The Course of Empire

The Course of Empire Conquered by the Jao twenty years ago the Earth is shackled under alien tyranny and threatened by the even dangerous Ekhat one of whose genocidal extermination fleets is coming to the solar system T

  • Title: The Course of Empire
  • Author: Eric Flint K.D. Wentworth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Conquered by the Jao twenty years ago, the Earth is shackled under alien tyranny and threatened by the even dangerous Ekhat, one of whose genocidal extermination fleets is coming to the solar system The only chance for human survival is in the hands of an unusual pair of allies a young Jao prince, newly arrived to Terra to assume his duties, and a young human womaConquered by the Jao twenty years ago, the Earth is shackled under alien tyranny and threatened by the even dangerous Ekhat, one of whose genocidal extermination fleets is coming to the solar system The only chance for human survival is in the hands of an unusual pair of allies a young Jao prince, newly arrived to Terra to assume his duties, and a young human woman brought up amongst the Jao occupiers But, as their tentative alliance takes shape, they are under pressure from all sides A cruel Jao viceroy on one side, determined to drown all opposition in blood a reckless human resistance on the other, which is perfectly prepared to shed it Added to the mix is the fact that only by adopting some portions of human technology and using human sepoy troops can the haughty Jao hope to defeat the oncoming Ekhat attack and then only by fighting the battle within the sun itself.

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    • Unlimited [Science Book] ✓ The Course of Empire - by Eric Flint K.D. Wentworth ô
      431 Eric Flint K.D. Wentworth
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    • Eric Flint K.D. Wentworth

      Eric Flint is a New York Times bestselling American author, editor, and e publisher The majority of his main works are alternate history science fiction, but he also writes humorous fantasy adventures.

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    • I picked this up almost on a whim, after finishing one of the author's previous books (1632; my review). I was interested by this one's political situation, and saved it for a very long plane trip.Overall, Course of Empire was worth it.The plot concerns the aftermath of humanity's conquest by aliens. Our species is more or less subjugated, but the occupying aliens, the Jao, are having political problems. Their control is uneven, and a terrible alien race is approaching. Humans and Jao struggle t [...]

    • What a wonderfully complex and satisfying novel "The Course of Empire" has proven to be. The earth has been a conquered planet for twenty years before the book opens. The Jao, a complex race of aliens divided into competing clans, rule a troublesome earth with a heavy hand when Aille, a young, promising alien diplomat from one of the most influential clans, arrives on earth to take over an important post. Ailee’s journey from naïve newcomer to fully formed world changer is a reading experienc [...]

    • This is truly an undiscovered gem of a novel. Almost discreetly thrown out there, it will unfortunately be missed by many readers thinking it just one more of Baen’s (admittedly mostly excellent) military scifi offerings. It is much much more than that.The story it draws closely on the history of the English occupation of India. The Jao conquered Earth twenty years ago in their struggle to hold ground against the powerful and enigmatic Ekhat. Since then, Earth has suffered under an abusive Jao [...]

    • The reason I am reviewing The Course of Empire now is that the second part The Cruible of Empire will be out next month (March 16, 2010). This is the first book in a series about an alien invasion of earth by the Jao that changes into something else under the pressure of yet another more menacing alien race, the Ekhat bent on exterminating all non Ekhat life from the universe. It holds interesting alien point-of-views (pov), alternatives to violence and an unusual positive treatment of collabora [...]

    • The Course of Empire is a refreshingly innovative alien invasion novel, particularly since Wentworth and Flint do an excellent job creating aliens that aren't just humans wearing funny hats and extra limbs. The story takes place 20 years after the Earth is invaded and conquered by an alien race called the Jao. The Jao are a contradiction of a sort in that they are extremely advanced technologically, but they're not actually possessed of a tendency to innovate and have a fairly primitive socio-po [...]

    • Continuing in my plan to review every free e-book I finish, I picked up The Course of Empire by Eric Flint and K.D. Wentworth for free somewhere or other, and expected to hate it. I generally don't like military SF. I snagged it in a pile of a couple dozen free e-books, and planned to toss three quarters of them.And, rather to my surprise, I really liked it. The heart of the book was about a culture clash between the alien Jao who had conquered Earth twenty years before, and the humans (mostly A [...]

    • Also posted on my blog Got My Book.Real Rating = 4.5*A complex if slightly cliche SF with a great cast of charactersOK DETAILS:The Course of Empire by Eric Flint & KD Wentworth, read by Chris Patton, published by Audible Studios (2012) / Length: 18 hrs 50 minSERIES INFO:This is Book #1 of 2 (so far) in the "Jao" trilogy. The 3rd book, The Span of Empire, has been long delayed due to the death of Ms. Wentworth, but is scheduled to be released on Kindle & hardcover today (9/6/16). I did n [...]

    • Traditional alien invasion story featuring an incompetent alien overlord from a species distracted by an interstellar war. The Jao seem capriciously violent to humans and their stories of needing to prepare for an invasion by their enemies propaganda at best. Their culture is a blend of Shogunate Japan, Roman Imperialism and a bit of the Mongol Empire to boot. Factions know the 20-year occupation needs to change because they actually do need humans and send a young prince-equivalent to upset the [...]

    • EnjoyableEnjoyed the story and the characters that are pretty well developed along the way. Has an unexpected twist at the end

    • I started this one a few days ago (it was free), now once again I am HOOKED!! I am also getting ready to retire from Wal-Mart so I will have more time to read. On to the next book in the series.Keep writing Eric Flint!

    • Have finished my third rereading of this book. This book and its sequel impressed me with the worldbuilding of the alien races. The story has at least three elements going for it. It has conflict between space faring races, strange but interesting cultural traits and habits of the races, and characters that I was intersted in. I was especially interested in Caitlin and Tully, and the minor houses of Jao. The authors introduce a great deal about the relationships of power and decisionmaking in th [...]

    • From Publishers Weekly Can a proud and warlike people find common cause with their alien conquerors in the face of a greater danger? That's the question that military SF ace Flint (1633) and two-time Nebula Award finalist Wentworth (This Fair Land) ask in this thought-provoking far-future novel. After defeating the human species, some of the sea lion-like Jao consider finishing off the job through mass asteroid strikes. But the young Aille, newly arrived commander of Jao Ground Forces, seeks to [...]

    • "The Course of Empire" is not bad but I don't think I would read this book again. On the other hand, I think I read it many years before or something similar. Story: It has been 20 years since the human race was conquered by the Jao, an alien race that acts like the ancient Romans not a lot of qualms about killing. Yet after 20 years of a strong hand they have not subdued the humans. It is time for another way building associations. A young alien comes to Earth representing his clan of negotiato [...]

    • After 20 years under the rule of the conquering, alien Jao, Earth's resistance factions are still strong and still a thorn in Governor Oppuk krinnu ava Narvo's side. Oppuk would dearly love to cleanse this world of it's infestation of an overly-fecund indigenous species but he also knows that very fact may help in their war with the mysterious and reputedly genocidal Ekhat.The Ekhat have never been seen by humanity. Are they a Jao-invented boogie-man of whom terrible tales are meant to keep the [...]

    • "Conquered by the Jao twenty years ago, the Earth is shackled under alien tyranny - and threatened by the even more dangerous Ekhat, one of whose genocidal extermination fleets is coming to the solar system. The only chance for human survival is in the hands of an unusual pair of allies; a young Jao prince, newly arrived to Terra to assume his duties, and a young woman brought up amongst the Jao occupiers. But, as their tentative alliance takes shape, they are under pressure from all sides. A cr [...]

    • I started another book – The Course of Empire by Eric Flint & K. D. Wentworth, because I enjoyed his Boundary series, written with Ryk E. Spoor, and I needed something to dispel the disappointment from giving up on the last week's book.I really enjoyed The Course of Empire. It wasn't the page turner in the way that say a Jim Butcher novel grabs one, but I found myself drawn to pick up the book over the course of the week and read a few more pages (so much so that I spent time reading it wh [...]

    • Better than expected, honestly. I should have known better, Flint always seems to produce (leaving aside some failures in the Ring of Fire series that he apparently had little involvement with), but I was expecting another decent three star Space Opera, fun but nothing special. Instead, we get a reasonably thoughtful examination of interaction between humans and their alien conquerors. The Jao are pretty alien, though not nearly as alien as the ultimate enemy, the Ekhat, who are just plain weird [...]

    • The setting of this story is a race that conquered earth twenty years ago. The bulk of the story is the infighting (politics between 'clans') and how the humans are affected and involved.Some criticism:--It carried on a little too long with the initial set of characters (it's over 650 pages). But then we got a change of pace--a short battle in space--then back to the politics, involving additional players.--A romance developed that was superfluous, and with the age difference, kind of gross.--Al [...]

    • The Course of Empire is one of if not the best sci-fi book I've ever read. That said, the first three pages had so may alien words without explanation, I almost stopped reading it. The more I read, the better it got. The scope of this book is phenomenal, not just in the spacial concepts but in the unique view of humanity from alien perception filtered through their concepts of life. The depth of character building, galactic relationships, novel approaches to alien lifeforms, and the weaving of h [...]

    • This is a a truly out-standing Space Opera with a little post-apocalypse thrown in. I knew it was going to be a good read on the very first page, the writing is that good. Characters are well fleshed-out, alien races are wonderfully done. If I had to pick a nit it would the rather low-tech quality of this imagined future. Minus that, plus a little more "deep thinking", and this would have been a candidate for five stars.This is the first of a series, but unlike many of this ilk, it is very long [...]

    • This novel takes on the familiar SF trope of an Earth conquered by an alien race and the expected human resistance. However, in this case the enemy is shown not simply as a faceless monolithic adversary or a stereotypical tyrant. The reader gets acquainted with an alien society and their reasons for their treatment of other races. In the end there is shown a way to preserve human dignity and sense of pride without the generic blowing up of the alien mothership. The book tells mainly of the creat [...]

    • The Course of Empire borrows from two staples of science fiction of the military SF persuasion. One is the story of Occupied Earth, where a successful invasion by aliens results in drastic social changes and desperate rebellion. The other story is the one where humans get used by the aliens as soldiers in a war with yet another group of aliens. (With a possible third from the storyline that goes “once upon a time there was an alien race used by another alien race as slave-soldiers, but then th [...]

    • There is a recent XKCD comic that inversely correlates the quality of a book with the number of words the author made up during the course of the book. This book contains many made up words that I mostly skipped over, as they didn't really add too much to the book, imo. This is a take on "aliens invade Earth, humans bravely resist" but there is the added aspect that there may or may not be another threat to them both. Reminded me quite a lot of Anne McCaffrey's "Freedom's X" series, with less se [...]

    • Just read this for 5th time. It begins with a new subcommandant arriving on earth to prepare the ground forces for a war with enemy aliens. The subcommandant is himself a member of the race of aliens who conquered earth 20 years ago. Earth is still resisting, its people don't believe in the imminent danger and this new leader tries to make them understand. The fascination is that both alien races are fascinating and the ones on earth at first seem just too strange but slowly cultures that clashe [...]

    • This started off slow and somewhat dull and I was tempted, to just stop reading. However, I persevered and was rewarded as the story picked up. The aliens were interesting but I would have liked more background on how they came to be what they were, given their origins.At least the authors were not tempted to go with the typical humans overthrow alien conquerors despite inferior technology by using superior human ingenuity route. My only complaint? The cause that drove the Navro into madness sur [...]

    • I really liked this book. I've been reading a lot of romantic sci-fi trash lately (guilty pleasure) and I have to say that it was really nice to sink my teeth into something with a bit more substance. Great character development of both the human and alien characters (slightly reminiscent of C. J. Cherryh's Foreigner series)coupled with a very well thought out story line. My dad is the person that spurred on my love for sci-fi at a young age and I can't wait to recommend this one to him. I've al [...]

    • Earth has been conquered by an alien force. Twenty years have passed, and the alien governor is becoming more and more irrational and violent. The resistance is fragmented and merely provokes reprisals. But there is a worse threat than the Jao coming Earth's way. It will need co-operation between the two to deal with that.This is a cracking good story, as you would expect from Flint. The human characters are well-rounded, but he also manages to get under the skin of the aliens, so we can see our [...]

    • Moc dobře napsaná sci-fi, sice patrně trochu inspirovaná Světoválečnou sérií Harryho Turtledovea, ale mnohem lépe napsaná a asi i o dost uvěřitelnější (i když na představu dělostřeleckého útoku z tanků přivařených k bývalé ponorce ve fotosféře Slunce si ještě budu muset zvyknout).Chcete-li ale získat představu, jak se pozemské zvyklosti mohou jevit arogantním dobyvatelům z vesmíru a jak totálně cizí a nesrozumitelné civilizace by se mohli rozhodnout nás [...]

    • Pretty okay book, with some interesting ideas in it. Up until the last quarter or so, when it devolves into sheer boredom and predictability. It suffers from a flaw that many works suffer from: a poorly constructed lead female character who is supposed to be strong, but. . . isn't. Said character is then shoe-horned into a love story in the end. The book also pounds and pounds the "Humans are special" idea. I'd like to see some different authors write some stories int he setting, akin to Thieves [...]

    • This was a bit more YA than I usually read but it was entertaining, if too long. There weren't any huge surprises, the plot wasn't complex, and it was too long, but I found the Ekhat an imaginative species in terms of their "culture" as the reader sees it. I'd say the overall world building was just deep enough to pass as a good scifi read, but I didn't feel super immersed.Random: I found it odd that near the end of the book the authors suddenly got very specific about skin color in the case of [...]

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