Land of Echoes

Land of Echoes Second in the Cree Black series following City of Masks this paranormal thriller is filled with fascinating elements of Navajo culture and traditional beliefs Author Daniel Hecht finds a careful nar

  • Title: Land of Echoes
  • Author: Daniel Hecht
  • ISBN: 9781582344737
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Second in the Cree Black series following City of Masks , this paranormal thriller is filled with fascinating elements of Navajo culture and traditional beliefs Author Daniel Hecht finds a careful narrative balance between family drama, eerie occultism, and scientific examination Teenager Tommy Keeday suffers strange and dangerous seizures while a student at a school foSecond in the Cree Black series following City of Masks , this paranormal thriller is filled with fascinating elements of Navajo culture and traditional beliefs Author Daniel Hecht finds a careful narrative balance between family drama, eerie occultism, and scientific examination Teenager Tommy Keeday suffers strange and dangerous seizures while a student at a school for gifted Native Americans in New Mexico and is believed to be possessed by an evil Navajo spirit Seattle based parapsychologist Cree Black is asked to study and save the boy Along with her team of ghost hunters, she uses her own empathic skills to delve into the dark secrets of the teachers and fellow students who might have something to do with Tommy s illness Hecht makes a bold effort to give readers believable investigations into the supernatural Cree considers and applies theories involving magnetic fields, mysterious energies, genetics, and geographical forces The narrative is leavened with a great many separate back stories, as several fascinating Navajo myths and local legends are discussed in depth This plausible, spooky, and grabbing mixture of solid detective work and paranormal chills is highly recommended.

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      I was born into an artist s community founded in 1946 by my parents and their friends in the wilds of Westchester County, N.Y Surrounded by these individualistic yet communalistic bohemians, I saw artists in every discipline working their magic, and could not help but follow in their footsteps.I ve lived all over the U.S and have worked at every kind of job to make ends meet, and I enjoy the labor of body and hands as much as the effort of the mind Mailman, logger, carpenter, musician, musical instrument builder, graphic designer, apple picker, farmhand, nonprofit organizational director, college administrator, educator the great thing about a checkered past is that you see the world from a lot of perspectives This is the best education for a writer I have lived in Vermont for many years, have three kids and several cats, am active on behalf of environmental causes, and am highly reclusive.

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    • "My mother says if you haven't got regrets you haven't lived right. - Cree (Lucretia Black)" This is what I realized after finishing this novel, this is the second book of Cree Black's adventure which I shouldn't have read before reading the prequel. Although, it might have been a whole different story from the first but, personally, I would prefer reading it by sequence. Land of Echoes is a visually satisfying and suspense grabbing novel that will glue your eyes on each and every page. The stor [...]

    • The first book in this series was promising, especially the way the author drew me into the setting of the story (New Orleans in that case). I was looking forward to this second book because it takes place in the Four Corners region of the Southwest, a landscape I know better and like a lot. But I almost gave up on it in the first half, which involves some long narratives setting up the back story on each character. The info was necessary to the plot but I wish it had been delivered in a better [...]

    • I am still in the process of reading this book but will finish it in the next day or so. It is based on a character named Cree Black, who is a renowned psychologist who owns a company that deals in parapsychology which is part of Cree's speciality.Cree is asked to assist a boy who is showing signs of "possession" at a school for gifted Navajo students. The principal of the school feels she has a connecttion to this boy which brings up her past.The sub plot involves a mining company. Julieta, the [...]

    • Setting = excellent: I've never been to the area, but felt as thought I'd been raised there - the imagery is that vivid! Plot = good: Kind of a combined rating the mystery/occult angle was done well, but Julietta's love life was as painful as a Harlequin much of the time. Cree's thoughts veered that way at times, but were largely kept in check so as not to detract from the main story.Characters = fair: Cree was her usual self, as was Joyce (whose nasal NY accent is a hoot on audio). Edgar was a [...]

    • This was an incredibly gripping and slightly horrifying book. It is a mystery of the paranormal. THe "detective" is someone who works with ghosts. Odd I know. Not usually my thing. But it takes place on the Navaho Indian Reservation, and the story is deep, complex and riveting. The ghost part is very low key and almost beliveable which makes it more scary. Do not read this book before you go to bed. Do not read this book if you live in New Mexico. Reminds me of a camping trip we took when I was [...]

    • Another great Cree Black novel. I especially enjoyed this one as it was located at an American Indian School so you not only had supernatural forces, but American Indian legends at work as well. I have purchased all of Daniel Hecht's novels. He is an excellent writer and I cannot believe I didn't discover him before.

    • Creeepy.Love the New Mexico setting. Something about the Southwest that's so mystical and mysterious. Very well written and descriptive, you feel as if you are right there in the mists of the Navajo land. Perfect read for this time of year!

    • I have never been excited about novels that deal with parapsychology, but have enjoyed my jaunt into the Cree Black stories written by Daniel Hecht.From :"Parapsychologist Cree Black is called to a New Mexico school for gifted Navajo teens to investigate the mysterious symptoms of a student. Sixteen-year-old Tommy Keeday is wracked nightly with violent convulsions. Is the boy possessed by the spirit of an ancestor, as his family believes? Or is something even more sinister going on? A Book Sense [...]

    • Coincidentally, I read this a few weeks after a road trip through the very area where the book takes place, so that may have caused me to be a little biased in the rating. I liked the story a lot and being that I was just in the setting, it felt very real to me and I was able to visualize and relate to the characters.

    • Another wonderful installment in the Cree Black series, and I think I liked this even more than the first. This one was less about Cree and her struggle to deal with the death of her husband, although I think she's slowly coming to terms with his loss, her interaction with the spirit world and her own self more. She acts as a white spectator of the world of the Diné/Navajo people, and Hecht's description of modern reservation life comes across as very realistic. He shows a people creating their [...]

    • A good book to listen to. This is the second of the "Cree Black Series." Cree is a parapsychologist who deals in hauntings and supernatural occurences, a "ghostbuster" you could say. This adventure was about a young Navaho boy possessed by a spirit. Reading (listening to) this book gave me many insights into Native American culture and life. The role of the healer is not that much different than the role of a psychologist. It is also interesting because at the same time I was listening to this n [...]

    • I totally loved Daniel Hecht's Skull Session and I couldn't wait to pick up this book. I did not realize it was 2nd in the series of Cree Black but I did not feel left out by not reading the 1st book first. Cree Black is a parapsychologist who is roped into taking on a case when she feels she is not ready. But she is drawn to Tommy Keeday, a student at a Reservation Boarding School, when she first meets him. He has been afflicted by either some strange psychologist illness or possessed by a ghos [...]

    • I'm liking this series. It's much more slowly-paced, less frenetic, than most of the supernatural stuff I read, so even though it's paranormal, I feel it's a different take on the subject. Hecht writes very atmospheric, haunting (ha ha) prose. I really felt that I was in New Mexico with this book.Cree's ability to empathize so fully with her clients draws her into peril - sometimes quite dangerous both to her and the people around her. I liked this ghost story / possession story and how it was w [...]

    • Second book in the Cree Black series and it was just as good as the first. This story takes place in New Mexico, near the Arizona border where there is a large Navajo reservation. After living in NM for over 20 years, this book took me back to the land of sunshine, mountains, and never-ending vistas. I always enjoy reading a story that has been set in an area I'm familiar with. Mr. Hecht did an excellent job of describing the area, the people, their customs, and their circumstances. The super-na [...]

    • This is the second Cree Black mystery. Cree, a parapsychologist, is investigating the possible possession of Tommy Keeday, a Navajo teenager, in New Mexico. Before she can help Tommy, however, Cree must unravel several mysteries and discover the true intentions of the people surrounding Tommy.This is a good mystery; there's a lot of red herrings, and Hecht makes Cree's psychic talents unpredictable enough that they don't become an easy out. There's a good balance between supernatural elements an [...]

    • Taken from the back of the book. " When Tommy Keeday, a talented student at a boarding school for gifted Navajo teens, is suddenly seized by a bizarre and violent illness, his family believes he is possessed by the hostile spirit of a dead ancestor. In desperation, principal Julieta McCarty calls on paranormal investigator Cree Black for help." This is book two in the Cree Black series. Writing is better but still lacks a a even flow. To much detail in some places and not enough in others. Story [...]

    • Fascinating account of Cree Black, parapsychologist, assisting in a potential "possession" of a student in a boarding school in New Mexico. I loved the slowly layered details of each character's personality and history, and the mysteries unraveling. Descriptions of action, place and feeling were all so vivid; sometimes too creepy.There are times that there was a little too much time spent trying to legitimize Cree's vocation didn't take long to suspend disbelief and wasn't needed. On the other h [...]

    • I am into mysteries lately, and this was a paranormal one set in New Mexico and I liked it. The descriptions of the landscape were very cool, and I can relate to the feeling that there is something special and holy about the desert in the Southwest. The heroine was a paranormal pyschologist and related to her clients and ghost by empathy and taking on some of their characteristics and pain to help dispel the ghost or haunting. This book was different, an easy read but with some meat, not all flu [...]

    • Much easier read than City of Masks, the story hooked me within a couple of pages. I still glaze over when the techie part of paranormal research is covered, but there is not as much as with the first book. Set in the southwesst, Cree Black takes the case of trying to save a 15-year-old Indian boy who appears to be possessed. I had figured out most of the plot about a third in, but all the clues were there, it wasn't like Hecht was trying to completely fool the reader. Maybe not as overtly scary [...]

    • Downloaded from Audible. I like this series a lot and its always got some good twists and thoughts regarding ghosts, hauntings and paranormal stuff. But I really like this one because you feel like you are getting a lesson in Native American beliefs without it being condescending or naive. It isn't the whole part of the book, but when it is, it is done well. I especially like the ending as it brought the hero (Cree)to a place where she realized she has so much to learn and that she isn't alone. [...]

    • #35/2016 Cree Black Novel #2 and this one was also very interesting as it took on a case involving Native American traditions and beliefs within the context of a baffling medical problem. Our heroine is again tested - and really put through the ringer - and I didn't get the twist again! As with the other Cree Black novel, I did find it long at times but enjoyed it overall and learned many things about the culture and traditions of several tribes that I did not know before. And I tried not to to [...]

    • I really liked this book. I'm so glad she's trying to move on with her life after her husband's death. I was so worried it was going to turn into one of those series where the main character does nothing but pine for their dead love. I really liked the info and insight into Navajo culture. I normally have things figured out long before the author brings it to a conclusion. But I have to say that it didn't occur to me who the ghost was and why they haunted the boy until just before the author mad [...]

    • I was hoping this might hit the spot as I'm missing Tony Hillerman after his passing in 2008. It was a good story, but went on too long. The characters were well-developed, but we heard a little too much of their inner dialogue. There were too many possibilities for who or what might be haunting the teenage Navajo boy who is at the center of the story.On the other hand, I liked the way the author approached the subject of ghosts and how he evoked the geography of the Southwest.

    • A good mystery & ghost story. I almost didn't take it from the New Books shelf at the library, because it sounded a bit flakey and new agey on the dust jacket, but it was a fun, fast read.A psychologist specializing in the supernatural goes to the Navajo reservation to investigate a teenager who appears to be possessed. Lots of interesting stuff about Navajo beliefs (a la Tony Hillerman), the history of the area (boo for Kit Carson), and some interesting characters.

    • The overall story was good but it is becoming clear that the rest of Cree's "team" isn't needed and they are more of a boat anchor to the plot than anything. The ending also felt rushed, like the author suddenly realized he had a lot of loose ends he needed to tie up because he had finished the story. Basically, bad mystery writing. But, the main plot was enjoyable and if he had just stuck to that I would be giving this a five.

    • Having enjoyed the first Cree Black novel so much, I was hugely disappointed with its follow-up, Land of Echoes. Frankly, it was just boring. The characters were over the top sentimental and the descriptions of the "science" of emanations ('cause this is serious, so we can't call them ghosts) completely detracted from what little momentum the plot had managed to build. I don't even think I'm going to bother with the third installment.

    • Interesting book about a young Navahoo boy who is posessed by a diplaced spirit. A parapsychologist is called in to help him. The problem is determining who the spirit is so they can connect with it and assist it into the next world.Very well written. Not so scary that I couldn't sleep at night, either.

    • My goodness; I seem to be on a supernatural binge lately. This book was quite good of kind, the story of strange goings on in a boarding school for gifted Navajo children. Enjoyable characters, and excellent sense of place. This is the first of Hecht's books I've read; I'll probably pick up some more. Note: I read this via the audio version.

    • Interesting on a Hillerman kind of level, nicely plotted, prose unremarkable but still a well-told, well-paced story (even if you can see the set-pieces coming). Credibly unsettling; am definitely going to chase up the other Cree Black stories as the parapsychology premise seems well thought out and interesting.

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