In the Zone

In the Zone There is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN here One night Unimaginable passion Total anonymity Star defenseman for the Portland Storm Keith Burns welcomed the single night with a nameless beau

  • Title: In the Zone
  • Author: Catherine Gayle
  • ISBN: 9781515018599
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • There is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN here.One night Unimaginable passion Total anonymity.Star defenseman for the Portland Storm, Keith Burns welcomed the single night with a nameless beauty The undeniable heat was exactly what he needed to let loose When circumstances bring him face to face with Brianna Hayden after that night was long over, he wants to thThere is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN here.One night Unimaginable passion Total anonymity.Star defenseman for the Portland Storm, Keith Burns welcomed the single night with a nameless beauty The undeniable heat was exactly what he needed to let loose When circumstances bring him face to face with Brianna Hayden after that night was long over, he wants to throw all the rules out the window There s no denying chemistry like theirs But sometimes, desire isn t enough If they re going to have than one night, Brie wants it all But a star athlete like Keith can t drop his guard that easily hiding an ugly and painful past Refusing to open up might land Keith in the sin bin for good Now Keith has to get In the Zone if he s going to have any chance at scoring the one thing he wants the most Brie s heart.

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      Please note that series numbering of the Portland Storm series is different at than it is on Catherine s website or at any retailer policy will not allow the series numbering to match anything else If this confuses you, please complain to , as it is not Catherine s fault Catherine Gayle is a USA Today bestselling author of than forty contemporary hockey romance and Regency set historical romance novels and novellas Soon, she ll be launching her debut contemporary small town romance series She s sold than three quarters of a million books She s a transplanted Texan living in North Carolina with two extremely spoiled felines In her spare time, she watches way too much hockey and reality TV, plans fun things to do for the Nephew Monster s next visit, and performs experiments in the kitchen which are rarely toxic.

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    • ‪#‎free‬ for a limited time! US: amzn/29T2ZUjThe perfect balance between sweet, sexy and heart-rending. This beautiful story about love and acceptance, both of self and others is now tied as my favorite hockey romance. Catherine Gayle not only writes strong appealing heroes, she writes witty, smart and courageous heroines you can’t help but love while you enjoy reading. When Keith and Brie first meet, it’s under false names and half-truths. It was supposed to be for one night, but it l [...]

    • I usually have very strong difficulties to relate with the issues of obesity. Though the explanations regarding the thyroid unbalance were convincing, I still wondered whether anyone dealing with that would really go from a size 2 to a 22 in a matter of months/few years However what I really liked was seeing how the heroine had managed to get her life back under control changing basically everything. The hero played a very interesting and convincing role in making her realize she was not just fl [...]

    • Slick‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewI didn’t think I could love author Catherine Gayle and her Portland Storm hockey team any more than I already did and then she went and wrote a ballroom dancing heroine and she just upped her game one more time. This was a complicated story with both the hero and the heroine dealing with some demons and honestly neither one dealing very well. It was quite interesting to watch how these two r [...]

    • 2014 has been the year of Hockey Romance in my house, finding Catherine Gayle and Toni Aleo's books back in January kick started my obsession, and the Portland Storm is HANDS DOWN my favorite series. (I adore Toni's Assassins, but the Portland Storm have this sense of reality, which I'll talk more about in a minute.) In The Zone is the fifth book in this series, and I have to say that Keith and Brie are my favorite - so far. (I say so far because I'm 99% certain a Katie/Babs book is coming, and [...]

    • In the Zone Book 5by Catherine GayleOnce again with grace and dignity, Gayle covers a tragic societal topic mixed with a fantastic romance; bullying and its often-irreparable consequences. Her stars, Keith and Brie are both memorable and their love story is entertaining, heartwarming and very sensually appealing. She continues her hockey tutorial with her fast-paced dialogue that perfectly fits every character and situation like a glove. Her co-stars both new and returning keep our romance past [...]

    • 3.5 - Basically likable heroes, but the plot didn't catch me. And again the heroine wants too much too soon. I don't see why a man (or a person in general) has to offer the whole (tragic) story of his life after just a few days. I'm looking forward to Nicky's story anyway.___Ausführliche Rezension auf Deutsch: buecher.ueber-alles/?p=20308

    • In the Zone Oh this was HOT… 4 stars babyA one night stand that doesn’t stay at one night oh no it doesn’t. Keith is battling some pretty heavy guilt for things of his past he can’t choose. I think what gets him the most is he can’t atone for what he had done. It’s eating him up inside. Brianna doesn’t see herself in a very favorable light at all. Her ex dance partner really did a number on her and she just continued to do it to herself as well. Her one night affair with Keith who [...]

    • Although still not one of my favorites, I did enjoy this story. I liked that Brie wasn't the typical perfecting-looking heroine. I find it hard to believe she thought she was a size 18, when in fact, she was a 14, but whatever. I liked Keith's backstory and that we got to meet his brother, Shane, a little. I also liked Keith as a person, outside of his relationship with Brie.At one point, I thought there was going to be extra, unnecessary drama, but luckily, Ms. Gayle stayed true to form, allowi [...]

    • Everytime I read a Portland Storm book I say it's my favorite but I think In the Zone is my favorite. Who am I kidding? This whole series is my favorite. :) What I adore about Ms. Gayle is she writes wonderful romances BUT the issues of the characters are really issues of everyday people. Someone can relate to the characters. I love the raw honesty between Keith and Brie. It's not simple but it's real and that's why I love these books. This book has it all hockey (which I am coming to love, than [...]

    • 3.5 starsCatherine Gayle chooses really interesting issues. She challenges norms and creates great characters. This is definitely in that realm. I wasn't quite convinced that a dancer would be a size 22 or that a hot hockey hunk wouldn't pick up a girl at a wedding or the bar but take the risk of using some anonymous listing.But the downside of Catherine Gayle's writing is that the romance is often weaker than I would like. It's not always clear why they fell in love.But an enjoyable read and di [...]

    • Good characters and a satisfying story. I call foul on one point though - If his family knew he was blaming himself, why didn't they reach out and tell him they didn't blame him? It seems unrealistic that they would remain silent and let him isolate himself if they knew what he thought and how wrong he was about that.

    • Too much navel gazing 3.5 stars. I loved the first half of the book - the one-night stand, the next meeting at the dance class, the Pretty Woman-like shopping together. But the second half dragged and became too tell-y. There was too much rundown of where everyone in the team was and it took away from Keith and Brie's romance. Overall, I liked Brie's growth arc into accepting her body. I also liked that Keith had always thought she was gorgeous. I didn't particularly like their declarations of l [...]

    • 3.5 starsDecent story, it flowed well. I liked how the book dealt with the heroine's body issues, as well as other themes that were raised. I'm not into pets, so the cat and dog stuff bored me at times. Definitely not an exciting book - it was easy to put down and leave, but it was sweet.

    • Fun Braincandy! The pace was crazy fast, but the protagonists very very engaging, with great chemistry, enjoying this fun series!

    • I'm getting tied of this series because they all have the same basic plot. Guy falls in love immediately, girl resists, girl runs, hea.

    • Is it just me, or do a lot of the couples in this series have super short relationships before they're moving in with each other or engaged?

    • Catherine Gayle continues her record of delivering great romantic novels featuring heroes and heroines with underlying issues affecting their lives. In In the Zone, Ms. Gayle brings us a hero who lives daily with the guilt of bullying and a heroine who suffers from body-image issues brought on by an ex. Keith and Brie meet in an anonymous hookup, on the East Coast, at a teammate's wedding. Who knew both of them would be in the same city on the west coast in a few short months later - Catherine d [...]

    • In The Zone I have been a big fan of this series since the very beginning!   I am not usually a big reader of too much contemporary romance, but this series has me hooked.  The entire series is based around the fictional NHL team, the Portland Storm.  There is no denying my love of hockey, but my love for these books extends far beyond that.  Not only does Catherine Gayle write great hockey, she writes about real people with real issues and she doesn't sugar coat them. One of my favorite th [...]

    • Steamy Sports Romance with A Powerful Message--By the middle of the first chapter of "In The Zone," I knew this book would have a sexy edge and important message.Brie is a plus-sized heroine because she develops a thyroid issue, causing her to continue to overweight despite her diet restrictions. She keeps her insecurities well hidden, under frumpy clothes and a sweet spirit while teaching dance classes. Her former partner dumped her because of her weight (he was an ass) and to say her spirit ha [...]

    • It was supposed to be a single night of fake names, half-truths, and anonymous sex. Neither of them was prepared for it to become more. Keith Burns, star defenseman for the NHL’s Portland Storm, was just looking for a way to pass the time and ease the loneliness of his lavish lifestyle. Brianna Hayden wanted to find herself—and maybe learn to love herself again—after health issues changed everything. Anonymity is the name of their game; the rules were laid down at the outset. But when a ch [...]

    • I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I've got to say that I enjoyed all of the characters in the Portland Storm series. They all have their differences and yet they come together as a family. It's beautiful to see the interactions and whatnot between the team, their women and family. Burnzie is a well constructed character and I really enjoyed finding out more about him and seeing his interactions. I also loved Brie. She felt like a real person and one that I can easil [...]

    • Keith Burns or 'Burnzie' to his Portland Storm teammates meets Brianna Hayden on an Internet date for one hot night of a hook-up six months earlier on the East Coast. Neither Keith or Brie has forgotten each other so when they chance to meet, the spark is still strong.I like how each of the Portland Storm series brings a social and personal issue into the story. In this case Catherine Gayle tackles the feelings of family members left behind when a brother commits suicide and also the insecuritie [...]

    • Another great book in a wonderful series by Catherine Gayle. Brie is a former competitive ballroom dancer who has a medical problem causing a weight problem. Keith plays defense for the Portland Storm & has from his past from the death of his brother that has stopped him from having any kind of relationships with his family & any permanent relationships with women. He meets Brie after the out of state weddings of 2 of his teammates while looking at an online dating sight that she has put [...]

    • One of my favorite things about Catherine's hockey series, is that while a good part of the book is about hockey, the stories that play out off the ice are unique and deep. Her stories contain real emotion and broken people; people that sometimes stay a little broken. While people can heal, those breaks still leave behind scars that remind us of what we have been through and I think that is what Catherine wants to portray in her characters. Burnzie has been broken in a way that many of us will n [...]

    • TRIUMPH! And not just for the heroes and heroine. Yes, I think this book has multiple heroes, using "hero" to mean "male who has a profound positive impact on others, helping them succeed and move on with life. I am addicted to this series. I find myself waiting anxiously for my next (pre-ordered) fix, gluttonously gulping every teaser, cover reveal, or post soliciting naming assistance. The author probably thinks I am a cyber stalker, but I can't help it. I can re-read this book a couple times. [...]

    • I've said it before, but it bears repeating, Catherine Gayle writes books that deal with real issues, problems and not everything is rosy in the world of her characters. And I love that. She once again proves my point with In the Zone.Keith Burns and Brianna (Brie) Hayden met and chose to use no names and half-truths and it was only going to be one amazing night. Of course things can never be that easy and their lives once again throw them together and this time, neither of them wants to let go [...]

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