Noble Conflict

Noble Conflict Years after a violent war destroyed much of the world Kaspar has grown up in a society based on peace and harmony But beyond the city walls a vicious band of rebels are plotting to tear this peace a

  • Title: Noble Conflict
  • Author: Malorie Blackman
  • ISBN: 9780385610629
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • Years after a violent war destroyed much of the world, Kaspar has grown up in a society based on peace and harmony But beyond the city walls, a vicious band of rebels are plotting to tear this peace apart It is up to the Guardians an elite peacekeeping force to protect the city, without ever resorting to the brutal methods of their enemy.When Kaspar joins the GuardiaYears after a violent war destroyed much of the world, Kaspar has grown up in a society based on peace and harmony But beyond the city walls, a vicious band of rebels are plotting to tear this peace apart It is up to the Guardians an elite peacekeeping force to protect the city, without ever resorting to the brutal methods of their enemy.When Kaspar joins the Guardians, he has a chance encounter with a rebel a beautiful girl named Rhea Haunted from that moment on by strange visions and memories memories that could only belong to Rhea he realises he hasn t been told the truth about what the rebels really want, and what he s really fighting for.

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      An award winning children s author, Malorie Blackman was honoured with an OBE in 2008 Her work has been adapted for TV and stage.More information available at MyspaceBritish Council Contemporary AuthorsBritish Council Encompass CultureChannel 4 Learning Book Box

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    • Actual rating: 3.5 starsFirstly, thank you Random House and NetGalley for the copy! I was initially disappointed with Noble Conflict, but I was glad that I kept on going, because the last half of the book was amazing.Noble Conflict is a dystopian novel, set in the future where the Alliance is battling the Crusaders. The story follows Kasper, who is a Guardian (a police-force) as he slowly uncovers the truth about his world. I don’t know if it was because I’ve read too much dystopian fiction, [...]

    • I have been reading some dystopian fiction again! This time it’s a book called ‘Noble Conflict’ by a favourite author of mine, Malorie Blackman.My favourite character in this book is probably Mac. Mac is a friend Kaspar makes in the library as he tries to find out more information on the Insurgents. Like me, Mac is quite the bookworm and spends a lot of time online ^.^ Also, although politics and war strategies aren’t something she can grasp easily, she still tries to have a go at it. I [...]

    • To put it bluntly, I was so disappointed with the book. I've always been a massive fan of Malorie Blackman's books (especially the Noughts and Crosses series and Boys Don't Cry), and had high hopes for this book. But it was justbland.Kaspar, the main character, seemed okay, I guess - but that was it. Being the main protagonist, I expected someone who was brave and passionate and loyal, but still having flaws, but he just seemed so superficial and it really irritated me.The whole story had such p [...]

    • On a là un scénario classique pour un roman dystopique promu par la réputation de l'auteur. Mais à ce stade j'ai lu trop de romans du même goût pour lui passer la pommade sans avoir à y redire ! Cela se lit vite et bien. C'est truffé d'action et de conspiration. Après ça reste léger et trop survolé. La réflexion sur la politique et la manipulation des têtes gouvernantes reste pertinente.

    • This story really reminded me about why I used to (and clearly still do) really like Malorie Blackman's writing style. She's very frank and to the point and her story isn't filled with a load of extra stuff just for the sake of it, this is a clear, captivating and interesting dystopian, and it was a fun read all around.This is the story of Kas who lives in a world where there are two warring forces, the Alliance and High Council who control the Guardians (Kas is a Guardian) and the Crusaders who [...]

    • If you know me at all you will know that I love Malorie Blackman. Her Noughts and Crosses series is still in my top 5 series of all time and I can't see that ever changing. I met her in October too and she is an absolutely lovely person, really kind and funny and great to talk to. Based on that you can imagine my excitement when I heard another new book was coming out. They had copies of it for sale to be signed when I met her but I couldn't afford one, I got one of my older books signed instead [...]

    • After absolutely devouring the Noughts and Crosses series last year, and various other books by Blackman over the years, I was expecting a great read from this book. Unfortunately, I have extremely mixed views on this particular book; it had an interesting concept but had its negatives.One thing I noticed was that when I picked it up again, I could barely remember a thing. Yes, I was reading several titles, but I never normally forget a plotline; it just wasn't very memorable in the whole. Sec [...]

    • [Review originally posted on thesecretlifeofabookworm-x.blo]I absolutely adore Malorie Blackman's novels. I read a lot of her books when I was in high school and the second I knew about this book I got so excited! I couldn't wait for it to come out and when I saw it on Netgalley, I jumped at the chance to get a copy and I'm so glad that I got approved for it!This was such a fantastic dystopian novel. Brilliant characters, amazing plot and fantastic twists!I really liked Kaspar. He was so motivat [...]

    • Whilst definitely not as strong as the ‘Noughts and Crosses’ book sequence, this nevertheless has certainly many strengths.There is a certain element of predictability to some parts of the narrative, especially during the first half of the book and the second half would definitely benefit from a little more clarity and focus.Whilst becoming much more interesting further on in the book, conversely the plot does get somewhat more confusing. I am not sure how much the plot line and rational con [...]

    • I was sent this book through net-galley in exchange for an honest review.Really sad having to DNF this at 27%. I absolutely hate DNF books especially review books but I have to be honest. But thank you to the publisher's for allowing me to get a chance to try this book. I love Malorie Blackman her noughts and crosses series was one of my favourites in my teens. I have re-read it at least a few times over, it was just so hard hitting and emotional. Very unique and made you think she didn't hold b [...]

    • I was so excited when this arrived, but boy have I struggled. This is probably due to my disinterest in technology and sci-fi which I can usually overcome when reading dystopian lit. The ideas were clever, intricate and thought provoking bUt the writing seemed very heavy handed, I just didn't believe in the characters and wasn't swept into this brave new world of Blackmans. Student reading it now, so will be interested to hear what she thinks - also can't wait to meet Malorie at Bristol Grammar [...]

    • The first thing that comes to my mind when hearing of Malorie Blackman is obviously Noughts & Crosses. The trilogy was just breathtaking and beautiful and that is why one can never compare Noble Conflict with Noughts and Crosses- Noble Conflict I felt was more commercial with a disappointing ending [i felt like Blackman just wanted to end the story already. But I have to admit it was an easy read and I enjoyed reading it however I have to admit I expected more!

    • Enjoyed this book even if I did guess at what was, or should I say had, happened. Fine idea set in a future after the ultimate world war. Is it is possible future? Probably and some aspects of the society in this novel are happening just now and have always happened. History is written by the winners and a lot of our history is distorted from the truth. Who can you trust? That is the question.

    • Noble Conflict by Malorie Blackman is one of the most thrilling books i have ever read.It is very fast paced in some parts and quite slow paced in others so is good fro most readers. The fast paced bits are the exciting fights and the bits when something unexpected happens. The slow paced bits are when an information part of the story happens like when a new character comes into the story or something new has just been found where the main character lives.So to conclude, I have given this book 5 [...]

    • I, having been a member for over a year now, have never written a review on here simply because I couldn’t be bothered. However, for this book, I had to make an exception.First off, I loved, and I mean I LOVED, the noughts and crosses ‘trilogy’. Truly. On so many different levels. So you understand that I had very, very high expectations when I picked up this book and paid £11.99 for it (that basically 12 Great British Pounds Sterling. It wasn’t cheap.)BUT. I was sorely disappointed. P [...]

    • 3.5 starsIn a future where nuclear explosions caused shifts in the earth's tectonic plates and made large areas of land uninhabitable society has been split in two. You have the Alliance who have built a protective city to keep their citizens safe, they are all about peace and want to live in harmony but they are under constant attack from the Crusaders who want to steal their city. The Crusaders are the ones who caused the devastation to the land and their actions forced them into a nomadic lif [...]

    • 3 Stars (Just)I was disappointed I guess. I read this book straight after reading the Noughts & Crosses series and I probablt expected too much from it. I pre-ordered it (I read this quite some time ago, not exactly sure of the date) and I suppose I was on such a hype from the otger books that I was punched in the face by reality.The storyline sounded great (and don't get me wrong it wasn't a terrible book) and Malorie Blackman is an author I like but the story lacked something. Kaspar the m [...]

    • Wow. Just wow. Have just finished the final page of Noble Conflict and I'm utterly blown away - I really hope this is the first of a series, because I can't wait to read more about Mackenzie and Kaspar. Set in a world where the Alliance is a peaceful, prosperous society, defending themselves against the unprovoked attacks of the Insurgency in the least violent way possible - who wouldn't fight for that noble cause? Thus Kaspar becomes a Guardian, a keeper of the peace whose only weapon is a stun [...]

    • Hadn't read much about this book before I started reading it (with some authors you don't need to bother about reviews, blurbs, etc. and Malorie is one of them) so had no idea what this book was about. From the cover, I think I expected something set in today's world, maybe about terrorism, something along the lines of Alan Gibbons "An Act of Love" or Celia Rees "This is not Forgiveness" so I was quite surprised when I realised it was dystopian fiction.This is set in a world where the Guardians [...]

    • Noble Conflict was really good but as far as I'm concerned, it's my least favorite book by Malorie Blackman. Only because Boys Don't Cry and Noughts & Crosses were beyond amazing.The thing is, this dystopian story is no different from others I've read so far. There is a sci-fi touch to it that is pretty cool and that adds something to the book but as far as the plot is concerned, I feel like it's been done already. I knew what was going to happen from the beginning. Yet, it was a fast-paced, [...]

    • A very enjoyable read. I guessed a few of the plot twists but there were enough to keep me surprised too, and the end felt a bit rushed. But I would say it would be a good book for a young adult, it makes you think and asks lots of questions, good for a young book group or a school class. Is quite gruesome in places so not for the squeamish.

    • The first Malorie Blackman novel I've read and it wasn't all that impressive. It's one of those stories where you figure out what's happening long before the characters do, you're left screaming at them to catch on so the story can develop. Overall it was pretty disappointing.

    • Loved it! So many twists and turns that meant I couldn't put it down. I loved Kas and his development through the book and the way he had me laughing and then crying! Absolutely recommend and problem was that it wasn't quite up to 'noughts and crosses' as I felt the ending was a little rushed,

    • I wanted to love this but sadly I just don't have any motivation to finish it. There was a lot of telling rather than showing, I didn't care for the characters, and it was oddly paced. I love Malorie Blackman and her Noughts and Crosses series, but this one just isn't for me unfortunately.

    • Only two stars for this one because although it was highly original I found all the intricacies of the story too complicated to make sense of and my interest waned.

    • Noble Conflict is set in a future dystopian world, years after a violent war which destroyed much of the world and takes us on a journey with Kaspar, a member of a Government force called Guardians, realising the truth not many people know. I first found out about this book when I was in WHSmith looking for new books to add to my list of books to read. The bright red grenade and the name Malorie Blackman caught my eye. Realising I knew that name I looked up Noble Conflict to see that it was wri [...]

    • Malorie Blackman, who is best known for her Noughts and Crosses series, has crafted another dystopia that manages to move and challenge readers, with one of the better twists I've seen in the genre. I remember reading the last 30 pages sobbing, and for that I have to salute Blackman for managing to evoke that much emotion out of me. The story is well paced, with Blackman's characteristic quality prose (especially when dealing with action) compensating for the slightly derivative narrative and so [...]

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