HEADLEY AND I For most of his childhood Rahul Bhatt did not know a father s unconditional love a vacuum that the advent of David Coleman Headley filled for a while David Headley the dashing intriguing Pakistani w

  • Title: HEADLEY AND I
  • Author: S. Hussain Zaidi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For most of his childhood, Rahul Bhatt did not know a father s unconditional love a vacuum that the advent of David Coleman Headley filled for a while David Headley the dashing, intriguing Pakistani with one brown and one green eye, a man who could pass himself off as an American quite easily, a charmer of men and women alike.Headley inveigled his way into Rahul s simpFor most of his childhood, Rahul Bhatt did not know a father s unconditional love a vacuum that the advent of David Coleman Headley filled for a while David Headley the dashing, intriguing Pakistani with one brown and one green eye, a man who could pass himself off as an American quite easily, a charmer of men and women alike.Headley inveigled his way into Rahul s simple world and, in no time, swept him off his feet It is only when ten men made a mockery of Mumbai in a well planned act of terrorism that Rahul realized how close he had come to being a part of the careful plotting and the innumerable recces that Headley had carried out.This is a complex tale of human relationships and the deceit therein It is the story of Rahul Bhatt, an aspiring Bollywood actor, and his encounter with David Coleman Headley, the man who was responsible for a ruthlessly executed carnage in which 166 people were killed and over 300 injured in 59 hours that brought Mumbai to despair and shook India.A pulse racing narrative told in the voices of Bhatt and Headley, HEADLEY AND I traces the months leading up to the horrors of 26 11 and the interrogation that followed.Author BIOS Hussain Zaidi is a veteran of investigative, crime and terror reporting He has worked for The Asian Age, Mumbai Mirror, Mid Day and The Indian Express His previous books include bestsellers like Black Friday, Mafia Queens of Mumbai and the recent Dongri to Dubai Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia Zaidi is also associate producer for the HBO movie, Terror in Mumbai, based on the 26 11 terror strikes He lives with his family in Mumbai.

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    About “S. Hussain Zaidi

    • S. Hussain Zaidi

      Hussain Zaidi is an Indian author and former investigative journalist His works include Dongri to Dubai Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia, Mafia Queens of Mumbai, Black Friday, and My Name is Abu Salem.

    958 thoughts on “HEADLEY AND I

    • Nice book on the insight of 26/11 Mumbai attack. One may just know the names of the people involved in that crime but if anyone is interested in knowing the game plan and series of events to make 26/11 a dark day for Mumbai, then this is the book to read.Wonderfully narrated , and the last few pages showing the output of the Headley's interrogation and how the US government was questioned on their security and support to Headley was something to be proud of as Indians.This book also tells you ab [...]

    • This book runs two parallel stories, one of Headley's investigation by the NIA and the other, Rahul Bhatt's.What's disappointing is that as soon as Headley's story builds momentum, the story moves to Rahul's 'daddy issues', his constant need for attention and what comes across as latent homosexuality and an obsession for Headley; chapter after chapter.Personally, I feel that the Rahul Bhatt story adds little to the book and could have been easily been summarized into one chapter at the end of th [...]

    • The pleasure that non-fiction books give me is indescribable. Though fiction books have another amazing charm to it but the extreme power that a non-fiction carry is unmatched. And if you ask me to be more specific, I would say Autobiographies and Biographies are the best thing to read if ever you want to read and improve yourself, personality and character. The amount of message that such books give can change your life completely. I always credit these books for whatever little bit of kindness [...]

    • This book tells everything about 26/11, from the very outset to its execution. Also give LFI to our nation's internal security.

    • Another wonderful book from Hussain Zaidi. The book has been written as story being narrated by Rahul Bhatt, son of Mahesh Bhatt and as narrated by Headley himself to his interrogators from the Intelligence Bureau of India.David Coleman Headley or Daood Gilani carried out multiple recces of Mumbai and other cities and passed on the information he gathered to Lashkar-e-Toiba which helped them engineer the 26/11 attacks with just a 10 rookies. It brought the city of Mumbai to practically a standst [...]

    • Zaidi writes in his acknowledgment that he was approached to write this book very urgently, & he had to wind up D2D quickly to start working on Headley & I, which he finished in a record time (Great but 'Why'?) Its in sync with Rahul's thanks giving to his dad, Mr Mahesh Bhaat, who's void he was trying to fulfill in David Coleman Headley or Daood Gilini Once again it compels to draw our attention, 'that, it is so very important to be the child of a very well placed person 'in India'' Wel [...]

    • Headley and I starts with a bang literally, how the unfolding of 26/11 took place and how terrorists from a far off land sieged and captured one of Mumbai’s most historic building if not a monument the TAJ PALACE and held fort for 59 hours.59 terrorizing, agonizing , blood-filled and gruesome hours .Hours which brought Mumbai the city that never sleeps to a standstill. S Husain Zaidi , India’s most renowned criminal writer, the writer of the bestseller Dongri to Dubai has done an amazing job [...]

    • Standing as Zaidi's weakest book, Headly and I is a complete let-down. The pluses? All mentions of Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt. Also as a Philadelphian, I was excited to finally figure out how The Khyber Pass Pub got its name and its history. The minuses? Everything else. David Headly tells his story himself and his narration is stoic and uninteresting. He's simply a terrorist with no redeeming qualities. Rahul Bhatt appeared on Bigg Boss one season and I found him highly unlikable. After readi [...]

    • Headley and I mainly focuses on the relationship of Rahul Bhatt and Daood Syed Gilani aka David Coleman Headley. Additionally it also tells us the story of the biggest terrorist attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008. This book consists huge information about the attack and preparation by the terrorist groups to implement the planned attacks in reality. Headley and I will also give you the details about many loopholes in Indian intelligence agencies which definitely will be a shock for you. It al [...]

    • The book would ideally have been drab and dull but for the writer's shrewd intellect in presenting the book in a first person account and additionally alternating between Headley and Bhatt.There is no point in the book where it feels that something is not fusing up and it all seems to flow in a pretty well ordered manner.The tenacity and courage of Bhatt is admirable to the hilt at him sharing information with our perenially suspicious authorities and also baring his soul and his dysfunctional f [...]

    • The writing style of Zaidi is smooth, like a plot unfolding in front of your eyes. Especially, the narrative style of using intertwined alternating stories of Headley being question by NIA, and Rahul Bhatt telling his side of story in first-person, makes an interesting read.Those who think that the investigation of Mumbai attack in 2008 was a tough nut to crack, should go over this book, especially investigative agencies and policy makers, to make sure people like Headley never hoodwink us. The [...]

    • Excellent depth of the behind the scenes story of 26/11 planing and execution. Was glued to this book from page 1 completed in 2 days. A must read for everyone who wants to know the other harsher side of the terror world across the border and weakness in our own Agencies. The author has successfully narrated and gives the reader no reason to put the book down.

    • biographical account of rahul bhatt , his meetings with richard headly , interrogations by indian authorities and his relationship with his father is the basic subject of this book . i found it interesting , The author was very honest and doesn't hold back in revealing uncomfortable details of his life

    • Good book giving full insight of 26/11 attacks and involvement of US,Pak agencies in it.Sometimes felt ashamed of our own security agencies and forces while reading this book as every minute detail of plan was shot in advance without getting noticed by our troops. Truly enhances knowledge about working of indian agencies like CBI,NIA,RAW,IB.

    • This book is an eye-opener of sorts. That Headley was a quadruple agent working for various nefarious organizations and America was a revelation for me. That America has been and is still supporting him is a shocker.Very well written in alternate voices of Headley and the author and Rahul Bhatt.

    • Quite interesting to read relationship between maniac,cunning Headley with Rahul Bhatt.Story unfolds very smoothly and readers feel on edge of the seat all timeST READ if you are interested in espionage and terrorism.

    • When you have a two-plus-hour bus ride and this book (of all books on your kindle) appeals to you and you finish it in one go! The dual autobiographical-sque narrative was pretty well done. Three and not four stars because this did have some more potential but Zaidi treads a safe path.

    • Very interesting premise and book. It has a dual narrative and there is a stark difference between the two perspectives. Incidently Rahul's version of it comes off as a whiny, needy piece while the Indian Intelligence/political journalist narrative is riveting.

    • It's a fine read. If you aren't satisfied with the newspaper reports you might as well go for the book to know the real deal.

    • Rated 3 only because this book is a mixed effort. I have a lot of respect for Hussein Zaidi.As for Rahul Bhatt's part - No Comments

    • Another classic from Hussain Sahab. This testimony narrated in the first person is interesting an insightful. his other books are in my wishlist now.

    • This book is good in its own way as it gives out insight of a criminal mind. A good book but not at par with Dongri to Dubai.

    • Well-written, couldn't put the book down. It is in dual narrative and the contrast between the versions of Headley and Rahul Bhatt is telling.

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