Punching and Kissing

Punching and Kissing The bestseller and All Star Winner Standalone romance no cliffhanger She has no choice She must fight She s going to need a badass to train herWhen an illegal underground fight leaves my brother in

  • Title: Punching and Kissing
  • Author: Helena Newbury
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The 1 bestseller and All Star Winner Standalone romance no cliffhanger She has no choice She must fight She s going to need a badass to train herWhen an illegal underground fight leaves my brother in the hospital, I make a desperate deal to save his life I volunteer to fight in his place To survive, I need a fighter who can teach me to be as tough as him.The 1 bestseller and All Star Winner Standalone romance no cliffhanger She has no choice She must fight She s going to need a badass to train herWhen an illegal underground fight leaves my brother in the hospital, I make a desperate deal to save his life I volunteer to fight in his place To survive, I need a fighter who can teach me to be as tough as him I need Aedan O Harra, the blue eyed, Irish beast of a man who everyone fears.But training together means getting close Every touch of his hands makes it harder to control my feelings I begin to see the man inside him, the one no one else can Can I help him break free of the dark secrets that haunt him and can we save each other, or will we both be defeated Because neither of us is ready for how dark and desperate this fight will become.

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    • 4.5 "fuck me, I didn't expect that" starsmy, my, myI gotta hand it to ya, rarely a book makes my tummy twist in a knot like this one didd I applaud you for itI was expecting a tight fighters' love story and i got so much moreI got drama, I got suspence i gotoh, boyooding tormented hero - checkedbold, brave yet vulnerable heroine - checkedand a suspensful story that will make you wanna re-read Shakespeare all over again, just to make sure I didn't miss anything double checkedscorching hot scenes [...]

    • 3.5 / 5 starsThe beginning of this started off perfectly, I was addicted from page one. I knew going in it was going to be very Insta-lovish, but it started to take a unique path with the over used 'bad boy' trope. For awhile there, bad boy anything would sell, and therefor every author under the sun has put out a book with a character who "posses dark looks". A boxer of course classifies as a bad boy, and I have paid for my fair share of crappy books along those lines, but this was definitely o [...]

    • 3 "Fighting" stars Well that was interesting!I didn't expect such a dark read but anyway. It wasintense, misterious and kind of sweet at times ! Aedanwas the dark, misterious, broken hero. He felt the spark betweenSylvieand him from their first meeting, but he didn't want to get involved personally with her. He wanted to her to find something better and not fill her life with his life baggage!When the sexual tension became too much but he still didn't do anythign about it it was frustrating and [...]

    • Helena Newbury has become one of my go to authors! From start to finish, she has such an amazing ability to suck you into her stories and fall in love with her characters. Sylvie and Aedan meet during unusual and unpleasant circumstances. Aedan helps Sylvie about of a very bad situation, and even though it’s not the right place or the right time, they both feel this unbearable urge to be with each other. However, Aedan’s past mistakes come to the forefront of his mind, and he decides to walk [...]

    • Sylvie is the least likely person anyone can imagine finding themselves in a fight club situation. She goes from spectator to combatant in a last ditch effort to save her brother's life when his fight goes off the rails. She lucks out by catching the eye of Aedan, a former combatant in the world she is now a part of. He agrees to train her to at least survive her first fight.At first I was not sure if I would like this. The premise was a little hard to swallow as believable. But after a few side [...]

    • sylvie and Aedan meet during unusual and unpleasant circumstances she is about to get raped in the bathroom of an underground fighting ring when he saves her. Her brother is badly injured during a fight but nobody cares especially the boss because he lost him money. When sylvie steps in to and offers to fight to get money paid back the boss thinks its a good idea however she doesn't know how to fight. While her brother is at the hospital in a coma she sets off to find Aedan the only one who has [...]

    • This is a new author for me.I cannot say that this was bade it wasn't.But I can't say that I loved it either.Since I am reading the second book without reading the first partI'm not sure if it has to be related or not because if it isn'ten there were some unexplained points about Aedan's past that were in need of explanation.So that was a kind of bummer.Coming to the plote plot started out good and promising but somewhere down the line it became shaky.It needed more depth and character build up. [...]

    • ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review.*Slight spoilers*What starts out as a story line you may think you’ve read before, turns out to be far from it. We first meet Sylvie when she is at ‘The Pit’, an underground place where brutal, bare knuckle fighting takes place and the winner is the last one standing. Sylvie is there keeping an eye on her brother who is about to go into the ring in an effort to get some money to keep their heads above water. It is here that she [...]

    • Author notes: Ebook out 31st July. This is a standalone romance with HEA You don't need to have read Lying and Kissing or any other book. It contains violent scenes and one scene that may be triggering for rape survivors.

    • For me this book & Alaska Wild are fighting it out for spot 5 star reads area of rating-ness I love them both so so much. I am almost positive that Alaska Wild was my 1st Helena book? The 2nd. Kissing My Killer & 3rd. Losing My Balance. I love Helena's writing style I love the unexpected part of this book here is Sylvie t one who normally would fight in a club or any where for that matter but she takes it on your her shoulder to fight for her brother's life. Aedan is a real bad boy ' [...]

    • Aeden and Sylvie have a lot to overcome for them to finally be together. Rick is truely evil and he manipulates people into doing things they don't want to do. Alec and Sylvie are desperate and need the money Alec gets from fighting but when he is seriously injured in a fight Sylvie puts herself in danger by taking his place. She asks Aeden for his help but he his hiding from his own demons. Together they fight to free all three of them from Rick.

    • It’s morbid, it’s bloody, it’s awesome. Punching and Kissing lived up to its name, and I can’t help but to love and savor every single page.Because this girl? Ahh, she’s a brave girl. That or she’s pretty much crazy to get herself in that kind of situation. She may or may not have a choice, but one thing is for sure – she has to go through with it because she couldn’t bear the consequences. There is only one man who can help her…Aeden – he was danger personified. He was done [...]

    • I'm punching the air with excitement after reading this story.I just downloaded last night and I couldn't put it down.A tale of love in the roughest of circumstances.Sylvie's brother is into underground fighting, it's the only way that allows them to earn money to pay the bills, The Pit is the worst place anyone can find themselves in, normally spectators want to see blood and the stakes are high for the loosing side. Things go terribly wrong when his last fight ends not as expected and looses h [...]

    • Punching and Kissing by Helena Newbury (Audio Edition) Narrated by Christian Fox and Lucy Rivers♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ½ I listened to this book all in one go! I saw this book advertised on facebook as a suggested post and thought it sounded interesting. I hadn't heard of this author before but, wow, am I glad I picked it up!!! Aedan is such a nice guy and I instantly loved him. I Loved how he wanted to do sweet things for Sylvie. How he just fell harder and harder for her and ok yeah the narrator's I [...]

    • Quick read about Aedan and Sylvie and punching and kissing. Aedan has given up fighting and has secrets that prevent him from ever going back into the fighting world. Sylvie is forced into fighting in order to save her brother. She goes to Aedan for his help after their lust at first sight. As he helps her things heat up pretty quickly. Of course there is some resistance and fighting the attraction. Some steamy scenes especially on the rooftop. Some secrets are revealed and some big decisions ha [...]

    • * I received an ebook from the author, however, that in no way affects my reviews or opinions. *This is my first time reading author Helena Newbury, but it won't be my last!! I enjoyed everything about this book, from the very start! The story line draws the reader in and never lets them go! You get hooked right away and zoom through it - the reader gets cramps in their fingers from turning the pages so quickly!!This story focuses on Sylvie and her brother who depend on each other for everything [...]

    • ‘WELL FECK ME’ Helena Newbury your O’Hara brothers series was amazing!! I have been pouting for months because I could find a decent book to read I could read a full book because I got bored, so THANKYOU !! This review is for all of the books in the series I wanted to only do 1 review it’s was easier, you can read the book as a standalone but it’s that GOOD you have to read the whole series ‘Punching and Kissing’, Growing and Kissing, Saving Liberty and Texas Outlaw, there is also [...]

    • I truly loved this book as it intrigued me from the start! Sylvie Konig and her brother were barely making ends meet since the death of both their parents. In order to make more money, her brother took to fighting in the underground, in a place they called The Pit. Everything was going good until he was beaten so badly and in order to save him and get him help, she agreed to fight in his place. The sleazy Rick was mean and a bully and tortured his fighters mercilessly and a man you just hated. I [...]

    • I was on pins and needles through out this entire book. Are you kidding me right now!! I can't even explain it. You just have to read this one. I was holding my breath through most of it, I am pretty sure. I had really high hopes for Sylvie and Aedan! I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I just had to see what the hell was going to happen to Sylvie and her brother, with a dick for a ringside manager, you never knew what was coming around the corner. Man oh man, I could not get enough of Aedan. [...]

    • Aedan, Sylvie and Alec's StoryAlec and Sylvie need money. Their parents are gone and they have to do everything they can to survive. Alec can make money boxing in THE PIT.Sylvie is attending her brother's fight and runs into some trouble. Aedan saves Sylvie from a bad situation and Alec is in serious trouble.To save Alec's life Sylvie must fight in THE PIT. Seeing no way out she asks Aedan to train her. Aedan is not sure that he is worthy of Sylvie's goodness but they fall for each other. Aedan [...]

    • From reading the reviews I expected a book that would grab me and take me down a twisted path with some slivers of darkness. It didn't. It was a fluffy story with no suspense, nothing to grab me and make me sit down in one go and finish it. It was cookie cutter bad boy redeeming himself, girl needing saving (usually with a sibling who she is doing it all for). Yawn. The author attempted to change up with language with having an Irish male mc, but seriously that attempt just ruined it, she wasn't [...]

    • I really had high hopes for this one. It was my first book by this author and had really good reviews so I dove in and treaded water! What really did it in for me was the fact that the author apparently does not know or really understands the concept of having a character with an accent. The word f@$k was replaced with feck and used WAY TO MUCH and that was the ONLY one used that even resembled an Irish dialect! I don't know about most readers but that just did it for me! 😢 Overall I give th [...]

    • Loved this book and the entire series. Sylvie finds herself in a bad position and the only person who can help her is the huge, scary Irish boxer that she's been warned to stay away from. Some aspects of this book are somewhat over the top if you like realistic romance novels, but it's a great over the top. Loved this book, I definitely recommend it.

    • Suspense with twist and turns. Sylvie has to step up and save her brother. With the unlikely help from Aedan. Was very surprised with the intense feelings that had me reading non stop. A book about good verses evil. Facing things from your past is sometimes better with a friend.

    • This is a fun read from Helena, this is a great series if you are looking for a light read with plenty of steamy moments and an action packed plot. I love her characters and her dual POV story telling.

    • This was a ok book. However I did skip a lot of the sex is was boring. The main characters have a lot of things they need to over came, the two very different people, yet similar in many ways. This is a steamy book with a few twist in it and I enjoyed it.

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