The Taste of Apple Seeds

The Taste of Apple Seeds An international bestseller The Taste of Apple Seeds is a story of love and loss that will captivate your heartWhen Iris unexpectedly inherits her grandmother s house in the country she also inherit

  • Title: The Taste of Apple Seeds
  • Author: Katharina Hagena Jamie Bulloch
  • ISBN: 9780857890986
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An international bestseller, The Taste of Apple Seeds is a story of love and loss that will captivate your heartWhen Iris unexpectedly inherits her grandmother s house in the country, she also inherits the painful memories that live there.Iris gives herself a one week stay at the old house, after which she ll make a decision keep it, or sell it The choice is not so simplAn international bestseller, The Taste of Apple Seeds is a story of love and loss that will captivate your heartWhen Iris unexpectedly inherits her grandmother s house in the country, she also inherits the painful memories that live there.Iris gives herself a one week stay at the old house, after which she ll make a decision keep it, or sell it The choice is not so simple, though, for her grandmother s cottage is an enchanting place where currant jam tastes of tears, sparks fly from fingertips, love s embrace makes apple trees blossom, and the darkest family secrets never stay buried.As Iris moves in and out of the flicker between remembrance and forgetting, she chances upon a forgotten childhood friend who could become .The Taste of Apple Seeds is a bittersweet story of heartbreak and hope passed down through the generations.

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    About “Katharina Hagena Jamie Bulloch

    • Katharina Hagena Jamie Bulloch

      Mit 19 Jahren begann Hagena ihr Studium der Anglistik und Germanistik in Marburg, Freiburg und London, welches sie 1992 beendete Zwei Jahre sp ter verbrachte sie einen Forschungsaufenthalt an der Z rcher James Joyce Stiftung, das Stipendium erhielt sie von der Gottlieb Daimler und Karl Benz Stiftung 1995 promovierte Katharina Hagena ber James Joyce Ulysses, danach trat sie ein zweij hriges DAAD Lektorat am Trinity College in Dublin an Im Zeitraum von 1998 2002 lehrte sie an den Universit ten in Hamburg und L neburg Gegenw rtig lebt Katharina Hagena als freie Schriftstellerin mit ihrer Familie in Hamburg.

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    • Bertha, die demente Großmutter Bibliothekarin Iris, ist gestorben und so macht sich Iris von Freiburg auf nach Norddeutschland zur Beerdigung. Sie ist erstaunt, als sie bei der Testamentseröffnung erfährt, dass nicht ihre Mutter oder eine ihrer beiden Tanten das alte Bauernhaus geerbt hat, sondern sie selbst. Für Iris ist das Haus mit vielen Kindheitserinnerungen verbunden, mit der Cousine Rosmarie und der gemeinsamen Freundin Mira. Doch bald erfährt der Leser, dass Rosmarie als Teenager au [...]

    • When Iris returns home for her grandmothers funeral she is amazed to discover that she has been left the house, even though her mother and two sisters are still alive. Staying at the house, trying to decide if she wants to keep it, she is assailed by the memories of the summers she spent there.A look at memories, of forgetting, as before her death her grandmother had Alzheimer's. A sad and poignant look at a woman who is slowly losing who she was. A look at memories from when she was young and d [...]

    • This book wears its heart on its sleeve: It wants to be a literary novel of gentle magical realism dwelling with misty nostalgia on life's regrets and the tangles of love and family duty. It manages to top out as a slight novel of puzzling perhaps-magical realism clubbing you over the head with misty nostalgia over a series of very unpleasant events happening to a circle of dull, unpleasant people.I don't get the *point* of this novel. It bobs from piece of pat symbolism to piece of pat symbolis [...]

    • Cuốn sách đằm thắm, quyến rũ và chứa đựng rất nhiều bí mật.Tác giả khiến tôi mê mẩn với cảnh sắc thiên nhiên miền quên nước Đức với cách miêu tả sống động như thể tôi được nhìn ngắm những đoá hoa khoe sắc, nghe mùi cỏ sau mưa. Dường như chính điều này khiến câu chuyện buồn bã, có phần đau lòng này trở nên dễ chịu hơn một chút.

    • Als ich dieses Buch vor einigen Monaten erworben habe, hatte ich so gar keine Erwartungen an "Der Geschmack von Apfelkernen". Ehrlich gesagt habe ich mir noch nicht einmal die Kurzbeschreibung durchgelesen und somit war dieses Buch tatsächlich ein kleines Abenteuer für mich. Ich werde solche Experimente sicherlich nicht häufig machen, allerdings muss ich sagen, dass sich dieses Buch sehr gelohnt hat. Katharina Hagena hat einen unglaublich schönen Schreibstil. "Der Geschmack von Apfelkernen" [...]

    • Fin dal titolo, si può percepire quanto questo romanzo basi la propria trama sul sapore, il gusto e l'olfatto.L'idea di basarsi su un profumo o un odore, come in questo caso, la mela, è di per sé originale e creativa, ma c'è qualcosa che non convince. Ma andiamo con ordineIn una cittadina, come quella di Bootshaven, il profumo, il sapore dei semi di mela è il punto di partenza di una storia che sa di segreti familiari, amicizia e di ricordi, o meglio dell'importanza del ricordare.Il sapore [...]

    • Evropski bestseler?Izgleda da je danas svaka druga knjiga bestseler. Ta reč je izgubila svoje značenje, iskreno.Priča se vrti oko jedne porodice i drame koja ih okružuje. Stvari sagledavamo iz perspektive mlade Iris, bibliotekarke, najmlađeg izdanka porodice Linšen (ili Delvater, koje god vam je prezime draže). Porodica (to bi bile Iris, njena majka Krista i dve tetke - Herijet i Inga) se okuplja ponovo u rodnom kraju kako bi sahranili Bertu - Irisinu baku.Prilikom čitanja testamenta saz [...]

    • El pasado mes de septiembre comencé a interesarme bastante por los libros publicados bajo el sello de la editorial Oceano Maeva luego de haber leído “Sin Remordimientos” el año pasado. Otros títulos también llamaron mi atención, como “El Sonido de la Vida” de Alex George o “Cuando Todo Cambio” de Donna Miller (que tengo pensado leer en un futuro cercano), pero el que escogí finalmente fue “El Sabor de las Pepitas de Manzana”.La novela es de argumento simple y a la vez prof [...]

    • Autant être franche, je ne vais pas être tendre avec le roman de Katharina Hagena ! J'attendais beaucoup plus de ce best-seller dont le titre, en gourmande que je suis, avait piqué ma curiosité Pourtant, dès les premières pages, je suis tombée sous le charme de l'écriture de l'auteur (à moins que ce ne fût plutôt de celle de Bernard Kreiss, dont il faut ici souligner l'excellent travail de traduction) mais ça n'aura pas suffi pour faire de ce roman un coup de coeur ! Certes, l'écrit [...]

    • Iris's grandmother dies. She splits everything she owns to Iris's mother, her aunts, and Iris. Iris gets her grandmother's house. Iris decides to stay at her grandmother's house for one week and after that week she will decide if she will keep the house or sell it. Iris is visited by an friend of the family. His name is Herr Lexow. He drops a bomb on Iris regarding her family. He then proceeds to tell her the story. One that will give Iris a real, good insight look into the history of her family [...]

    • Nach den ersten 100 Seiten des Buches dachte ich: "na ja, das ist ja nicht so dolle", aber danach muss ich sagen, wurde es immer besser. :)In dem Buch spielen sehr viele Charaktere aus 3 Generationen und es hat eine Weile gedauert, bis ich jeden richtig zuordnen konnte. Aber am Ende war es wirklich spannend und ich wollte wissen, wie die Familien-Saga ausgeht. Die Autorin benutzt eine sehr bildhafte, poetische Sprache, was mir sehr gut gefallen hat. Nur braucht man ein wenig, um sich daran zu ge [...]

    • Such pretentious kitsch! All the time I had the feeling the author tried very hard to have her protagonist be this quirky-melancholic character, but she was just plain contrived. I mean, come on, the thing with the ball dresses? The story itself could have been very interesting, but the persons in it were just so unlikeable and seemed so unlifelike.

    • Jeder Mensch sollte dieses Buch über das Vergessen und das Sich-Erinnern lesen. Herzergreifend in all seiner vielschichtigen Traurigkeit!

    • The Taste of Apple Seeds left me with a sweet and sad mixture of emotions. It's a beautifully written book that enveloped me into Iris's story. There's something about this book that just warmed my heart. It's quite melancholy but on the other hand there's this quiet comfort that this story brings. I don't know what to make of my feelings but one thing's for sure - this book made an impression on me.Throughout the book you get to read about the different lives of Iris's family. You get to read a [...]

    • Ich muss gestehen, dass ich das Buch nach den ersten zwanzig Seiten erstmal zur Seite legte. Zu verwoben war mir die Erzählweise, zu viele Charaktere wurden genannt. Aber kämpft man sich einmal durch die erste Verwirrung hindurch, wird man mit einer wunderschönen Geschichte belohnt. Oder sollte ich eher sagen mit mehreren wunderschönen Geschichten? Iris taucht in ihre eigene Vergangenheit ein, aber auch in die Vergangenheit ihrer Tanten und ihrer Großmutter. Drei Generationen werden genauer [...]

    • Originally written in German, this novel has been a huge success all over Europe. Personally, I think 250 pages is enough, any more and I doubt that I would have been able to carry on. There is no doubt that the author has a flair with words, but I found myself just plodding along from one description to another.Iris has inherited her late Grandmother's house - somewhere in modern-day Germany. She is unsure as to whether she should keep the property, so decides to spend some time there. This mak [...]

    • Family secrets, love affairs, and a touch of the mystical take the reader along on a journey, during one summer week, where a young woman, revisiting her past, discovers a doorway to her future. When Iris inherits her grandmother’s house in a village in the German countryside, a place where she spent her childhood summers, she’s not sure if she wants to keep it. The house comes with more than rambling gardens and fruit trees—it comes with the memories of all the former occupants, and the m [...]

    • Este livro tem das capas mais apelativas que já vi, e quando mo ofereceram, estava à espera de ler uma história fofinha de 3 gerações diferentes e sobre o mistério da morte de Rosmarie. Comecei por gostar da história e da escrita da autora, no entanto, a escrita que ao início me fascinou, tornou-se demasiado exaustiva com as descrições. Cansa ao fim de algum tempo em que queremos ver mais acção e desenvolvimentos. A dada altura dei por mim também a pensar que mais valia a história [...]

    • What a wonderful book. I loved reading every page. The writing style was amazing and I liked how the present/past stories were put together.I probably would have hated it if I had to read it in university but reading it for my own good was truly amazing! Wow!

    • O título deste livro já me trazia algo de melancólico, não sei explicar o porquê, mas a sua estória vem impregnada de saudosismo. Narrado pela personagem principal esta estória é um voltar ao passado e tentar compreender coisas que se pensaram esquecidas.Não é um livro soberbo, mas lê-se.

    • Nah. Lots of cliches, very predictable and a poor plot. Not the worst style of writing, but nothing special or interesting.

    • I decided to pick it up for the Colour Me Read reading challenge hosted by Shari, because this month's theme is "women in translation". At the very beginning I wasn't sure if I'm going to enjoy it, but after some time I really got into the story.I think that The Taste of Apple Seeds may not appeal to everyone, especially those of you who prefer plot centred or fast paced books. There's not much going on in the story and it's very character driven, but if you give it a chance, it's a really magic [...]

    • A small girl sitting among apples. It was the cover that first caught my eye when deciding to read this book and it fits the theme well – preserving and savouring family and family memories. A bestseller in Germany, the book has now been translated from German; for this reason, I chose to review this book as part of the Eclectic Reader Challenge 2013.When Iris inherits her late grandmother Bertha’s house, her thoughts turn to childhood memories of long, hot summers playing with her cousin Ro [...]

    • Erster Satz und erster Eindruck"Tante Anna starb mit sechzehn an einer Lungenentzündung, die aufgrund ihres gebrochenen Herzens und des noch nicht entdeckten Penizillins nicht heilen konnte." - eine wahnsinnig tolle, tragische und intensive Geschichte über die Frauen einer Familie über drei Generationen - eine Geschichte des Vergessens, des Erinnerns, der Liebe, des Tods u.v.m.Cover/ Gestaltung: 5/5 Pkt.Das Cover ist einfach wunderschön und passt einfach ganz toll zur Geschichte, sowie der T [...]

    • 2.5/5J'ai été assez déçue par cette lecture. C'est sans savoir véritablement à quoi m'attendre (et donc sans préjugés) que j'ai débuté ma lecture. Légèrement dérouté par le style au début: une sorte de "stream of cousciousness" (flot de pensées ininterrompus) je m'y suis pourtant faite très vite, c'est donc pas ça qui m'a dérangée. En fait la narratrice redécouvre la maison de sa grand-mère puisqu'elle en hérite et certains objets ou certaines pièces lui rappelle des souv [...]

    • This German novel is currently enjoying a certain success in France. It's indeed a very enjoyable read, written in an easy yet interesting style, filled with tender humor and lots of heart. There isn't anything really original about the story, though - it's one of those generic family sagas centered around a house and dealing with secrets of the past that could easily fall into the romance category. Hagena is a skillful writer, though: she knows how to keep the interest of the reader, and how to [...]

    • Als ihre Großmutter Bertha stirbt, erbt Iris überraschend deren Haus, mit dem sie viele Kindheitserinnerungen verbindet. Nach der Beerdigung bleibt sie ein paar Tage in dem Haus, wandelt auf den Spuren der Vergangeheit und erinnert sich an die eigene Kindheit und die Geschichte(n) ihrer Großmutter, Mutter und Tanten.Dies ist ein Buch über das Erinnern und das Vergessen. Der Erzähltonfall ist ruhig und melancholisch, manchmal schon fast depressiv. Schon bevor es das erste mal angedeutet wird [...]

    • Ein herrlicher Roman, voller Gerüche und Sinneseindrücke, voller Sommer und Apfelbäume, voller Liebe, Leid und Leben und, ja, auch Sterben. Katharina Hagena erzählt die Lebensgeschichte von drei Schwestern, von drei Freundinnen und von Großmutter Bertha, der, an Alzheimer erkrankt, ihr Leben stückchenweise entgleitet. Nach Berthas Tod erbt Enkelin Iris das Haus der Familie und während sie noch überlegt, ob sie das Erbe überhaupt antreten soll, drängen sich ihr Erinnerungen auf. Erinner [...]

    • I simply found it boring. Probably not the right book for me. Chapter after chapter were the same only building up information about the characters who in the end did not have any big impact. I kept reading to reach the plot climax which was merely a plateau in one or two chapters. I don't know if the translation had any effect on the original content because it wasn't flowing smoothly with me.

    • Die ruhige Atmosphäre gefiel mir richtig gut, ich brauchte jedoch für so ein kurzes Buch zu lange, um in der Geschichte anzukommen (knapp 100 Seiten), da mich am Anfang zu viele ähnliche Personen erwarteten, die ich erstmal auseinander tüffteln musste.

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