Someone Always Knows

Someone Always Knows Finally settled into their new home after losing their house in a fire and fully established in their new shared offices private investigator Sharon McCone and her business partner husband Hy are st

  • Title: Someone Always Knows
  • Author: Marcia Muller
  • ISBN: 9781455527953
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Finally settled into their new home after losing their house in a fire, and fully established in their new shared offices, private investigator Sharon McCone and her business partner husband Hy are starting to feel comfortable That calm is shattered when Hy s former colleague Gage Renshaw a shady troublemaker who they had presumed dead reappears, and it s unclear what hFinally settled into their new home after losing their house in a fire, and fully established in their new shared offices, private investigator Sharon McCone and her business partner husband Hy are starting to feel comfortable That calm is shattered when Hy s former colleague Gage Renshaw a shady troublemaker who they had presumed dead reappears, and it s unclear what he wants from his prosperous former associate.Meanwhile, Sharon has a new client with a desire to rid a derelict house he s just bought in the city s notorious Western Addition neighborhood from intruders, drug users, and thugs However, the abandoned house holds its share of secrets, and soon Sharon is contending with than a simple eyesore as she searches for the individual who is obsessed with destroying her life.

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    • Marcia Muller

      A native of the Detroit area, Marcia Muller grew up in a house full of books and self published three copies of her first novel at age twelve, a tale about her dog complete with primitive illustrations The reviews were generally positive.In the early 1970s, having moved to California, Muller found herself unemployable and began experimenting with mystery novels.In the ensuing thirty some years, Muller has authored over 35 novels three of them in collaboration with husband Bill Pronzini seven short story collections, and numerous nonfiction articles Together she and Pronzini have edited a dozen anthologies and a nonfiction book on the mystery genre Muller received the Shamus Award, The Eye Lifetime achievement award in 1993 In 2005 Muller was named a Grand Master by Mystery Writers of America, the organization s highest award Pronzini was named Grand Master in 2008, making them the only living couple to share the award the other being Margaret Millar and Ross Macdonald The Mulzinis, as friends call them, live in Sonoma County, California, in yet another house full of books.

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    • A quick comfort read, but not providing the various challenges I have come to look for in my reading, no matter the genre. I enjoy learning new things about cultures, places, peoples, etc. This story provided a little insight on McCone's part re her life and relationships but otherwise, fairly formulaic. A decent formula mystery that Marcia Muller has produced for quite a while. But I believe I am looking for more, which I am still able to find from some other mystery writers.

    • It was nice to check in McCone & company (especially since a lot of time was spent describing their cushy office space and nice new home) but there was a bit of melancholy regarding growing old and things changing that made me wonder if Muller is considering retiring. That being said, the "mystery" wasn't very strong which made me wonder if Muller's heart is really in it anymore.

    • Vintage McCone, a series I have followed for years with characters who fit into each story like a favorite pair of jeans. Sharon may now carry a cell phone with a fancy high rise office, but at heart she's the same hands on investigator I love.

    • 3.5 starsIt's always good to check with with PI extraordinaire, Sharon McCone, but I get the feeling she is getting set to retire. Like the rest of us who are getting along in our years, she getting weary of the grind and no longer has the enthusiasm for her more challenging cases, and can't say as I blame her. It will be a sad day for me (along with Sue Grafton's last book in the Milhone series), that's life. BUT, other than that, I enjoyed the mystery and catching up on Sharon's personal and p [...]

    • I am a huge fan of Marcia M but I felt that while this book had a pretty enjoyable storyline, the end seemed to be a bit of a let down. To me it feels like 30 chapters are the build up and 31 is the conclusion. (Not actual chapter numbers). I think that I would enjoy a bit deeper thinking or more complex, or tied in ending. Having already read book 32 I am off to 33 in hopes that it will have a bit more zip in the end. Oh! One other item I am not fond of is the references to “right wing” peo [...]

    • I've been reading these stories since the early 1990's when they were ridiculously difficult to get hold of in the UK.Sharon McCone has always been one of my favourite American PI's and while there is a sameness to the stories after 30 books there is a comfort in the familiar characters and settings.One more to go and I am caught up on this series for now anyway

    • Phew! I was afraid this was going to be the last but I don't think it was. Sharon and her gang pull off another great solve!

    • This Sharon McCone Mystery is full of action from the first page to the last. Her analytical mind never stopped working to figure out the cases that dangled before her and the staffers at the McCone & Ripinsky Agency. Since merging with her husband Hy, an old nemesis thought to be dead resurfaced throwing kinks into everyday affairs. What did he want? And, where was her husband when things got testy? Read today, and watch as the cases unravel.

    • Years ago I read and enjoyed several of Marcia Muller's early Sharon McCone mysteries, so when I saw her latest was available through a lottery I signed up. When my prize arrived, I discovered that Sharon has come a long ways since the days when she was an investigator for the All Souls Legal Cooperative. Considerably older and better established, she is now married and the co-owner with her colorful husband Hy of a large and prosperous investigating firm with several branch offices and a large [...]

    • The latest McCone story has the detective moaning about growing old, at the same time she fights against it with keeping herself active and involved. The story itself was interesting, with several plots which (naturally) came together into one problem by the time the story resolved.There were several places where a head slap was due, several others where the author repeated the exact same description in multiple places, and several where you have to wonder if this was meant to be slapstick.The f [...]

    • I was on the library waiting list for over a year to get this book. I don't know why I bothered. It was mainly about Sharon's complaints about getting older and her lack of interest in much of anything. There's hardly any action. Hy, her husband and partner, is off somewhere most of the book. It's like Muller is phoning it in on this one. It was readable, but I was as bored as Sharon was through most of it. I know it's hard to maintain a certain level of tension and action in a series after 31 b [...]

    • McCone and Hy have become high muckety-mucks, but still find occasion to get on the streets. McCone and her associates are not fully realized in this installment; reading some of the previous books in the series is strongly recommended. On the other hand, most of the adversarial characters are well drawn and interesting. The plot turns on the reappearance of a former associate long thought to have died. This guy is psycho, and it is not clear what he wants. Tension mounts to a climax that should [...]

    • Ish. First and last Marcia Muller book and same with the audio reader, Laura Hicks. Chick lit light in a whiney voice. Muller was described as "a dependable writer with a true skill for turning out a tight, shapely storyline" in an old New York Times review of one of her McCone PI books. Maybe not the highest praise. Chock full of fluff filler and inane details about McCone's domestic life and virtually no action at 50% through the book. Abandoned.

    • I have enjoyed many books in the world and by this author. I find the writing and the characters comfortable. I don't think I would have liked it at all if I hadn't read the entire series. I would be missing the comfort and the plot / story was not all that compelling. It was predictable ins some aspects and not that much happened. It was more about the suspense of something going to happen.

    • More a visit with old friends (I've been following Sharon McCone's adventures since Edwin of the Iron Shoes many years ago) than a mystery. Lots of reminiscing about old cases, family members, etc and what mystery there is involves a figure from the past.

    • Team McCone never disappoints. Someone Always Knows uses the return of a former foe to offer fans a lovely review of this most excellent series.

    • I have not always been intrigued by McCone plots, but I have always felt as if Sharon were speaking directly to me. In this novel, both plot and voice fail.

    • Haven't read a mystery by Marcia Muller in years - and was pleased to find how much I remembered. There's some gaps in the story in my memory, but I did remember Sharon's husband in this one - so I wasn't totally lost in the plot. Sharon McCone and her husband Hy have joined forces in their business, and have created a new business out of the wreakage of Hy's former business, now that one former partner is dead (murdered) and the other is gone - presumed dead. But then Gage Renshaw comes back fr [...]

    • This is probably the series that I've been reading the longest. That said I will probably continue reading it. Even if it doesn't hold my interest like it used to. This particular book wasn't very strong or all that enjoyable. In fact it felt choppy and sad to me. 2 1/2 stars

    • Originally I was going to rate this two stars but I raised it to three because half way through I did want to see how everything tied together. This book was not really for me. This might be because I did not start the series from the begging.

    • Much time spent on a retrospective of past cases and people. Most of the book worrying about Hy, of course. I expect better of one of my favorite authors.

    • I have read all the Sharon McCone mysteries and still find them a good read - you can see the characters grow with each book.

    • While the writing isn't without its flaws, you can always count on Muller for a good mystery. This was a nice palate cleanser before jumping into something more intense.

    • Have enjoyed Sharon McCone mysteries for years. This one did keep me reading but it was probably a little more ho-hum than I remember others.

    • In the latest book in the Sharon McCone series, Muller continues to provide us with an intense and intricate plot. This time, now that McCone and her husband, Hy Ripinsky, have managed to successfully merge their investigative and security companies, a former partner of Ripinsky’s, Gage Renshaw, shows up in the middle of an investigation and threatens both the firm and McCone. While Ripinsky is off on a hush-hush assignment for the government, McCone is left to deal with Renshaw’s machinatio [...]

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