Dust In the aftermath of the uprising the people of Silo are coming to terms with a new order Some embrace the change others fear the unknown None have control of their fate The Silo is still in dange

  • Title: Dust
  • Author: Hugh Howey
  • ISBN: 9780099586739
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the aftermath of the uprising, the people of Silo 18 are coming to terms with a new order.Some embrace the change, others fear the unknown.None have control of their fate.The Silo is still in danger from those who want it destroyed.And Jules knows she must stop them.The battle for the silo has been won.The war for humanity is just beginning.

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      I m the author of WOOL, a top 5 science fiction book on I also wrote the Molly Fyde saga, a tale of a teenager from the 25th century who is repeatedly told that girls can t do certain things and then does them anyway.A theme in my books is the celebration of overcoming odds and of not allowing the cruelty of the universe to change who you are in the process Most of them are classified as science fiction, since they often take place in the future, but if you love great stories and memorable characters, you ll dig what you find here I promise.

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    • Giving the finale to the Silo series a three star rating was not easy, as I've rated the previous books much higher. The Wool Omnibus was one of my favorite books of all time. I've recommended it to numerous friends and have a signed copy of it on my bookshelf. This one, however, left me a bit disappointed. This review is mostly spoiler-free, and spoilers will be tagged/hidden.Let me start with the positives. Howey once again does a great job of immersing you in the underground world of the silo [...]

    • I loved the book and the entire series, but please write Book/Serial #4, Hugh.[SPOILER ALERT] [SPOILER ALERT] [SPOILER ALERT] [SPOILER ALERT][SCROLL DOWN - but SPOILER ALERT!]The ending leaves me emotionally satisfied but intellectually dissatisfied. In this final book, we see the end of, basically, 3 Silos (1, 17 and 18). 18 is terminated, leaving at best 125-200 survivors who make their way to the disabled Silo 17? And most, but not all, of these "walk out" to the blue skies and green grass o [...]

    • What a satisfying conclusion to the Silo series. The first volume, Wool, introduced the world of the Silo and the strict authoritarian society that lived inside. Anyone questioning this reality was ousted into the deadly wastelands. We also me the wonderful character Juliette, a superior engineer who is recruited into being police chief of the silo. What she finds from a position of authority get's her ousted, where she discovers more about the Silo and it's purpose. Book two, Shift, travels bac [...]

    • My biggest issue with this volume was the crass emotional manipulation going on in the story. It's one thing to create a situation and then dole out pieces of information to slowly reveal what happened, but in Dust, Howey tosses out any subtlety and just starts messing with you. See, near the three-quarters point of the novel, Silo 18, the heart and soul of this trilogy, is terminated. Thurman executes an order that pops the door to the outside and sends in a bunch of killing nanobots to take ca [...]

    • Just finished this the other night Really liked most of the Silo Series, it felt a lot like LOST to me at times, something else I really dug. The overalls, the revelations within revelations, the unfolding mystery of it all -- even the flashbacks to the origin of the SilosME SPOILERS FOLLOW: But also like LOST, there was no great finale. I figured we would get some new puzzle piece that would snick neatly into place and turn the entire series into a mosaic much larger than they sum of its parts [...]

    • Going in to Dust, I was hoping that it would continue at the same very high level of great story telling as the first two installments of the Wool trilogy and I have to say that it did. It was a very different book than I thought it would be and went in a direction that I never would have guessed, and for those reasons it really kept me riveted. I expected a dark mood to the book but it was even darker and depressing than I anticipated - there were very few happy moments, and the characters we g [...]

    • Ve bir serinin daha sonuna geldik. Silo'yla başlayan, Vardiya ile devam eden çetrefilli macera bu ciltle birlikte bir nihayete eriyor. Toz'da sadece Juliette ve Solo'ya yeniden kavuşmakla kalmıyor, Silo Bir'de tehlikeli ve gizli kapaklı bir mücadele veren "Troy" ile kız kardeşinin akıbetini de öğreniyoruz. Hugh Howey cevaplanmadık soru, açıklanmamış bir gizem bırakmamış gerçekten de. Akıllarda kalan tüm soru işaretlerini giderdiği gibi serüvenin sonunu da güzel bir şek [...]

    • WARNING: This review contains spoilers of Wool Omnibus (Silo, #1), Shift Omnibus Edition (Silo, #2), and Dust. If you haven’t read these books yet, stop fooling around on and get to it!I feel lucky to have finished DUST before it’s been officially released. I’m not a book critic or anyone of note, but I lucked out and got my copy of DUST on August 8. I pre-ordered my signed copy (the Ugly Edition) direct from Hugh Howey’s web site a few weeks ago. Shortly after, he did a surprise “pre [...]

    • Hugh Howey's bio includes this sentence:"A theme in my books is the celebration of overcoming odds and of not allowing the cruelty of the universe to change who you are in the process."The cruelty of the universe was clear in Wool Omnibus (Silo, #1), where humanity was several (hundred) years into living in a silo, the only people left alive on earth as far as they knew. Isolated, yet somehow sustainable if only the riots and coups could be held at bay. The silo enforced systematic cruelty as we [...]

    • It’s a decent ending to a trilogy, but I really can’t say I’m fully satisfied with a finale. There are a lot of issues, which could’ve been addressed, and a lot of questions left still unanswered. All in all, I’ve enjoyed this book, but not as much as I've expected before starting it. There are problems with pacing, and the first ¼, maybe even 1/3 of the book is outright boring and too casual to withhold a yawn. It’s not a case as sometimes happens with sequels, that the series’ q [...]

    • Also on Booklikes (in the same length and format): headspinningfromvaguenessokI love twists in my fiction. But sometimes a twist isn't the most important thing to have in a story. When the twist is all that a story revolves around, that it doesn't survive without the twist, that twist becomes nothing more than a pivoting gimmick. The reason I point this out right now is because I want to indicate that while the ending to this Wool trilogy is predictable, it is still entertaining and meaningful.I [...]

    • "The idea of saving anything was folly, a life especially. No life had ever been truly saved, not in the history of mankind. They were merely prolonged. Everything comes to an end."Readers of Hugh Howey's Silo series are by now prepared for a certain degree of bleakness, but there are moments of downright agonizing despair in Dust, its final installment. Moments that made me cry out to my lodger "Who does Hugh think he is, George R. R. Effing Martin?" to which my lodger replied "No, because then [...]

    • The conclusion of a great series brings great sadness for the fans. Hugh Howey’s “Wool” saga only came into existence just over two years ago. So it’s been quite a whirlwind ride for fans and the author until now the release of Dust brings us the finale. Howey leapt from self-published author to New York Times bestselling novelist in record time. On the way, he changed the way authors and the publishing world did business by refusing to relinquish his e-book rights for seven figure publi [...]

    • This series happens to be both a post-apocalypse and a dystopia, though it turns out it's more of one than the other. Dust is a fitting wrap-up of the story, and it's obvious the ideas contained in the series are phenomenal; if you do some searching on Kindle, you'll see that some acclaimed fan fiction has chimed in, because the world suggested by Howey has so much more to explore, even though the tale expressed in this trilogy is certainly the core tale of the world. What kept this last instal [...]

    • This book was hugely disappointing. There's a satisfying end to the series (at least, somewhat satisfying), but 80% of this could have been removed and the effect would have been the same. I have so many problems with this book. Huge spoiler cut ahead! (view spoiler)[For a start, there are far too many named characters. Howey's strength isn't characterization--it's plot (most of the time, anyway). To back that up, he has characters that you can root for without getting below surface-level. The s [...]

    • I loved 'Wool.'With 'Shift,' some cracks started appearing in the silo of my enthusiasm, but I carried on happily.With 'Dust' - well, I felt that Howey was coasting on his momentum; using up the supplies that the previous stories had squirreled away in the storeroom.It's not terrible but neither does it feel necessary. Moreover, I felt really disappointed with a major part of the resolution of the story. One of the things I really, really liked about Wool was that **MAJOR SPOILER** (view spoiler [...]

    • This book,the entire Wool series, is an absolute masterpiece. If you've never heard of it, look up Wool Omnibus. If the description speaks to you at all, don't hesitate. If you've already read it and Shift, you will never have been more satisfied by the conclusion of any story or trilogy as you hungrily read your way to the final chapter Hugh Howey expertly serves up in Dust.

    • DUST, the final book in the Silo saga brings an end to both the WOOL and SHIFT series. Want to know what happens with Juliette being mayor? What about Troy and Charlotte in silo 1? Will Troy's charade as Thurman go unnoticed? What is up with Troy's cough? Will Juliette be reunited with Solo and the kids in silo 17? Will silo 1 continue to put up with rebellion from silo 18? And what will silo 18 do with it's new found knowledge about the outside and other silos? What about the fate of all the ot [...]

    • The final volume of the Silo Trilogy picks up where the first one, Wool, left off. Having read Wool months before Dust, I have to admit that some of the characters and situations were a bit dusty in my mind, but still the narrative does stick together. Having learned of the nanobots in Shift and the apocalyptic plans of Thurman and his two ill-fated pals, it was interesting to see how Howey threaded the end of his story. I feel that the character development was always a little week in this tril [...]

    • SpoilersNot as engrossing as Wool or Shift — the plot, the mystery, the characters, and the relationships lost most of their appeal, they just didn't captivate me like they did in the previous two books. I have to say, Dust was mostly disappointing — I didn't hate it, I actually quite liked a lot of things, but overall it didn't meet my expectations.-The first half was rather dull, nothing much seemed to happen. Juliette's mission to dig to Silo 17 dragged on for ages, and Donald + Charlotte [...]

    • 'All the days were the same now, and every one numbered.' The decisions of a handful of individuals have shaped the lives of those still living in the silos. The folly of those few 'deciders' has finally come home to roost. For those who love to read of post-apocalyptic and dystopian worlds but can do without the sappy teen triangular romances and made up swear words, this is the series for you. Wool and Shift were excellent, and Dust finishes things off very nicely. Good story!

    • Pateikt, ka es gaidīju šīs grāmatas iznākšanu latviešu valodā, nozīmētu nepateikt neko. Mana iepazīšanās ar Elevatora triloģiju sākās pirms diviem ar pus gadiem. „Vilnu” es izlasīju vienā rāvienā. Grāmatas vēriens un pasaule mani pārsteidza nesagatavotu. Es biju tik lielā sajūsmā par šo grāmatu, ka otrās sērijas grāmatas „Maiņa” lasīšanu atliku līdz pēdējam. Bieži gadās, ka autoram pēc veiksmīga starta nākošā sanāk nekāda. Tas mani baidīja, [...]

    • Kendimi kaptirip bir cirpida okudugum ilk kitabin cok uzun sure bekledigim finali. Oldukca doyurucu bir son ile bitti hikaye. Kitabi bir an elimden birakamadim, son bolumleri soluksuz okudum. Tek sorunu kisa olup hemencecik bitmesiydi. Bu seri beni bilimkurgu kitaplari sevdiren serilerin basinda geliyor

    • This was an absolute disappointment. I was going to give it two stars but after the long infuriating trek through this mess of a conclusion I just can’t bring myself to give it more than one. I feel badly being negative but this is just deserving of it. Shift had such promise of what was to come. It built up my expectations to a conclusion of hope and these characters who were finally developed after a weak origin in Wool would finally come into their own. Instead I was given characters who we [...]

    • To me, both Wool and Shift were easily 5 star books/collections. The combination of believable and likable characters, good tension and build up, and the slow and enticing unwinding of Howey's intriguing universe kept me entrapped from page to page. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Dust. I don't know what went wrong, but I struggled to connect with the characters in the same way I had previously. Maybe it is because their development climaxed in Shift. Between Shift and Dust we see the ch [...]

    • "She felt none of the fear from the last time she was sent out, but none of the deluded hope that drove many to exile. Somewhere between pointless dreams and hopeless dread was a desire to know the world, And, if possible, make it better." (page 113)Though Dust is largely plot-driven, it is worth mentioning that the writing itself, for all its lack of elegance or beauty, is certainly better than adequate. The characters actually have individual voices - something very rarely the case in stories [...]

    • Yet another book by this author that I'm losing sleep over, in order to read it. I cannot stop reading it. I'm going to need SO much coffee to get through today. But the book is so good. Totally worth it.

    • Appena terminato mi sembrava più vicino alle 4 stelle e mezzo ma ora mi sono decisa per quattro.In generale la trilogia mi è piaciuta molto ma gli ultimi due libri non erano all'altezza del primo.

    • Reviewed at SF SignalREVIEW SUMMARY: Satisfying conclusion to a remarkable science fiction seriesMY RATING: 4.5 StarsBRIEF SYNOPSIS: The end to a post-apocalyptic epic where people have survived underground in silos but are finally going to find out whether they can survive in the wasteland above REVIEW:PROS: Has the feel of a science fiction series we’ll tell our grandchildren about; shows improvement in pacing from previous books in series; surprise endingNS: Lacked enough surviving characte [...]

    • I am a real fan of Hugh Howey, a head-over-heels infatuated with his works and I was waiting for this book like I dunno like for Christmas. But I have to admit - I didn't like this book. I mean, it's extremely well written, and you can't lay it down and all that, but in the end I was totally disappointed. So many loose ends! So many unanswered questions! It looks like the author spinned so many lines in the story and characters that he wasn't able to UNRAVEL all those threads. For ex.: Why the [...]

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