Death Descends On Saturn Villa

Death Descends On Saturn Villa Gower Street London March Middleton is the niece of London s greatest and most curmudgeonly private detective Sidney Grice March has just discovered a wealthy long lost relative she never knew

  • Title: Death Descends On Saturn Villa
  • Author: M.R.C. Kasasian
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gower Street, London 1883.March Middleton is the niece of London s greatest and most curmudgeonly private detective, Sidney Grice March has just discovered a wealthy long lost relative she never knew she had When this newest family member meets with a horrible death, March is in the frame for murder and only Sidney Grice can prove her innocence.Grice agrees to investiGower Street, London 1883.March Middleton is the niece of London s greatest and most curmudgeonly private detective, Sidney Grice March has just discovered a wealthy long lost relative she never knew she had When this newest family member meets with a horrible death, March is in the frame for murder and only Sidney Grice can prove her innocence.Grice agrees to investigate for his usual fee but warns that he is not entirely convinced of her innocence If he were in her position, he might have been tempted But the he uncovers, the all the clues point to Grice himself .

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      Martin Kasasian was raised in Lancashire He has had careers as varied as factory hand, wine waiter, veterinary assistant, fairground worker and dentist He lives with his wife in Suffolk in the summer and in a village in Malta in the winter.

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    • All right, M.R.C. Kasasian, you really can't stop writing this series. I implore you on this matter. Each book in this series just gets better and better, and when you think it can't get better, it does. This addition to the series had me guessing what was going on for the entire length of the novel. That alone gives it 5 glorious starts in my rating scale. It is a rarity for me to repeatedly be thinking as I read "Where is he going with this?" or "What is going on? Why did that But how did that [...]

    • Personal detective Sidney Grice and his side kick/female ward Marge Middleton are back in book three of the series. As with the other two books, this one can be read as a standalone. In keeping with the author’s first two novels in this series the murder scenes are graphic. I was unhappy to see a spoiler by the author right at the beginning of the novel. I can't say more about it but the author had a purpose in this tactic. This book started from the point of view of Marge Middleton and then s [...]

    • "You are hiding something from me," I say and Sidney Grice shakes his head. "No," he tells me quietly. "I am hiding a great many things."I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this series. On the one hand, it's mysteries set in Victorian times, and I love March and Pound. On the other hand, there's Sidney bloody Grice, who is singularly the most unlikeable "good guy" character I have had the misfortune to read about.That being said, this was definitely the best yet of the series. Although [...]

    • I found this third novel of the series to be quite difficult to keep up with; too much drifting between the past and present; ramblings due to drugs and/or poison.March Middleton was totally disappointing; too naïve, too kind which allowed her to be manipulated, used and abused. Where she was becoming a stronger, independent woman in the first two novels; now she was the typical simpering female. That is until the very ending where she finally got some gumption and thwarted her would be killer. [...]

    • This time, no amount of time has passed from the previous book. I was ambivalent as to the mystery here though; I felt as if March was more held back and too eager to please than she had been before, which in turn lead her too willingly down the path of the story, with mysterious deaths and non-deaths littered along the way. Half way through, the mystery had become too dense, and March so very timid, that I was growing tired of the read but with the extremely satisfactory and surprisingly emotio [...]

    • Oh dear. I think this is what is called magical realism. Not sure about these new terms yet but whatever it is the novel simply struck me as an irritatingly silly story and way over the top as far as stretching the humour and odd behaviour went.The main character is a Sherlock Holmes take off, there are lots of Holmes time jokey bits. His Watson sidekick is female and the two are always arguing. Preposterous is how I would describe the plot line.But reviews are personal. The book is well written [...]

    • Lindy Nettleton was a much better fit to narrate the series, but it seems she's no longer available. Ms. Nichols was pretty good doing the voices of the other characters (especially Uncle Tolly), but I didn't connect with her as March. I didn't mind having the middle section given from Grice's point of view at all, except that he's so very obnoxious I wanted March around to counteract that. Molly was a bit over-the-top in being so dense, though it was fun to see Grice having to put up her. As fo [...]

    • I found the premise of the mystery in this 3rd Gower Street Detective book to require a greater suspension of disbelief than the prior two books - perhaps just a tad too much as I struggled at times to remain engaged with the mystery. Similarly, there is less of the witty banter between Mr. Grice & Miss Middleton in this book and I missed that. Swapping narrator perspectives partway through was an interesting idea, but it was a bit challenging to get into Mr. Grice's head - his perspective i [...]

    • Originally posted at: thebookplank/2015If you haven't heard about the enigmatic, quirky and rather peculiar detective duo Grice and Middleton you must have been living under a rock. Just about two years ago Head of Zeus published the first book in the Victorian detective series, The Mangle Street Murders, by Martin Kasasian. It was a blast for me. Which Martin Kasasian proved once again with it's sequel The Curse of the House of Foskett. He did leave the sequel with a major cliffhanger, which I [...]

    • Quite funny, and a plot that kept me laughing. Summary: Gower Street, London: 1883. March Middleton is the niece of London's greatest (and most curmudgeonly) private detective, Sidney Grice. March has just discovered a wealthy long-lost relative she never knew she had. When this newest family member meets with a horrible death, March is in the frame for murder—and only Sidney Grice can prove her innocence.

    • I liked this mystery, but didn't love it. In a way, the tone, reminded me of the Flavia de Luce mysteries by Alan Bradley. It moved a bit slowly but there were some elements that kept my interest.

    • I love this series, it's fast paced and the characters are fun! Great little mysteries served with a bit of humour!

    • TRE e 1/2Recensione sul sito LA FENICE BOOKIl Mistero di Villa Saturn mi ha delusa! Se il secondo mi aveva entusiasmato questo mi ha confusa. Nulla da dire sul caso complesso e articolato che ha messo in scena l'autore, tanto di cappello ma ho avuto difficoltà a seguire il filo del discorso (forse sarò scema io!). In questo libro è tutto più confusionario, impostato malamente e strascicato. Il libro è suddiviso in varie parti, per la maggiore raccontate da March Middleton che sembra confusa [...]

    • Well, that was a change of pace. Three novels, each turning the dial up on the previous. It feels as if Kasasian is gaining confidence (I suppose a bulging bank account from the first two books can do that). Not recommended as a standalone - you really ought to do 1 and 2 first. We already knew that Grice is Sherlock Holmes only ruder (and Holmes is a very rude man indeed). But the hints in book 2 that he may have a heart are developed well here. Inspector Pound is useful, although I didn't like [...]

    • Trick knives, poisons, and London's most curmudgeonly personal detective (who seems to be growing a heart)--Death Descends on Saturn Villa might be my favorite book yet of this wonderful series. March’s quick wit and determined independence land her in trouble, but Grice has his second best magnifying glass and a traveling tea flask, so perhaps she’ll be okay? ow/XXTBR

    • Interesting twists and turns. Having more than one narrator kept the story moving, however I preferred the two previous books' structure. Eager to read the next to find out more about the fate of the characters.

    • hyperbole is what comes to mind when attempting to describe the characters and plot of this book. Not worth the time I gave in exchange for skim reading it.

    • One of those books you lock yourself in with so you won't have to punch people on the nose for disturbing you.

    • So, reading the first section made me doubt I wanted to read the rest, but then I got into the groove of the thing and everything worked out. Based on the reviews of this and the next two, I realized this series was going to take a dark turn, and I'm all for that. This one doesn't disappoint in that regard.I was a little confused by March's hallucinations, but they work to disorient the reader as much as they disorient her. And Sydney's POV, which we haven't had before, is brief enough not to dr [...]

    • I found this read frustrating which kept me turning the pages until the end. I needed to know what on earth was going on! I was disappointed when Sidney Grice admitted for the first time ever that he could not complete a case despite his usual brilliance, but I suppose the development of his character suggests he is in fact human and dealing with grief. He allows his guard to fall as he becomes more emotional towards his ward. I agree with some other readers' reviews and hope that March starts t [...]

    • I bought this for the cover and title, and then on the back cover "London 1883". Yes! Favourite setting. This turned out to be book 3 of a series but luckily it was a stand alone book. It's Sherlock Holmes-esque with a somehow MORE egocentric and arrogant PI, and his young Female ward/assistant. Me = mucho confused for most of this. "What is going on?". At one point i reread the same page 3 or 4 times cos i was so sure I'd missed something vital. So confused! But i had to keep going cos I was ho [...]

    • I cannot get enough of this series! Poor March ends up in prison due to the fact she seems to be murdering people. There are secrets and back stories, murder and mayhem. Oh, and there is Molly. How will Marsh be found innocent after being committed to an insane asylum? Grice becomes ill, as does Pound. Will the true murderer even be found, or has Grice actually failed for the first time? Told through the voice of March, and her diaries, and also Grice picks up the story later on which makes for [...]

    • Easily my favorite of the three I’ve read so far. Some of that, I’m sure is comfort with the characters, but I also enjoyed the storyline in this one. The only thing is that it was 486 pages. Totally unnecessary and ridiculously long. I wish these editors would edit a little more. No need for a murder mystery to be just shy of 500 pages.

    • Unlike some, I actually love Sidney - so getting a glimpse inside his mind in this instalment was lovely. The story eh. Overall it was enjoyable but I do prefer March badass, drunk and slightly gay as opposed to helpless, gullible and pining for past mistakes, and in this book she veered wildly toward the latter. Did enjoy Colwyn, and Molly seriously came into her own here.

    • I'm not sure what to think. It was a strange book. I listened to it on my runs so maybe I wasn't concentrating as much as I could have? I felt like it was a bit disjointed and the resolution came all at once. It was ok, but I didn't love it.

    • This was my introduction to this series and I really enjoyed it, very unusual format and characters. I have since read the 1st in the series and am glad I came to this first as it shows that Sydney Grice has a heart and cares for his ward.

    • Sidney Grice is a great creation - but although this is the third in the series I'm afraid this one suffers plot-wise from that troublesome 'second album syndrome': it's a total mess! If you're a completist, you'll read it; otherwise, skip it.

    • Too much, just too much trying to be clever and witty. Plot was somewhat interesting, but the writing was trying too hard, so I skimmed most of the book, read the last 3 chapters. Not likely to try another in the series.

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