The Ice Seduction

The Ice Seduction Librarian Note Alternate new cover edition for ISBN The Nanny The master of the house A forbidden love When Seraphina Harper accepts a nanny position at Mansfield Castle she s intrigued

  • Title: The Ice Seduction
  • Author: Suzy K. Quinn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian Note Alternate new cover edition for ISBN 9781496074171 The Nanny The master of the house A forbidden love When Seraphina Harper accepts a nanny position at Mansfield Castle, she s intrigued to learn that her new boss is Lord Patrick Mansfield a young, wealthy ex army officer who is as tough as he is handsome.Strong and disciplined, Patrick believes that iLibrarian Note Alternate new cover edition for ISBN 9781496074171 The Nanny The master of the house A forbidden love When Seraphina Harper accepts a nanny position at Mansfield Castle, she s intrigued to learn that her new boss is Lord Patrick Mansfield a young, wealthy ex army officer who is as tough as he is handsome.Strong and disciplined, Patrick believes that in his cold woodland castle, what he says goes.But Seraphina isn t a girl who likes following orders especially from a man as arrogant as Patrick.Before long, the pair fall into a forbidden, obsessive love affair that breaks all the rules

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      180 Suzy K. Quinn
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    • Seraphina Harper kommt aus einfachen Verhältnissen und tut alles, um ihrer kleinen Schwester das Studium zu finanzieren. So kommt es, dass sie die Stelle als Kindermädchen in Mainsfield Castle antritt. Doch sie wurde gewarnt: Keine Nanny hielt es bisher länger als eine Woche im prächtigen Herrenhaus aus, in dem der alleinstehende Lord Patrick Mansfield und sein kleiner Neffe Bertie leben. Denn der Lord ist ein ehemaliger gutaussehnder Offizier und besteht darauf, dass seine Regeln bedingungs [...]

    • It is like reading Jane Eyre and Rebecca in the 21st century with a few extra turns and twists here and there. Patrick and Seraphina have absolutely no problem falling for each other at their very first meeting. A nasty housekeeper and her daughter try to drive the two apart but to no avail. There are secrets surrounding Patrick’s family and caught in the crossfire is a young boy Bertie who has been grossly mistreated and manhandled. In spite of all the secrecy, the story is not that interesti [...]

    • "Leidenschaftlich begehrt", der erste Band der "Passion"-Trilogie, hat mein Interesse sofort erweckt, denn das Cover ist nicht nur sehr ansprechend, sondern auch die vielen positiven Stimmen von Lesern, die das Buch bereits verschlungen haben. Meine Erwartungen waren demnach sehr hoch, allerdings muss ich leider sagen, dass ich am Ende doch ein klein wenig enttäuscht bin.S. Quinn kann definitiv schreiben und ich bin trotz der winzig kleinen Enttäuschung geradezu durch die Seiten geflogen, denn [...]

    • Mich hat vor allem die Geschichte mit Bertie interessiert und seine Erlebnisse haben mir wirklich das Herz gebrochen

    • I received a promotional copy of this book from the author. (Thanks Su!!)As I said in my progress updates, I don't recall ever smiling so much as I read a book. Not really laughing or chucklingjuste story made me smile. It made me happy. Seraphina is down-to-earth, stubborn, but not annoyingly so. Patrick isahhot! Arrogant-ish and confident without going uber-Alpha. The fact that we're first introduced to him without a shirt on definitely adds to his appeal. :)Oh, and Bertie! Such a sweet boy! I [...]

    • The Ice Seduction series is a new story line that has twists, secrets, mystery and hot steamy scenes with the Lord of the ManorPatrick Mansfield. Sera lost her last job and was desperate for another to pay her sisters tuition at a prominent London dance institution so she can have a better life that Sera has had. With crappy parents and this job being far from London she has a hard time leaving her sister behind Se decides to take the job offered even though she's been told that the nanny's don' [...]

    • I have a soft spot for this book due to it being set in the remote Scottish Highlands. As I am from Scotland myself and can picture the scenes in my head. Seraphina Harper is a down on her luck woman who works as a nanny. She takes a job after losing another to go and work for Lord Patrick Mansfield as his nephew Bertie's nanny. Patrick, is a strong alpha male with strange family. When Sera goes to work for him, all hell breaks loose and he has to keep his family safe and Sera too. I totally lov [...]

    • Seraphina Harper (Sera) is living on a house boat and raising her 16 year old sister. When she loses her Nanny position, she seeks help from her agent and friend. The only position available happens to be at Mansfield Castle in Scotland, for a troubled boy, Bertie, who goes through Nannies weekly.Patrick Mansfield is Bertie's uncle. He's an ex army officer, hot as hell, and as alpha as they come. There is an instant attraction between him and Sera. At first, Sera tries to ignore it, but it soon [...]

    • What an amazing story! This is my favourite S.K Quinn book at the moment!!Sera is the kind of nanny everyone should want for their children. She is so loyal and caring to her charges, even trying to stay in contact when she's no longer their nanny. She believes there are no bad kids (especially younger kids), just bad habits or bad teachings. She understands that when kids act out, a lot of the time it's because they're hurting.Patrick was such a great character. A lot warmer than what I was exp [...]

    • So when I entered the competition to read this book, I thought it looks like a fun read. Well it was, so much so I started at finished it in one go. I literally couldn't put it down. Sera is a first rate example of what a heroine should be: in control, smart, stubborn, lovable and caring. It is through her eyes that we unravel the dark mystery of what happened to Bertie, and meet the strong and impossible Lord Patrick Mansfield. A perfect book to get lost in. I am now a huge fan and am doing eve [...]

    • I loved the book, however i didnt like the comparson to fifty shades of grey. i got my hopes up for a good sex drivin' book, when thats not what i got, well not until the end. However i do feel that it has potentil to be fifty shades of grey good with the next book. Because the idea of the nanny and the Lord of the house it a fucking hot idea. Who doesnt like a little role play and want to play the nanny and the lord of the house in the bed room.

    • A brilliant book, with great characters, well written with an original storyline. I could'nt put the book down, it flows so well that you've finished it before you know it. I can't wait for book 2. Another great book from one of my favourite Authors, I loved it ;D

    • it was okI didn't feel it between Patrick and the nanny, it was rushed and no time taken to develop thier relationship. I'll still probably read the next book to see if it develops more. I did enjoy thier bertie storyline though

    • Cover:Obwohl ich dunkel gehaltene Cover nicht so sehr mag, ist dieses hier wieder eine Ausnahme. Mansfield Castle wird im Buch als kühl und oft auch unheimlich dargestellt, was sich meiner Meinung nach gut in den grau und schwarz Tönen wiederfindet. Das rot schimmernde "Passion" zeigt jedoch auch in der dunklen Umgebung einen Hoffnungsschimmer und das es überall etwas Gutes gibt. Das Dunkel scheint das helle zu überwiegen, doch was ist wirklich stärker?Meinung:Herausforderungen schrecken Se [...]

    • What's most ironic flaw a book with the title "Show, Don't Tell" could have? This book has that flaw. Plus, it's crashingly obvious in its foreshadowing and frustrating in the way that it obviously withholds information in order to generate 'suspense'.I assume that the friendly orphan turns out to be a member of the family, but I can't be bothered reading it all to find out.

    • I loved itNot one for leaving g long review so I will be short and sweet!! I absolutely loved this book. I'm about to get stuck into the next one x

    • Amazing!!!! My emotions were so up and down during this book. I fell in love with Patrick Mansfield and my heart ached for little Bertie! I love your books and I can't wait to read the second book.

    • Seraphina Harper lebt zusammen mit ihrer kleinen Schwester Wila auf einem Hausboot am Rande Londons. Da sie niemanden hat, der sich mit um Wila kümmert, liegt es an ihr, die Studiengebühren für die Ballettschule, die ihre Schwester besucht, zusammen zu bekommen. Doch dann passiert das Unglaubliche, sie verliert ihren Job. Nun gibt es nur noch eine Möglichkeit, um den Ausfall wiedergutzumachen. Sie muss den Job als Nanny in einem Schloss in Schottland antreten. Das Mansfield Castle gehört zu [...]

    • *First Reads Review*The story follows Serphina Harper who is a nanny. After being unfairly dismissed from her previous job, her agency seeks her a new job which is when she gets informed about Mansfield Castle - a grand old castle in Scotland which is owned by her new boss, Patrick Mansfield.Bertie is the little boy who Sera will be taking care of, he is a challenging boy who has caused all the other nannies to run from the place as quick as theyve arrived! He has been passed back and forth betw [...]

    • Inhalt:Seraphina Harper bekommt einen neuen Job als Kindermädchen in Mansfield Castle. Dort muss sie auf Bertie aufpassen, er spricht nicht und isst nichts. Viele Kindermädchen haben schon probiert mit ihm auszukommen. Sie sind aber alle gescheitert, doch Seraphina lässt Bertie nicht im Stich und gibt ihn nicht auf. Das ist nicht immer einfach, denn die Hausherrin und ihre Tochter wollen sie nicht im Schloss haben. Während Seraphina versucht die Geheimnisse des Schlosses zu lösen, beginnt s [...]

    • I read this one on my trip to Sicily on the beach within a day (in German) and I loved it. It is a mix of erotic (devotion – Mf) and a little bit of crime/thriller. I have read the “Ivy” Series by S.Quinn a couple of years ago and liked it so I was quite open minded but this book was different, very different.Seraphina is a young woman, early 20s, and works as a Nanny. With the money she makes she pays for her (half-)sisters ballet school. She’s talented but when she tells her late emplo [...]

    • I can't really claim to have read this book - I skimmed two-thirds of it! The basic premise of the book is promising - I liked the depiction of a burlesque artist's life, and there was an intriguing mystery around the death of Lili's mother - but as the story unfolded I found it less and less believable.Lili's mother had committed suicide, leaving a cryptic note asking Lili to look for some letters which had been handed down in the family for generations. But this is where it starts to fall apar [...]

    • Als Seraphina Harper ihre Stelle als Kindermädchen verliert und notgedrungen einen neuen Job in Schottland annehmen muss, weiß sie noch nicht, dass diese Reise ihr komplettes Leben auf den Kopf stellen wird.Und das nicht nur, da sich der kleine Bertie als schwieriger Fall herausstellt.Denn Bertie spricht nicht, seine Nahrungsaufnahme beschränkt sich auf Lakritze und Milch.Sera versucht alles, um herauszubekommen, was Bertie erlebt hat, dass dies ein Trauma bei ihm hinterlassen hat, doch wird [...]

    • 4.oo "something New" Stars What can I say? Well, I love Bertie more than the H/h. Sera is quite okay, she is one bad ass woman. Patrick a typical alpha male. I love the suspense in this book, it's what keeps me on reading it. So Bow, down. If you want to read a romance with lots of suspense, go ahead try it.

    • Das Cover:Das Cover ist sehr erotisch gestaltet, was mir sehr gut gefällt. Man erkennt einen Rücken mit einem Arm und einer Hand. Das Bild ist in schwarz und grau. Ich finde trotzdem, dass das Bild nicht ganz an die Handlung passt, mir fehlt ein Schloss im Hintergrund. Insgesamt finde ich es bisschen mehr als durschnittlich.Meine Meinung:Trotz der stereotypischen Beziehungen, hat mich das Buch von Anfang gefesselt und konnte mich begeistern.Die Handlung:Die Handlung hat stereoypische Beziehung [...]

    • SNS Rating: 5.0~~~~~~~~~~Tracy's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~We meet a young woman Seraphina Harper or Sera who is a Nanny and in her last Nanny position the Man of the house decided to put his hands on her so she was forced to quit. She needs to find another position and fast as it is up to her to take care of her little sister's school expenses. She is placed in Mansfield Castle to look after Patrick Mansfield's nephew Bertie. No Nanny lasts a week in this position previously. Bertie is a [...]

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