When Dachshunds Ruled the Serengeti

When Dachshunds Ruled the Serengeti Phillip and Jos newly minted Ivy League roommates couldn t be different Phillip is an only child from a wealthy New York City family Jos is the oldest of nine children of Mexican migrant workers He

  • Title: When Dachshunds Ruled the Serengeti
  • Author: MichaelMurphy
  • ISBN: 9781623805821
  • Page: 471
  • Format: ebook
  • Phillip and Jos , newly minted Ivy League roommates, couldn t be different Phillip is an only child from a wealthy New York City family Jos is the oldest of nine children of Mexican migrant workers He has only known rural life in the Southern US though he was born in California, his family moved from state to state, following the crops across the country.Phillip cPhillip and Jos , newly minted Ivy League roommates, couldn t be different Phillip is an only child from a wealthy New York City family Jos is the oldest of nine children of Mexican migrant workers He has only known rural life in the Southern US though he was born in California, his family moved from state to state, following the crops across the country.Phillip comes to school with every electronic gadget known to man Jos arrives with the clothes on his back, a paperback he pulled from the trash in a bus station, and a notebook and pencil They both need to adapt to their new environment and, in the process, quickly become fond of each other despite their differences.As their fondness grows into love, their world is turned upside down when they are charged with caring for Jos s eight younger siblings To Phillip, sharing Jos is not easy To Jos , caring for his siblings is his most important responsibility, even so than his education If his relationship with Phillip is to survive, they have to bridge the gap between two very different worlds.

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      Who am I One of these days I need to decided what I want to be when I grow up I am a middle aged man, born in the far reaches of upstate New York parts that give the word rural meaning Now I live in Washington, DC When one of those milestone birthdays hit me and scared the crap out of me, I realized there were years behind me than there were in front of me My mortality hit me like someone dropping a load of bricks on me With that realization, I constructed a bucket list of things I absolutely had to do in the years hopefully many that I have left Writing a book was one of them and was near the top My biggest influences when growing up were my two grandmothers Both were ferociously strong women who were widowed way too young and had to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives and try to put them back together again And they did They were incredible women and I adored them both.These women loved to read and to tell stories, so it just always seemed a natural thing for me to want to do the same One Christmas when I had a break from work for a few days I had an idea just a simple single flash of an idea I sat down at my computer and typed out the one sentence idea And then I thought for a moment And then I started typing again and like magic this story started to pour out of me I was amazed, in awe, floored by what was happening It was like the characters were coming to life and telling their story and I was just tagging along for the ride I typed as fast as my fingers would fly across the keys one of the 17 jobs I had while I was going to college was typist, so I m a pretty fast typist I couldn t wait to see what happened next It was the most amazing experience I think I ve ever had Okay, maybe not THE most amazing, but it ranks right up there near the top.My boyfriend finally came to me a couple of days into this,sat down, looked so serious, and asked, Are you mad at me I assured him that no, I was not mad I had just been kidnapped by my two characters who refused to let me go He sort of believed me When I handed him a printout of the entire book he really believed me, although he wasn t all that thrilled about the book What can I say, he is a biomedical scientist who primarily reads non fiction The fact that I got him to read any fiction was a huge step.I sent my finished book to Dreamspinner Press Much to my shock and surprise they accepted it Out of the hundreds of unsolicited manuscripts that they receive every year they only accept a tiny fraction from new, unknown authors and I was part of that tiny fraction When I got the news I was riding on the subway to work one morning I screamed and hugged the man sitting next to me I don t have a clue who he was and I m sure I scared the crap out of him, even though I tried to explain why I was so happy When I got to work, a co worker joined me in doing a happy dance.Once I started writing the spirit of my departed grandmothers started taking over and story after story started to come out Dreamspinner and Harmony Ink Press have published a total of eight books so far, with the next one due out in a few weeks Three additional books are under contract, scheduled to appear in the months ahead.When I m not writing, I m editing and proofing, proofing and editing When not doing that I work for a small organization in downtown DC located a few hundred yards from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue My work is primarily IT project management which can be thrilling and at other times drive me to distraction All in all, I d rather be writing If people keep buying my books in the same way they have I might actually be able to consider that as an option Oh, please Oh, please Oh, please

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    • This is the story of two college roommates -- Jose, the son of a dirt poor Mexican migrant farmer, and Philip, the son of apparently wealthy parents. They are both attending Brown University and, needless to say, the story is chock full of anticipated and annoying stereotypes. (The title is absolutely misleading by the way -- don't be sucked into the title thinking that this book is something interesting.)The author sets the stage in the first chapter of the book -- Jose is going to be a prince- [...]

    • I'm going to start off by saying this book was not what I had been expecting. I expected something with some jealousy and maybe a misunderstanding. That only covered a smaller part of the book. Here we had them meeting, falling in love and sharing family experiences together. I liked the book, and for the most part it was good. Some things just threw me a bit.José and Phillip were a sweet couple, and for the first half of the book I adored them. From what I can gather they were each others firs [...]

    • 3.5 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/Michael Murphy brings us a very interesting and engaging story where we get to meet Jose and Phillip, and witness two young men that, though they are the same age, they couldn’t come from more different worlds.Jose is the firstborn child out of nine of a Mexican family of migrant workers. That means that they had no home as they crisscrossed the country in a van in search of farms with work for a week or in the very r [...]

    • Review with slight spoilers can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews.This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    • i like modern books and although this is clearly modern. it feels like i a reading an old book. the way it is written i guess and the fact everyone was so horrible to jose over his being latino. it doesn't really matter anymore and knowing mexican people they are not treated like that.

    • I do not read purely romance novels… at all. But when this was at the top of my BEA haul, I grabbed it to try something new. And it was laughably, hilariously, shockingly bad. It’s like a trashy reality show – so very obviously a train wreck, but slightly fun in how dreadful it is.I do not take issue with the story, which never promised to be groundbreaking. Two freshmen in college are roommates, one from a life of privilege, the other from poverty, and (shocker!) they fall in love. It is [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book it was engaging and made my eyes mist a few times because of Jose. Phillip I liked even when he was being a brat because all he had to do was try and talk to Jose. I was disappointed at the end I felt it ended abruptly and was expecting it to have a sequel to it but alas no such luck. I also wanted to know if they stayed together and what Jose decided as his major. I was thinking he became an English teacher or an author of children’s books.

    • If you’re like me, what made you think of buying this book was the title. Then the cover. Then the blurb. Even if you can’t judge a book by its cover, title and blurb, if you doyou will not be disappointed with this book and the price paid for picking it up.We meet Jose on his first day of college and see through his eyes most of this story. Jose is special. I loved the view of the world from his eyes. One of pain, loss, hunger, poverty and all the things we take for granted in life. He saw [...]

    • I gave this 3 stars, but it's really somewhere between 2.75 and 3 stars, in my opinion. It is a fair effort at telling the story of two young men from entirely different worlds who meet, fall in love, and manage to stay that way against fairly overwhelming odds, but it suffered from the failure to connect with me on an emotional level. The set-up is a classic opposites attract framework: Phillip is white, old money, and a Northeasterner; Jose is the Latino son of a migrant farmworking family who [...]

    • This book was weird but ended on what I thought was a nice note. José is a son of a migrant worker, is poor, and lives a hard life with no real home and eight brothers and sisters. So when he gets a scholarship he knows it is his ticket to get himself and his siblings a good life. There he meets Phillip a rich kid and so out of his league, together they room together and become close friends.The writing is very stilted has little flow, and good grief can get so very, very and I repeat very bori [...]

    • HmmmThis was a very good story. Loved how descriptive the differences between the two MCs, and the reactions of José. The only thing I didn't like was the way José reacted in the end. I am the fourth oldest of nine (I'm not of Latin descent though lol)- I was raised to think that family was everything too, but even when taking care of younger siblings, you have to take a break from them now and then. If not you'll be driven crazy, burn out, or end up cut off from all other people. In short, yo [...]

    • Michael Murphy’s When Dachshunds Ruled the Serengeti is not only a story of opposites attract but it is a story of a clash of cultures. Jose is caught in the middle of that clash of cultures when he enters a prestigious Ivy League college with nothing more than the clothes on his back after a lifetime of being a member of a family of migrant farmers. His roommate, Phillip, is at an advantage having grown up with all of the privileges associated with the society of American middle and upper cla [...]

    • A fast read about two young men from different races who meet in their freshman year of college. José has a full scholarship for the college he is now attending. José is poor, he is the oldest of 9 siblings and his family are migrant workers.Jose's family has never had a home, they live in a van and go to different states where the crops are needed to be picked. José is used to hard work but is nervous for anyone finding out his background till he's ready to reveal it.Enter Phillip, José s n [...]

    • It's been awhile since I've written a review. I'm likely to be rusty.This book leaned more towards a 3 1/2 stars for me. What I loved about the book I really loved but what I hated I really hated.Pros are that this was a smoothed and richly detailed story. I could easily envision every moment. The characters were well balanced and there were solid secondary characters realistic to the modern world. A very realistic love story.The cons. The love story was good but the passion between characters n [...]

    • I don't always write reviews but when something bothers me I just can't keep it inside of me.I liked the idea of the story, and the story line. But, what bothered me the most is the spanish part. There where a lot of errors, soooo many errors that anyone can tell that google translate was used. I hope that if there are any other editions this mistakes would be re-written because for a person that is fluent in that language is like an insult. There, I said it. I hope M. Murphy doesn't take this b [...]

    • This one was an impulse buy. I was intrigued by several things- coming of age story, virgin lover, interracial, opposites, and so forth. I found Jose's background growing up as a migrant worker and getting a scholarship to an Ivy League school just too fascinating to pass up. That is as much of the story as the fledgling romance. I enjoyed the realism of the two characters. They have their flaws and make their mistakes. They're relationship was even realistic. Only issue was abrupt ending.

    • Oh, dear. This was not good. Very stilted dialogue, one-dimensional characters, and lots of completely unnecessary detail. The plot touched on some interesting ideas but they weren't explored in any kind of depth. And Phillip was a complete dick.

    • Really interesting and different story. The conflict between the MCs was believable and understandable factoring in their different backgrounds. All the supporting characters added momentum to the story. A solid 5 stars for me.

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