Written in Blood

Written in Blood Sheila Lowe s Poison Pen was hailed as a fast paced crisp novel that penetrates the world of celebrity Armchair Interviews And Hollywood forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose is about to prove onc

  • Title: Written in Blood
  • Author: Sheila Lowe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sheila Lowe s Poison Pen was hailed as a fast paced, crisp novel that penetrates the world of celebrity Armchair Interviews And Hollywood forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose is about to prove once that no matter what words it forms, a pen will always write the truth Claudia Rose s latest client is a dime a dozen type The widow of a rich older man, Paige SoSheila Lowe s Poison Pen was hailed as a fast paced, crisp novel that penetrates the world of celebrity Armchair Interviews And Hollywood forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose is about to prove once that no matter what words it forms, a pen will always write the truth Claudia Rose s latest client is a dime a dozen type The widow of a rich older man, Paige Sorensen is younger than and hated by her stepchildren And they re dead set on proving that Paige forged their father s signature on his will, which left his entire estate, including the Sorensen Academy, to her Intrigued by this real life soap opera, Claudia soon breaks one of the cardinal rules of business Never get personally involved But Claudia has grown attached to a troubled Sorensen student, and when disaster strikes, she ll realize that reading between the lines can mean the difference between life and death Claudia s sharper, tougher, and tenacious than ever American Chronicle

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      Mom to a tattoo artist and a rock star, Sheila is a real life forensic handwriting examiner who writes the award winning Forensic Handwriting mystery series Sheila s books, which feature handwriting expert, Claudia Rose, are decidedly not cozy, so if you find some profanity and a little violence disturbing you may want to pass But if you enjoy stories of psychological suspense that explore the psyches of the good, the bad and the even worse, please give this series a try.Nonfiction works include The Complete Idiot s Guide to Handwriting Analysis, Handwriting of the Famous Infamous, and Sheila Lowe s Handwriting Analyzer software.

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    • If you're looking for a quick read that's entertaining as well as informative, then Written In Blood is definitely the book for you. This well written little tome is not your "run of the mill" murder mystery. True is has the requisite amounts of jealousy, avarice, and revenge, but author Shelia Lowe has gone the extra mile in character development by giving the reader a smart and likable protagonist (Claudia Rose) with an interesting and unusual occupation (forensic handwriting analysis) and a m [...]

    • Claudia Rose is a well-known forensic handwriting expert. Claudia’s latest client requires her expertise. Paige Sorensen’s husband has died. Everything was left to Paige but her stepchildren believe that Paige forged their dad’s signature on the will. Now Claudia has to prove that Paige didn’t have anything to do with the will. The more information Claudia gathers on the Sorensen family, the closer Claudia gets to uncovering all of the Sorensen’s family skeletons. Who knew you could le [...]

    • Written in Blood: AForensic Handwriting MysteryBy Sheila LoweObsidian306 PagesWow! Having just finished Poison Pen, a great whodunit, I wasn’t totally prepared to declare Written in Blood by Sheila Lowe even better—but it was! This book included much more descriptive information about analyzing handwriting, which is fun and quite interesting. However, even more so, the pace, characters and suspense created an exciting read from first to last page!By now, readers will know one thing about our [...]

    • Forensic Handwriting Expert, Claudia Rose, was just hired on to authenticate the signature on a wealthy older man’s will after he passed away and left the majority of his estate to his significantly younger widow, Paige Sorenson. Based on Claudia’s analysis, a judge rules that the signature is genuine and Paige can now claim the Sorenson Academy for Girls as her own to the dismay of the widow’s step children.Against her better judgment about keeping her business and her personal life separ [...]

    • Paige Sorenson is a beautiful young widow in need of a handwriting expert. Claudia Rose, a forensic handwriting expert, has been highly recommended. Claudia interviews the young widow and finds that Paige’s husband, Torg Sorensen, executed a will after he had suffered a stroke. The will left Torg’s entire estate to Paige as well as the Sorenson Academy, a school for girls.Claudia soon finds that the Sorenson case will be an interesting one. Bert Falkenberg is Paige’s assistant but he appea [...]

    • Our Graphologist, Claudia Rose latest client is a woman trying to authenticate her deceased husband's signature on his will. Nothing unusual there until she gets involved with a student at the client's school.Claudia breaks her own rule of not getting involved with clients. However, the action picks up when Claudia realizes that she is not the only one getting involved with Annabelle, and the other persons spell danger not only in their handwriting.This book held my attention and was written in [...]

    • “Written in Blood” by Sheila Lowe is not the usual murder mystery book. The main protagonist is not a police officer or detective but a forensic handwriting expert. This uncommon occupation is the backdrop sets the stage for interesting and unusual “detective” work. The book has the usual intrigue, greed, back-stabbing action, revenge, and murder, all within the framework of writing authentication, graphology and handwriting analysis. The characters are well developed, some likable, some [...]

    • Second in the Claudia Rose series of forensic handwriting analysis, the characters begin to become people to the reader. This series is gritty but sustains interest and builds suspense. Good read.

    • I feel breathless after reading this addition to the forensic handwriting series. This one had a slow beginning, but it picked WAY up towards the end. The antagonist wasn't a surprise, but the people who were in on it with him certainly were. Also many of the answers swirling around Annabelle were surprises. The book did need some editing help, for example Claudia wonders about her captor having "drank" to much. Overall though, this was a thrill ride through the Las Vegas desert! Recommended!

    • I really came to care for Annabelle Lee and to identify with her toughness.Would. Have given 5 stars but Claudia going to Las Vegas alone and telling No one of her plans left me with an unbelievable feeling. Come on, this is a brilliant woman. Making such a bad judgment call at such a critical time. Anyway, the remaining of the book is awesome. I really came to care for Annabelle Lee and to identify with her toughness.

    • A well thought out plot. It kept me guessing almost to the end. I did guess who the murderer was before it was revealed. tOverall a very well written mystery. The one thing I did not like was her taking stupid chances instead of calling police. This seems to happen a lot with female characters.

    • The author is an accredited handwriting analysis expert so there was a lot of detail about that. Some of the action was a bit over the top but, in today's world, some of these things definitely could happen. Quick read. Really pretty good.

    • ConfusingI enjoyed the main characters _, however the plot took so many twists and turns that it became confusing and almost too bizarre at times. unrelated incidents that were simply unnecessary therefore resulted this lower rating.

    • Better than expectedBoth the title and cover put me off starting this book, however it was better than I thought it would be. It did start to get increasingly silly around half way through though and I dont think I would read any more books written by this author.

    • Predictable but entertaining Biggest disappointment is the number of mistakes in this ebook version. I'd be reading along and have to stop to figure out what the author was trying to get across. Spellcheck isn't always the answer.

    • Diverting, formulaic but entertaining read. No shortage of suspects, diverse connections between the players. Obligatory light romance. The only unresolved issue bothering me was the paternity and custody.

    • Forensic document analysisA rather fast-paced novel with interesting characters, but decisive NOT a Cozy Mystery! The series should perhaps be read I n sequence.

    • Good readA good story that could have been just as good without the over used profanity. The handwriting analysis was very interesting.

    • Claudia, the handwriting expert, is called in to verify whether the signature on a will was genuine. In the meantime, she gets mixed up with a variety of situations at the Sorensen Academy.I figured out the culprit before it was made clear in the book. Not sure if I like the main character enough to keep reading in the series.

    • This was a good beach read, handwriting analysis theme was interesting, main characters were engaging, little far fetched but entertaining

    • When Paige's rich husband, who is many years her senior, dies her step-children jump to question the will he supposedly made. Everything is left to Paige and the children are anything but happy about it. This is where Claudia comes in, her job is to check the authenticity of the signature on the will to see if it really is the old man's. Claudia soon finds herself being roped into this case in a personal way, a way she knows is bad for what she does. She has come to like a young student at the A [...]

    • "Written in Blood" (a Forensic Handwriting Mystery) by Shelia LoweWhen Claudia Rose, a forensic handwriting expert, meets a troubled young teen named Annabelle, she's moved to help her against the advice of Joel, the special man in her life and a cop. Ignoring him, Claudia is soon embroiled in the vortex swirling around Annabelle which includes an uncaring mob boss father, a trophy wife who may or may not have killed her geriatric husband, the trophy wife's gym teacher boyfriend, her jilted love [...]

    • I really loved this mystery, #2 in the Forensic Handwriting Analysis mysteries. The premise that the protagonist Claudia Rose can solve crimes by handwriting analysis peaked my interest right away. I've now read 2 books in this series #2 and #4 and have decided to go back to the beginning. The author herself is actually an expert in the field and has written non-fiction books about handwriting analysis. In this story Claudia has been asked determine if the testator's signature on a Will is genui [...]

    • Written in Blood is a forensic handwriting mystery by Sheila Lowe. Claudia is a free lance handwriting examiner who is hired by a wealthy widow to determine if her deceased husband's signature on his will is genuine. The will is to leave a private school to the widow along with the rest of the estate. A troubled young girl who is a student of the private school becomes involved with Claudia. Through handwriting analysis and therapy, Claudia is trying to help her through some tough issues in her [...]

    • This book was definitely more engaging than several books I’ve read recently.It started slow but picked up speed steadily so that by the climax, it was roaring along. And Ms. Lowe kept us guessing right up till then who the bad guy was, offering a half-dozen candidates for the reader to consider. That’s good. What wasn’t so good is again Ms. Lowe had the real bad guy spill his guts. And it’s worse this time because the bad guy tells all in such disjointed fashion it’s hard to follow.Th [...]

    • In general, this forensic handwriting mystery is a good read. However, there are some points that are quite unorganized and there were number of events that were left hanging and unexplained. The story started when Paige Sorensen, a young widow of an older rich man consulted Claudia Rose, a forensic graphologist to prove that Paige did not forge her husband's last will. Included in the last will is the Sorensen Academy where Paige is the headmistress. The first time Claudia met Paige, she was in [...]

    • This is a ridiculous book with the theme of handwriting analysis. Basically we have a handwriting expert, Claudia, who has a hunk of a police boyfriend, Jovanic. Both are gorgeous and wear expensive clothes and have expensive cars. I don’t know why mystery writers try to make their protagonists elitists and snobs, not attractive and interesting. Claudia is pulled into a family dynamic, of a young widow of a wealthy man, fighting with his children for money. The widow runs a school for troubled [...]

    • It was better than the first book in the Claudia Rose series. The thing is that the story will be moving right along, and then all of a sudden it seems to grind to a halt so that the main character can explain some random part of handwriting analysis. It makes the story a little choppy.But other than that the rest of the writing and style got better. There was less to hate about the characters the reader was supposed to like as well. Lowe seems very, very good at writing the 'bad' characters and [...]

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