The Case of the Good Boy

The Case of the Good Boy Everyone s favorite preteen British detectives are back for another case With toddlers disappearing and rumors of a large beast like creature roaming the woods Tackleford is in serious danger And th

  • Title: The Case of the Good Boy
  • Author: John Allison
  • ISBN: 9781620101148
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everyone s favorite preteen British detectives are back for another case With toddlers disappearing and rumors of a large, beast like creature roaming the woods, Tackleford is in serious danger And then there s Mildred s new dog Archibald if you can even call it a dog After all, what kind of dog drinks tea out of a cup Everything comes to a head once the boys get aEveryone s favorite preteen British detectives are back for another case With toddlers disappearing and rumors of a large, beast like creature roaming the woods, Tackleford is in serious danger And then there s Mildred s new dog Archibald if you can even call it a dog After all, what kind of dog drinks tea out of a cup Everything comes to a head once the boys get a picture of the beast and Archibald goes missing Is there a connection And what does it all have to do with the magic pencil Mildred won from a carnie con game The second installment of John Allison s award winning webcomic series in print

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    • John Allison

      John Allison is the author and artist of the British webcomics Scary Go Round and Bad Machinery.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See other authors with similar names.

    857 thoughts on “The Case of the Good Boy

    • You can read this series for free at Allison’s website. scarygoround/indexp?dat I read the stories in a big floppy paperback reprint, the second such collection of the webcomic. Sort of an answer to the question of who is writing today’s Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew? (Or if you are British, Famous Five by Enid Blyton?) Bad Machinery is (to me) oddly titled, but it is a series of mysteries for tweens or teens. Very British humor, with lots of cultural references he doesn’t care if Chicagoans ge [...]

    • John Allison steps up to fill the shoes of the classic British schoolkid stories – like the Famous Five by Enid Blyton – except in the modern day, which means that everything is funnier and also a comic. Plus! Yetis!

    • Loved it. These characters make me smile. Fun story, great dialogue. Charlotte's glossaries are not to be missed. And I loved that the scientific name for all but one of the creatures in the Rare Animal Encyclopedia at the end of the book was Bombus Bombus.

    • If anybody were to ask me to stock a graphic novel section for their school library, Bad Machinery books one and two are the first books that I would order, and I wouldn't even have to take a moment to think about it. Bad Machinery is the obscurely named but delightfully penned kid-detective series by John Allison, creator of Scary-Go-Round, Giant Days, and Bobbins. While his other works focus on more adult characters dealing with more adult situations, Bad Machinery is about growing up, moreso [...]

    • These ungainly volumes* are just delightful -- smart, silly, and oh so very British. Good fun all around! I can't wait for Clare to be old enough for these. *My only complaint -- I assume the books are done in a sort of landscape format because the illustrations can be bigger, but they're not very portable

    • 'Bad Machinery #2: The Case of The Good Boy' is a strangely named volume since there are no bad machines (though this is the name of the webcomic), and I'm not sure what the case might be referring to. What you will find, is a charming collection of hilarious characters that live in a world where occasional strange things could happen.There is a series of disappearances and a strange large beast lurking in the woods. There is a magic pencil at a fair that must be won. Apparently whatever is draw [...]

    • Sharp, Sly and Good Natured This book is the second collection of strips from John Allison's web comic "Bad Machinery", which is itself a spinoff from his earlier online strip "Scary Go Round". The premise is that two groups of high schoolers, one group of three girls, and one group of three boys, get together to solve mysteries that have a vaguely supernatural flavor. The action is set in a medium sized town somewhere in England. This book covers one complete mystery, but there are loads of unr [...]

    • John Allison comics are like Cary Grant or Katharine Hepburn films. The characters all speak in idiosyncratic, somewhat unnatural ways, but their timing is so perfect, their wit so sharp, and their idiom so charmingly sui generis, that the effect is just to make me wish that this could be how everyone spoke in real life. When Scary Go Round ended, I was so sad that I couldn't get right into Bad Machinery, convinced that all its differences from that strip were terrible flaws, etc. But they weren [...]

    • I had previously read this story online, of course, as I am a huge fan of Bad Machinery. That was a few years ago, probably. Then I bought this book and read it all over again in one sitting. MAN do I love this comic. I love the art, I love the characters, I love what they say. I laughed out loud many times. I love Archibald. And Amy, and Ryan. I just really adore this comic more than any other comic ever.Like the previous book, this is, physically speaking, bee-yoo-tee-full. The colors are brig [...]

    • Mildred wins a magic pencil and draws herself up a very weird dog. Children are disappearing and a beast is on the loose, attracting the attention of a famous hunter. Jack is being bullied and someone burns down the cricket pavilion, and it's more hilarious and charming and slightly surreal antics from the rival mystery solving teams of Tackleford. One of my favourite webcomics has produced what are now some of my favourite books.

    • Oh goodness, this is amazing. Anyone who grew up nowhere in particular in Britain will recognise the half-arsed bullying and the crushes and the teasing and the grand schemes in all their heartbreak and hilarity. The magic pencil and the mysterious toddler-eating beastwell, round our way it was more yer classic aliens and haunted house, but the principle is the same. The closest thing I've ever read to a UK Blue Monday, albeit far less sexy because hello, suburban Britain.

    • Bad Machinery is hands down the best webcomic I have read, on multiple levels. Allison's talent for writing witty and effortlessly natural dialogue cannot be overstated,and the expressivity of his characters' faces and gestures is incredible. This is a grade-A book, and not just because it has a wendigo in it. (But the wendigo is very important.)

    • Enjoyed this second volume much more than the first, perhaps because we've had a chance to get to know the crew. Drawings were just as cute as the last. And I definitely agree it could be akin to the Famous Five or Secret Seven for a new generation, although, having said that, the plot is a bit more meandering than a straightforward F.F book.

    • John Allison is the greatest comic artist in the UK, the world even, MAYBE EVEN THE UNIVERSE? He is like the cool version of Midas where everything he touches turns to AWESOME and it won't even kill or maim you or whatevs. So let's all help support him by reading this book because unlike the terrifying version of Midas, his gift is not inherently monetarily valuable.

    • I laughed out loud more than once reading this hilarious story, in which our favourite British preteen detectives investigate the disappearance of several babies, and the appearance of a mysterious beast. Almost every page in this delightfully unbelievable story is is chock-full of witty dialogue but it's tied together by the believable dynamics between the characters.

    • I think I actually enjoyed this one slightly better than the first. It was a bit silly, but in a really enjoyable way. I found myself snickering a couple of times, but mostly it was just a nice and relaxing way to spend some time. Looking forward to book 3, and seeing how the characters' relationships develop with each other.

    • I am such a John Allison fan, and this is another brilliant and totally bonkers story about schoolkid detectives solving supernatural crimes. 10+*Please note: this review is meant as a recommendation only. Please do not use it in any marketing material, online or in print, without asking permission from me first. Thank you!*

    • In this 2nd volume, the girls get hold of a magic pencil where anything they draw becomes real. Meanwhile a monster in the woods is stealing local infants and the boys investigate. Witty, charming and fun.

    • LOOOOVE these comics. Lottie is my favorite ever and her dog in this volume is PERFECTION.Allison has the greatest mix of teens, wit, amateur detective-ing, and supernatural (not in a horror way so much as a monster/magic kind of way).

    • This was the best Bad Machinery yet, because the dogs that John Allison draws are freaking adorable. Also the plot was very good. Not as much Lottie, who is my favorite, in this one, but againher dog Pepper 100% steals the show anyway.

    • I still love Allison's art style, but still struggle with the story arcs for Bad Machinery. I can still see why they probably work best as day to day reads and got a few isolated laughs, but it is a tough read altogether.

    • I've been reading John Allison's comics for close to ten years now; I first stumbled across his Scary go Round" in university (university being a good time for online stumbling) and kept up with that on and off until it's cancellation in 2009. I understand that Allison's next project - Bad Machinery - had a difficult start. Given that four years later this second Bad Machinery book is billed as from "the creator of Scary Go Round" it's perhaps the case that it still doesn't quite have the audien [...]

    • Tackleford's kid detectives have a new case: nine babies have been stolen by a strange beast roaming the local forests. Luckily Sonny is a member of the Nature Folk club, and has been honing his tracking skills for years. Meanwhile, an adorable and bizarrely intelligent dog-like animal has shown up at Mildred's house, and she talks her parents into letting her keep it. Both of these creatures look stranger similar to the creatures that Mildred and Charlotte drew with the magic pencil they won at [...]

    • John Allison's characters are a mix of personalities - just as school-age friends are in real life. To American readers they may sound a bit odd since they speak with British expressions and slang mixed in to the conversations. The main plot is the appearance of a very smart "dog" that Mildred wants to keep, but her parents won't let her. Shauna's father brings the dog (Mildred has named him Archibald) home to use as a watch dog so that people will stop breaking into his van and trying to steal [...]

    • Believable dialogue, wry humor, & keen observation of youthFull disclosure: I don't have the book. But I did read the comics that comprise the majority of its pages when they were initially published as a web comic. I usually read the latest on my lunch break, and it's been the high point of the day more than once.For those who don't know, Bad Machinery is the followup web comic strip to Scarygoround, set in the fictional Yorkshire town of Tackleford, and follows the lives and adventures of [...]

    • Bad Machinery is a webcomic that is available online but has just now had it's third book published. This is the second in the series and the first one I've read. You can read this for free at the website but the books have a lot of added content, are wide, huge things to behold and very fine quality. The book starts with a page that tells you who the characters are (like in many manga) and then jumps right into the story which is a mixture of genres. Two groups of teens consisting of 3 girls an [...]

    • Toddlers are disappearing and there are rumors of a large, beast-like creature roaming the woods. This definitely sounds like a case for a bunch of pre-teen middle schoolers.Still super cute and this time the story hangs together even if it's completely nuts. The Good Boy of the title is a doodle brought to life and firmly in whatever the opposite of the Uncanny Valley is, while still being horrifyingly uncanny. It's just wrong. But it's the kind of wrong that fits perfectly into this universe w [...]

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