Franklin Flyer

Franklin Flyer In this shimmering work of fiction Nicholas Christopher follows the remarkable life of Franklin Flyer a restless young inventor named after the train on which he was born through the tumultuous years

  • Title: Franklin Flyer
  • Author: Nicholas Christopher
  • ISBN: 9780385336611
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this shimmering work of fiction, Nicholas Christopher follows the remarkable life of Franklin Flyer a restless young inventor named after the train on which he was born through the tumultuous years of the Great Depression, into the Second World War Raised by his suffragette aunt, at various times a vagabond and tycoon, Franklin travels across the U.S.A and around the gIn this shimmering work of fiction, Nicholas Christopher follows the remarkable life of Franklin Flyer a restless young inventor named after the train on which he was born through the tumultuous years of the Great Depression, into the Second World War Raised by his suffragette aunt, at various times a vagabond and tycoon, Franklin travels across the U.S.A and around the globe, seeking adventure and enlightenment, charting his fate by pursuing the unexpected.He encounters a glittering cast of characters among them Rita Hayworth, Josephine Baker, OSS founder Wild Bill Donovan, and a host of political zealots, opportunists, and dreamers thrown together in a world on the brink of collapse With each new invention devices that help to revolutionize everything from early television to the technology with which the Allies respond to the Axis powers Franklin makes his mark Gaining fame and fortune, he also suffers terrible heartbreak, and through numerous transformations discovers that a man s own life is truly his most difficult, and rewarding, invention A brisk, vivid blend of history and imagination, Franklin Flyer brings to life an American hero as unforgettable as his times.From the Hardcover edition.

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    • Nicholas Christopher

      Nicholas Christopher was born and raised in New York City He was educated at Harvard College, where he studied with Robert Lowell and Anthony Hecht Afterward, he traveled and lived in Europe He became a regular contributor to the New Yorker in his early twenties, and began publishing his work in other leading magazines, both in the United States and abroad, including Esquire, the New Republic, the New York Review of Books, the Nation, and the Paris Review He has appeared in numerous anthologies, including the Norton Anthology of Poetry, the Paris Review 50th Anniversary Anthology, the Best American Poetry, Poet s Choice, the Everyman s Library Poems of New York and Conversation Pieces, the Norton Anthology of Love, the Faber Book of Movie Verse, and the Grand Street Reader He has edited two major anthologies himself, Under 35 The New Generation of American Poets Anchor, 1989 and Walk on the Wild Side Urban American Poetry Since 1975 Scribner, 1994 and has translated Martial and Catullus and several modern Greek poets, including George Seferis and Yannis Ritsos His books have been translated and published many other countries, and he is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships from various institutions, including the Guggenheim Foundation, the Academy of American Poets, the Poetry Society of America, and the National Endowment for the Arts He has taught at Yale, Barnard College, and New York University, and is now a Professor on the permanent faculty of the Writing Division of the School of the Arts at Columbia University He lives in New York City with his wife, Constance Christopher, and continues to travel widely, most frequently to Venice, the Hawaiian island of Kauai, and the Grenadines.

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    • This book offers the reader wonderful characters as well as the amazing protagonist, adventures of the protagonist in a realistic fiction, great combination of sensitivity and suspenseful plot and a wonderful period atmosphere. The life and journey of Franklin Flyer is depicted in such a way that it is full of adventure and wonderful female characters but on the other hand, these adventures give you the feeling that they can happen to anyone. It is almost magic in realism as some people comment [...]

    • Nicholas Christopher is a wonderful storyteller, and "Franklin Flyer" is a wonderful story.His deft use of magical realism makes this WWII-era adventure an inventive page-turner, as he reimagines popular heroes and icons as moving parts of a spy story. Normally, this wouldn't be my cup of tea, but he makes it work.I always recommend Christopher's work, and this is a less daunting place to start than the hefty "A Trip to the Stars."

    • I couldn't decide between 2 and 3 stars for this one, but fell on the side of mercy. The character and much of the action was engaging, but overall the plot dragged. This is an episodic historical fiction centering around Franklin Flyer, born, apparently orphaned, and named for a train that derailed, killing most of the passengers. His mother, an actress, survived and finally found him, but he's raised mostly by his aunt. As an adult, he is intrigued by a photo of a woman, and spends much of his [...]

    • Overall: VERY GOOD. I flew through this. At times it bogs down slightly in the super intricate politics of Europe in the 1930s, mostly towards the end, but overall, really fun, super engaging. He's awesome at pulling in these tiny little threads of magic realism that add a little flavor without being distracting or out of place. My only gripe was the last chapter, which was pretty disappointing. I was a little worried about the women in this book, thinking "He's writing cool women, but where is [...]

    • The story of Franklin Flyer kept me interested throughout the book. During the time period this was set, prior to and during WWII, there were many great and influential people in the world. It makes you wonder how many people there were that led extraordianry lives, like Flyer, who may have never recieved the same recognition or had the fame as some of the other prominant figures in our history. The mystery of Anita Snow, turned out to be an unexpected twist at the end that I hadn't anticipated. [...]

    • A Trip to the Stars raised my expectations of Nicholas Christopher pretty high. Though I enjoyed Franklin Flyer, it did not measure up in the same way. I liked many elements -- the Egyptology, espionage, the mystery of the photo, following the twists, turns and strange destinations in Franklin's life -- but these elements weren't anchored in a plot or in characters that were anything more than one-dimensional. The main character was so idealized, always so strong and smart and good, that neither [...]

    • Franklin Flyer is named after the train he was born on. He is. An inventor, writer and thinker. The people he encounters are extraordinary and the things he accomplishes are amazing. His main companion in life is his cat Archimedes or Archie who survived a ship sinking with him. Above all else Franklin always seems to be chasing the romantic dream. Interesting story with a great main character.

    • Another great read from Nicholas Christopher. I'll keep trying his titles. I hope they are all as fun as this one. This one is more fantasy than the Bestiary. I loved everything but the ending. The last 5 pages were like he had run out of original ideas, or couldn't stand to say goodbye to his characters, so he just ended it.

    • I read this one a long time ago. It's an interesting blend of history and imagination - a little like Forrest Gump meets James Bond. I seem to recall that the book opens with a visual: a yellow fedora thrown from a high-rise window, floating to the ground. It's a pleasurable read that is very whimsical, with a dash of serendipity thrown in.

    • Overall a solid, fun read but not as good as Veronica. The base problem was the disconnected feeling the book had as well as the too neat of an ending. In between there were flashes of brilliance and Mr Christopher is a strong author who, even in weaker works, manages to give the ready an enjoyable ride.

    • A pleasure to read. I enjoyed everything about it. Not having read Christopher's other books, I had no expectations. Fun novel with larger than life characters. Much about WWII but told in a digestible way.

    • I liked it, kept me entertained. It has some parts that drag a bit but Franklin, the main character, is engaging. The story doesn't come together or unfold as beautifully as A Trip to the Stars (which I loved). A good read overall though.

    • Definitely my favorite of Christopher's. I really liked how the story looped in on itself and had a solid narrative while still featuring a bit of Christopher's typical strangeness.

    • A rollicking romp of a book. Dashes of magical realism, a fast moving plot, and a good deal of intrigue. This is a quick read that is also a lot of fun.

    • All of Nicholas christopher's books offer everything I'm looking for in a novel -- beautiful storytelling, suspenseful plots, and the ability to bring it all together at the end

    • An interesting tale that crosses historical lines, the boundaries between real and imaginary, and (ever present) the camps of good and evil. Good read.

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