The Peacock Prince

The Peacock Prince Prince Alessander s twin sister Celandine has long been promised to the pirate lord Dagon Blackstone who demanded a royal bride as the price for peace On the night they are first meant to meet she c

  • Title: The Peacock Prince
  • Author: John Tristan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Prince Alessander s twin sister Celandine has long been promised to the pirate lord Dagon Blackstone, who demanded a royal bride as the price for peace On the night they are first meant to meet, she convinces Alessander to don her clothes and go in her place, as a prank on the sea monster that is to be her husband He goes along with the prank, and finds himself unexpectePrince Alessander s twin sister Celandine has long been promised to the pirate lord Dagon Blackstone, who demanded a royal bride as the price for peace On the night they are first meant to meet, she convinces Alessander to don her clothes and go in her place, as a prank on the sea monster that is to be her husband He goes along with the prank, and finds himself unexpectedly intrigued by the larger than life Dagon.Dagon is a worldly man, amused and aroused than scandalized by discovering a boy in a bodice pretending to be his betrothed When the deception is revealed, though, Cel is nowhere to be found she s fled the royal isle, leaving her brother a scapegoat in her skirts Their father offers to hunt her down, but Dagon declines he will use his own fleet to find his runaway princess, and he is taking along insurance Alessander is brought aboard his flagship as a hostage, albeit an honored one and until Celandine is found, he must serve as Dagon s royal bride.

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    • it's four in the morning and i'm too soul-weary to review this one properly, so let's just hit the major highlights and call it a fucking day, shall we?1. tristan has got to a be a pantser. someone who doesn't really plot books meticulously so much as start from a great premise and finds out—at the same time as his characters—what happens next. this leads to weird sags in the momentum of the story, and usually endings that are dissatisfying, somehow. this one was short enough for it not to b [...]

    • A Hearts On Fire Review 3.75 STARS--John Tristan's "The Peacock Prince" is a fast paced romance featuring a pirate lord, Dagon Blackstone and cross-dressing prince Alessander of Ael. Twenty year old prince Alessander's twin sister was betrothed to the feared pirate lord, Blackstone. As a prank the twins switched clothing for the pirates first meeting with his betrothed but the twins' plans did not go as followsa certain princess did not hold up her end of the bargain.And Dagon did not seem to mi [...]

    • ★★★ 3 Sweet-&-Fluffy Stars ★★★Was this book about hunky pirates who did pirate-y things like pillage and plunder, albeit in the past?Yes. Yes, it was.Did this book have a hostage aspect where a prince was taken as an insurance policy while the aforementioned pirate looked for the prince's sister who so happened to be the pirate's promised bride as part of a peace treaty?Yes sirree.And you're still calling this book sweet and fluffy?*nods*Are you demented?Nope!This book was just a [...]

    • Pirates!… and a beautiful island kingdom… An arranged marriage, deception, and a fierce, sexy pirate make up the plot in this entertaining fantasy romance…Alessander and Celandine, twin prince and princess of Aël, are heirs to the throne. Their father, King Nicolas, rules over their beautiful archipelago known as the Garland. This scattering of islands strung around the royal castle island, Aël, give the kingdom it’s evocative name. “I tried to see the Garland in my mind’s eye, all [...]

    • This is a perfectly constructed, original tale, that conjures a whole fairy-tale world within its scant 103 pages. It is so gorgeously written I find myself celadon (or some other poetic term for green) with envy. Tristan has a gift for exquisite and delicate images of luxury, but the details about the sea and life on a pirate's ship are vivid enough that you can practically taste the bracing salt air and hear the creak of the timbers as the ship sways in the waves. The characters are not especi [...]

    • This was sweet, nicely written, but too short! *sigh*The worldbuilding was lovely, and Tristan's prose is nuanced and deft. The story was greatbut it felt like it could have easily spanned a novel, full of adventure and a slower build up of tension. The shorter length left room only the barest detail of relationship building. Stillfun. Sweet. Sexy. (Plus, pirates)

    • I want to slap the sister, I want to slap Princess Cel sooooo bad!What a spoilt, selfish creature she is. Running away from the big bad pirate she's never set eyes upon and leaving her witless brother to face his reaction. If the 'beast' was half as bad as she believed he'd have killed her brother as a declaration of war (then started on their precious Peacocks!) - conveniently with his 100strong fleet already inside the battle gates. Goodbye kingdom.Whining when found 'but I wasn't asked' yes d [...]

    • Three stars from me.POSSIBLE SPOILERSI couldn't quite figure out what was wrong with the book even while rating it. I almost liked it. I am sure I liked it. It's nicely written and I loved the universe and the characters, except for Cel. What a bitch, honestly. Throwing her brother to the wolves, convinced in her mind, that these pirates are brutal vicious monsters. Nice move, sis. I suspect she held a grudge against Prince Whatshisname or some such.But back to my rating. It all became clear whe [...]

    • A good old fashioned bodice-ripper. Not much in the way of dub-con and the enemies-to-lovers tension could haveould have lasted longer but this was a lovely, well told story nonetheless. The world-building elements are strong but I would have liked richer, more fully realised characters, with more tension in the plot. There was so much potential for high seas drama (dub-con angst with a prince who has just discovered a penchant for wearing womens clothing!) but it all fizzled into something swee [...]

    • 3.5 StarsA "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" ReviewPrince Alessander lets his sister, Princess Celandine, talk him into playing a prank on her soon to be husband. She claims she wants to see what kind of person he is when the prank is exposed. She wants to know more about the guy she's going to marry other than simply knowing he's the Lord of Salt and pirate captain Dagon Blackstone. Her father gave her away in a treaty to insure peace. So, Alessander dresses in his sister's gown, as she dresses in [...]

    • This was quite a lovely surprise.I started the book expecting the usual. A pirate forcing his way into the heart of a prince. Instead, I got something new and yummy flavoured. Alessander and Celandine are twins heirs to the king of Aël. He is naive enough to go along with his sister's plan to fool the pirate lord. Only the jest is on him. The charade is discovered about the same time it becomes known Celandine has fled. As expected from him, Dagon Blackstone takes Alessander as hostage/guest ab [...]

    • It is to this book's great detriment that I read this so soon after reading Kastor Chronicles 1: The Forge of Dawn. Yeah, double, triple, quadruple standards and whatnot, but goddamn Celadine Celandine that stupid, silly bitch. Knowing absolutely nothing of the Lord of Salt except what rumors say (based on which, that he's very, very likely to seek revenge, wreak havoc, salt the earth, etc.), she decides it's a good idea to go "fuck the world" and run off to elope? Putting, of course, her brothe [...]

    • Dear readers, there’s romance afoot in John Tristan’s The Peacock Prince, one that begins with deception, then catches a swell on the high seas and crests in a true love story between a pirate and his hostage prince. Check out the full review on The Novel Approach thenovelapproachreviews/20

    • Original blog Post: headouttheoven/20It was quite strange reading this. Strangely good. Intriguing. Freaking fantastic.All the while I was reading, I found the words created a world within me where I could literally hear the quiet rush of the sea and the creaking sounds as could only be heard on wooden ships. This was strange for these lulling sounds created the perfect setting for the love affair that rose between Alessander and Dagon. I don't know, all I can say is, this author had successfull [...]

    • 3,5 starsIt's a guilty pleasure book. I like the whole were the prince takes the place of the sister and marries the man she was promised to, trope, that's why I enjoy this one, despite the nearly instant attraction.Also I enjoyed the change in how the pirate king was portrayed. He actually was courteous to his hostage and didn't make crude jokes about him to his crew. Might be not historical correct, but since it's set in an alternative universe, I like the more civilized pirates.I wish it was [...]

    • Really great story! Loved it instantly, the characters are adorable and their adventuresgh I couldn't put it down for long after I started reading it, I just had to know how it would end.Thank you very much for recommending it to me!!

    • First read: 03/2014Second read: 09/2015Il libro ha due problemi:- Ha solo 111 pagine (ma io ho bisogno di leggere altro di Alessander e Dagon! Cattivo Tristan!)- E' solo in formato ebook (e nooo! E io come posso accarezzarlo? Coccolarlo? Adorarlo? ç_ç)Ho già avuto la fortuna di apprezzare la bravura di John Tristan con The adorned (anche questo solo in formato digitale -.-) e improvvisamente mi è presa voglia di rileggere alcuni pezzi Quando questo non è bastato a placare la mia frenesia, m [...]

    • I enjoy this author's writing and for a book this short the world building was decent. I would have liked a bit more character development and a bit more exploration of the cross-dressing aspect but all in all I had a pleasant two hours with my feet propped up. Also, the book is a lot less porny than the blurb leads you to believe. Nice.

    • When Dagon found out his ‘princess’ was a ‘prince’, flawless. That scene was so fantastic. All the characters really grew on me. I couldn’t put it down. This was so much fun to read.Full Review: thetbrpile.weebly/reviews/

    • The Adorned is one of my favorite books I read this year, so when I saw this, I had to pick it up. I was not disapointed - it is a lovely fantasy of pirates, kingdoms and true love. This story appealed to the Princess Bride lover in me - highly recommended!

    • 3.5 ☆☆☆*golden stars. Couldn't get into this book so much. I didn't feel too much connection with the two MC's or their suppose love. But I guess over all it was a decent read to pass the time.

    • 2.5 stars. It could have been rated higher but I stopped reading when Cel was found, for the simple reason that her attitude was so stupidly flippant, it was not funny at all. I've read authors saying that when readers expect realism in stories is wrong. But I can't help how I feel. The princess in this story disregarded 10 years of peace in order to be with the man she loves. She literally didn't give a fuck on the consequences of her actions because of the fact that she was a child when the tr [...]

    • Why did I want to read this again? The main characters have no chemistry at all and frankly, I was surprised by the end when they said they were in love. I liked the beginning but the middle and end just dragged (which is funny because it's only like 100 pages) and was way too predictable. Oh well.

    • Been so long since I read a new story with this kind of setting. I missed it.Anyways, I love the story. Short and nice and good for passing the time. I would have love it to be a bit more longer but beggars can't be choosers(that's the right saying, right?)

    • A sweet, predictable story with a very civilised pirate, a bratty princess («What if I provoke a war, I'll do what I want!») and a prince (view spoiler)[feeling an insta-attraction to his future brother-in-law (hide spoiler)]. I would have appreciated a bit more character depth.

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