Not About Love

Not About Love Strong and independent Wrong for each other in every way But the heat the passion the pull Undeniable Irresistible When we were together The chaos turned to desire Need Bliss I was his He was mine F

  • Title: Not About Love
  • Author: Hilaria Alexander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 366
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  • Strong and independent,Wrong for each other in every way.But the heat, the passion, the pull.Undeniable.Irresistible.When we were together,The chaos turned to desire,Need.Bliss.I was his.He was mine.For the time being.Different countries.Different worlds.Just sex.No strings attached.That s how Boyd Rivers wanted it.And exactly how I liked it.But sometimes, fate has other pStrong and independent,Wrong for each other in every way.But the heat, the passion, the pull.Undeniable.Irresistible.When we were together,The chaos turned to desire,Need.Bliss.I was his.He was mine.For the time being.Different countries.Different worlds.Just sex.No strings attached.That s how Boyd Rivers wanted it.And exactly how I liked it.But sometimes, fate has other plansCan it really be not about love Not About Love is the second book in the This Love series, but can be read as a standalone.

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      Hilaria Alexander was born and raised in the south of Italy, where her family still lives She was bit by the travel bug early on and lived in Tokyo and Orlando for a while before settling down in Oklahoma City with her husband and kids She loves books obviously as well as movies and TV, and is addicted to award shows She can t play an instrument to save her life, but she loves music, which is one of her biggest inspirations when plotting new stories If you have questions about her or her books, ask her on Facebook and Twitter, or email her at hilaria_alexander outlook.

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    • *** ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review. ***I blame it on Hilaria Alexander, I stayed awake until 3am, and I'd have finish it in a sitting but I had this feeling, that Boyd and Ally's journey is gonna be something special, and I was right.Just finished a few minutes ago, and damn, my emotions. Not about the drama, just about how these two make me feel. I laughed, I freaking swooned and I had to say, Boyd and Ally are definitely one of my fave couples, and their sexual chemistr [...]

    • Last year I discovered a for me new author, Hilaria Alexander. After having read her book FU Cancer, I immediately read her other books. I loved them, especially This Love, which was set in Amsterdam, not far from where I live. Not About Love tells the story of Ally and Boyd, who are introduced as side-characters in This Love. This is their story.“We didn’t really know each other. Our relationship was not about love. It was about chemistry and attraction.”Ally is living and working as an a [...]

    • These twoey drove me crazy, but I'm so happy with the final result. In fact, I still crack up, even after reading it a million times. This book is funny and hot and it has everything I love in a romance novel. I hope you love Ally and Boyd as much as I do![image error]

    • Hilaria just keeps getting better and better! Developing her styling and crafting romantic tension which pulls me in, Hilaria's fourth book, Not About Love, is fun and sassy and sexy. I love the alternating viewpoints, the blend of locales and details of characters' careers. The hot scenes pair excellently with the warm weather. A great summer escape!

    • “I was Boyd Rivers’ exception’ ~Ally★“I want everything for you. I want everything with you.” ~Boyd❤❤❤❤❤I freaking loved it! So far, I’m pleased to say this talented indie author has delivered consistently well on the premise of all her novels. My 17 status updates and 3 comment posted on GoodReads were just a small indication of the many moments I highlighted and scenes I bookmarked as I read Ally and Boyd’s steamy romance. I loved the evolution of their casual sex enc [...]

    • I loved the story and the few little surprise twists thrown it. Even though at times I may have wanted to knock some sense into both main characters to open their eyes and appreciate what was right in front of them!! “Whatever is going on between us is not about love. It’s just sex, plain and simple.” My review: /review/show

    • 4/4,5 "Timing is never right. You can't live your life by a timeline. You can't wait for the perfect time in your life to do things."Quante volte abbiamo sentito dire "con quello non mi metterò mai", oppure "non voglio nessuna storia seria"? Ed è proprio in questi momenti che Cupido ci vede doppio e scocca la scintilla, volenti o no. E' così anche per Ally e Boyd, due persone che rifiutano l'amore, non sono in cerca di una storia seria. Per questo dopo il loro primo incontro la notte di Capod [...]

    • First I want to start off by saying that I am so thankful for Hilaria for gifting me a copy of this book to read. I loved it, enjoyed every moment of the book and I think that if you're a fan of the Ella and Lou from This Love you are going to love this one. If you've not read, This Love, you could read this book without having to read that one but I highly recommend reading it before this one because both are pretty great reads you wont want to miss, and you'll see the same characters in this b [...]

    • I loved loved loved this book. Nothing better than a romance centered around two people Boyd and Ally are anti-relationship and anti-love. I absolutely loved Boyd and Ally's characters. They both were strong and lovely despite their faults, their heartbreak and the stubbornest. The back and forth - pull of these two was addicting. I loved that Hilaria gave me another River's brother to fall in love with. I mean Love Boyd. I think the way Ally was this strong, smart woman was also very refreshing [...]

    • So being a red-head myself - I wish I had half of Aly's confidence and gumption! She is fantastic. I adore how she deals with everything thrown her way. She is independent, yet vulnerable. Superbly written character!And Boyd - I mean really, who doesn't want a Boyd in their life? The man is sexy as hell.This story has plenty to keep it interesting and flowing, and the author does a great job of pacing those things. Always something to move the story along, yet never dragging it out too long. I l [...]

    • Ally and Boyd! I loved reading about these two. They seemingly have a “relationship” based on sex. Both of them are afraid to get involved anymore than that due to their pasts and it takes one life changing event for them to realize that it’s more than just sex. Maybe it’s LOVE. They have to learn to trust each other first and not be defined by their younger selves before they can find happiness with each other. It’s a sexy book. And I️ Love that Boyd owns a CrossFit gym! ;)Reviewed [...]

    • Shel: If you've been paying attention.d you have, haven't you? You know I devoured This Love and Not About Love in one weekend. I could not get enough of the characters Hilaria Alexander was creating. If you haven't read either of these novels, I definitely recommend reading them back to back because they really are quite different.Shel: Where This Love was straightforward plot-wise, Not About Love weaves from present to past to tell us the story of Ally and Boyd (these names!!). Where This Love [...]

    • Not About Love (This Love Book 2)By: Hilaria Alexander5 out of 5 stars The story Not About Love (This Love Book 2) by Hilaria Alexander is a romantic comedy. Ally and Boyd have an arrangement. They are not looking for a relationship, however they do feel the pull between each other when they are together. Life is complicated, their relationship is not. Both are strong and independent, they have no strings attached. That is how things are and that is how they will stay. Won’t they? Well, won [...]

    • Not About Love – Hilaria Alexander. Solid 5 out of 5!! I was in 2 minds with this book – devour it! Because, let's be honest, it really is THAT good! Or savour it! Because, let's be honest IT REALLY IS THAT GOOD!! A hidden Gem, from an author I'd never actually heard of before! No strings attached. They live in different countries most of the time! He's her friends brother. She's his sister-in-laws friend. She's Alberta 'Ally' Ferris. He's Jackson Boyd Rivers!! "Are these chicks cute?" Boyd [...]

    • Not About Love by Hilaria Alexander is the second book in the Love Book series. This story will show you what happens when opposites attract. This story will make you feel part of their journey. This story will make you ask yourself, can you have a relationship and it not be about love?Ally is a woman who own her own attorney business. She is independent and strong. She meets him at a friends party one night. When they meet, he makes it perfectly clear that no strings attached rule applies to th [...]

    • Ally had been burned before and was never going to let a man do that to her again. She was fine with hooking up, but leaving it at that. Casual, fun, no strings attached, no broken heart. She didn't want to lose herself or her grip on reality again. Boyd owned a few gyms and had the body and bedroom eyes to prove it. He was use to women falling all over him with just a look or a pickup line. He never went back to the same woman twice. He made it clear that they knew he was a one and done kinda g [...]

    • Not About Love by Hilaria Alexander – 5 stars Not About Love is the 2nd in the “This Love” Series. I read book 2 first and I was able to follow the crossover characters and move right into the story. Having said that, I am going back to read Book 1 because I enjoyed Not About Love so much. This story opens with Boyd and Ally sitting next to each other on a tour bus… “Boyd Rivers and I were what you’d call acquainted. Yes we had slept together… a few times actually. And it had been [...]

    • It is possible to read this book without having read the first book in the series, I have! I am openly admitting that I don’t usually read books out of order, but having discovered Book 2 of the series first, I’ve become addicted (for a variety of reasons – mainly the depth and complexity of the characters) to Not About Love, Book 2 of Hilaria Alexander’s This Love series. Boyd and Ally have me hooked, so much so that I’m off to hunt Book 1 when I’ve finished writing this review!Jack [...]

    • Not About Love is the first book that I have read by Hilaria Alexander and I would definitely read more. It is a great book that tells a story of what happens when your heart gets broken and you toughen up to never feels that sense of lose again. Boyd is a great hard workingman that loves his “love em and leave em” lifestyle. Years ago he gave his heart to the wrong woman and she destroyed him. Since then he has refused to see a woman beyond one night. Until Ally that is, but still he fights [...]

    • Not about Love book 2 by Hilaria Alexander4 out of 5 starsThis is the first book that I have read by Ms. Alexander. This is a nice read with a few twists that I think you will enjoy. Ms. Alexander’s writing is so easy to read that I finished the story in 4hours .We meet Boyd and Ally in This is Love. This story centers around two people who are anti-relationships and anti–love but we watch as Boyd and Ally over-come the dramas from their pasts and they start out as a one night stand that goe [...]

    • 4 StarsNot About Love by Hilaria Alexander is the second book in the This Love series but can be read as a standalone. It's the first book I've read from this author and it was so good! It follows two people who have been burned in the past, trying to fight their feelings towards each other. Living in Amsterdam, Ally is a successful lawyer. After her heart being broken, she decides to keep every relationship completely casual. Never letting them get past her walls. She's happy and content living [...]

    • NOT ABOUT LOVE is a standalone sequel to the This Love Series, featuring Ally and Boyd , two free-spirited, complication-free individuals who agreed that their relationship will not be about love. No strings attached. However, LOVE itself intervened. Because when love is meant to be, it will be. Time is inconsequential :“Timing is never right. You can’t live your life by a timeline. You can’t wait for the perfect time in your life to do things.  "Once I started reading NOT ABOUT LOVE, I g [...]

    • Nearly always in a book I have a favourite character. It was a surprise to me that I completely loved both Boyd and Ally.Boyd is a real gift of a book boyfriend. Even though he was commitment phobic and caused a fair amount of the issues I really adored him. He managed to offer sex only to Ally and not be a complete douche about it. The Author has done a marvellous job here of making the non commital issue seem endearing there anything better than reading about a guy fall hard when he really doe [...]

    • Not About Love is book 2 in the This Love series by Hilaria Alexander. We follow Ally and Boyd as they work their way through the past and dealing with the future they are dealt. Living the life of the a single women with a career she loves, Ally is happy with where her life is. She has the freedom to do what she wants to do when she wants without having to risk having her heart broken like in the past. Ally does not want to be put in a position where her happiness is dependent on another perso [...]

    • Boyd Rivers is one fine man and I loved reading about him. Boyd owned CrossFit fitness centers and stayed pretty busy. His brother was a famous singer, Lou Rivers, and he was just as good looking as Boyd. Crowds went wild when they saw the two brothers. Boyd didn’t want to settle down and he had a rule that he only slept with a woman once that way they would not get attached to him because he already had his heart broke once before and he was not going to let that happen again.Ella Fitzpatrick [...]

    • This is Ally and Boyd's touching story by Hilaria Alexander ,and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing story. The relationship that's between Ally and Boyd was really interesting ,because the problem is that they both been dealt with drama in their past ,and their both don't want it again.So they begin by just having fun, but as time passes will everything change for them? I really enjoyed these two characters and the Love that they really felt for each other. The way their grew with [...]

    • I blame Hilaria for my sunburn. :) We were at the beach while I was reading this book, and totally lost track of time and got sunburn, so did my kids. This is definitely a fun, beachy, suck you in at the very beginning kind of book! Just to warn you.So, where do I start? Boyd…gh!!! He is totally swoon-worthy. And not just in the deliciously smoking hot sense. He makes himself a better man for Ally. The way he methodically dealt with the issues in his life to get everything in order before he g [...]

    • 4 1/2 out of 5 starsOh man, oh man! Boyd & Ally are quite the pair!!!While reading Ella & Lou’s story was enjoyable, this story of Boyd and Ally really took me on an adventure and kept me entertained and engaged throughout. Boyd really felt like the best boyfriend and though Lou was sweet and loyal, Boyd was rugged and sexyd still sweet and loyal, too. Ally was a strong female character who knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it, no matter what it was. This story will [...]

    • This book was the first book that I have read by this author. I was not sure what I was going to find when I swiped open that first page, but what I found was a story unlike so many others that I read on a weekly basis. This was not your typical love story. These two characters couldn't seem to stand to be in the same room as each other, yet, they couldn't stand to be apart. That to me is the magic of love and yet I found myself at times wanting to punch that smarmy jerk in his face for not real [...]

    • This is the second book in the series and can be read as a standalone but where's the fun in that? I really enjoyed this story and finished it in one sitting! (I wasn't even aware until I'd finished!) I loved Boyd and Ally's story. Their chemistry was off the charts and witnessing them slowly let down their guards and let each other in was amazing. Their banter had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion! They are such a relatable couple and really are perfect for each other. I cannot rec [...]

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