Level Me Up

Level Me Up The last thing Morgan Lawson is looking for when attending Comic Con is love But even prior to exchanging first words Morgan is drawn to Dex a drop dead sexy gamer boy who lives and breathes video g

  • Title: Level Me Up
  • Author: Lauren Helms
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The last thing Morgan Lawson is looking for when attending Comic Con is love But even prior to exchanging first words, Morgan is drawn to Dex, a drop dead sexy gamer boy who lives and breathes video games Before she realizes it, Morgan finds herself caught up in all things Dex.Dex Roberts knows from the moment he first sees Morgan, he wants He falls hard and fast bThe last thing Morgan Lawson is looking for when attending Comic Con is love But even prior to exchanging first words, Morgan is drawn to Dex, a drop dead sexy gamer boy who lives and breathes video games Before she realizes it, Morgan finds herself caught up in all things Dex.Dex Roberts knows from the moment he first sees Morgan, he wants He falls hard and fast but isn t surprised when his job as a professional video gamer takes a toll on their relationship.Once Morgan decides what truly makes her happy, there s no time to waste But without warning, life threatens to destroy what both Morgan and Dex want most each other.

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      Author Lauren Helms has been an avid reader from a young age After starting a book review site, that launched her fully into the book world, she decided to take the plunge and write her first novel Since she was working for a video game strategy guide publisher at the time, she decided to mix what she knew best, video games and romance Jumping all in, she joined NaNoWrimo and a month later had a 50K word first draft Lauren lives in Indianapolis, IN with her video game playing husband, two little girl book nerds, and a little boy who will hopefully be a gamer boy too some day Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Pinterest Follow me on Get book recommendations from Obsessive Book Nerd Gamer Boy Series InfoLevel Me Up is the first book in the Gamer Boy series There will be four total Each will feature a new couple with a HEA and no clifthanger While they will be considered standalones, I highly suggest reading them in series order.

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    • My slump continues. I'm sorry but while I loved the concept of this book, it was just a mess. I'm a little confused by all of the glowing reviews so I'm going to do my best to explain my many issues with this book.Morgan's best friend Ruby attends Comic-Con every year with her brother. This year, her brother couldn't make it so Ruby brings Morgan. Morgan isn't really into most of it, but she gets to travel from Chicago to California with one of her best friends and have a good time. Because Ruby [...]

    • Okay, imma be honest hereI'm pretty glad that this book was short because I was SO BORED. I wanted to love it. I mean, come on, meeting at Comic Con? Hot gamer boys? It sure sounds like a winner to me, but sadly it fell short.What I Liked1) dual POVs. Pretty self explanatory, and I do like the good ol' dual POV. 2) Dex. He's the only character that I liked, but even then he isn't going on my 'swoon worthy boys' shelf. Sorry Dex, mate. What I Didn't Like1) I'm a fan of dual POVs, but what I'm not [...]

    • Reviewed on behalf of Amo and Sarah’s Book Corner 4 StarsThis was a great book.Morgan has gone with one of her best friends to Comin-Con, it is not her usual scene but she is happy to spend time with her friend.She never expects to see a guy and be instantly attracted to him, especially since he a gamer.Dex’s life is video games, he plays in the top team and loves his life, he just feels like something is missing. When he meets Morgan he realises she is what he has been missing.These two hav [...]

    • I absolutely loved this book, I couldn't put it down. It was my frst Lauren Helms read but I will definitely be looking for more. It was beautifully written, easy to read and had my emotions on a rollacoaster. The author was able to make me feel what the characters were going through.This is the story of Morgan and Dex, he is a video game professional and she has no idea where to even start a conversation on anything video game related. They meet in passing at a signing at Comic Con in LA, their [...]

    • The relationship between Dex and Morgan is great. They're funny, sweet with each other and both have great groups of friends. It doesn't take much to like Dex and Morgan, I thought. This was a great read that I would recommend to all. I didn't want to put the book down when I started reading it. It was my first Lauren Helms book that I've read and I totally enjoyed it. My emotions were on a rollercoaster while reading this book. This story could have been about my husband and I when we first met [...]

    • Y'all. This book. 4 Stars for this debut novel. Seriously, Lauren Helms hit a home run with her first book. Hmmm, maybe a sports analogy isn't right for a book about a gamer. Maybe I should say she leveled up see what I did there? I adored Dex from the start. I mean, who doesn't love a nerd with a heart of gold. Now, Morgan I had to warm up to. At times she drove me a little cray but such is life. How I can fault an author for making a character real? <3 LMU is a sweet, nerdy, feely-feels rea [...]

    • DNF @13%I was at war with myself during the minutes it took for it to be my turn to sign her stuff. On one hand, I wanted my turn with her so I could talk to her. I was eager to speak with her-for her to become real to meUmm I honestly couldn't continue reading the book. Seriously? It hasn't even been 3 minutes since he'd seen her and he was eager for her to become real to him!? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. The writing-style is a little cringe-worthy and the protagonist has this frustra [...]

    • I'm typically not a romance reader (nor am I into gaming), but I couldn't wait to get back to this book. The last two novels I started reading are still in my nightstand partially read. I felt as though the author did a great job of introducing the characters as real life people that I found myself thinking about during my workday. Dex and Morgan are a fun couple who found each other when they both least expected it. There were some undisclosed relationships involving some of the other character [...]

    • I think that this is the first book by Lauren Helms. I liked it so much that when I tried to find more books by her to check out this was the only one listed. Way to go Lauren, you knocked it out of the park! Will be following her to see what comes next.

    • I enjoyed reading this book. I have heard my own children talking about many of the gaming activities happening in this book and felt like I was listening to them talk. I also enjoyed the relationships and wonder where they will go in the next book. I am looking forward to reading more.

    • This is such a fun summer read. Morgan and Dex are memorable characters that hold your interest. I found myself laughing out loud during several parts of this book, and thinking about the characters throughout the day when I wasn't reading. I can't wait to see how the author develops the other character relationships from this book in upcoming novels.

    • Level Me Up (Gamer Boy #1) by Lauren Helms was an enjoyable read. It was my first book by this author and I enjoyed the realistic approach in this romance. The story really could happen like this (well maybe except one plot string towards the end). I have visited several convention myself (unfortunately not this one yet) so I know how it feels and I liked the way the author transferred that feeling to the reader. Unfortunately what was good for one side of the plot was also slightly negative for [...]

    • Excellent debut from Lauren Helms. I was super excited to read Level Me Up because my husband has been into gaming since I've known him. Although Lauren doesn't make it difficult to understand gamer lingo, I loved the fact that I knew what the shorthand words and abbreviations stood for. Morgan was relatable. She was annoying at times, but it's understandable when you're not lucky in life or love. Dex was an amazing character. He knew what he wanted in life and he went for it. And he knew what w [...]

    • Just a side note to start out, I have torn my rotator cuff so I fell asleep from meds in the middle of this review, so very sorry Lauren Helms. So now I'm finishing it. Morgan Lawson is attending Comic-Con as she loves it, but the last thing that she's looking for is love. However, love doesn't discriminate certain times, nor places, and Morgan finds herself extremely drawn to the super hot sexy gamer boy, who lives and breathes gaming, (like I breathe sports). Dex Roberts knows the moment that [...]

    • Gamer boys, FTW! (My babe is a gamer, so I was down for this book right away!) That being said, this new adult aged romance was a sweet little game of 'does he love me, or does he not' which I can admit is how relationships in your early twenties usually go. That is, until you realize that your feelings are involved much more than you wanted them to be. A perfect debut novel for someone just breaking into the new adult romance genre! Morgan isn't ready to settle down, she is emotionally all over [...]

    • Lover's of sexy, nerdy-boys will absolutely adore Lauren Helms' Level Me Up. With a writing style that easily flows and is often times laugh out loud hilarious, Helms' has created a book world I'd love to reside in least for a little while. Helms' characters have deep friendships with all the intricacies of a family. You know, that fun one down the street you always wished you were a part of? Dex has quickly become my new book-boyfriend! He's edgy enough to be enticing while maintaining a sweet [...]

    • Reviewed with Smut Lovers Wonderland for a honest reviewIf you like a read with a BOV's from the main characters then you may enjoy this. I liked the characters but Morgan not the type of girl I would find myself hanging out with and Dex with he's gaming could be a bit of a put off (personal experience with a boyfriend) But I generally did enjoy their crazy up and downs relationship plus also very funny at times and also emotional.I loved the idea of the story concidering of personal experance o [...]

    • This is a debut novel from this author, and my word, what an introduction it is! When Morgan and Dex meet at a Comic Cam signing, the attraction and chemistry between them is off the charts. No spoilers from me, give this one a go for yourself, you will not be disappointed!This is a beautifully written storyline which flows seamlessly. Looking forward to reading more from this author. Congrats Lauren, awesome work!!

    • On the whole, I enjoyed reading this book but I wasn't sure for a long time whether it would be four or three stars. Despite the story being well-plotted and interesting, it was easy to put the book away for some time due to the moderate tempo of the book and the hero's lengthy inner dialogues at the beginning of the book.It all seems to happen rather slowly and even though I liked the hero and the heroine a lot, I didn't really get emotionally involved that much. Considering the fact that our h [...]

    • As the wife of a gamer who is semi-professional I was really intrigued by the idea of this book. It's something I've never seen done in a romance before. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. The start seemed a bit slow and young for my personal taste but I kept with it and was glad I did. This was a really good sweet romance between Dex and Morgan.

    • *I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*I was so excited to get picked to read this book! I swear I'm always complaining about how most romance novels feature the bulky muscular guy, but rarely the normal dude. This is pretty close to a normal dude romance and I liked it even more because I like gamer guys ^_^I also have a little bit of knowledge with video games and the scene because of my fiance who plays games (recreationally) and watches twitch stre [...]

    • Level me up is the first in the series and I have to say I love video games and books. But it's not always done right. Dex is a professional gamer. Morgan is a girl who grew up kinda secluded.cially with her later years in life now she's experiencing new things with her friends. Basically their story is love at first sight. It's a cute romance and you can't help but pull for them to make it through. But when insecurities, distrust, and past issues arise They are going to have quite a rocky journ [...]

    • “Level Me Up” is a cannot-put-down, relatable, fun-loving read that captured my heart, soul and mind and took me to another level!Lauren Helms took me to another level with her amazing book, “Level Me Up”. This is the first book in her “Gamer Boy” series, and I will undoubtedly be picking up every other book as this series continues. I was captivated from page one, and I didn’t want to set it down. I was somewhat apprehensive reading a book that sounded like it was all going to be [...]

    • In Level Me Up, Morgan and Dex meet at a Comic Con. THE Comic Con. I was so jealous. Talk about bucket list item there, folks. Through a series of coincidences, they run into each other and then start dating when they return to their hometown, Chicago. Morgan has some issues which she can't get over but Dex is pretty amazing. However, the life of a professional gamer involves a butt load of travel. The travel aspect of this does not sit well with Morgan. She became a super insecure brat while he [...]

    • Level Me Up is the first book in the Gamer Series by brand new author Lauren Helms! | US | UK | CA | AU |Free on KINDLE UNLIMITED!  One of my favorite things about being a book blogger and reviewer is reading debut novels. I have read some really great debut books, and some really crappy ones. This one, well this one is AMAZING! I CAN NOT WAIT TO READ MORE, and THE GAMER BOY series is definitely on that list!So why am I going to impatiently wait for Lauren Helm's next book in the series? WELL b [...]

    • Lauren Helms created the perfect nerdy, sexy gamer with Dex. This genre is quickly becoming one of my favorites. At her first Comic Con, Morgan is out of her element, only there so her friend Ruby isn't by herself. Haven't ever been, Morgan is surprised at how many people are actually there and how many of the guys are easy on the eyes. Especially professional gamer Dex Roberts. Getting his autograph for her friend turns out to be the best thing that's happened to Morgan in a long time. Dex was [...]

    • I simply loved this book! Level me up is the first book in the Gamer Boy series. The storyline is a. quite simple one. A love story that is found in the least expected place in the world. Two friends, set up to go at Comic-Con event and several gamer boys that will make appearance there. Nothing unusual here. Morgan, our main character, a strong girl is about to find the love of her life at this event. Their relationships evolves quickly and. he wants her to meet his parents, but puts Morgan's f [...]

    • 4.5**** I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of this book from the author. Okay, so let me be honest here. I've been in a book funk lately and haven't been able to find anything to draw me in and make me stick out a book for more than a couple chapters and it actually makes me sad. So when I got chosen from a contest for this book and I read the blurb I actually got excited! I haven't read anything quite like this particularly, so that was refreshing. I was hooked right off the bat. Morgans ex [...]

    • A great read for all the nerds at heart.Starting with a ComicCon meet-cute, Level Me Up is the story of the nerdy bookworm who found herself a sexy gamer boy. For the most part light-hearted, it’s well worth a read for those readers who ship realistic, nerdy romance. Told in dual POV (though mainly Morgan), Level Me Up is a stand-alone with a HEA, and sets up what promises to be a fun series with the Gamer Boys!

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