Stars Across the Ocean

Stars Across the Ocean The powerful new novel from Kimberley Freeman A rich and satisfying story of two women with indomitable spirits and the high costs they have to pay for being strong minded from the author of the best

  • Title: Stars Across the Ocean
  • Author: Kimberley Freeman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The powerful new novel from Kimberley Freeman.A rich and satisfying story of two women with indomitable spirits and the high costs they have to pay for being strong minded, from the author of the bestselling Lighthouse Bay and Ember Island.A story about love, motherhood, and learning whom you belong to in the world.In 1874, wild and willful Agnes Resolute finally leaves thThe powerful new novel from Kimberley Freeman.A rich and satisfying story of two women with indomitable spirits and the high costs they have to pay for being strong minded, from the author of the bestselling Lighthouse Bay and Ember Island.A story about love, motherhood, and learning whom you belong to in the world.In 1874, wild and willful Agnes Resolute finally leaves the foundling home where she grew up on the bleak moors of northern England On her departure, she discovers that she was abandoned with a small token of her mother a unicorn button Agnes had always believed her mother to be too poor to keep her, but Agnes has been working as a laundress at the foundling home and recognises the button as belonging to the imperious and beautiful Genevieve Breckby, daughter of a local noble family Agnes had only seen her once, but has never forgotten her She investigates and discovers Genevieve is now in London Agnes follows, living hard in the poor end of London until she finds out Genevieve has moved to France.This sets Agnes off on her own adventure to Paris, Agnes follows her mother s trail, and starts to see it is also a trail of destruction Finally, in Melbourne she tracks Genevieve down But is Genevieve capable of being the mother Agnes hopes she will be A powerful story about women with indomitable spirits, about love and motherhood, and about learning whom you belong to in the world.

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    • Kimberley Freeman

      Pen name of Kim Wilkins.Kimberley was born in London and her family moved back to Australia when she was three years old She grew up in Queensland where she currently lives.Kimberley has written for as long as she can remember and she is proud to write in many genres She is an award winning writer in children s, historical and speculative fiction under her birth name Kim Wilkins She adopted the pen name Kimberley Freeman for her commercial women s fiction novels Duet and Gold Dust to honour her maternal grandmother and to try and capture the spirit of the page turning novels she has always loved to read Kim has an Honours degree, a Masters degree and a PhD from The University of Queensland where she is also a lecturer She lives in Brisbane with her young family.

    925 thoughts on “Stars Across the Ocean

    • 3.5 stars. A compelling historical fiction novel with strong characters. This was my first experience reading a Kimberley Freeman novel and it definitely won’t be my last. I loved Freeman’s writing and the idea behind the storyline. Freeman does a fantastic job pulling the reader into the lives of her characters – each character is well developed with a personal history that is intriguing and enticing.Unfortunately, some parts of this story seemed a little far-fetched to me which took away [...]

    • It was 1874 when Agnes Resolute reached the age when she could finally leave the place that had been her home her whole life, Perdita Hall. Agnes was a foundling and had never known either her mother or her father. But in the weeks leading up to her departure, she discovered something to make her focus on Genevieve Breckby as the woman she believed to be her mother. And she was sure Genevieve was in London…From the harsh streets of London, to the dangers of Paris, Agnes followed the trail of h [...]

    • This was written by an Australian author so it was not surprising that the main character made a short visit to Melbourne and that she came by sea. Thank heavens we now have airplanes to make the whole travelling part a whole lot less horrific.Stars Across the Ocean is an enjoyable piece of historical fiction concentrating mainly on the character of Agnes who grew up in a Foundling Home in Northern England. Some tiny clues lead her to believe her mother is an upper class lady who has moved overs [...]

    • This was an enjoyable historical novel mostly set in the mid to late 1800s and stretching from the north of England to Australia (and back again!). It is the story of Agnes Resolute, a foundling brought up in an orphanage and sent out into the world at the age of 19 to be a seamstress. However, Agnes is determined to find her mother and her place in the world and sets off on a grand adventure of discovery. Told in three time frames, the threads all converge towards the end of the novel. In the c [...]

    • The story stars in the present day with a daughter who has left her husband Geoff and come home from Australia, to sort out what is happening with her mother. Several times her mother has been found wandering and is often confused. She wonders when her mother mentions a person called Emile. Then she finds a letter which starts ‘To my child, whom I could not keep.’ Only part of the letter is there. The rest is missing. The story then turns back to 1874 to Agnes Resolute, who is just about to [...]

    • To say I liked this book is an understatement, this was pure joy to read. Superbly written, and a story I didn’t want to let go of. I’m always thrilled when I start reading a book and realise it’s in multiple time periods. I can’t get enough of these types of historical novels and Kimberley Freeman has a talent for penning such books. Within the first few pages the reader is drawn into a tale of suspense via a mystifying square of paper which reads: To my child, whom I could not keep. On [...]

    • Stars Across the Ocean is an adventure set far and wide, expertly written by Kimberley Freeman.I absolutely love sea stories and Stars Across the Ocean, as the title is so aptly named did it for me!Set in 1874, an adventure from Northern England to the streets of London, to Paris and then on board a steamship set for Ceylon then onto the coast of Australia.Utterly engaging, full of turmoil, sadness and an emotional roller-coaster.This is a huge read with a lot to take in and it's the first novel [...]

    • This was the group-read members’ choice for Aussie Readers in January 2018, and I’m glad, because I may not have got to it otherwise.Told in 3 parts, this is mainly the story of Agnes Resolute, a foundling who has come of age in the 1870s and is leaving the Yorkshire orphanage to make her own way in the world. In the weeks leading up to her departure, she stumbles upon a few clues as to her mother’s identity, and makes her way firstly to London, then Paris, Ceylon and Melbourne in pursuit [...]

    • Absolutely adored this book. Full of warmth and so much love, it made me want to call my mum immediately after closing the pages. Sometimes cross-generational/international travel stories can get a bit convoluted and difficult to follow, but Kimberley Freeman manages the jumps incredibly well, and infuses the stories into each other in such a beautiful way. I can't wait to read this again.

    • Kimberley Freeman is one of those authors that instantly come to mind when someone asks to recommend a captivating author. A superb historical writer that has multiple time periods is a great way to draw the readers to the many, well written characters throughout this book. Set in the late 1800’s and current time I really enjoyed each time period’s story and how they intertwined. I had a little inkling of the ending (got thrown off of track a couple of times) and Agnes was such a fantastic, [...]

    • The book begins with the return to England from Australia Tori, to assess the health issues of her well respected Professor mother who is in the early stages of dementia. Tori is in her own state of emotional turmoil which hinders her ability to make decisions. In the process of organising her mother’s affairs Tori discovers documents of the 1800 ‘s relating to a particular noble family, with Marianna and Genevieve the daughters. The story moves around the present and 2 in the past. The pres [...]

    • Kimberley Freeman has given us a wonderful story of women, courage and adventure. Her Agnes Resolute is resolute and much more besides, such a good, kind, strong young woman who sets out on a quest for the mother who left her but never forgot her. There is a modern frame story of a mother and daughter losing one another and then finding one another again, together seeking the truth about Agnes and her mother. Impeccable research, careful structure and wonderful characters add up to give us Kimbe [...]

    • jessjustreadsThis historical fiction novel by Kimberley Freeman moves between past and present. The book opens in the present (no specific year mentioned) with a young woman named Victoria travelling from Australia to England to assist her ill mother, who has had an accident at work and is currently in recovery. Victoria helps her mother recover some documents from her workplace and then she finds a letter from the 19th century. It’s a letter from an unknown woman to her child that she gave aw [...]

    • Thank you to Hatchette/BookswithHeart for my Giveaway copy of this wonderful story. I really enjoyed the novel, loving the story of three strong, determined women from different time zones (from the 1800's to the present). Each of the stories unfolds and draws the reader into the complexity of secret lovers, family restrictions, abandoned babies, duty, responsibility and deep and abiding love. Well done to Kimberley Freeman.

    • A new book by Kimberly Freeman is always a must-buy for me. I just love the way that she combines romance, adventure, and family drama, with two stories in different historical periods weaving together in a deeply satisfying way. The primary narrative in Stars Across the Ocean is the story of a foundling-child Agnes Resolute (named for a ship) who sets out on a quest to find her real mother in the late 1870s. All she has to guide her is a small silver button with a rearing unicorn engraved upon [...]

    • I just adored this novel. Feisty and determined female characters, secret lovers, family traditions, abandoned babies and unconditional love all told between the present day and back in the late 1800's.

    • Really liked this book. I admit I figured it all out fairly early in the book, however that didn't detract from a relaxing and entertaining story over the holiday break. Would recommend this book by Kimberley Freeman.

    • I received a copy of this title from Hachette Australia for review. Ten Second Synopsis:Victoria rushes to England from Australia to confront her mum's diagnosis of dementia. In the distant past, Agnes breaks all the rules of society to search for the mother that abandoned her as a baby. These two stories will intertwine in unexpected ways.I wouldn't have expected to enjoy today's book as much as I did given that historical women's fiction isn't necessarily my go-to genre and I received this one [...]

    • A foundling chasing her mother around the globe, a mother's heartache at losing love and her daughter and a daughter coming to terms with her mother's illness. Each of story is told well, but I finished the book feeling that I wanted so much more depth to each of the characters.The ending was a surprise and I loved the way that Kimberley concealed it throughout the story.I have enjoyed all of Kimberley's stories that I have read and will continue to seek them out as I know I will get an interest [...]

    • I am a great fan of Kimberley Freeman and once again she has penned a story that kept me interested to the end. Set partly in the present, and more in the past, it is the past that holds the interest where Agnes, left as a baby in a foundling home, sets out to find her mother. Well written and with finely developed characters I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

    • It sounds daft, I know, but I can’t read Richard Flanagan’s new novel First Person in bed because it’s a hardback. It’s also deliciously thought-provoking, which is not ideal for bedtime reading, so I decided to take a look at a paperback that’s been languishing in my box of ‘maybes’ since July…Stars Across the Ocean is badged as commercial women’s fiction on the blurb, and Kimberley Freeman is the pseudonym of Kim Wilkins, a prolific and award winning author across many genres [...]

    • Stars Across the Ocean is the story of foundling Agnes Resolute in her journey spanning half the globe, with the intention of meeting the mother who abandoned her many years ago. The story crosses three time periods: the present, Agnes' 1870s, and Moineau's 1850s (roughly). I agree with the opinion that some of the story - particularly all of the events at once - are rather far-fetched, however this didn't deter me like I thought it would. I found Kimberley Freeman's writing style both light and [...]

    • I enjoyed the journey with head strong and determined Angus. The lengths she went to to find the truth and her true self. She did anoy me at times with her stubbornness and the inability to see that she had what she needed and wanted right in front of her but was to stubborn to accept it. I also found her a little to trusting and nieve considering her upbringing. The other story line with Tori and her mother held little interest for me excpet for the letter itself. I also feel like it wasn't exa [...]

    • A search for a mother’s love that takes the protagonists of two of these story lines across the world and back. I truly loved this. In the present-day, Tori flies to England to be with her mother after a traffic accident, and learning of her dementia, stays to tidy her mother’s office. There she finds the start of a letter, ‘To my child, whom I could not keep’. In 1874, Agnes Resolute leaves Perdita Hall, an orphan in pursuit of the mother who abandoned her. She has a clue and very littl [...]

    • I really enjoyed this period/present time story. Switching from the 19th century to the present didn't detract from the flow of the story. This is a story of 2 women will break hearts but only one will make amends.In 1874 - only days before she is to leave the foundling home where she grew up, up Agnes Resolute discovers a small token of her mother: a unicorn button.Despite having no money, Agnes will risk everything to find the truth, in a search that will take her from the bleak moors of Yorks [...]

    • I loved this book. What a great read. The story revolves around Agnes a young lady who was left at a Foundling Hospital on birth and sets out at 19yo to find her mother. With clues she has been provided with she sets off and the story follows her journey across countries and oceans to find all is not what it seems.We see the story through the eyes of three different people from past to present. My only negative note is the story from the present has no real relevance to the story as a whole so w [...]

    • Thanks to Kimberley Freeman and the publishers for the book. Wow! Very enjoyable :) . Not the type of book I would normally read, however, I was pretty much hooked after the first chapter. A story of forbidden love across a number of generations and continents. Despite the jumping from one century to another the story hangs together beautifully and it kept me fully engaged for the whole journey. Agnes Resolute is young girl true to her name and her endless determination is a strong feature of he [...]

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