Royal Dragon

Royal Dragon Dragon Shifter Novel Dragon shifters are a dying breed There are so few females left that if drastic measures are not taken and soon it ll be over for the species The threat of extinction looms Kin

  • Title: Royal Dragon
  • Author: Charlene Hartnady
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dragon Shifter Novel Dragon shifters are a dying breed There are so few females left that, if drastic measures are not taken, and soon, it ll be over for the species The threat of extinction looms.King Blaze finally accepts that there is no other option but to evoke an age old tradition The Hunt The eligible dragon shifter males must hunt a handful of females It s firDragon Shifter Novel Dragon shifters are a dying breed There are so few females left that, if drastic measures are not taken, and soon, it ll be over for the species The threat of extinction looms.King Blaze finally accepts that there is no other option but to evoke an age old tradition The Hunt The eligible dragon shifter males must hunt a handful of females It s first catch, first serve The biggest problem is that the females are human Weak and breakable In Blaze s opinion, not capable of surviving the hunt, let alone the mating that will follow He doesn t believe that a lowly human is capable of birthing him a royal heir, so he sends his brother in his place.The last thing Coal wants is a human mate A human Never He can t believe Blaze is using him in this way Especially when most of the males in their tribe are willing to accept one of these puny females Not him He s never rutted with one and doesn t have any desire, whatsoever, to rut with one in the future, let alone mate and impregnate one Yet now, he is being forced to take part in the hunt, to win a female and to mate her Not an easy feat considering there are three other dragon tribes vying for the opportunity How the hell is he supposed to do all of this when he doesn t want to come within a mile of one of these unsavory creatures Humans are not for him This book can be read as a standalone but would be best enjoyed as a part of the series Start with Chosen by the Vampire Kings No cliffhanger The story contains strong sexual themes language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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    • Julie, the female mc, was ok. She was a lot of complaining. Coal, the flame dragon guy, was very sweet and cooked for her. That's all you need to know. The first half of the book I skimmed a lot until the main characters met. Not a bad dragon book.

    • So you guys know that I LOVE ME SOME DRAGONS! So what did I do? Well, I'll tell you what, I found some more fucking smutty dragon-shifter-smut books! And I am not ashamed! Out of all the dragon shifter smutty reads that I have found, I think I'm starting to think that this particular series is one of the better ones. I've already low-key read all but the one I'm currently on. then have to wait till April for the next one! DAMNIT!Yes I'm pouting.If you want some dirty talking, dragon caveman, hun [...]

    • There was so much I loved about this book, in fact I really, really like this author and I have read several of her books. I loved the hero, that he starts out wanting nothing to do with humans and then falls head over heals in love with the heroine. The world that was created was great and so interesting. I had a huge issues(multiple) with the heroine she was mean and selfish and it seemed like the only thing she thought about was herself and in fact had double standards all over when it came t [...]

    • I really really didn't like Julie. Okay, I might have liked her in the beginning when she was being all take-charge and basically not a simpering female. But then she started treating Coal like shit, when he was being NICE. He calmly, rationally explained everything but was Julie calm or rational?No!I'm not saying she should have gone and fallen on his dick or whatever but keeping in mind how good and understanding he was being, she could have at least given him the benefit of the doubt.Instead [...]

    • Royal Dragon ReviewI had such high hopes for this book but sadly it was a big waste of time. I feel bad for leaving a negative review but I have to be honest. The Heroine (Julie) was so hot and cold towards the hero (Coal). One minute she likes him and wants to be with and then the next minute she hates him and thinks the worst of him. By the 45% mark I was so done with Julie and her attitude I wanted the hero to take her back from where she came from or just throw her off a cliff. I have never [...]

    • King Blaze has ordered his brother Coal to join the Bride Hunt and take a human mate. Coal was fine with mating another and isn't thrilled by his current task, a human after all is fragile and he has nothing in common with them. The problem is Dragon Shifters are a dying breed and they need fertile women to carry on their line. Julie has been kidnapped and she thinks that the men behind kidnapping her and the other women are going to rape and pillage them. When Coal captures her and claims she i [...]

    • While I liked the hero, I found the heroine so whinny and annoying! She moaned non stop it was really irritating. This was my first book from this author. I will try another but if all the female leads are like this then this author might not be for me.

    • DELICIOUSLY CUTE, COMPLETELY CAPTIVATING AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING !!!Title: Royal DragonSeries: The Bride HuntDesignation: Book One of Series, Standalone Full-Length Novel, NO CliffhangerAuthor: Charlene HartnadyGenre: #ParanormalRomance #DragonShifterReading Platform: Kindle UnlimitedMy Rating: FIVE SINFULLY DELICIOUSLY STARSWhoop! Charlene Hartnady has knocked it out of the park again with Royal Dragon, the first release in her brand spanking new The Bride Hunt Series, and I have a new fa [...]

    • This definitely had potential and initially wanted to give it 3 stars because thou the writing was tad sloppy & crude with a goal of merely rutting (seriously, so much "rutting" & "cock" and so forth in the book, not my taste, well, not always, but here it wasn't done to my appeal) so - with a goal of smut (cuz erotica this is not) the book initially would've gotten 3 stars for it was a little interesting.Royal Dragon is the first book that I've read of Charlene Hartnady and seems like a [...]

    • Ugh. I was not a fan of this one. The beginning of the book just dragged for me. I didn't like that Coal thought so lowly of humans even though he has never met one. Asshole. Pretty much just wanted to skip to the part in which Julie and Coal actually met, but my OCD tendencies wouldn't let me. So for the first few chapters i was just bored out of my mind. After that i just came to hate Julie. She annoyed me far too much. Her constant doubt and accusations made my eyes twitch in annoyance. I got [...]

    • MissingI liked the story it was intriguing and the characters were likable. The story line was good and bad so much possibilities. I was disappointed by the lack of details. I wanted to know more about the characters instead of just a shallow name address and phone number. There was hardly interaction with the girls after the hunt. Then all of a sudden they all change they're minds and start having sex. I mean wth?!?! I am going to book 2 to find out if we have more character development.

    • Royal Dragon had so much potential. The premise of the storyline is a good one. But the story is only one dimensional. The story is under developed and so are the characters. With that said I did enjoy it. This is a very erotic story and I really liked the H/H. I will read the next book in the series in hopes that the storyline is more developed.

    • Characters are flat and the story premise flimsy. A shortage of females forces a community of dragon males to search for female mates among human rejects. No relationship or character development necessary, just smut and breeding. Abysmal.

    • The blurb had me sold - I am a sucker for dragon shifter romances and the idea of a "bride hunt" sounded intriguing. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. I found this book to be really lame. All of the humans just fell madly in love with the dragons who chose them and were ready to start popping out their babies. I found the heroine to be very annoying as well. All the characters just had a cardboard character feel to them. They had no depth at all which really took away from the story and plot d [...]

    • Usually I really enjoy reading shifter books regardless if romance or not. This was pretty much sex scenes with little else. We learn very little, if anything, about the dragon kingdoms. What is learned is that the dragon males are very well endowed, can maintain a constant erection, and really good in bed. Otherwise, they are aggressive, possessive, and driven to procreate. Beyond that they don't do much of anything in their spare time. We are expected to believe that the main character is hesi [...]

    • This book was a really just easy and quick read. It was just one of those books which are really easy to pick up and finish in one sitting and that is pretty much what I did. The characters were good and the story was interesting although not the most original, it was one of those books that if you like the genre you're sure to enjoy.The main characters in this book were Julie and Coal, a breeding program set up for Dragon shifters is slightly more difficult than for other shifters due to them r [...]

    • To be exact it was for me a 3.5 stars. To say I liked it a lot but it missed a little bit of something, spicing it up a bit would be perfect. Anyway, I enjoyed it a lot. Storyline was pretty damn good, there was a difference with "The Program" and still be connected like the previous one but I haven't read the story mated to the kings and not planning to. So the Dragons were in a dire situation, extinction could happen so they went for kidnapping women but the kidnapping wasn't that random. They [...]

    • So Coal gets his, after being such an ass to his sister Ruby in "A Mate for Kai". And Julie can sock it to him just as good. She has issues with trust and communication, preferring to think the worst instead of just clarifying things first but I guess that stems from her background. Coal though I wish would have been more forthcoming but I was holding a tiny grudge against him so I guess making him work for it was a tiny slice of sweet revenge from me. Nothing better than a piece of humble pie f [...]

    • Such a disappointment. There was no plot, the dialogue was the same one over and over again. There were no real problems. And I can't say I liked the characters.

    • Wow, I really should have gone with my first inclination on this one and steered clear. That heroine was awful. Which makes me feel kind of terrible, because she's obviously been through some shit and I would like to sympathize with her pain and baggage, but I just can't because I really don't like her. And it just gets worse as it gets further along. She's inconsistent to a ridiculous extreme with how she feels about Coal and dragons in general. One minute she thinks they're savage beasts and t [...]

    • I was excited to find a new series with dragons. Lately a refused to read any new shifter stories because they are pretty much copy paste of each other.The permises of the story started well. The mate hunt reminded me of some stories but it worked. I liked this book enough to want to go for the second one but with great effort.There was barely any description of the kingdom, dragons, traditions, history, how they stoped having fertile she dragons. Barely touched any of the subjects.The character [...]

    • So, this was my first book by this writer. A few things, but overall I did enjoy it (there will be a few quotes)The WritingIt started off great and really strong. there was great character building for the main characters and even meeting the side characters made it easy to like them. Then the hunt happened and the writing just sort offell flat. It was around the time that she was taken back to the lair that it was going from bad to worse. The characters became flat and the story line became rea [...]

    • I won’t finish this book. Are we seriously going to accept the casual abduction of a bunch of women who are then “hunted” by a bunch of males as a premise for a romance novel? Fuck that. I can’t think of anything less sexy than a story like this. It’s a romance novel. You have one job. Establishing a world where your lead male is a racist who finds humans disgusting and your lead woman’s entrance is to describe her work as degrading (nice but of classism there to knock on housekeeper [...]

    • Torn Great writer, good story. But I hated Julie! She started off spunky and tough. You were pulling for her then she just kept saying the same things over and over again. Why do we have to have the total bitch who has abandonment issues all the time. They constantly say they don't need anyone, they don't want love, they want to be alone. Plus this woman went from woman to little girl in a blink. I can't tell you how many times she talked about how his junk would rip her to pieces. Please any wo [...]

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