The Nelson Touch

The Nelson Touch Ark Royal the Royal Navy s outdated space carrier has won a smashing victory against the enigmatic aliens capturing one of their starships and returning to Earth Now Admiral Theodore Smith and his c

  • Title: The Nelson Touch
  • Author: Christopher G. Nuttall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ark Royal the Royal Navy s outdated space carrier has won a smashing victory against the enigmatic aliens, capturing one of their starships and returning to Earth Now, Admiral Theodore Smith and his crew are assigned to command a fleet charged with making a deep penetration raid into alien territory, a fleet made up of carriers from four different nations.But with a cArk Royal the Royal Navy s outdated space carrier has won a smashing victory against the enigmatic aliens, capturing one of their starships and returning to Earth Now, Admiral Theodore Smith and his crew are assigned to command a fleet charged with making a deep penetration raid into alien territory, a fleet made up of carriers from four different nations.But with a crewman who isn t what he seems, untested pilots and international friction and a new and dangerous alien plan can Ted and his crew survive their mission or will they die, alone and unremarked, hundreds of light years from home

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      Christopher G. Nuttall Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Nelson Touch book, this is one of the most wanted Christopher G. Nuttall author readers around the world.

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    • While "Ark Royal" was a somewhat predictable, old fashioned navies-in-space book with some bad vibes from the author leaking out, this book is sort of disgusting.Let me give you the short version:Every woman is a shrew. Except those who are sexy and/or submissive. Journalists are the lowest of the low. Military men are awesome. Exposition is a must. Aliens are a mistery. Dialog is clunky. Aliens will magically develop or not develop whatever ability or tactic the author needs at any given point [...]

    • The Nelson Touch continues the story started in Ark Royal. As you can see from my review of Ark Royal I thought it was a great book. This book is a worthy sequel. It has many of the same, likable, characters and they are of course as well done as in the previous book.As the book blurb states, this time we follow the old carrier Ark Royal when she and a small fleet goes on the offensive in order to try to divert the aliens attention from Earth. Quite a bit of the book deals with various interpers [...]

    • Summary: In the months following the conclusion of Ark Royal, Earth has hurried to prepare humanity for the next alien engagement. Outdated frigates and the remaining modern carriers are equipped with alien technology and that fleet is placed under the command of recently promoted Admiral Smith, the former Captain of Ark Royal. Rather than remaining in the Sol system to defend against the inevitable attack, the fleet is instead used to take the fight to the aliens. The multinational fleet is tas [...]

    • The Nelson Touch, Christopher Nuttall’s sequel to Ark Royal, picks up a few months after the Ark Royal ends. The Ark Royal, the previously outdated space fighter carrier that is suddenly humanity’s last hope, and her crew are preparing to launch a mission into the heart of enemy space. Theodore Smith, the captain of the Ark Royal, has been promoted to admiral and now leads a multinational fleet in a strike deep into enemy territory. The Nelson Touch focuses on all of the characters from Ark [...]

    • From My Newsletter Number 71:This review is on The Nelson Touch, Ark Royal II, written by Christopher G. Nuttall. It is the second book in the series.The story begins eleven months after the first book ended. Admiral Sir Theodore Smith has been promoted for his past victories against the aliens and is returning to his flagship, Ark Royal, after a long round of ceremonies, speeches and dinners for the Royal Navy. This time, he is no longer in command of his ship, but rather is the commander of a [...]

    • Before you begin this book, please make sure you read the first book in the series titled “Ark Royal” or this one might not make too much sense as it is the second book in the series.The author picks up right where he left off with the aging star carrier, the aliens continue the attack, and he continues to get you into the minds of his characters that makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the action. Similar to the first novel, I appreciate how the futuristic technology isn’t [...]

    • The plot follows directly on from book 1 in the series - ARK ROYAL. Earth governments put together a multinational task force to strike back at the mysterious aliens. Again the action in this book is analogous to WW2 carrier based fleet battles, seen through the eyes of some commanders from Ark Royal plus some new characters. Set against the navy style battles there are family stories and sexual encounters heightened by the risks of war. Another enjoyable action take.

    • The series keeps getting better!This is the third book in the series and I liked it just as much, if not more, than the first two. We now have an international space fleet and we are taking the war to the aliens. Unfortunately while our fleet was searching for the aliens, the aliens were attacking Earth! I can't wait to read book four.

    • Getting better! There are a few niggling irritations w.r.t. some of the characters but overall I enjoyed this one! Still I'd give it a 3.5 star rating if would provide a more granular point system.

    • Gripping storyThe admiral took the fight to the enemy. The enemy was not idle while his fleet was away from Earth. Then there is the Crown Prince who proved himself using a nom de guerre only to be lost in battle. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

    • Great story Another great installment in a a great series, moving on to number three and here are seven more random words

    • Must read series for my spring reading!Christopher Nuttall The Nelson Touch has made Ark Royal a must read series for spring reading list. I recommend oy.

    • The Ark Royal has not only had a successful victory against the aliens, they have captured an alien warship, something that has never been done in starship combat before.But the rest of the human fleet is in shambles, unable to stand up to the power of the aliens. Only the armour of the Ark Royal is able to stand against the weapons of the aliens, giving humanity any hope of surviving an attack by the aliens.In this the second outing of the Ark Royal Series, a new plan is derived to take the Ark [...]

    • In the second novel of the Ark Royal series, "The Nelson Touch" continues the story of Capt. Ted Smith and his band of misfits after they lead a successful defense of earth and destroy the aliens in a head-them-off-at-the-pass climax. Again, author Christopher Nuttall reminds me of one of the westerns that I used to watch on TV in black and white in the 1960s in front of our ancient set. They'd transport me into a world of dust, bullets and brave defenders of the faith. This book gets its name f [...]

    • When I first read the plot description for this book my first thought was "Oh great it is 'Battle Star Galactica' meshed with a Japanese anime called 'Irresponsible Captain Tylor'" and I can say I was wrong. It had its own personality, it kept my interest, it told an engaging story, but it did have its flaws. The Characters were fairly one dimensional, they had personal struggles but not very deep ones and I was able to look over that because there was a lot going on. I just kept on waiting for [...]

    • This is the second book in the Ark Royal series. The story begins eleven months after the first book ends. Captain Smith has been promoted to Admiral and is now in charge of the fleet with Ark Royal servings as his flagship. James Fitzwilliam has been promoted to Captain and is now the captain of the Ark Royal. The Earth Defense Command has decided to go on the offensive and strike the aliens in their own space territory.The book is divided into two parts. The first part takes place before the m [...]

    • Very Exciting Space Warfare with (Unnecessary) Added DramaThe Ark Royal is the only human starship that the alien enemy can't seem to destroy. And it is powerful enough to take on many alien carriers on it's own as proven by it's previous combat record. Now the Admiralty wants to send the Ark Royal and a coalition task force fleet to strike deep inside enemy territory. This seems to be a suicide mission since all the other foreign carriers in the fleet will be modern and apparently paper thin on [...]

    • This book starts almost a year after the events of Ark Royal and the various Navies of humanity have come together to for a unified fleet to strike back at the aliens.That part of the story is pretty solid. Some good planning scenes and some good action scenes.Where this book fails is in characterizations. We're given almost everything from the POV of royal Navy officers. So, media is universally derided. The Title is paramount. Double standards on sex and relationships. Maybe that's what it's l [...]

    • if you've read #1, then you should definitely give this a go. but the end of book #1, there was a message from the author, saying that if there's enough of a market for a sequel, he'll write one. While there is no definitive ending to the first book (i.e. the war hasn't ended) there is a definite sense of finality. It reminds me of back to the future #1. When that movie was made, they didn't expect to make a sequel, so at the end they fly off into the sunset. It isn't completely cut and dry, but [...]

    • This review will be posted with each book in the Ark Royal series with separate ratings for the individual books as I found them. Christopher Nuttal is one of my favourite authors. I enjoy his plots and characters equally and, with the exception of his fantasy novels, I read whatever I can find. And he is prolific.Ark Royal is the first book in a great series. So far, it goes on for 9 books in three separate trilogies. The first and last trilogy are the best but the other three are worth reading [...]

    • A more exciting next adventure for the starship Ark Royal. We begin to get a better look at the Aliens as a Human armada attacks some of their solar systems and even lands on a planet. Even though this book can be read without reading the first one, there would be some confusion -- so read the first one first (Ark Royal). As was the case in Ark Royal, Mr. Nuttall has a sprinkling of acronyms that are not explained very well or at all, but you can still make an intelligent guess at what they mean [...]

    • It's the middle book of a trilogy, so we're going to need some ups followed by some downs with the introduction of a new character or two. Let's make the new character a royal, because this is British flavored space opera, and put him in jeopardy! Let's have what looks like a victory for a climax and then close the book with a cliffhanger of greater crisis.It can't be that bad because I read it and the other members of the trilogy. In plotting it's a better book than the first of the series, but [...]

    • I'm starting to read more military sci-fi books, and this series is a great addition to the genre. Second book in the series, after Ark Royal. Fans of Battlestar Galactica will see the similarities, an ancient by modern standards warship suddenly becomes the best chance for human survival in a war against aliens. Throw in some memorable characters, great action, and an interesting plot. Really looking forward to next book in the series, where it looks like we'll learn more about the aliens and t [...]

    • Much betterI was on the fence about continuing this series. it took me several tries to get through the first book and this one was no different. but I'm glad I stayed with it. the book really picks up about halfway through and keeps going until the end. even the secret scenario was a nice addition even though I groaned when it was first revealed. some plot twists in the story are easy to see through and figure out but the way the story is written keeps it enjoyable. I will definitely continue r [...]

    • Thrilling readingThis is the second book in which the carrier Ark Royal, a British starship defends earth. The space war with invading aliens is continuing with Admiral Smith in charge of a large battle fleet. This book is both sc-fi and naval warfare combined.The are carrier's, battlecruiser's , frigate's , star fighters, all the elements of earth bound fleets but in space.The characters are engrossing, the storyline is compelling and the battles engage the reader. I really enjoy this series of [...]

    • aliens. war. space. All solid. These books touch a lot on the human side of how war can affect you, and there is a lot examples of favoritism, breaking the rules, etc. I enjoyed the book, but the writing is not that great. Again, I just did not ever feel connected to the characters.I am not sure if that is because I am dead inside, or if the writer is missing just a little bit of the human element.

    • Review of The Nelson TouchI really like this series even though I got the original book as just a filler for myself while on vacation. I figured it was just another humans versus aliens fight to the death series with the aliens being the bad guys. I have been pleasantly surprised by the depth of thought in these books. The characters consider the consequences of the war and how it may affect the aliens. Not something I was expecting. These books are worth a look.

    • I was enjoying this book, even barely dealing with the sexism -- I mean does EVERY woman in the book need her beauty commented on?!? -- until today, where in the MIDDLE OF A PITCHED BATTLE, the admiral in command of thousands of souls commented on how sweat on a lieutenant's face made her look prettier, and whatever man married her would be lucky, that I knew I was done. Read Lost Fleet instead people.

    • A interesting follow up bookOnce again I have enjoyed reading the second book in this series. We see the Ark Royal go into battle, but this time leading its own fleet. But there is a shock for the crew when it is discovered that Prince Henry has been a member of the new fighter pilots assigned. But as expected the battle never goes as planned. Looking forward to reading the next book.

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