O Samaritano

O Samaritano Se o seu carro avariar de repente tenha medo tenha muito medo Elas pensavam que ele queria ajudar Estavam enganadas Ap s uma noite de tempestade em Los Angeles a detetive Jessica Allen chamada ao

  • Title: O Samaritano
  • Author: Mason Cross
  • ISBN: 9789898843760
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • Se o seu carro avariar de repente, tenha medo, tenha muito medo Elas pensavam que ele queria ajudar Estavam enganadas.Ap s uma noite de tempestade, em Los Angeles, a detetive Jessica Allen chamada ao local onde houve um deslizamento de terras O motivo Uma descoberta macabra foi encontrado o corpo de uma jovem cujo pesco o foi degolado com um corte invulgar.No mesmo dSe o seu carro avariar de repente, tenha medo, tenha muito medo Elas pensavam que ele queria ajudar Estavam enganadas.Ap s uma noite de tempestade, em Los Angeles, a detetive Jessica Allen chamada ao local onde houve um deslizamento de terras O motivo Uma descoberta macabra foi encontrado o corpo de uma jovem cujo pesco o foi degolado com um corte invulgar.No mesmo dia, s o descobertos perto daquele local outros dois corpos mutilados de maneira semelhante A detetive descobre que se trata da obra de um assassino que opera h mais de dez anos, sem nunca ter sido apanhado conhecido como o Samaritano e captura jovens desamparadas, cujos carros avariaram, deixando as paradas e sozinhas na estrada ent o que Carter Blake aparece para oferecer os seus servi os a esta investiga o policial O secretismo em volta das suas verdadeiras inten es leva a detetive a desconfiar dele Mas quando o Samaritano prossegue com uma escalada de assass nios, os dois ter o de se unir para o deter de uma vez por todas

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      114 Mason Cross
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      For the latest updates, exclusive giveaways and a free short story, join the Mason Cross Readers Club Mason Cross was born in Glasgow in 1979 He studied English at the University of Stirling and has worked variously as a tax officer, events coordinator, project manager and pizza delivery boy He has written a number of short stories which have been published in Ellery Queen, Scribble and First Edition His story A Living , was shortlisted for the Quick Reads Get Britain Reading Award His first novel, The Killing Season was longlisted for the 2015 Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year, and his second, The Samaritan was selected for the Richard and Judy Book Club in Spring 2016 The third book in the series, The Time to Kill was released in 2016 and published in the US under the title Winterlong in 2017, followed by Don t Look For Me and Presumed Dead He lives near Glasgow with his wife and three children You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to varying extents usually when he s distracting himself from doing the actual writing , and he also has a blog You can find out about Mason Cross and the Carter Blake series by visiting his website.

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    • Having really enjoyed, “The Killing Season,” which was the first thriller featuring Carter Blake, I was very happy to receive a copy of the sequel. Blake, as we know, is a specialist in finding people who do not want to be found and the beginning of this novel finds him locating the daughter of a wealthy man and returning her home. His job done, he wonders whether to return to the place he calls home, when his attention is drawn to a news story on the television in his hotel room. A woman ha [...]

    • So before I start talking about The Samaritan have you read The Killing Season? If not, well that is the first Carter Blake thriller so you could catch up before The Samaritan is released later this year – I don’t think you will be disappointed and unlike me you won’t then have to wait long for more…The Killing Season introduced us to Carter Blake (not his real name) who basically finds people for a living. Very basically. Which is what he is doing when we catch up with him again at the [...]

    • The Samaritan by Mason Cross has been published to great acclaim and has a recommendation from the Richard and Judy Book Club, here in the UK, so it must be good!I loved it: It's everything a good thriller should be, snappy characters, great setting and a cracking storyline that moves along at such an accelerated pace it's almost impossible to catch your breath. Carter Blake is at the centre of this serial killer novel, he is a kind of a Jack Reacher character but without that bullish aggressive [...]

    • There’s a serial killer operating in Los Angeles, here in Mason Cross’ latest Carter Blake thriller. Trouble is, nobody realises it until the mutilated body of a young woman is found in the Santa Monica mountains after torrential rain produces a mud slide and reveals her body. When officers begin to investigate the dump site they find more bodies. Each victim was mutilated before the coup de grace: having their throats cut using an unusual knife which leaves behind a distinctive woundPD dete [...]

    • My original The Samaritan audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.The Samaritan is the second book written by Scottish author Mason Cross featuring Carter Blake. Carter is a man with a mysterious past who now makes his living by finding people. When he hears news of the search for a killer in LA, he believes the person being sought is someone from his past, so Carter interjects himself in the manhunt. Detective Jessica Allen and her partner are initially wary of Carte [...]

    • «Depois de ler O Caçador (Carter Blake #1) fiquei curioso com a evolução desta série. Quando saiu O Samaritano (o segundo desta série) disse para mim que tinha aqui a possibilidade de avaliar a consistência da série.O certo é que gostei, gostei Carter Blake, um “lobo” solitário que aplica os conhecimentos adquiridos num passado nebuloso, que vamos desvendando pouco a pouco. Há poucos como ele a localizar pessoas que não querem ser encontradas! Adoro heróis solitários e toda a s [...]

    • The Killing Season - the debut novel from Mason Cross - was a great success and certainly one of the more enjoyable books that I have read this year. I was incredibly relieved to have a review copy of The Samaritan to read rather than having to wait after the thrilling conclusion delivered by Mason in The Killing Season. Mason proves in The Samaritan that the comparisons to the various bestselling authors are not just marketing tools, he has created a character in Carter Blake that can easily st [...]

    • 3.5 stars. Well, I didn't enjoy as much as the first book and not so much the story itself but the way it was told. First of all, the story was great and I did enjoy the murder/mystery aspect of it. I didn't really understand why Blake didn't team up with the FBI (like the first book). and instead chose to team up with the local cops. Especially since they didn't trust him a whole lot. It definatly had some awesome twists and turns and a few of those thrilling moments of, "Don't go in there!" an [...]

    • Wow, and to think I almost didn't read this. I borrowed it from my local library not realising it was no.2 in a series and, look away now if easily upset, I hadn't read book no.1. The fact that it was all shiny and new and hadn't been on loan before meant that I gave in and decided I would take a chance. This is just exactly my favourite kind of book, fast paced and action packed. 5 stars all the way.

    • Delighted to have discovered this series at the end of 2015. Great to have another new author to look forward to reading new hooks. Have already pre ordered the next installing due out in June. Page turner without a shadow of a doubt. Would highly recommend this series.

    • When I started this book I thought it was going to be one of the best books i've read sofar (wich isn't realy allot though), it started of strong, but even before the midpoint it took a downward turn, the main character became unbelievable, making choices I myself would never make and certainly a so-called professional wouldn't make.Some times I found myself tempted to skip pieces to get back to the more interresting storylines, the author at some points over explains whats going on, or what the [...]

    • Entertaining and tense thriller but, for me, it suffers by comparison with its excellent predecessor The Killing Season.

    • Strong followup to "The Killing Season" has Carter Blake on the hunt for a serial killer in Los Angeles who is familiar to Blake from his black Ops past.

    • Would have given it 4 and a half stars if this shitty app would let me. Thoroughly good read, some nice twists, would recommend. If you're reading this (probably nobody) go out buy the book and read itYeah!

    • Blake gelooft niet in toeval. Wanneer hij in het nieuws iets hoort over een moord en bepaalde kenmerken meent te herkennen, laat hij zijn plannen varen en vertrekt richting LA. Hij moet zich wel heel erg vergissen maar dat is iets wat niet in zijn woordenboek voorkomt. Wanneer hij in LA aankomt en zich op de PD begeeft weet hij het zeker. Hij kent de dader van een vroegere militaire operatie, en neemt zich voor om mee te werken aan het oppakken van deze zieke geest. Mason meldt zich bij de plaat [...]

    • A woman is found dead in the Santa Monica mountains and the MO looks suspiciously like a murder which took place on the other side of the country more than two years ago…Starting off in Yungay Province in Peru, where the past starts to come to light, the novel switches from here eight years ago, to present day LA and to a woman who driving in the rain, crosses the infamous Mulholland Drive in downtown LA. Breaking down, someone offers help…“People who do not live in LA life to complain tha [...]

    • "Apesar de não ter lido “O Caçador”, o primeiro volume da série Carter Blake, e provavelmente ter perdido algum do contexto relativamente às personagens, não foram razões suficientes para não ter gostado d’”O Samaritano”! Uma história cheia de adrenalina que se revelou viciante!"Opinião completa: sinfoniadoslivros/

    • As I like thrillers books, I decided to buy The Samaritan by Mason Cross when I saw it on the last Richard and Judy book club list, on the WHSMITH website. In the beginning, I have found Cross’s style very interesting . It reminded me of old crime books. The plot seemed original and I rather enjoyed my purchase. But my happiness was short lived. Mason Cross, like many others in this kind of literature, seems to believe that the more depictions of violence they’ll give, the greater will be th [...]

    • I found this a bit hard going to start with. I don't appear to be fond of the style of having the 'hero' in first person and then the rest third person. If the hero had played a greater role, maybe I'd have liked it better but at times he seemed almost superfluous to the plot. I thought about giving up but I didn't and I'm glad I didn't because there is one action scene in particular that had me reading frantically and turning pages to see what happened. I don't really care about how realistic i [...]

    • After reading The Killing Season and really enjoying it, I couldn't wait to read this book and I'm pleased to say it didn't disappoint. Like the first Blake book, we already know the killer and the story focuses on Blake and the LAPD trying to find him. Lots of plot twists that keep you going. Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

    • I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book via a giveaway. I found this book to be a gripping read from start to finish.

    • I really can't get into this book. I'm not sure if it's my mood or the plot is slow to get going.

    • Genauso spannend wie der Serienauftakt, wieder sehr interessante Charaktere, leider wird das Grundschema von Band 1 fast 1:1 übernommen. Schade!

    • This book was really enjoyable but I was a little put off from giving it 5 stars based on the ending. I didn’t see the point of killing off one of the main (and my favourite) characters at the end of the book. I feel like this was simply added as a shock-tactic and served no real purpose as, given how he’d been crafted as the less reckless detective in comparison to Allen throughout the entire story, I don’t even think he would have put himself in that position. Didn’t really seem believ [...]

    • In het tweede deel van deze reeks heeft Carter Blake een minder grote rol dan in het eerste boek. Dat is dan ook meteen mijn enige minpuntje; je komt als lezer maar heel weinig over deze mysterieuze man te weten. Misschien te weinig?In dit boek loopt er een seriemoordenaar rond in de heuvels rondom Los Angeles. Deze heeft het in eerste instantie gemunt op jonge vrouwen, maar al snel blijkt dat dit niet de enige slachtoffers zijn. Door de jaren heen zijn er door het hele land slachtoffers gevalle [...]

    • A very good thriller with strong characters and multiple layers. Carter Blake (probably not his real name) is a freelance finder of people. When a serial killer preys on young women in LA he recognises the style of killings. Convinced that a former associate in the top secret government black ops unit he used to be a part of is responsible, Blake travels to assist the investigation.Local detective Jessica Allen, recently come to LA from Washington DC, is primary on the case. She too recognises t [...]

    • Not as good as the first bookThis book took a serious downturn around chapter 79 when the two main secondary characters ticked the TSTL box. Trained police officers approaching a suspect's hideout without even each other for back up? Then the main protagonist goes in alone, "because a suspected victim might still be alive". Please. Spare me from such weak plotting. Far from being a hero, the police officer should have lost her job.Inter departmental rivalry, personality clashes and cops with "sh [...]

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