For the Fight

For the Fight From USA Today Bestselling Author Nora Flite the second book in Beyond Blood a multi part series Marina When I m near Kite and Jacob the world shrinks I ache for their skilled hands and warm tongue

  • Title: For the Fight
  • Author: Nora Flite
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From USA Today Bestselling Author Nora Flite, the second book in Beyond Blood, a multi part series.Marina When I m near Kite and Jacob, the world shrinks I ache for their skilled hands and warm tongues I should be thinking about my revenge, but it s so hard to focus This is true addiction.I can t pick a favorite, I want them both.Maybe I don t have to choose.Pressed betFrom USA Today Bestselling Author Nora Flite, the second book in Beyond Blood, a multi part series.Marina When I m near Kite and Jacob, the world shrinks I ache for their skilled hands and warm tongues I should be thinking about my revenge, but it s so hard to focus This is true addiction.I can t pick a favorite, I want them both.Maybe I don t have to choose.Pressed between two seductive men, lost in bliss, everything feels so amazing Perfect.Too bad I know it won t last.I ve figured out their plan Death is waiting for me at the end of this.Being brave used to be easy I had nothing left to lose.Why did they have to go and change that Author s Note Cliffhanger ahead Part 3 is coming soon This is NOT a Love Triangle Contemporary Romance Suspense Contains explicit, erotic MFM menage scenes and themes of violence mature situations.Approximately 190 pages.

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      For sneak previews sales and , join the mailing list noraflite vipA USA Today Bestselling Author, Nora Flite lives in SoCal where the weather is warm and she doesn t have to shovel snow something she never grew to love in her tiny home state of Rhode Island.All of her romances involve passionate, filthy, and slightly obsessive heroes because those are clearly the best kind She s always been a writer, and you ll probably have to pry her keyboard pen magical future writing device out of her cold, dead fingers before she ll stop.She loves when people say hello If you see her in the wild, walk up and start chatting Or hey, just email her noraflite gmailNoraFlite

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    • my review for the boxed set:For me, this one doesn't belong on the romance shelf, but that doesn't meant it has none, it's just anticlimactic.If I would have bought the three novellas separately I would be slightly pissed about the price.The trilogy starts off good and interesting, as you jump right into action and learn about the characters and their history. I really enjoyed that, however the same pace didn't work out in the installments. I was bored, simply because the author tries imitate a [...]

    • OMG TOOOOO SHORT!!!! but 5 freaking awesome stars!!!! review to come!!!!!REVIEW TIME!!!!! THREESOMES SEX AND DEATH you have it all in this seriesthis one was a tad bit short but that's because it ended and i have to wait :( for the next one went at a much faster pace rolled right along into the story and you get swooped right up with it.Am on the fence at the moment TEAM KITE OR TEAM JACOB??? or i could be greedy and have both!!! I really cant wait to see how this goes.WELL DONE A BLINDING FOLLO [...]

    • Again? Are you kidding me? Nora, you end it just when it's getting interesting. God, I'm intrigued and I secretly love it.So this picks right where book 1 finished, I'm not saying even a little detail of the plot because everything is important and I don't want to spoil it. In this book, we get to know more about the Blood Brothers, though I still have my questions. I WANT MORE , I wasn't even a little satisfied with the information we've learned. Please Nora, I'm begging you, tell me more about [...]

    • First, if you haven't read For The Thrill, stop, go back and get it so you won't be lost. Then come back and read this one. You'll thank me later :) I can't get enough of this series!! I didn't want it to end and cannot wait for the next book. Kite and Jacob are still "helping" Marina out on looking for the man she wants to seek revenge on but they are also still trying to look out for themselves and make sure they aren't discovered for who they truly are. They keep thinking that Marina will bre [...]

    • I was given an ARCIn the last book I was really pulling for Kite but now I want both of them! Marina is a great character. A woman conflicted. I love her drive for revenge while still succumbing to the passion of two men she knows she shouldn't trust.And the sex First Kite then Jacob then both! Amazing. This was such a fun, sexy read. I'm anxiously awaiting book three!A great follow up to For The Thrill.

    • Holy steaming hell of hotnessI am just dying over here after finally getting to read book 2 of this sexy, mysterious thriller. When the first book For the Thrill ended, hitmen Kite and Jacob decided they would do what they have always done as blood-brothers jealousy would ever split up these two killers, no woman or job would ever come between themey would SHARE the beautiful Marina while they still had her, until the job was finished. It was always their intention to leave no witnesses alive to [...]

    • ** Got and ARC and this is an honest review **I have a love-love-love/hate relationship with this book. Loved the story but I hated that it was TOO SHORT! (It felt like that) Out of the blue I was already on the last page, yeah, I can say I enjoyed it very very much :)This book starts where we left in the previous one. And we get to know a little more about the two freakin' awesome built characters of Kite and Jacob. I wish I knew more of their childhood. This Blood Brothers thing is very import [...]

    • For those who have read For the Thrill will know that for these characters Kite, Jacob and Marina, their journey has only begun! This left off exactly where the first one ended which is great because you feel like you did not miss out on anything. Vengeance will only get you so far, you need skill to back it up. We are shown this as Jacob finds new leads and we get to see his skill set both in and out of the bedroom. Even though there is a secret pact these hitmen have will it be enough to keep [...]

    • I love the suspense and heat of this series. The first book set the stage and now we are getting to the nitty gritty. Nora Flite is amazing at bringing the reader in and showing us multiple sides to a character. This dark romance is anything but predictable, and the cliffhanger has me begging for the next one. Marina is showing us more about what happened to her family. Jacob has done his homework and the guys are working out a plan. Marina is also learning more about the two men she is falling [...]

    • Team Kite!The hunt for Marinas guy continues in this second book in the Beyond Blood series. Kite and Jacob are becoming more and more tied to Marina and things are definitely getting hotter. As things progress we learn a little more about all three of them and what made them who they are.This book written by any other author just would not work. Nora Flite has brought these characters to life with a writing style that is truly unique. As I said in my review for the first book, this series has a [...]

    • *ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review*yes, I read this from beginning to end in one sitting. This story gets better and better as it goes. I adore Marina!! she's gone through hell and back and she's still strong. no annoying whiny heroine here! all she wants is to seek justice and revenge the monster in her dreams. the relationship between her and Kite and Jacob is getting more intense. I can't wait to find out what happens next. I know which blood brother I'm rooting for, and I'm h [...]

    • I received and ARC of this book for an honest reviewOH. MY. GOD! I absolutely loved this book!!I can't tell you how much I am loving this series!!The chemistry between Marina, Kite and Jacob is amazing! Their dynamic is just incredible! Marina is twisting Kite up - his feelings for her are confusing him hehe! Jacob is cool as a cucumber or is he???I cannot wait to find out what happened with Kite and Jacob when they were children and how they became beyond blood brothers. what is their story?? T [...]

    • 10 stars!!!!Nora has done it once again, I could not wait for this book to be released. Jacob or Kite? Kite of Jacob? Oh hell, I want them both. I agree with some of the other reviews, I'm not usually into group relationships but I can't pick between Kite or Jacob.This book picks up where book one left off. I loved the sexy steamy sex scenes and the relationship they all have with each other. Jacob and Kite are hit men who have agreed to help Marina get revenge for the deaths of her family. They [...]

    • I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy from this author for an honest review. I was very pleased when I received part 2 quite quickly. I really wanted know where the relationships between Kite, Jacob and Marina were going to develop into. Kite and Jacob are falling more and more for Marina. Even though they say they won't let anyone come between them you can sense that they each probably wish they could have her to themselves. Kite especially seems conflicted with the thought of kill [...]

    • WOW WOW WOW and bloody WOW!!!!!! As you can probably tell I loved this book what a truly brilliant book. I'm torn in the first book I really like Kite cause he seemed mysterious but through this I really feel Jacob is the mysterious one and I loved reading a lot more of Jacob he has definitely got a softer side. I enjoyed Marinas character I'm so glad she didn't turn out to be a wimp!!! Oh Jesus what will happen next I can't wait to find out. Will they won't they???????? Fantastic.

    • WowI was gifted a copy by the author for my honest review. I love the dynamics between Kite, Marina and Jacob. What will happen to them 3? Can they live happily ever after all and can Marina get her revenge? So many questions and hopefully not too long a wait to get those answers. The 3 of them together are hot and I also love seeing them individually with Marina. I'm anxious to find out what Kite and Jacob decide to do about Marina. 5 stars !!!!! They are both falling for her and trying to figu [...]

    • Although I am not usually a fan of manage books I absolutely loved this one. MS. Flites writing style is one of my favorites as you get totally engrossed with the characters. The plot is great and there is just the right amount of steam.I cannot wait for the next book. (I still secretly hope she and Kite become a couple)

    • Loved it! can't get enough of these guys! Some of Jacob ' s talents revealed. Kite and Jacob continue to be awesomeness. What's marina to do with these sexy hitmen!

    • Couldn't stop reading!I finished book 2 in less than a day, I couldn't stop reading! I hope book 3 comes out soon.

    • Revenge regardless of what the cost, even if she must accept her own demise in exchange. One might think her risk is too great, but no risk is too great.

    • Def 5 steamy stars for Jacob, Marina, and Kite. I really need the next book to see how Jacob, Marina and Kite relationship grows. Kill her or let her live? That's the million dollar question :)

    • 4.5stars. 4.5 Star Review by Jen SkewesI devoured this book in one sitting. I needed to know what happened between Marina, Jacob and Kite. I needed to know if they found the man that they have been looking for and if so how would it play out. But I also just wanted more of Jacob and Kite, the two very dangerous and very sexy men that have taken up space in my thoughts since finishing the first book.For the Fight starts of exactly where we left off. Marina has found out that when Jacob and Kite w [...]

    • Ok so, I don't have a lot of things that comes to mind after reading this book but I'll try anyway. Did I liked it? Yes, I enjoyed reading it. It was short and I was glad, not because it was horrible and I just wanted to get it over with but because I could read the two books of this series in a short period of time without getting bored by the story :). The scene after the Charity ball was hot and steamy. I liked the characters but I'm not totally attached or involved with them. Yes, her past i [...]

    • ****Way better than the first. This one we actually go into the plot and get a little more feel of each characterI admit, the guys are hot and a little conniving, but I don't think I found any aspect of Marina to be all that special yet, as to why both 'blood brothers' are soooo head over heels for her.p.s. Jacob should have alone time with Marina by now. Waiting for it.

    • Still wondering why this is in the category of erotica, once again one sex sceneblah. Kite, Jacob, and Marina are interesting characters and the story is interesting but this is dragging on.

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