    • Christmas in OrdinaryRyder has been away for two months working and Delaney misses him like crazy. This is their first Christmas together but it looks like circumstances will force them to spend it apart. Delaney is not alone she still has her sister's and the town to watch over including finding Mrs Yates penguin, who has been kidnapped again. Then Delaney gets the best news ever Ryders coming home for Christmas but then there's a terrible storm and Ryders late. Delaney's holiday may be over un [...]

    • Cute, with a sweet ending. 3.7 ; 4.2 . I was in the mood for a quick, light holiday tale, and this novella suited me well. There are funny lines and moments (including an embarrassing one (though TBH, I don't see how she could not realize)), family and townsfolk (and the "famous" concrete yard-penguin), an adorable dragon-pig 🐷 with some connections yet to be explained, both snow wishes (from the irrepressible Jean) and storm worries (can Ryder safely make it back in time for Christmas?), and [...]

    • This is a great short story set in the world of the Ordinary Magic trilogy. This story focuses on Delaney and her romantic relationship with Ryder. This story answers some questions about what happens next for the characters, and I appreciate that. There isn't enough here for a full book but that doesn't take anything away from how great it was to read. If you haven't read the original series then this short isn't really going to have the same amount of meaning for you. Ms. Monk doesn't waste ti [...]

    • Toasty warm Christmas storyI almost think the pig steals the show, well, dragon. Devon Monk is a true bard, and her way with words is magical. So, of course when she paints the scene of best dog Spud and new bestie Pig, snoozing atop the dragons stuffed toy treasure hoard's a story stealer. I look forward to reading more about Spud & Pig and Delaney & Ryder in the next book.

    • Ryder and Delaney first Christmas shared. Ryder is coming home for Christmas after working out of town for two months. Delaney is still unsure of her relationship with him, until he proves his love for her in the most sweetest way. A childhood memory she shares with him, comes to life on Christmas morning. Delaney learns its not hearing the words I love you that counts but all the little things Ryder has done to show her he loves her.

    • Cute Christmas StoryThis short story is told from the POV of Delaney Reed, just as the novels of Ordinary Magic are. It's a sweet Christmastime story involving Delaney & her relationship with Ryder Bailey, longtime crush & current boyfriend. This story does not contain as much magic or gods as the main series, but it's a very enjoyable read with a really touching ending.

    • Ordinary Magic is anything but ordinary. I enjoyed this author’s series “Ordinary Magic” very much; so much that I was reluctant to devour the final short story. However, I am pleased to find she has other books, and hope to find the same wit, strong women, and imagination as the Ordinary Magic books.

    • Christmas In OrdinaryReading this is like taking a holiday vacation to somewhere you go every year. You have known the people/characters for a while but only see them on your vacation. You get to catch up with their lives and celebrate the holidays with them.

    • A good warm-up tale for the holidaysThis is a nice romantic yarn which is typical for Ordinary. That is to say it's pretty strange for anywhere else. If you get the holiday blues, this story will make you feel better. If you love the holiday season, you'll love the pig.

    • An awesome Christmas story! Delaney and Ryder will finally bare it all. Jean is still being her wishful Christmasy self, lol! Myra is still looking and we have a new character which provides humor and help! Read and enjoy this Christmas story!

    • Christmas Means StarsDelaney misses her boyfriend Ryder and wants him home for Christmas. He is 3 hours away and has run off the road. The solution involves a demon and a dragon rescue.

    • Another fun short in Ordinary. You know Christmas can’t go off without a hitch for this little town. Loved the new pet that Delaney got, loved more that he was able to help when needed. But the payoff for this one right at the end, with the present. What a great move!

    • Another great read by the fabulous Devon Monk! This was a quick and easy read (not Reed) with Delaney and her sisters. I love her "pig" and how she got it. Crow redeems himself a bit in this installment. Plus, Ryder No more needs to be said

    • All The FeelsThis was a sweet story for the holidays that made me laugh out loud until I squeezed and made me mushy in some places. I hope that these characters keep pestering Devon Monk for many more stories! I love Ordinary and it's entire cast of weird and wacky characters.

    • A Joyful Christmas!A little mystery, a little suspense, a little romance all brought together at Christmas in Ordinary. Throw in a few magical creatures, a few laughs, & a few tears & you have a delightful Christmas story for the Reed Family & friends.

    • I love Ordinary and the town cops!This is an absolutely delightful Christmas novella. More importantly, it continues the plot lines, which is always a wonderful idea.

    • Good funMy first book by Devon Monk. I look forward to reading more soonagmatic fantasy and lovely romantic its. Lovely book.

    • An extra-Ordinary ChristmasI really enjoyed this little Ordinar Magic Christmas short, with piggy dragons and a very sweet Christmas gift for Riley:)

    • Love this seriesI love the way you feel like you Are Delaney. She is so ordinary and comfortable. Like your favorite song.

    • A wonderful storyJust in time for Christmas, a wonderful holiday story in Ordinary. I loved the Pig, the penguin story and the stars. Overall it was a touching tale.

    • Quick read and sweet storyGreat continuation of the Ordinary story by Monk. Continues to pull you into the story, keeping it fun and romantic

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