Return To Earth

Return To Earth After their shuttle meeting with an accident and accidentally landing on a strange planet the three astronauts return to Earth with the help of the aliens However they end up returning in the wrong

  • Title: Return To Earth
  • Author: Aithal An Indian Darshini
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After their shuttle meeting with an accident and accidentally landing on a strange planet, the three astronauts return to Earth with the help of the aliens However, they end up returning in the wrong time in the future What they experience truly shocks them They return to a time when separation, division, and hatred rules Indeed, they return to Earth But is it reallyAfter their shuttle meeting with an accident and accidentally landing on a strange planet, the three astronauts return to Earth with the help of the aliens However, they end up returning in the wrong time in the future What they experience truly shocks them They return to a time when separation, division, and hatred rules Indeed, they return to Earth But is it really home What has happened to their beloved planet And what has happened to their country, the most powerful nation on Earth Is it still the most powerful country on Earth Whose doing is it In a place where a human sees and treats a fellow human defines his existence In a time when survival is the most important thing, the human spirit of endurance and sharing shows how life can be when things become dire In this second book of The Galaxy Series, join the adventures of the three astronauts and an alien on Earth Take an emotional rollercoaster ride as they travel through America, see what they see and ask yourself is this what I want to leave my next generation

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      Aithal An Indian Darshini Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Return To Earth book, this is one of the most wanted Aithal An Indian Darshini author readers around the world.

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    • Return to Earth invites readers along on a journey home to the planet we know and love or at least, that's what it seems like at first. But where's home? For our main characters, they find to their puzzlement that Earth is not at all what they remember it being. But a new kind of planet brings with it a new terrain to explore, a place both strange and familiar all at the same time. I really enjoyed the first book in the Galaxy Series and I'm happy to see that its sequel not only followed suit, b [...]

    • : Return to Earth was a very well written and suspenseful book. It really gets you to thinking about where we are as a society and where we could end up. It is a fast moving and fun book and a great sequel to the first book. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next book in the series. I'd highly recommend this book to any audience. Kirkus: kirkusreviews/book-re

    • *3.5 stars. In the second book in the series, Tom, the alien from Etoo, and the three NASA astronauts return to Earth in the spaceship they wrested from the Shadows but they are in for a shock when they arrive. They have time-traveled into the future and find the Earth has suffered many changes, mostly due to climate change and man's inability to live in peace. Written after our recent presidential election, Aithal envisions what he thinks our current government's policies will lead to in the fu [...]

    • I love books that make me think, and this one did.This is not your typical Sci-Fi book. Yes, the entertainment factor is there, but it's so much more than that. The book takes up from where it left off in the previous book.Our three astronauts: Don, Terry, and Kim are scrambling to return to Earth, but they are in for a nasty surprise. Nothing is as it used to be when they were on Earth last.The stakes were much higher in this book, and much darker. The author did a great job showing the charact [...]

    • Return to Earth (The Galaxy Series Book #2) by Aithal is another winner! Although it is the second book in the series it can be read as a stand alone. The author gives the reader enough background info that the reader won't get lost in the story. I adored the first story and this one was great too. Lots of action, imagination, sci/fi, honest speculation of what could happen, great plot, and wonderful characters. I was given this book to read, begged really, and was not under any obligation to le [...]

    • I was disappointed in book. I was optimistic, since the first one had promise, but I found this one to be divisive, and would be considered offensive to some.I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    • What started as a mission in search of another inhabitable planet, three astronauts from Earth crash onto a planet where they discover they are not alone in sucking the life out of a planet. Now, it is time to return to Earth, but something goes awry and they are thrust into a future Earth that is all but dead, its resources depleted by the human population, both through greed and necessity. What they discover is a nightmare of the worst magnitude. Earth has become even more brutal, hateful and [...]

    • The book Return to earth is part 2 version of the galaxy .The author Aithal has penned each and everything that could happen in near future ,if we not heed to nature call or what it wants to tell by creating nature calamities like earthquakes . in a conversational way . The nature shows it's wrath in its own style so stop being greedy ,selfish and destructive is what Aithal wants to convey through his book .The description of mountains , dried rivers , communal wars which political parties play [...]

    • I enjoyed Book 1 of the series (Beyond the Milky Way), so I was happy to see that the sequel is now out. And boy, does it live up to its expectations!While Book 1 had me experience a different planet with beings who were decidedly strange but came alive in the story, Book 2 took me back to earth alongside our desperate astronauts. And I half-wished they hadn’t returned, for planet earth has certainly taken a turn for the worse. What’s so compelling about it is that the scenarios were so beli [...]

    • Thought provoking, engaging, and written with a good deal of heart, Return To Earth makes the reader think about the future of humanity and the future of the earth. More than just an entertaining story about time travel, aliens, and space, this book poses questions about what a future may look like if we don't make changes in our relationship with the environment and our relationship with each other. Though the story is set in a future world where the earth has been drained of her resources and [...]

    • I'd read the first novel and thought it okay. The series had potential.Disclaimer: I didn't finish this novel, getting about two-thirds of the way through it before I had to stop. Why? It came off as being pretentious and overwritten, with the message slammed in your face at every possible turn. I am totally down with the idea of conservation and preservation, but presented in this manner did not move me. Didn't care much for the characters, either. Not a truly terrible novel, no, but not worth [...]

    • ‘Our number one priority is to save our home— our Earth.’On the publishing of his first book in 2011 - INDIA WAS ONE - the author simply used the name ‘An Indian’ and this reader stated the following: An Indian is the author of this short book – no name is offered. He was born and raised in Mumbai, India, came to the US in 1989 to New York and currently resides in Los Angeles. His book contains illustration drawings by Darshini. Now we know is name is Aithal and BEYOND THE MILKY WAY [...]

    • Well after reading the first part, I started this the very next day. The book starts with their journey back to earth in which they realized that they have entered the wrong time, ie into the future. The depiction of future is honest and doesnt come as very dramatic. Hats off to the author for his marvelous imagination. The writing is crisp and its an absolute page turner. A very impressive book. Well done!!!highly recommended. happy reading! :)

    • This is the third book I have read by Aithal and I will always ready anything Aithal writes. The writing is mesmerizing and has the capability to propel you into a futuristic world that will have you wondering just how possible is this world. Spoiler alert, it it. The writing is beautiful without being overly futuristic and confusing which to me is the signs of an amazing author. I absolutely loved the first book and the world we were involved in, and when I had the chance to read the sequel I w [...]

    • I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Return to Earth is a heart-wrenching, emotional ride as the author guides us on a journey through a hypothetical landscape that is nearly bereft of kindness, empathy, compassion, and demonstrates a notable disregard of basic human rights. The author's blunt and fluid phraseology strips away all of our society's false sense of safety and security as the protagonists make their way across a battered and barren land. However, th [...]

    • Aithal delivered another intriguing installment of The Galaxy Series with Return to Earth. This book continues the journey, but on an Earth that is riddled with devastation, torment, and despair. This novel paints a picture of what Aithal believes could occur in future years if humanity continues to destroy itself and its habitable planet. Again, I think that the concept of this series is very interesting and it seems to reflect the author's passion for critical thinking when it comes to human i [...]

    • This is the second book in the Beyond the Milky Way series. It has a great message and worth the read. Dear Aithal,I wish you luck in your future writings, you've got potential. 🙏🏼

    • I really enjoyed this book. From the title you would think it was just your typical science-fiction novel, but it's not. The main characters are trying to get home, but it's not as easy as it sounds. There's a lot of questions that need answered along the way. Although this is book two, I read it as a standalone. I'd definitely read more from this author!

    • If someone wants to learn while play one must read Beyond The Milky Way and Return To Earth written by this author. He has successfully elaborated scientific views in the form of this Scientific Fiction.A must read work for students of science in their teenage.

    • Introduction:‘Return to Earth’ is the second book in the Galaxy series and a sequel of ‘Beyond The Milky Way’. After having liked the first book, I was curious to know what happens to the protagonists and how they ‘return to earth’.Writing style:The writing style, as in the previous book, is simple and devoid of difficult terms. However, there are many grammatical mistakes, which is a bit of a turn off.My perception:In comparison to the first book, the second one doesn’t go up to t [...]

    • I received an ebook of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Aithal!Another thought provoking book by Aithal. The sequel to Beyond The Milky Way deals with many additional topics; the treatment of Native Americans, Racism, Homophobia, Censorship, as well as Environmental Responsibility, and Human Greed. Although this is a shorter book, it does by no means minimize the importance of these topics. The novel also touches upon the political system, and how our action [...]

    • Starting where the first book ends this continues the thrilling story of space adventure gone wrong. Throughout we learn more about the central characters and see them grow more as they meet adversity in different guises head on. Interestingly the author has taken many current political and social stories and inter-woven them into future life extremely well. This gives the effect of far sight in such a way to be almost visionary but completely possible which adds an almost nightmarish reality to [...]

    • I read Beyond the Milky Way and Return to Earth together and I recommend all readers to do the same. They were definitely unique stories and well thought out; however, I found them a bit “too wordy.” There were too many details of the characters every movement with no real purpose; just a lot of words adding nothing to the story. I liked the book but feel it could have been better. Both were 3 Boundless Stars booksundlessbookreviewsfacebook/BBReviews

    • 2.5/5.0“Return to Earth” is an ambitious offering from the author.Read full review in the 2017 May issue of InD'tale Magazine.

    • Kindle unlimited, for books I read both that are supposedly about science fiction, there is way too much actual science left out such as at the start of the actual story after the flashback part says that rain clears pollution; yes, but no, as urban and industrial air pollution can stifle rain and snowfall, because the pollution particles prevent cloud water from condensing into raindrops and snowflakes. Being 'alien' someone didn't know how to express their grief, really; toddlers know how [...]

    • If you read science fiction to escape reality for a few hours, then this book is not for you. The book is supposed to be about three lost astronauts who want to return to their timeline on earth. While this is the underlying premise behind the storyline, the book does not deliver. Most of the book’s rhetoric is about global geological decline and slavery in the future; the cause of which is tied to our current administration’s environmental policy and the divisiveness it creates in our popul [...]

    • I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it. I did not enjoy this story nearly as much as I did book #1.The plot was very good and kept my interest all the way through. And the new characters that were introduced were very well developed. Again there were lots of typos and wrong words used that really did interrupt the flow of the story. The biggest problem was spending so much space just repeating the messages about wrongs and how they are destroying the world. There [...]

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