Dead End Girl

Dead End Girl Her body is broken Wrapped in plastic Dumped on the side of the road She is the first There will be The serial killer thriller that refuses to let go until you ve read the last sentence The most rece

  • Title: Dead End Girl
  • Author: L.T. Vargus Tim McBain
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 376
  • Format: ebook
  • Her body is broken Wrapped in plastic Dumped on the side of the road She is the first There will be .The serial killer thriller that refuses to let go until you ve read the last sentence The most recent body was discovered in the grease dumpster behind a Burger King Dismembered Shoved into two garbage bags and lowered into the murky oil.Now rookie agent VioletHer body is broken Wrapped in plastic Dumped on the side of the road She is the first There will be .The serial killer thriller that refuses to let go until you ve read the last sentence The most recent body was discovered in the grease dumpster behind a Burger King Dismembered Shoved into two garbage bags and lowered into the murky oil.Now rookie agent Violet Darger gets the most important assignment of her career She travels to the Midwest to face a killer unlike anything she s seen Aggressive Territorial Deranged and driven.Another mutilated corpse was found next to a roller rink A third in the gutter in a residential neighborhood.These bold displays of violence shock the rural community and rattle local law enforcement Who could carry out such brutality And why Unfortunately for Agent Darger, there s little physical evidence to work with, and the only witnesses prove to be unreliable The case seems hopeless.If she fails, will die He will kill again and again.The victims harbor dark secrets The clues twist and writhe and refuse to keep still And the killer watches the investigation on the nightly news, gleeful to relive the violence, knowing that he can t be stopped.A page turning thriller packed with heart stopping suspense Fans of John Sandford, Jeffery Deaver, Karin Slaughter, and Lisa Gardner should get to know Violet Darger.

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      376 L.T. Vargus Tim McBain
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      L.T. Vargus Tim McBain Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dead End Girl book, this is one of the most wanted L.T. Vargus Tim McBain author readers around the world.

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    • Dead End Girl is a tightly woven, fast-paced, tension-laced thrill ride. How do I know? Because it's 496 pages long and it felt like reading a novella. For pretty much two days I did nothing but read this book and wish it would never end. By the end of the first chapter, Violet felt like an old friend; I just wanted to hang out and watch her solve grisly serial murders forever.Because of the serial killer and the FBI trainee with the haunted past chasing him, the obvious comparison is Silence of [...]

    • Not impressed FYI - Spoilers!If Violet "smirked" just once more, I swear I was going to delete the entire stupid book. Pages of crap supposedly the inner thoughts of a psycho sex killer?! NOT. The in-fighting about male territorial turf among blues and feebs? Overdone. The guilt-tripping of said LEO's? Not buying it. It was all one big screw up including the ending. NO FBI AGENT ACTS LIKE SHE DID running off without a word, immediately after capturing the alleged killer, ALONE? No phone? No not [...]

    • Awesome crime/thriller/suspense novel. Steady but fast action with lots of twists and turns takes us on this journey and since I love the authors, I can't wait to see what comes next for Violet-I know it wlll be amazing!

    • DNFAbout 25% or so I decided it was time to put this book down and walk away. It was so slow moving, other than the gore there wasn't much to keep my attention.From all the high ratings, maybe it got better. I'll never know. I did skim to the end and read the last 10%, just so I could find out the who done it aspect.

    • Violet Darger if you glance at it quickly looks like Violent Danger, hmm?This was really good. The closer I got to the ending the harder this was to put down! I don't usually seek out serial killer type books because they can be so over-the-top disturbing. This one definitely had some gruesome stuff but it was well written & stopped the descriptions at just the right point in my opinion. (view spoiler)[Well the one kissing scene did make me want to get up and brush my teeth-yick!!! (hide spo [...]

    • I was reading another book when I started this book. I didn't mean to read it right away, I just wanted to see what it was like. Four hours later I was in bed and should have been asleep for three of those hours and I couldn't sleep. So maybe don't start this book at bedtimelol. It's a page turner, I didn't notice how long this book is until I finished it.This book reminds me of some of my favorite books in the crime thriller genre - Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, The Collector by John Fowles, th [...]

    • Who doesn't like a fast paced suspense novel? You know, something that just grabs you from the beginning and won't let go. Well the answer is obviously these authors. This book was just way too long. About 200 pages too long to be more precise. There was no fast pace and there were way too many times that I said out loud "I just can't read this anymore." Look, I understand the need to be descriptive in psychological thrillers, but describing every bite of a sandwich, every smell in the air and e [...]

    • I didn't come here to write some fancy, in-depth analysis of this book. I came here to say I bought, I read it, and I loved it. You should do the same thing, unless you hate good writing with believable characters and an addictive plot. From chuckle-inducing humor to heart-pounding tension, this novel is a trip to read and nearly impossible to put down

    • Wow, what an emotional read. I loved this one and you really can't put it down until you know who the serial killer is and if Violet is going to live through this one.Violet Darger is an extraordinary FBI profiler but she had been working in the Victim Assistance division and wants to go into really getting out and investigatingHer first case comes up and she is sent to Ohio on a serial murder case. He leaves the bodies in plastic bag at dumpsters. Violet is assigned to work with a profiler who [...]

    • "Nonstop Action and Intrigue"This first story about rookie FBI Agent Violet Darger is a real page turner, a thriller which will sweep you into the investigation of a violent killer, who can't seem to be stopped. The third victim was dismembered and dumped into a grease dumpster behind a Burger King. There is little evidence for Agent Darger to work with and the very few witnesses seem to be unreliable. Will she be able to find the killer? If she can't identify the killer, there will be, no doubt [...]

    • Just got better & betterThis is a very good, compelling story. But the real strength of the authors is in the drawing of their characters. Their empathy for the monstrous characters is evident, and while this reader can't help but admire and pull for the sympathetic characters, none of them is without human flaws. I look forward to reading more volumes in the Violet Darger series and recommend this book to others who enjoy crime novels and police procedurals.

    • Dead End Girl Read this one with the lights on. I thought I had the killer pegged, boy was I wrong! I'm a big fan of mystery, horror books, and this takes the prize. Several times the author was so convincing in her descriptions that I actually found myself stretching, yes, that good! I've never read a book that did that before, and creepy me,loved it. This author has a new fan!

    • EnthrallingThis book was amazing! It starts out in Violets POV but changes periodically to other people. Just enough to give you more insight on what's going on but not enough for you to lose track of who is who. Very vivid details on the case that pulls you in from beginning to end! Psychological thriller at its best, I'd say.

    • One of the better books I have read in a long time!I loved the main character and the story itself drew me in. It was hard to put down this book at all. I can't wait for the next one!

    • Great thriller. I didn't expect to find it so gripping and such a good read. Great characters. Engaging story. Scary bad guy. Just the whole package. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good thriller.

    • HeartstoppingThis is my first L.T.Vargas book but it sure won't be my last. I couldn't put this thriller down. It grabbed be and pulled me in from beginning til end. I've already ordered the next Violet Darger book. Pageturning psychological thriller!!!

    • Red Dragon meets Psycho. Wow one of the best thrillers I've ever read and I read a LOT of thrillers!!! Amazing! Can't wait to read more by these authors

    • Dead End Girl – Vargas & McBainThere’s nothing I like better than a good mystery/police procedural and these two deliver in spades. I discovered these writers accidently on one of the discounted e-books websites, and I can say that I am now a huge fan and will continue to follow this series as the stories are published. Violet Darger is a newly minted FBI profiler who has just been assigned to her first case; to assist a senior profiler (Loshak) on a serial murder case in small town Ohio [...]

    • This thriller is pretty much what I expected out of it and earns three solid stars for being entertaining. It is a very light and quick read. An FBI agent is sent to help a colleague in a serial killer investigation. She used to be in a department that did counseling or what not, but now she is a special agent because of a feeling of vengeance about a child that died in her hands. She wants to be in a position of taking care of the wrongdoers instead of dealing with the after effects.Without spo [...]

    • Mostly, the plot was good. However, the heroine, was sometimes acting very petulant and childish in my view. She made really stupid mistakes and then got defensive when confronted with the consequences instead of admitting her errors. Especially when she got taken in for the second time, that was plain stupidity not expected in a professional FBI agent who should be on the lookout for manipulative people.Further, getting into the head of the serial killer was not very interesting, not sure why t [...]

    • I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did. The characters were flawed but likable. The story has good pacing with plenty of action and suspense. I love a strong female protagonist. Great plot twists and surprises. I would highly recommend for fans of the genre. My only criticism would be that there was too much inner dialogue of the killer. It dragged and it was hard to maintain my interest during those monologues. Will definitely be reading the next book in the series.

    • Very ok This book wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. I felt no affinity for any of the characters, especially Violet. She annoyed me and seemed way too naive to be an FBI agent. Then there was the over explanation of every little thing. Many times I wanted the story to move along already. It's like, ok I get it, he's sad. All-in-all, if you're looking for a good series go with John Sanford or Mo Hayder.

    • Decent serial killer mystery, but it was at least 100 pages too long. Some of the details were dragged out beyond necessary, some were too much and some could have expounded upon more. Some inconsistencies bothered me, one being that two FBI agents totally ignore their directors phone calls for days and yet no one from the bureau shows up to follow up with the "missing" agents. It's a decent mindless read and I may read another of the Agent Darger series, but it won't be top of a list.

    • Pretty Slow Character Development Almost Chucked the Book So, I'm glad to say, the 2nd half of this book is better than the first. And, while not all of it is believable (as in -- why do some characters live, others die, when it's really just a matter of circumstance?), it's not the worse book I've read -- just not the best, either. I'm glad I "hung in there" -- but it wasn't easy to convince myself.

    • Very EnjoyableSpecial Agent Violet Darger is fierce and funny and principled in all the right places. What a fast, fun read! It may be bc was listening to most of the book, rather than reading closely, but I felt like a LOT of random details were not clearly shown to add up to the final conclusion. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the book great deal.

    • Good ReadPretty good mystery. A serial killer who likes to keep the heads of his victims as long as he can. FBI agent Violet Darger is a strong woman, but I didn’t particularly like her. I just couldn’t find myself rooting for her. Maybe she will grow on me if I read the next book in the series. A good detail written story though. I did enjoy it.

    • Fast and tenseThis is a well paced story that keeps the pages turning quickly. It has all the required components of a great mystery: creeps, cops, some gore and loads of suspense. Hope to read more of Violet Darger's challenging cases from these great story-spinners, Vargus and McBain.

    • Loved it!Wow, this book is one total rollercoaster ride. Violet Darger is quite an interesting character. She is a pit bull of an agent. This story gave me the creeps at time, and actually made me gag. The bad guy is truly sick. That's all I have to say without adding any spoilers to this review. Great writing. I'll definitely read the next book in the series.

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