Forever, Erma

Forever Erma Forever Erma gives readers around the world a classic way to hold on to this most gifted writer and her cherished columns In the pages of this book readers can delight again in their favorite selecti

  • Title: Forever, Erma
  • Author: Erma Bombeck
  • ISBN: 9781567313659
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Forever, Erma gives readers around the world a classic way to hold on to this most gifted writer and her cherished columns.In the pages of this book readers can delight again in their favorite selections Here is Erma s first column, Children Cornering the Coin Market, which ran in January 1965, as well as her last one, Let s Face It, from April 1996 I88 other columnsForever, Erma gives readers around the world a classic way to hold on to this most gifted writer and her cherished columns.In the pages of this book readers can delight again in their favorite selections Here is Erma s first column, Children Cornering the Coin Market, which ran in January 1965, as well as her last one, Let s Face It, from April 1996 I88 other columns are also collected here, on her favorite subjects, organized by topic.

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      Erma Louise Bombeck, born Erma Fiste, was an American humorist who achieved great popularity for a newspaper column that depicted suburban home life humorously, in the second half of the 20th century.For 31 years since 1965, Erma Bombeck published 4,000 newspaper articles Already in the 1970s, her witty columns were read, twice weekly, by thirty million readers of 900 newspapers of USA and Canada Besides, the majority of her 15 books became instant best sellers.

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    • Waxing nostalgic usually isn't my thing. If nothing else, when you're as old as I am, the past stretches back so far that details become a little muddled - so why bother? But when I saw this book on sale at , the memories really did come flooding back and I snapped it up. Besides getting a good deal, I needed a dose of comic relief from the psychological thrillers and grisly murder books that are my standard fare and figured this one would provide it. And I was right.For those who don't know, hu [...]

    • One of my favorite humorists of all time, Erma Bombeck ruled the newspaper pages, inspiring and amusing readers with her entertaining observations about the nature of motherhood. "Forever, Erma" was a labor of love: a posthumous collection featuring the most loved Bombeck columns, as well as a smattering of lesser known pieces and a chapter of tributes from colleagues, friends and family. For those unfamiliar with Bombeck's work, it's a good introduction. For those, like myself, who have loved h [...]

    • Not quite my thing but that's okay because I don't particularly think I'm the intended audience for this. It's more of a tribute for fans which I'm really not. I only picked it up because I vaguely remembered reading one of her books back in the 1980s and I thought I'd liked it.

    • Erma Bombeck died in 1996, when I was in London, and I cried when I heard the clipped radio voice announce it. I was 11 or 12 when I somehow came across If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What am I Doing in the Pits? and The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank, and I adored them. I read and reread them, lying on the floor of my bedroom with my feet wedged over the register, wrapped in a blanket that ballooned out as the forced air heat blasted me and turned made my hair stick up from static [...]

    • Erma Bombeck needs no introduction to people of a certain age. Her sense of humor brightened the days of millions of housewives and other people as well. This book reprints some of her best columns. At the back of the book there are many quotations from celebrities and others telling how great she was, so I won't attempt to top them. Erma died of kidney disease and much is made of the fact that she didn't try to jump the line to get a kidney transplant. This is admirable, but if the antiquated m [...]

    • I had never heard of Erma Brombeck or her syndicated column "At Wit's End". I purchased this e-book cheap as it was the deal of the day on one of the e-book sites I frequent. I'm glad I got to read this book, a collection of her "humour" columns from the 1960s to 1996. While I had trouble relating to some of them (she wrote a lot about her life as a suburban housewife and raising kids, two experiences I don't have to endure), some of her writings had me howling with laughter. Reading the last se [...]

    • I love Erma and this was a book full of her newspaper articles. Some of my very favorites were in there. One of my favorite things about her was that she was never mean in her humor. If you want something to pick up and read just a little and get a great big smile on your face this is it.

    • I laughed my head off while reading this book, but I also found myself in tears. Erma Bombeck was one of my mom's favorite columnists, and I loved reading the Erma column in Good Housekeeping when my mother was done with it. Even though I didn't totally understand it then, I still thought she was pretty funny. Now, as a mother, I truly appreciate the things she wrote about--all from the perspective of a mother and housewife, something you usually only find in blogs today. The book is filled with [...]

    • Erma Bombeck was an American humorist, popular for her newspaper column At Wit's End, which depicted suburban home and family life humorously, from 1965 until a few weeks before her death in 1996.This is a collection of her most popular and best loved columns. She was great at finding humor in the ordinary; and she was never mean or hurtful. She showed women that you don't have to perfect to be a great mother.I was a child in the 70's; I grew up reading her columns, and even though most were abo [...]

    • Maybe it's a generational thing. If as I did, you grew up reading Erma Bombeck's columns in the newspaper and laughed until your sides hurt, this volume, which has the strangely combined feature of being a memorial edition and humor also, will need a place of pride on your shelves.Like a few other really wonderful writers, Bombeck's letters were successful not only because they resonated with many people--not only mothers, but children, fathers, and not only members of the middle class (never lo [...]

    • Growing up, my mother was a devout Erma fan. She religiously read the columns and had all her books. I thought of it as, 'mom stuff' and never ventured a glance. Later, I would see Erma on talk shows and found her very amusing and realized my mother might have had a sense of humor, and this 'mom stuff' might have actually funny. Of course it was, and it was lost on me until I became a mother myself.My mom has been gone 20 years now (way too young, both of us) and I'm always searching for ways to [...]

    • Being a trailing spouse and a stay-at-home mom, I so love Erma. I wish she were alive and I wish she were my neighbor. She makes the mundane hilarious. She was a kind heart with a very quick wit. I get very caught up in my life and think that "NO ONE has ever gone through what I am going through." but her articles from the late 60's completely encompass what I am feeling in 2011 kids are weird, my husband IS the Prince of Darkness, and I'm NOT going insane, I'm just in the middle of life.

    • Many of you may be too young to remember Erma Bombeck. However, I found most of her parenting observations to hold just as humorously true today as they did 50 years ago. (I mean anyone who has taught a teenager to drive can appreciate the "imaginary brake".) The essay on mothers of handicapped children (The Special Mother) is worth the price of this book alone.

    • Finished this book en route to Wichita Falls, TX, Target on New Year's Eve with my mom and sister. The end section with tributes to Erma was touching. I think all bloggers should read Erma, because she was doing it right before the format was even invented!

    • like sitting down with an old friend and remembering or laughing about the realities of daily life. I can read this over and over.

    • Erma Bombeck was one of a kind and is dearly missed.Before the age of blogs and websites, Erma's syndicated column could be found in newspapers and on refrigerators across the country.Her essays touched on so many topics that could be identified with most families, especially mothers. This book is a compilation of some of those literary gems, grouped in chapters of topics ranging from missing socks in the laundry to the junk drawer. Erma was a wonderful woman who passed way too soon. We are luck [...]

    • I wish I had 10 stars to give this book. it is a collection of the best of Erma Bombeck's weekly humorist newspaper columns that ran in the 60-90's. Erma was a hysterical gem in writing about the Everyday Life of Typical Housewives and Mothers of the day and their daily travails. I laughed so hard and long that I cried. Put the book down to calm down my dogs, came back and did it again.

    • This is a collection of some of the most popular Bombeck columns. There is also a collection of writings after her death from her family and friends. The columns are often funny and some make you cry like a baby. All are about family and friends.

    • When I was younger, I was an avid reader of Erma Bombeck. The opportunity to take a trip through memory lane was appealing but the reality left me feeling like the good old days weren't so good after all. This was a book of contrasts; half was dated and the other half was hilariously funny.

    • I recommend this for all housewives feeling blue. If you need a giggle about relatable life, Erma Bombeck is the woman to read. Great collection of her columns- tributes and photos at the end were nice too.

    • Delightfully dated a collection of newspaper columns from a popular, 20th-century humorist, Erma Bombeck gives an insight into the pitfalls and pratt-falls of the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's enjoyable, and somewhat nostalgic

    • Forever lovedSuch a gracious fun Lady who wrote for America Woman!Very special enjoyed the read. Get ready to laugh and love Erma

    • I grew up reading Erma, as many my age did, both in the paper and in the clippings posted around the house (refrigerator, next to the phone, et cetera). This is a nice collection of many of her columns, arranged first by topic and then chronologically within each topic. I'd never realized just how long she kept that column going, and it was fascinating to read the genesis of the washer stealing socks from the early 1960s when I remember reading more about it in the late 1980s. I don't know if th [...]

    • Without doubt there is the Bombeck take on family life, and parenting -as with all of her work. This compilation proves to any of the uninitiated or those too young to recall racing to the newspaper to catch that day's column, that Ms. Bombeck was America's premier humorist surpassing, for my money, Thurber and Buchwald For me she the was the honest voice is a turbulent America - another Totie Fields, breaking through boundaries, another artist laying down macadam on new roads leading from wom [...]

    • “Me? I just caved in and told my kids the other sock went to live with Jesus. They seemed to accept that.”Socks do go missing in the dryer. Everyone has experienced this, especially with little kid socks. Erma Bombeck found the humor in this and wrote several columns about the socks that went missing. I have never laughed so much about socks!Erma Bombeck is a well-know columnist, who started writing when she lived only about 30 minutes from where I now live. I have read a few of her famous c [...]

    • I started this book bc I knew Erma Bombeck was a pioneer among women as a humor columnist. I started this book for laughs and as I laughed I was transported back to a different time in American culture. I was touched by this amazing female writer's perspective and her ability to laugh at herself. I was reminded of the women I know and knew of that era who I live so dearly. Most specifically I was reminded of my dear grandmother Elma. She was a fan of Bombeck, as was my mother. As I finished this [...]

    • Having never been around these articles when they were first published, but often having heard the name Erma Bombeck, I was curious enough to respond when I saw the title in a list of reduced price ibooks. The wry humour was very engaging and many of the pieces were also very touching (a few went a little far for me and bordered on schmalzy but they were of their time and very sincerely penned). The other fascinating aspect of this book was the selection of pieces from different time periods of [...]

    • Around sixth or seventh grade, my best friend and I discovered Erma Bombeck on her mom's bookshelf and used to crack each other up reading the essays out loud. When this "collected works" was available as a $1.99 ebook deal a month ago, I bought it for old times sake. What a gift Bombeck's humor, honesty, and wit must have been in the days before technology (email, blog posts, social media) made it easier for moms to share their daily observations, challenges, and laughs. There are a lot of oppo [...]

    • Usually, I can finish reading an Erma Bombeck book within a few days. That was not the case with this book,Forever, Erma,a collection of her best columns. At first I was almost annoyed to find that every few pages I wound up crying. I didn’t pick up this book to cry. There are plenty of other ways to make me cry.But then something clicked for me. These are her best columns.This is her best work. After my delayed realization, this book became so much more special to me. Still having to stop eve [...]

    • A wonderful collection of some of Erma Bombeck's most popular columns. From 1965 through her final column in 1996 this book is filled with her warm, witty, touching, and inspiring words. The book closes with letters written to her family after her death, some of the words spoken at her funeral, and touching tributes from those who knew her.I laughed a lot, some times I cried, sometimes I laughed so hard that I cried, and I enjoyed every word. The columns from the 60's and 70's reflect their time [...]

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