Hindsight Cass Lehman has a terrifying gift The youngest in a family of extraordinary women with supernatural talents Cass is cursed with the not so sexy gift of seeing the pastbut not just any past she sees d

  • Title: Hindsight
  • Author: Melanie Casey
  • ISBN: 9781921997204
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cass Lehman has a terrifying gift The youngest in a family of extraordinary women with supernatural talents, Cass is cursed with the not so sexy gift of seeing the pastbut not just any past she sees death For years she s hidden herself away in her family home Now, desperate for a better life, she ventures into sleepy Jewel Bay, only to stumble upon murder and mayCass Lehman has a terrifying gift The youngest in a family of extraordinary women with supernatural talents, Cass is cursed with the not so sexy gift of seeing the pastbut not just any past she sees death For years she s hidden herself away in her family home Now, desperate for a better life, she ventures into sleepy Jewel Bay, only to stumble upon murder and mayhem and a killer at large who s long been lurking in their midst Taking a chance, Cass volunteers to assist Detective Ed Dyson with the investigation Will Cass be able to save the latest victim and herself

    Hindsight Definition of Hindsight by Merriam Webster Definition of hindsight perception of the nature of an event after it has happened In hindsight, it s clear there were alternatives. Hindsight Definition of Hindsight at Dictionary noun recognition of the realities, possibilities, or requirements of a situation, event, decision etc after its occurrence. HINDSIGHT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary hindsight definition the ability to understand an event or situation only after it has happened the ability to Learn . Hindsight definition of hindsight by The Free Dictionary Define hindsight hindsight synonyms, hindsight pronunciation, hindsight translation, English dictionary definition of hindsight n Perception of the significance and nature of events after they have occurred The rear sight of a firearm n the ability to understand, after Hindsight TV Series Jan , Created by Emily Fox With Laura Ramsey, Sarah Goldberg, Craig Horner, Nick Clifford Becca, as she nears , is about to embark on her second wedding to Andy Kelly, but her joy is tempered by the absence of her old best friend Lolly who s a no show, having dropped out hindsight Dictionary Definition Vocabulary Another way of describing retrospection, hindsight is a useful skill that can be cultivated Hindsight often refers to a lesson learned from something going wrong Billy Wilder, the American movie director, once commented wistfully, Hindsight is always twenty twenty It s much easier to see clearly after something happened than before. Hindsight Idioms by The Free Dictionary hindsight is always It is easier to clearly reevaluate past actions or decisions than when they are being made or done things are clearer or obvious when they are reflected upon A reference to the visual acuity of normal eyesight vision. Hindsight Synonyms, Hindsight Antonyms Thesaurus Synonyms for hindsight at Thesaurus with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions Find descriptive alternatives for hindsight.

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    • Melanie Casey

      Melanie Casey was born and lives in South Australia with her two young children and her husband who didn t know he was marrying a writer when he walked down the aisle.After studying English Literature and Classical Studies, Melanie shifted in to Law, and now works in government.A chance meeting with a highschool English teacher in the supermarket made Melanie realize that she should be doing what she d always loved, writing Another period of study, this time at the Professional Writing School of Adelaide s College of the Arts ensued, helping Melanie acquire the skills she needed to put her plan into action.Hindsight is her debut novel, and is the first in a series of crime novels featuring Cass Lehman and Detective Ed Dyson.

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    • Detective Ed Dyson’s wife Susan had vanished two years ago – she had never been found and Ed wasn’t coping with not knowing what had happened to her. His forays into the bottle were becoming more frequent and he knew he should stop, but couldn’t work out how. It was the anonymous call to alert police to a murder in an alley way which gave him purpose once again.When Natalia, Superintendent at the Fairfield Station, called the Lehman household and asked for Cass’ help, it was to be the [...]

    • Exciting read!My View:What an excellent debut! I must admit that I am a big fan of the paranormal/crime fiction/mystery mash up- when it is done right – and this is done very nicely thank you. There was no need to suspend belief – this just felt like it could be. This book had an exciting story line, endearing characters (aside from the serial killer), a rapid pace and an enticing ending that you don’t need to be psychic to predict what may be in store in the follow up books in this series [...]

    • Cass Lehman has a blessing or a curse. If she stands where someone has died, she experiences the death as though it is happening to her. Her mother can foretell the future. And her grandmother can heal.Cass has been more or less house bound for quite a while. Whenever she leaves her house, she has to plot a course to get to wherever she is going so as not to walk or drive across an area where someone has died a violent death.Detective Dyson is investigating some women who have gone missing. It t [...]

    • Hindsight is book one of new series by Melanie Casey called Cass Lehman and Detective Ed Dyson. One day Cass Lehman decided instead of isolating herself from her community due to her psychic ability chose to use it to help law enforcement solve cases. Cass Lehman contacted family friend DCI Sorenson who asked her to come to Fairfield Police Station. Detective Ed Dyson was having problems coping with life after his wife went missing was signed to look after Cass Lehman. The first meeting between [...]

    • Australian crime-writing is booming at the moment with a slew of new authors emerging. South Aussie Casey's debut is set on the Fleurieu Peninsula in a couple of fictitous towns mingling with Willunga and McLaren Vale. The main protagonist is Cass Lehman who at the age of 30 still lives at home with her mother and grandmother, crippled by a supernatural gift she has no control over. Cass has retrocognition wich causes her when on the sight of a violent death to not only see the crime but experie [...]

    • Cass Lehman is a psychic, her 'specialty' being able to tell where and how people have died. To her, this is a curse, and she's almost housebound because of it. She lives with her mother and grandmother, who also have talents of a different kind.Cass has accidentally walked over a hot spot a place where someone was killed. She heard the killer, but who's going to believe her?Deciding to do the right thing, Cass reports her vision to the lead investigator, Ed Dyson. Ed's wife is one of several w [...]

    • If Cassandra Lehman walks over the spot of a violent death she experiences it as if its happening to her. That's her 'gift'. Her mother has esp and her grandmother can heal. Cass decides to help the police solve some serial murders by using her gift.Cass and Ed as main characters were solid. I liked them both and really liked the Lehman women. The murders were predictable and somewhat boring. I knew what was gonna happen before it happened and that left thse story flat. I received a copy from Ne [...]

    • Melanie Casey's debut novel, Hindsight, has been on my wishlist since its release. It is the first book in a series to feature Cass Lehman, a woman with the psychic gift of retrocognition, and South Australian police detective, Ed Dyson.For almost a decade, Cass Lehman has lived more or less like a recluse in the home she shares with her mother and grandmother. Travel is difficult when her gift of retrocognition means that when she passes over a place where someone has died in a violent or traum [...]

    • Although I have read a lot of crime fiction, I have never read a title in that genre that also included a paranormal element. I wasn't quite sure what to expect with Melanie Casey's debut novel Hindsight, but it didn't take me long to realise it was a captivating story that kept me involved from start to finish.Cass Lehman's terrifying gift which allows her to temporarily experience other people's deaths (if she is in the exact vicinity it happened) has kept her locked away at her family home fo [...]

    • Cass Lehman is a young South Australian woman in her twenties living at home with her mother and Grandmother, and completely isolated from outside life. The reason? Cass comes from a line of gifted women: her Grandmother is a hands-on healer, her mother can see glimpses of the future and Cass experiences the death of a person when she occupies the spot where they died. In other words, she has retrocognition.This paranormal gift is a curse for Cass and as a result she spends most of her time livi [...]

    • When an intensely private woman turns up dead in a back alley of the small Fleurieu Peninsula town of Jewel Bay, Detective Ed Dyson is on the case. His boss asks him to work with a local psychic - Cass Lehman - to try to get a jump on the case, and Ed is less than thrilled. Cass's particular psychic talent is that when she is in the exact location that a sudden or violent death has occurred, she experiences the event herself; she can see, hear and feel exactly what the victim went through.This i [...]

    • There are many books out there that mix psychic powers with police investigations, but this novel stands out because of its originality and pace.I thought the protagonist, Cass, was an excellently written character. Caught between the side effects of her unique abilities and wanting to use them to help solve a murder investigation, she goes through mental battles in her head and conflicts with those who think she's a fake and acting.The pace of the story is maintained throughout and the book kep [...]

    • This book was pretty much what I expected it to be. Like Beverly Barton but with less sauce.I like the main characters though so I'll probably read another.

    • A good series can be my weakness. It doesn’t matter what genre it is half the time. I have this thing where I just love reconnecting with the same characters and being able to go back to them time and time again. Perhaps it’s a comfort thing? Although when the genre is crime and your heart is in your mouth, there’s probably not so much comfort in it!This is the first novel in a series pairing a psychic and a cop together – probably not exactly a new combo, it’s an opposites attract sor [...]

    • This is my second book written by a newly published Australian author and all I have to again say isCompletely Fantastic!!!!Bring on the next one!!I wouldn't have grabbed this one of the shelf but my boss came to me and said "I just read this one and thought of you." I'm like okay I'll give it a shot. She couldn't have been more right!Apart for the words gaol and colour (for all those who have read this one will know why this word is important) being spelt correctly, this book us a page turner a [...]

    • I received this book from the publisher via Netgally.When I see a book of available for read now on Netgally I always think it’s going to be a bit naff but this wasn’t to bad at all. This is a police procedural with a supernatural element and is very much like the tv shoe Medium where we have a woman with a supernatural ability helping the police to uncover a killer. We meet Ed who is the leading police officer is the murder of a woman found in a dumpster, as Ed and his partner dig deeper it [...]

    • I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. I really enjoyed this book. Cass can see and feel what a murder victim sees and feels during their final moments whenever she comes upon the spot where the murder had occurred. Cass does not see this as a gift and has made herself housebound rather than deal with with these seizures that can be very dangerous for her. When Cass stumbles across information about a probable serial killer she feels compelled to help the [...]

    • Rating: 4/5 starsI have to say that I really enjoy books with a mix of paranormal, crime, and mystery in them. This is the first book in the Cass Lehman and Ed Dyson series by Melanie Casey. I thought this book was going to be more fast paced than it was but other than that it was a pretty good book. This book alternates between Cass Lehman and Ed Dyson. Cass is the one who can see and feel what happened in people's last moments if they died violently. Ed is the detective that she seems out to [...]

    • Hindsight is the debut novel for Adelaide writer Melanie Casey. Cassie Lehman comes from a long line of women with a psychic gift, which differs for each of the recipients. Cass sees and experiences the final moments of those who have died violently. She sees and feels the full force of their pain and terror through their eyes. It’s a gift that has led her to live the life of a recluse with her mother and grandmother.Detective Ed Dyson has never gotten over the disappearance of his wife and un [...]

    • Well, I just adored this from start to finish! I actually bought this ages ago and put it on a shelf, forgetting I'd even bought it. I spotted it the other day and checked here on because I couldn't remember reading it, and the plot sounded unfamiliar. I kind of regret that this slipped through, because it was brilliant.Basic premise; a young woman has spent years inside her family home, because if she leaves her house and happens across an area where someone died violently whether an accident [...]

    • I thought the premise of this book was very interesting. Book duos that deal with crime usually consist of detectives but this one brought together a psychic and a detective. I know it reminds people of tv shows like The Mentalist, or even Castle, but this one was different. For one, the psychic in question was not the know-it-all male character who, no matter what the procedure is, got what he wanted in the end. Not to mention they’re always right. I liked those shows but sometimes the smarta [...]

    • Received this ebook in exchange for an honest review! I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised with this book! I was not expecting much when i seen it was published in 2013 and it was a "read now" (on netgalley) with no reviews! But i actually REALLY liked it. It was exciting it kept you hooked and was a pretty fast paced read for me. I'm not sure if this was a rough draft of this book or the final copy or whatever but someofthewordsrantogetherlikethis, So i can see why some people would have beca [...]

    • This is crime with a paranormal bent, Australian style. Cass Lehman has a special gift; one she might well wish she had never experienced. 30 years old, she lives with her mother Anita and her grandmother and yes, you guessed it, a rather lazy and somewhat overweight black cat.Cass’s mother can see the future. Her grandmother can help heal the injured, but Cass’s gift is altogether more painful. She has retro-cognition, which means that she can see, smell, hear and literally experience a vio [...]

    • Hindsight by Melanie CaseyThe Cass Lehman Series Book 1Publisher: Pantera PressThanks to NetGalley and publisher Pantera Press for the ebook ARC in exchange for an honest review. Cass Lehman is a young woman who lives with her mother and grandmother in a small town; Jewel Bay, Australia. The women in Cass's family are what people would call 'gifted'. Her mother can touch someone and see glimpses of the future. Her grandmother is a hands on healer. And Cass got her gift at the early age of 8 year [...]

    • This is the first in a series of 3 books and I loved them all. (For some reason, I read them in backwards order.) This author's writing is so smooth and easy to read that the book just flies by. Not only that, the action is fast and the mystery keeps you turning pages (and skipping your real-life duties!) to get to the big reveal at the end of the book. Cas's story is really interesting too and the background story is just as fun to read as the big mystery. Oh, and this book is not for the squea [...]

    • This was a really readable novel. Easy to get into, enjoyable characters and enough tension for me to be pulled through the story, desperate to understand the creepy killer. That being said, I did draw a lot of parallels to Charliane Harris's 'Harper Connelly Series'. I'm not too sure which one of these was written first, but the concept was definitely quite similar. I also found that Cass's character really reminded me of Sookie Stackhouse, another character of Charliane Harris's from the 'True [...]

    • In a nut shell the story follows Cass who has an extraordinary gift; being able to see death Cass assists Detective Dyson. But will this put her in to the killer path?I really liked the fact that this book was ordinary thriller. As a prolific thriller reader of thrillers I was originally a bit dubious. But it worked brilliantly. I really enjoyed the paranormal aspect and found it to be in perfect measure.This was a really quick and easy read with great lovable characters. I did find Detective Dy [...]

    • actual rating: 3.5 I have never read a crime mystery book before and i did enjoy this book and the writing was good don't get me wrong i just didn't enjoy it as much because i'm not used to reading a crime book. The book was set in my home state which was fun to read because most of the places in this book i knew of. The books story line was well thought out and well executed and i take my hat of to the author because she does know how to write a good story. i may or may not continue with this s [...]

    • I did like the writing style of going from first person, to third person narrative, but I did find it a little predictable as a story line. Having said that it was a book that kept me reading well into the night to find out what happened next. It was a great first effort and I certainly will be looking out for the next book

    • I really loved this book! It was a super fast and easy read. I'm a bit of a sucker for mystery/thrillers with a female lead with a mystical power(s), in this case retro-cognition, and this was just the kind of book I was looking for. Initially, I was a little hesitant, as I often am about contemporary crime thrillers authored by non-United States based authors (Casey is based in Australia, I believe, as is the story), since different countries have different criminal justice systems and sometime [...]

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