Pretty, Hip, & Dead

Pretty Hip Dead Kimberly Steele had barely recovered from her wedding reception the day before and now she s just discovered the body of her husband s former girlfriend Clare Barnett someone whom she had argued w

  • Title: Pretty, Hip, & Dead
  • Author: Madison Johns
  • ISBN: 9781495447853
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kimberly Steele had barely recovered from her wedding reception the day before, and now, she s just discovered the body of her husband s former girlfriend, Clare Barnett, someone whom she had argued with hours earlier at the photo shoot for the Pretty Hip perfume line It s no wonder she s the prime suspect, at least in the eyes of Deputy Danworth Kimberly insistedKimberly Steele had barely recovered from her wedding reception the day before, and now, she s just discovered the body of her husband s former girlfriend, Clare Barnett, someone whom she had argued with hours earlier at the photo shoot for the Pretty Hip perfume line It s no wonder she s the prime suspect, at least in the eyes of Deputy Danworth Kimberly insisted that her husband Jeremy hire, Agnes Barton, a senior aged sleuth from East Tawas that had a high success rate of crime solving Neither her husband nor the investigators expected that Kimberly would begin to traipse around with Agnes and her partner Eleanor Mason, as they dug into the background of Clare that led all the way to Hollywood Agnes and Eleanor were rooming at Mrs Barry s house during the case, the same beer toting senior and mother of Sheriff Clay Barry, who not long ago ran for sheriff in East Tawas, much to the chagrin of Agnes and Eleanor, but this time around Mrs Barry had changed her tune and gave them the use of her car Can the trio of investigators discover who really killed Clare, or would Kimberly pay the ultimate price when she was charged with murder

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      When Madison Johns began writing at the age of forty four, she never imagined she d make it onto the USA Today best selling books list with her first cozy mystery, Armed and Outrageous, as an independent author Sure, this book is an bestseller, but USA Today Although sleep deprived from working third shift, she knew if she used what she had learned while caring for senior citizens to good use, it would result in something quite unique The Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths mystery series has forever changed Madison s life, with each of the books making it onto the bestseller s list for cozy mystery and humor Madison is a member of Sisters In Crime Madison is now able to do what she loves best and work from home as a full time writer She has two children, a black lab, and a hilarious Jackson Chameleon to keep her company while she churns out Agnes Barton stories with a few others brewing in the pot BooksAgnes Barton Senior Sleuths Mystery series in order Armed and OutrageousGrannies, Guns and GhostsSenior SnoopsRomancePretty and Pregnant novella Redneck Romance Published by Tirgearr Publishing Author Page Madison Johns eShe is actively involved on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and She is always willing to chat it up or give advice, and supports other writers whenever she can.Smiles

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    • I read this in a couple of hours. That was the good part. I couldn't like Kimberly very much. She seemed indifferent to her pregnancy by doing careless things. Tottering around on heels, telling her new husband she had not been to the doctor in a couple of months and kind of thought she was about 6 months pregnant, and completely clueless about her husband. As for him, he was a joke. The story itself was OK and moved along for the most part in spite of Jeremy having to tell his wife over and ove [...]

    • Awk, I'm not willing to invest another hour to read this triteness. Repetitive simple, choppy sentences, bad grammar, weak verbs, wrong use of words, and it was a boring read to boot. Got tired of waiting for the story to improve.Flat, uncompelling characters. I wanted to off Kimberly the neurotic blonde bimbo and her weiner dog. I mean who TOSSES small dogs into cars? Shoes, maybe. At least shoes don't have fragile spines. Is that the best verb the author could think of? Toss? Poor dog. We won' [...]

    • First, this book started out with a note from author about only “encouraging readers" to read “Pretty and Pregnant” to get a “feel” for Kimberly Steele, not that it was required reading. However, within the first few pages of this book…I was totally lost. :( I got this book free/reduced price and I really didn’t want to read a $0.99 70-page book just to get me up to speed about this Kimberly Steele character, so I was a little disappointed to be dropped down so suddenly in what fel [...]

    • The idea of a murder involving rival models sounds like it would be promising. I was also drawn to it because of the two older women investigators. Madison Johns writes in a note from the author that even though this is a crossover from a previous novella, it can be read as a standalone. This pleased me as I hadn’t read the previous story nor had I ever read anything else by her.However as I began reading it was clear that I was missing some key information about Kimberly’s past and how she [...]

    • This was a free Kindle book and I suppose you get what you pay for. It is simple little story about a pregnant woman, Kimberly, who is newly wed to a man that isn't the baby's father. Both she and her husband keep repeating throughout the book how they fell madly in love yet neither seems to know anything about the other. All we really know about her is that she is 6 months pregnant and wears heels. Her husband is "a recovering alcoholic" who seems to always have a drink in his hand, although th [...]

    • This is the second book in a new series by one of my new favorite authors, Madison Johns.Kimberly Steele is a MC character in a new mystery series by Madison Johns. Kimberly is a young married mother of a 5 month old baby and she is helping out an older woman who lives in Redwater, Michigan near Agnes and Eleanor my favorite senior sleuths who live in Tawas, Michigan. Mrs. Barry has broken her hip (like me) and is in need of help with many things (like me) so she asks Kimberly to help especiall [...]

    • Just a bad read. I read this as a stand-alone book so I'm not sure if that affected my opinion. The book begins with Kimberly, who is six months pregnant and the spokesperson for Pretty and Pregnant, getting married to a man who is not the baby's father. From the beginning, her husband's ex, who is also a spokesperson, torments her. When she shows up dead, Kimberly is the prime suspect.The mystery part is eh. The ending comes from nowhere. I didn't like any of the characters and didn't feel as t [...]

    • Couldn't finish this book. It may have been well written but couldn't tell with all the grammar mistakes, incorrect word usage, and liberal sprinkling of commas. (With commas, less is more).I was also irked that the author has a main character that's pregnant but cares so little about the baby. Not to mention knows so little about pregnancy in general. Maybe a visit to a doc would have helped, but the character hadn't been to a doc in a couple of months.This was a personal issue I had: I have ow [...]

    • I completely disliked Kimberly Steele. I think I would have given this book higher stars if Kimberly had just stayed home and let the private investigators do their job. She was annoying and took away from how much fun Agnes and Eleanor were. Also, I found it a bit concerning that Kimberly had no idea how far along in her pregnancy she was, mainly because she hadn't been to a doctor. I went to every one of my doctor appointments when I was pregnant and asked every possible question I could think [...]

    • This book was a free book on amazon's site in this book we meet Kimberly Steele and her new husband Jeremy Preston. During the reception of their wedding Jeremy's ex-girlfriend Clare Barnett is harassing Kimberly about how she will loose her husband. When Clare winds up dead and the finger is pointed at Kimberly because she found the body it's up to her to prove her innocence by finding the real killer.There are no shortage of people who had something to gain by killing Clare.Jeremy hires Agnes [...]

    • Kimberly Steele is pregnant and is doing a photo shoot with her husband's ex-girlfriend, Clare, who consequently rubs Kimberly the wrong way--Clare claims that she will get her boyfriend back. The two women get into a shoving match at the pier and Clare ends up in the water.Kimberly heads to Clare's house to try to smooth things over and finds her dead. Now Kimberly is the prime suspect. With the help of Agnes and Eleanor, Kimberly helps to unravel who killed Clare before the three women find th [...]

    • I have been seeing these books on BookBub and have picked up a few (when they are free). I was intrigued because I am from Michigan and grew up not that far from Tawas, Michigan (where the main characters are from).I don't know about the rest of the series, but the one I just read is just awful. The writing is awkward. The dialogue is stilted. The characters are so unlikeable (which I assure you is not what Michigan folks are at all - we're a nice and friendly bunch for the most part). The book [...]

    • On the plus side, it's a fast read and the basic story line was pretty good. However, the main characters (Jeremy and Kimberly) were not very believable and I found myself not caring for them much (she was a bit whiny and the stereotypical blonde, and he was a horse's rump). The senior investigators were a trip and I wished they were more involved in the story. They brought some color and excitement to the scene with their quirky attitudes. Overall, it was ok, but I'm not so sure I'd try another [...]

    • If you want a book you can read while listening to rock, watching a tv show or suchlike, you are in luck. I earlier read another book by this author and would have deleted this from my nook, but B&N wanted me to review it. Agnes and Eleanor are two elderly private investigators who travel to prove that Kimberly Steele, a 6 months pregnant newlywed, is not the murderer so a woman who was in love with her new husband. Another woman gets killed--Sasha was the lover of the first woman, Clare who [...]

    • This was a light and breezy read. There were some cheesy parts, but on the whole I liked it. Some of the scenes could have been described better and have been longer as well. Sometimes I found Kimberly a bit irritating with her wanting to be around Agnes and Eleanor all the time, and how she wore heels ALL the time. She also seemed a bit of an airhead at times, but I really loved her dog, Weenie!

    • This book was Hmmmm I don't even know what word to use. You have a woman pregnant and modeling and she doesn't even know how far along she is. A husband she barely knows anything about and his ex fiance making her miserable. The "Who done it" aspect of the story line is the only thing that kept me interested. The characters were all over the place and alot of then were stupid on my opinion. The author gave some back story but not enough to get a feel of who the characters really are.

    • This is first book I’ve read written by this author. I chose it because I'm a lover of cozies, it was free and sounded like it would be a good read. I don't need a story to be Pulitzer material to be enjoyable, but this is one of the poorest novels I've encountered. The characters are not well developed nor are they likeable.

    • About what you expect from a cozy. A quick read with some characters that I'm interested in learning more about. I like the twist of "senior citizen" women playing a leading role. I would have rated this four stars but there were too many grammatical errors, missing words, etc. things that should have gotten corrected when proof reading.

    • This book was terrible. There was no character development, a mediocre story line and it was almost all told with repetitive, third-grade reading level dialogue. Kimberly wasn't likable, and really neither were any of the other characters. It felt more like a rough, first draft than something that should have been published. Glad it was free, so the only thing I lost on it was a couple of hours.

    • good storyWell written except for the use of "clamor". I believe the word you seek is "clamber". Otherwise, an enjoyable book. The characters are well developed and it took a while to figure out the guilty party.

    • Ok read.The story was ok, but the ending came too quickly. it seemed like the author was in a hurry to get it sewn up. Dialogue was repetitive in spots, particularly when dealing with Jeremy and Kimberly's quickie marriage. The characters were interesting.

    • At first it was really head to get into the book, and there was a confusing paragraph at the end of a chapter (14?), that was apparently supposed to be edited out because it totally didn't fit into the scenario fronted end of that chapter to the beginning if the next. Over all it turned out ok.

    • If you've read any other Agnes and El tales, you would probably know what to expect - meddlesome pensioners and near death experiences. This story doesn't disappoint!

    • I like a mystery with a little more substance. This ok but too much fluff and very predictable. Sort of a Harlcan romance mystery book

    • This was an ok book. It did not hold my interest and hurried to get it done. Hopefully they give these two senior ladies more grit and guts without killing them. Soft read.

    • Couldn't even get through this book. The editing was so poor I had to stop reading. Tons of grammatical, spelling and plot flow errors.

    • UghThis book is so poorly written that it's hard to believe and editor was involved. It was a .99 cent special and I overpaid. One star is generous.

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