Annie and Fia

Annie and Fia This thrilling short story from bestselling author Kiersten White is a prequel to the psychological thriller Mind Games Annie has been blind since she was four Suddenly for an instant she can see And

  • Title: Annie and Fia
  • Author: Kiersten White
  • ISBN: 9780062321497
  • Page: 351
  • Format: ebook
  • This thrilling short story from bestselling author Kiersten White is a prequel to the psychological thriller Mind Games.Annie has been blind since she was four.Suddenly for an instant she can see And what she sees will change her life forever.Fia will do anything for Annie.But she never realized how far she would have to go to protect her sister And now she can never goThis thrilling short story from bestselling author Kiersten White is a prequel to the psychological thriller Mind Games.Annie has been blind since she was four.Suddenly for an instant she can see And what she sees will change her life forever.Fia will do anything for Annie.But she never realized how far she would have to go to protect her sister And now she can never go back.Also available in the Mind Games paperback and ebook as of 12 3 13.

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      KIERSTEN WHITE is the New York Times bestselling author of the Paranormalcy trilogy the dark thrillers Mind Games and Perfect Lies The Chaos of Stars and Illusions of Fate She also coauthored In the Shadows with Jim Di Bartolo She lives with her family near the ocean in San Diego, which, in spite of its perfection, spurs her to dream of faraway places and even further away times Visit Kiersten online at kierstenwhite and follow kierstenwhite on Twitter.

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    • A sensational prequel. I loved getting a look into the girl's story and time before Keane's school. I, again, loved getting more of Fia. Annie's visions were also interesting, and it was great seeing now she "grew into them". Fia's first 'job' was also interesting and I wondered if that is why Eden hated her so much later? Anyway, I definitely recommend reading this after Mind Games. It would make more sense that way and I think it adds to the story more than it sets it. I don't think you'd be a [...]

    • Well, that was a smart move by the publishing team. At the end of the short story, they put in a sample for Mind Games, and yeah Now I have to get my grabby paws on that book!

    • This seemed like a young teen story, which I didn't know before I started it and is not my favorite genre.

    • Actual rating: 3.5 stars!I loved getting more background information on both of these girls! Although, I do love Fia more. Annie treated Fia like she was a problem, like she didn't know what she felt. She never listened to her sister every time Fia would tell her that something felt wrong. It sort of pissed me off. So, I'm kind of hoping book two will make me feel more warmly toward Annie. Because, at this point, she's the one at fault for how her sister turned out in my eyes.

    • I like that the author has strong plots for both her girls.I am using Eden for her boobs. Hahahaha. Fia - as much as I disliked her in the sequel, she is still so awesome to read.“Touch her again and I’ll break your other leg,” Fia snaps,

    • This is a prequel short story to the Mind Games book.This book switches from Annie to Fia and gives you more insight of before Keane school and what is going on a couple months into Keane school

    • FIA:"I proved my worth.Now we all know what I can do, how easily I can win. And we all know that I will do it for Annie, that I will do whatever I have to for her to be happy. Sweet-like-honey Clarice will keep her happy. The school will take care of her.And I will do what they tell me. My future stretches out, a continuous, unending path of wrong. I cannot see any way out. I have no power in this game. They hold all the cards."Annie and Fia, the Mind Games novella, is a nice look into the event [...]

    • Annie and Fia is a short (and FREE!) novella that describes Annie's and Fia's lives before Mind Games begins. Like Mind Games, it is told from a past and present dual perspective from both sisters. Annie and Fia talk about their lives before the Keane school, and it is very sad. They talk about Annie experiencing a vision of their parents' death and having to live with their aunt who clearly does not want the extra burden. Even at a young age, Fia's flawless instincts are guiding her into a safe [...]

    • Hmmm Randomly, I will mention that I had a hard time deciding whether to call this sci-fi or fantasy. I opted for sci-fi, which some will probably argue with. Especially since I would call Cinder (by Marissa Meyer, and a book which most people classify as sci-fi) fantasy. Anyway, that has nothing to do with my review, but I'll have to think more about why that isMoving on. Okay, I am predisposed to really like anything that has Annie and Fia in it because, hey, I really like Annie and Fia. So I' [...]

    • In my copy of Mind Games, this short story of Annie and Sofia was available to read, and because subjecting myself to the lack of everything experience that was reading Mind Games wasn't enough, I wanted to see if this short story changed my feelings in either direction and in truth, it did, but barely.In this short story, White, personally, created more of an in depth connection between the sisters, Annie and Sofia and just how much their dynamics have changed throughout their years together an [...]

    • OMGG i loved the novella - from when Annie first saw their parents death & when they were at Keane early in the beginning, they went on a ski lodge trip & Clarice, the bitch, gives Fia an assignment to upload something on a man's laptop whose there at the lodge with his two teenage sons, Ty & Ryan who Fia meets, taking Eden along with her & she plants Ryan's cell in his father's coat & calls late at night once they've made plans to meet at the Jacuzzi at 3 am & says they [...]

    • I have had an interest in the Mind Games for some time, but wasn't sure to start it. Then I noticed there was a lovely prequel book, and decided to check that out.This book is about Annie and Fia. Annie is apparently blind, but can sometimes see visions (one such vision even changed everything about Annie and Fia's world), and Fia protects her sister and apparently has super instincts. I really loved both of the characters. Annie a bit more than Fia. I don't know. Fia was a bit too angry at a lo [...]

    • Annie and Fia are sisters, Annie being the older of the two. When Annie was four years old she was blinded in a car accident and now Fia takes care of her. She plays "games" and Annie can "see" things, so that makes her a "freak" to some. This short prequel is a good intro to the characters of Mind Games. The chapters jump back and forth from Annie's to Fia's POV. I didn't care much for the way the flashbacks were done, but only because it began with Annie and one month before Keane. Then it jum [...]

    • Annie and Fia is a short novella that can be considered a prequel to Mind Games. It is told in the same way that Mind Games was, jumping through time in each chapter and alternating between Fia and Annie's POVs.We get a look at some of the events that shaped the Annie and Fia that we met in Mind Games, some of the events that seemed to have been the turning point for both of them. We get to see Annie's first vision and we get to see how she had to deal with people being cruel to her. And we see [...]

    • Full review at bronzelock619/2016/02/annie-and-fia-mind-games-05-kierstenml.This short story, like the book, alternates between Fia and Annie's narration. Annie tells about their past, giving insight of their life from the night they lost their parents to them going to Keene. That night was the first time Annie's power manifested, and she saw for the first time since she went blind. Fia, however, had her power long before, probably for her whole life. On the day of the accident, Fia hid her pare [...]

    • What I like most about this short story, you don't have to read either of the books to really understand it. It's told from the dual POV of Fia and Annie. Annie's POV is in the past, before they enter Keane; Fia's is just a few months after they've been at Keane. The time line for this one was MUCH easier to keep track of then the one for the books themselves (something I did write about in both my reviews). I have to say the more I have read of this series, the more I like it (since I wasn't th [...]

    • A free copy provided by Epic Reads & Harper Collins 15-16 Feb 2014. #ReadMINDGAMESI think you have to read Mind Games to really understand the situations that happen in this Prequel.Annie and Fia is YA paranormal fiction. A story of how sisters can argue and fight, but when it comes down to it, would do anything, even kill, if it meant the safety and well being of her sister.It follows the same pattern, each chapter in the point of view of either Fia or Annie. Some chapters are leading towar [...]

    • Annie has been blind since she was four.Suddenly—for an instant—she can see. And what she sees will change her life forever.Fia will do anything for Annie.But she never realized how far she would have to go to protect her sister. And now she can never go back.This short story is a prequel to the psychological thriller Mind Games.Couldn't get into this short story at all. The constant switching in POV from Annie to Fia was annoying - the chapters were far too short to be flicking back and for [...]

    • This is a short story ebook that I downloaded free from . It's a prequel to Kiersten White's Mind Games series about two sisters, Annie and Fia.I hate it when books go backward and forward in time. Added to that, it also switches back and forth between the points of view of each sister. Despite that, I enjoyed the story and it has piqued my interest enough to make me want to read the series. Each sister is interesting in her own way: blind, innocent and tragically gifted older sister Annie; cont [...]

    • This little novella is suppose to get me into reading mind games. The first book of the series. Which it did. My favorite character is Annie. In just 30 pages I kinda enjoyed it. Annie is blind and has telepathy. She can see the future. She saw how her parents died. I think its so cool her being blind and then seeing the future. How can a blind person see? But she gets these vivid visions. Where she sees color and pictures. I love it. Sofia is the one that takes care of her. And is fighting for [...]

    • I never imagined that I could be so much like a character except for the mind powers, it’s a little shocking.“It’s a lie, but it’s the lie he needs. I’m going to hell.”I literally don’t even know how many times I lie and I think to myself “Wow, I’m so manipulative. I’m going to hell.”This possibly made me like the characters and plot for Mind Games even more! I really enjoyed this short 40 page novella, I don’t understand how one can give a novella less than five stars??? [...]

    • As much as I loved this novella (and it was free too!!!) I was a bit disappointed It wasn't a bad story, but I didn't feel like it added anymore to Fia or Annie Well maybe a tad bit more about Annie, but I wanted more!! Novellas are suppose to enhance the story, give the charterers more dimension of why they are the way they are without going into too much details to the point were readers are confused reading the novels without reading the novella This felt like a fluff story & don't get me [...]

    • Annie and Fia band together after their parents' death, moving to the Keane School, and Fia's first mission.Even a short story uses the disjointed back and forth time narrations This one shows Annie's first vision, life before the Keane School, and how Fia got sucked into performing dubious missions. It definitely shows how Annie was so eager to embrace the Keane School, and how Fia was always more cautious.

    • I love the Mind Games series. They were all very good but Annie and Fia is a great introduction into the characters. Annie and Fia portrays sisters very well with all the up and downs sisters go through growing up and in life in general. Kiersten White is a really great author. I love all the books she writes so far. I would recommend this author and have told my sister and my niece about her. My niece loves Kiersten White's books as well. They are great books to read over and over.

    • If you like MIND GAMES, you should like this. It's very similar in style and theme, just fleshing out some back story.Once again, I was reminded of how much I like Fia (in part because she is so unlikable) and how much I am moved by their sisterly bond. Might even need to reread MIND GAMES (or at least the end of it) before PERFECT LIES comes out.

    • I am not sure if I should begin with Mind Games yet, so I tried reading this novella/prequel. I think that author should have included more substance and thrill in this story. I liked it but not crazy whoa type. Just so-so uhmm okay type. It also included an excerpt from Mind Games. Oh it was great! Will add that in my to-read shelf.

    • Una linda precuela aunque no nos de mucha información adicional al libro. Igualmente es interesante de ver como vivían las chicas antes y durante el Instituto Keane.Reseña completa en Gracias a los Libros

    • A fun little fleshing-out of the origin story of Annie and Fia from Mind Games. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed these characters, including the secondaries. I really need to get my hands on some more Kiersten White. Looking forward to more in this series! Oh, and it doesn't hurt that it's free. :)

    • I'm even more in love with sweet little Fia and the way she still knows something is wrong. Yes, Annie, everthing is about you and you will get your better new life so you can be happy, you selfish brat. She really is annoying. She keeps saying how she wants to help Fia and yet she makes her stuck to her.

    • I've been wanting to read Mind Games for a while now, and I thought the perfect way to start would be to read the novella. I was hesitant about the series before since not a lot of people like it, but I saw this novella on and decided to read it. It was free on iBooks and it was pretty good. It made me want to read the series a little bit more, so I may get to buying that sooner.

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