Sweet Love

Sweet Love An irresistibly delicious novel about the power of love and dessert Like other well meaning mothers Julie Mueller believed she did the right thing when she secretly ended her teenage daughter s crush

  • Title: Sweet Love
  • Author: Sarah Strohmeyer
  • ISBN: 9780525950646
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An irresistibly delicious novel about the power of love and dessert Like other well meaning mothers, Julie Mueller believed she did the right thing when she secretly ended her teenage daughter s crush on Michael Slayton, a wild older neighborhood heartthrob with a penchant for Shakespeare and the pedigree of trailer trash.Twenty years later, Betty Mueller has come to realAn irresistibly delicious novel about the power of love and dessert Like other well meaning mothers, Julie Mueller believed she did the right thing when she secretly ended her teenage daughter s crush on Michael Slayton, a wild older neighborhood heartthrob with a penchant for Shakespeare and the pedigree of trailer trash.Twenty years later, Betty Mueller has come to realize that was a big mistake Her daughter Julie divorced and raising a teenage daughter alone is a workaholic obsessed with her career And Michael, the one man who could make her happy, is the one man to whom she won t speak.Now dying and determined to make amends, Betty stages her last great feat of motherhood by reuniting the couple in a dessert class where she hopes the sweetness of a chocolate almond Torta Caprese will erase the bitterness of a wretched misunderstanding.Sweet love, renew thy force be it not said thy edge should blunter be than appetite, Shakespeare once pleaded though it will require than poetry and passion fruit for Julie and Michael to renew their love It will, in fact, require the sweetest sacrifice of all.

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    • Sarah Strohmeyer

      Sarah Strohmeyer is the award winning, nationally bestselling author of 17 novels for young adults and adults, including the Bubbles Yablonsky mystery series, SMART GIRLS GET WHAT THEY WANT and THE CINDERELLA PACT, which became the Lifetime Movie, LYING TO BE PERFECT.Her first mystery, BUBBLES UNBOUND, won the Agatha Award and THE SLEEPING BEAUTY PROPOSAL was nominated for a prestigious RITA Her books have been translated into German, French, Italian, Turkish, Taiwanese and a bunch of others.Her next YA book THIS IS MY BRAIN ON BOYS will be published by Balzer Bray on May 10, 2016.

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    • I have died everyday waiting for youDarling don’t be afraid I have loved youFor a thousand yearsI love you for a thousand moreFor some reason, reading this book makes me hum. I don't really remember the lyrics for A Thousand Years by Christina Perri but reading this book has made it possible. Plus, I strongly believe that the song and the book are really synchronise; knowing that this book is not just about food but also about a long lost love. Imagine having a crush since you were small and y [...]

    • An entertaining, but somewhat disappointing and disjointed romance/family story. The ending was a bit unsatisfying to me and I was never really sold on the main romance.

    • I picked this book up only because I had nothing to read and I just needed a quick time-filler. Thankfully, that's all this book was and I was done with it in half a day. It's your usual romance with the premise of a strong but middle-aged woman and a handsome but emotionally unavailable man set around a cooking course at the local college. There isn't any substance in this book whatsoever, the characters were flimsy and unreal, the dialogue was the same.

    • I was expecting a book similar to "The Cinderella Pact", something light, fluffy, and silly."Sweet Love" is nothing like "The Cinderella Pact". It's an insightful, and at times heartbreaking account of the struggles that a mid-aged single mother trying to care for her teenage daughter and her elderly parents, all while trying to develop a relationship with the man she's loved since she was a teenager.I liked that this book didn't have a completely fairy tale happy ending. I was surprised by the [...]

    • Julie Mueller has known Michael Slayton since she was 10 years old. At age 17, she discovered that she was in love with him, only to be rebuffed. Many years later, Julie's and Michael's paths cross again, both divorced, they are on opposite sides of a steamy political scandal that deepens the rift between them. Then, Julie's mom gets sick and wangles Julie and Michael into the same cooking class at a Boston culinary school. As Julie finally learns to cook, the story of her and Michael starts to [...]

    • This was a quick read. I enjoyed it but not as much as the others. Although there was a plot twist at the end I didn't really see coming. I enjoyed the various Shakespeare quotes at the beginnings of the chapter which foreshadowed events. And I totally wish I could eat the cupcake pictured on the cover - it looks delicious!

    • I think I would give this 3.5 stars if I could. I liked it better then some of Sarah's other recent releases. Her characters are always so entertaining to read - I actually laughed out loud in the library at one point (totally embarrassing myself).

    • Omg! What a great book. I could hardly put it down. Such amazing characters & a well planned plot. I would totally read it again!

    • I LOVE Sarah's Bubbles series. I am a Bubbles head & proud of it (yes, I am a yahoo carrying member). I am also going to say, my heart belongs to the Bubbles series & nothing Sarah writes will be as good as Ms. Yablonsky's hilarious series! For real! I mean, hello Bubbles Unbound scooped up the Agatha Award for best first novel in 2001.That said & out of the way, I will say Sarah has whipped up a savory morsel in Sweet Love. This is Sarah's best stand alone to date.Sweet Love is dele [...]

    • I started reading Sarah Strohmeyer's books after discovering the Lipstick Chronicles she and several other sassy authors contribute to. In the time I actively read that blog Strohmeyer wrote about this book a lot and I was looking forward to reading it. Finally picked it up last week and I have to say I enjoyed it. The recipes discussed sound incredibly good, but that's just the proverbial icing on the cake. The real heart of the story is Julie's relationship with her mother and her childhood cr [...]

    • Seventy-five year old Betty Mueller is worried about her daughter. Daughter Julie, at 17, made no secret of her huge crush on the boy next door, Michael. Michael was Julie's older brother's best friend and was practically a member of the family. They all loved Michael. Problem? Michael was 4 years older than Julie. Big problem, but easily solved; and now Betty regrets, 20 years later, the role she played in solving the problem.Julie went on to marry, a baby already on the way, only to have her h [...]

    • In this novel you meet Betty Mueller, a 70 something year old mother who knows that her life span is ending soon and wants to make amends before she leaves the world. She has already fought breast cancer, upon other things, and she wants to make things right for her daughter. When her daughter was in her teens, the love her life, Michael Slayton wanted to be with her. But, her mother of course stopped this from happening due to the fact that he was in his twenties and Betty believed he was "too [...]

    • This is a quick read and has a little bit of something for everyone - single mothers, foodies, moms of teens, women taking care of aging parents, breast cancer survivors, those longing for lost loves, people who don't like the French and/or journalists, etc.! I have to say I'm a Sarah Strohmeyer fan - she's not superfluous or flowery and usually her protagonists are witty, wise, honest and to the point. Although I really liked Julie, I found her to be quite dense when it came to figuring out the [...]

    • I'm a fan of Sarah Strohmeyer. I began reading her Bubbles books, and then discovered her others. (I much prefer her other novels that stand on their own, rather than the Bubbles series.)Sweet Love is the story of a woman; a single parent to her teenage daughter, a local newscaster with 20 years of experience, sharing a two-family home with her aging parents. Though she is well-known for her inexperience and lack of skills in the kitchen, her mother gives her the gift of dessert lessons with a f [...]

    • I’m usually opposed to romance novels, but this was an exception - and not just because it was given to me as a birthday gift!It starts off slow, but picks up quickly after the first two chapters. That's when you’re enthralled in the tale.The lovely thing about the novel is that each chapter starts with a quote from one of Shakespeare’s play. And the references made! Tintern Abbey, William Congreve, Lady Macbeth, Claudius from HamletBut it’s not as if you won’t like the book if you don [...]

    • It took a really long time for the story to become engaging - so long, I almost gave up. It was through sheer pride that I finished this book, since I didn't want it to be marked 'did-not-finish', and I guess I'm glad I did. The ending was far better than the beginning, but I'm annoyed that it took so long for me to actually care about any of the characters. This was a lovely story about love between women of three generations. If the story was focused solely on that, this would have been a grea [...]

    • Julie's career goals are about to come true with the chance to compete for a spot on the national TV circuit covering the presidential campaign. But complications--a botched news story, the return of her childhood crush at a dessert-making class, the discovery of a lump in her left breast, her mother's shaky health, and parenting a teenager as a single parent--derail her. Although Julie is strong and independent with a quick wit and intelligence, her mounting problems do not make for a quick, li [...]

    • This book was slow to begin and never really got going for me. Mom breaks up her daughter's teenage relathionship, only to discover that it was her daughter's one true love and the break up has left her forever unlucky in love. With her health declining, Betty Mueller sets out to fix what she's broken: her daughter's heart. She does so by setting her daughter and her ex-love up to meet in the same French dessert cooking class, which ironically has nothing to do with the absolutely delicious, gor [...]

    • I'm always a fan of romance novels, but there's romance and then there's just completely unbelievable. I liked the past books of this author - wish this one was the same.

    • I had to read this for the Chick Lit Book Discussion Club I ended up with. I have nothing nice to say about this book. Even one star seems too generous. It's even more painful a read than Friday Night Knitter's Club was. Dreadful from start to finish and full of characters that I can only hope are not based on anyone the author actually knows. This is particularly true in regards to Julie, the main character acted like she 12 instead of 30 and was such a repulsive brat. And her insane mother and [...]

    • Picked this up at the library for a lighter read after two very intense Jodi Picoult books. I guess it can be classified as chick-lit, but any book that has references to and quotes from Shakespeare and Tennyson is a step higher in my book! I am surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. I thought that it would be mostly fluff, but it turned out to be an interesting look at mother-daughter relationships, correcting past mistakes and second chances. The main characer, Julie, is insecure and unhap [...]

    • I've really enjoyed Sarah Strohmeyer's last few books, but I have to say this one was just not as good in my opinion. The basic storyline is that Julie Mueller is a forty-something single mother who is trying to work, take care of her teenage daughter and look after her parents as well. When her mother gives her a series of dessert classes as a gift, Julie is coincidently reunited with her teenage crush, Michael. Through a series of bad luck and other crazy events Julie and Michael finally end u [...]

    • I loved this book. Not only was it set in Boston - familiar territory - but it involved one of my favorite things: dessert! More than that, though, I love that Sarah Strohmeyer can make me laugh hysterically and cry like a baby. I haven't read any of her Bubbles books - mysteries aren't really my thing, typically - but I might just because I love her writing. I don't know if it's the fact that her characters are real and flawed or the honest emotions, but I'm always glad to have read her books w [...]

    • This was a Rapid Reads feature at the library - I didn't get it because you can only take the item for a week - HA HA, I almost never get through a book that fast. But it sounds fun so I'll get it when it goes to the regular shelves (and I get through the other two books on my night stand!)UPDATEFinally got this from the library. I'd forgotten that the main character is a political journalist. It's pretty light, but I've read the first few chapters, and it's a decent readNAL UPDATEGot about half [...]

    • I'll be honest, the thing that caught my attention about this book was the cover! After reading the jacket cover it sounded like a cute story. I was swept away in this story about a woman in her early forties, single mom to a teenager, and her relationship with her mother. It was a sweet story, and after finishing it, I called my mom to tell her that I love her! That is a mark of a good book to me when it prompts you to action! There were a couple of uses of the big "F" word that was unnecessary [...]

    • I had a hard time getting into this bookt because it was a slow start, but every time I sat down to read, something happened. I had to re read bits and pieces (wouldn't you if you got to read 2 paragraphs, then had to wait a day then go back?) but once I had some uninterrupted time, I was able to get right into the plot and enjoyed it. Unlike some of her other books, this one had a deeper sub plot and the main character had more brains than some of the other characters in other books. it didn't [...]

    • Didnt think id get into this. Was going for a chick lit kinda thing and having read a couple of books from Bubbles Yablonsky series which I loved, I requested a few of Strohmeyers books from the library without seeing what they were about. I absolutely loved this story. But note, you will need the tissues. My poor son was wondering what the hell was wrong with me cos I was blubbering away lol. Its certainly one that will stay with me for a long time to come Im sure. Loved it loved it loved it!

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