Just My Luck

Just My Luck A little distraction can be a wonderful thing Nate Torrance has a job to do and the biggest rugby boots in the world to fill He can t afford to lose his focus especially not to a brown eyed Canadian

  • Title: Just My Luck
  • Author: RosalindJames
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  • A little distraction can be a wonderful thing.Nate Torrance has a job to do, and the biggest rugby boots in the world to fill He can t afford to lose his focus, especially not to a brown eyed Canadian who pushes all his buttons and looks much too good in a climbing harness.Allison Villiers may not know what she wants to do with her life, but she s clear about one thing SA little distraction can be a wonderful thing.Nate Torrance has a job to do, and the biggest rugby boots in the world to fill He can t afford to lose his focus, especially not to a brown eyed Canadian who pushes all his buttons and looks much too good in a climbing harness.Allison Villiers may not know what she wants to do with her life, but she s clear about one thing She s not impressed by the new captain of the All Blacks, however big a deal he is to the rest of New Zealand If only her unfortunate taste for adventure didn t keep leading her astray .Warning This romance, like New Zealand, contains a fair bit of steam If that isn t your cuppa, you may want to visit some other country er, book.

    Just My Luck May , Just My Luck is directed by by Donald Petrie and written by I Marlene King and Amy B Harris It stars Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine Plot sees Lohan as Ashley, the luckiest girl in New York, who after kissing Jake Pine, the unluckiest man in New York, loses her luck to him. Just My Luck film Just My Luck Jan , Just My Luck is one I have just watched and do not remember so I can review as new I still find his films very watchable and the early ones in particular had some hilarious moments In this film he plays the role slightly less madcap than in previous films, although the character is basically the same, same too tight suit, like Chaplin, but his personality is perhaps not quite as dim as before. Just My Luck Lindsay Lohan, Chris Pine Dec , Just My Luck starring Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine plays with the question of just how much does a person do to create their luck and how much of that good luck is a result of something else Nonetheless, Lindsay Lohan plays a highly successful and sought after public relations representative communications associate related who has the golden midas touch when it comes to Coco Jones Just My Luck Official Music Video YouTube Sep , videos Play all Mix Coco Jones Just My Luck Official Music Video YouTube Coco Jones Rain Official Music Video Duration cocojonessings , views Just My Luck by Jennifer Honeybourn Just My Luck by Jennifer Honeybourn is a quick, but lighthearted and enjoyable YA contemporary romance This book is an easy and cute read I really liked the concept of the story and some parts are quite delightful I also liked the pacing and the swiftly moving plot with plenty of events and happenings.

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      Rosalind James writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense published both by Montlake Romance and independently Her stories are set in New Zealand, Idaho, California, New York really, anyplace that seems cool Research trips, especially those involving lots of rugby, are a bonus Her books are available in ebook, paperback, and audio formats Rosalind is a former marketing executive who spent several years in Australia and New Zealand, where she fell in love with the people, the landscape, and the culture of both countries She attributes her rapid success to the fact that Lots of people would like to escape to New Zealand I know I did

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    • 3.5 stars.I really do adore the author's writing, her ability to transport us to other places (or "time," as in Welcome to Paradise), and her keen attention to detail while never making it feel instructional or pandering. I'd read and greatly enjoyed all in her previous Escape to New Zealand series so it was an absolute "duh" to get this one tout de suite.There are two main characters, Ally, a Canadian-American, and Nate, the (new) All Blacks (national rugby team) captain, and two lesser charact [...]

    • This has to be the weakest and the least enjoyable book in the "Escape to New Zealand" series. The story was way too long, not to mention boring beyond belief. Ally and Nate's story just went on forever! Half-way thru the novel I had no choice but to start skimming thru quickly just to end my misery. I also have to say that while I did like both Kristen and Liam, including their story, I absolutely hated both Ally and Nate. As for their story, it just didn't work for me. They both came across as [...]

    • 3.5 starsJust My Luck starts off with strong Pride and Prejudice influences. There are two couples stories here - Ally and Nate (the main couple), and Kristen and Liam. Kristen is the recently divorced sister of Hannah from Just This Once. She was headed to New Zealand to try and heal from her divorce and such and convinced Ally to come with her for a year for a bit of adventure. Nate and Liam are both rugby players for the All Blacks, Nate being the new captain. I love the setting and the rugby [...]

    • Love this one just as much as the first 4I'm not sure which of the guys was hotter: Mako or Toro! Either way it was great to see how they both struggled with getting into a relationship and how it affected there careers and future.

    • I have really enjoyed the Rosalind James series Escape to New Zealand. There are 5 books in all, and each one tells a unique story of a relationship blossoming from first introduction on. The first book is Hannah and Drew’s story. It is arguably the slowest of the 5, providing the New Zealand setting and the Rugby football instruction. While the slowest of the 5, it is in no ways a negative on the book itself. In book one, Hard working Hanna meets hard working Drew, and together they learn tha [...]

    • I have loved the previous books in this series but I have to say this was a letdown. There are two stories running concurrently in this book - Allie and Nate's along with Kristen and Liam's. Allie and Kristen are roomies and Nate and Liam are players on the same rugby team.Allie was selfish and arrogant when she had no right to be. Nate was a bit self centered but not a bad guy, he just had his priorities in the wrong place. I disliked Allie almost from the start and by the end of the book, coul [...]

    • Oh, my! I think I had escapes too many with the series. Here is what you find reading the stories:1. New Zealand is a paradise on Earth2. The only men worth considering in the paradise are the rugby players because they are:• The most intelligent• The most sensitive and hardworking• Best looking on the outside (most of them) and inside (all of them)• Sex gods who can change any woman to a sex kitten willing to try anything• Great in bed despite all the hard work and bruising they recei [...]

    • This was a twofer romance story.I loved Liam and Kristen's second chance story, it was slow and sweet. 4 stars for themThe story between Nate and Ally was good up to a point, and then I got sort of mad at both of them. Him for treating her so poorly and her for letting him squeeze her into the very small spaces in his life - and for caving and forgiving him so easily, she really needed to take some lessons from Kristen and he really needed to do some major groveling. 2.5 stars = pretty good for [...]

    • 2.5 STARSThis was my least favourite book in the series. We are given two couples stories that should have been split, but the author may have been running out of ideas. In any case the bulk of the book was with Nate and Ally with a bit of Liam and Kristin thrown in for luck.Thankfully the author seems to have run out of history lessons however the game of rugby was still being explained to me. To be honest I am quite happy the series has finished as unfortunately this series just didn't gel wit [...]

    • I found this story disappointing. I've enjoyed all the other rugby romance books I've read by this author but this one left me dissatisfied. Nate and Allie just didn't spell HEA for me. He's a immature jerk and she's a whinny girl. I liked Kristen and Liam's story much better. Wish that had been the principal arc in this novel.

    • A little blah, and honestly I almost gave up on it. Two love stories is really too much for one book. And, honestly, I didn't like the main one at all. The only thing I liked about this book was the rock-climbing --- the protagonist's passion for the sport really came through and I almost felt the need to hunt down a climbing wall and try it myself. Almost.

    • Good, but Ally was probably my least favorite of all female protagonists Rosalind has written about. I definitely didn't hate her; I found her likeable most of the time. I'm not sure I can peg exactly what it was.

    • Absolutely the least enjoyable book in the series. Should have ended after book #4. Liked Liam, Kris was okay but the two main leads annoyed me. Childish and whiny.

    • I have totally binge read a good proportion of Rosalind James' back catalogue over the New Year break after receiving a copy of one of her books (Take Me Back) from NetGalley and realising that I had only read a couple of her Escape to New Zealand series previously.As a result I am copying and pasting part of this review into the other books. The Escape to New Zealand series is a set of romances featuring players from New Zealand's All Blacks rugby team. All the books are full of En Zed (how the [...]

    • Just My Luck is book five in Rosalind James’ Escape to New Zealand series. And once again, we’re treated to another story that truly makes me want to escape to New Zealand! In this book, we have the story of two couplesNate Torrence is the new captain of New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team. He has big shoes to fill - Drew Callahan (from book one in the series), the most beloved rugby star in all of the country, has now retired - and Nate is feeling massive amounts of pressure to keep the t [...]

    • 3-3.5 starsThis was a good story. I liked Ally and Nate and there was an added bonus in this book of a secondary romance between Kristen (sister of Hannah, heroine from Just This Once) and Liam (another Rugby player) which was nice.Ally has a degree in Math but never really liked the idea of working behind a desk and prefers outdoor activities. She started working in a climbing gym years ago and loves it so she's kept doing that. The problem is she doesn't make much money doing it. She was invol [...]

    • In this book:Liam and Kate's story was cute. However, I thought Nate was a jerk and Alli was stupid and without backbone to stick around and let herself get used by him.In this series: As always, there's not enough groveling at the end by the badly behaving male to make me feel too excited about their supposed HE. In reality, someone who'd treat his woman like they are prone to do, is not going to magically stop that pattern of behavior later. If these couples were in real life, we'd be seeing a [...]

    • Well, it's a two for one deal. I loved the Kristen/Liam story, but as the Ally/Nate story seemed to take up more space, and it was a little annoying, this is my least favorite of the series. In fact, I think they've all been 4 stars till nowBasically, Ally is a doormat. And, Nate is a selfish ass. You get your HEA, but by then you don't really like them much as people, so it lacks a little of its shine.

    • While I enjoyed the main character's romance well enough, I think I would have like it if the secondary romance had actually been the one focused on because with what he (Mako) had already overcome in his life and what she (Kristen) was working on to better herself were way more interesting to me than what was going on with Nate and Ally. Nate was basically a work in progress while Mako was amazing. Ah well, still a decent read.

    • My least favourite of all the NZed books so far. Both could have had their own books and they could have been done better than they had been. The plots were rushed and the characters were poorly developed because the time and attention was not given to their growth throughout the book. As it sits, I'm still at a loss as to why both Ali and Nate are the way they are.

    • Good bookJust like like the others. There's a formula so i have to put space between them otherwise i just skip through them. I do love the characters, and there were two HEAs in this one.

    • I really liked this installment in the series. It was really good to see and get to know Hannah's sister Kristen as more than just a screw up and to see people struggling for what they want and working to make it happen. It was a bumpy ride but it was fun.

    • It was ok. Not my favorite book in the series. Actually would have been more interesting if Kristen and Liam were the focus of this one.

    • This was a mixed bag for me. I loved Liam and Kristen but found Nate and Ally really annoying. It was a shame that they were the central characters for me. 3*s as an average (4 for Liam and Kristen and 2 for Nate and Ally)

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