Rhiannon Of the Spring

Rhiannon Of the Spring YOU CAN BE A WARRIOR IF YOU CHOOSE TO BE Branwen s life is changed for ever when Saxon troops attack her homeland and kill her beloved brother Branwen s impulse is to avenge his death Instead she is

  • Title: Rhiannon Of the Spring
  • Author: Allan Frewin Jones
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • YOU CAN BE A WARRIOR IF YOU CHOOSE TO BE.Branwen s life is changed for ever when Saxon troops attack her homeland and kill her beloved brother Branwen s impulse is to avenge his death Instead, she is sent away from the action, safe from harm s way But surrounded by luxury in her new home, Branwen is restless as the soul of a warrior fights to break free.Then a mysticalYOU CAN BE A WARRIOR IF YOU CHOOSE TO BE.Branwen s life is changed for ever when Saxon troops attack her homeland and kill her beloved brother Branwen s impulse is to avenge his death Instead, she is sent away from the action, safe from harm s way But surrounded by luxury in her new home, Branwen is restless as the soul of a warrior fights to break free.Then a mystical woman in white foretells that Branwen will be the one to save her homeland With no time to lose, Branwen must make a choice continue in the path that her parents intended for her or step into the role of a true Warrior Princess.

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      155 Allan Frewin Jones
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      This author has published under several versions of his name, including Allan Jones, Frewin Jones, and A.F Jones He has also published under the pen names Sam Hutton and Steven Saunders.

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    • 3.5 stars. It's an entertaining, quick read if you're obsessed with Mabinogion retellings or anything to do with ancient Ireland (or if you've already read every other YA fantasy book you could find). There's a warrior princess who sees her sibling killed in front of her and vows revenge you know the drill. It's not a particularly complex story, but it was still a lot better executed than some other similar books I've read recently! I think it helps that I really don't mind reading about a milli [...]

    • You can be a warrior, if you choose to be.Fifteen-year-old Branwen's life is changed forever when enemy Saxon troops attack her homeland and her brother is killed. Branwen wants to avenge her brother's death, but instead she is sent to a neighboring stronghold where she'll be safe from harm. Yet while she is surrounded by exquisite beauty and luxury in her new home—as a princess should be—she feels different from the other girls. Deep down, Branwen has the soul of a warrior.Then a mystical w [...]

    • Oh where to start.I can only assume that this book was an attempt by the author to ignite interest in pre-invasion Wales. This book makes me pity the Warrior Poets of that time, because there story will apparently NEVER be told. A poor semi-retelling of the Mabinogi of Branwen.Same issues with plot pacing. Every 2 pages something IMPORTANT happens. Issues with story- Jones attempts to make Branwen the Anti-Hero (does not attempt to follow prophecy/fate) but instead of this making her a strong ch [...]

    • This book, I found, was a little disappointing. I could barely get past the first two chapters. It started out a little lame, with the main character basically sitting on a hill and describing her appearance for the first two paragraphs. Plus, I found from there on, even the 'action' scenes seemed a little forced like they were written for a way younger audience. I mean, this is supposed to be for teenagers and older right? Well, it was written so simply that I felt like I was revisiting a book [...]

    • I’m a fan of Jones’s Faerie Path books, so when I heard he had a new series coming out, I was very excited. Jones had a very descriptive writing style yet doesn’t exhaust the reader in mundane details. Warrior Princess was no exception. I really enjoyed Branwen’s story, and while at times I had problems with the character herself, she redeemed herself many times over. One of those redeeming moments being Branwen’s change from the awkwardness of childhood to a prominent and determined y [...]

    • A terrific start to a new favourite series of mine. I loved every second of this and I can honestly say I'm really excited for the second instalment. So happy to have stumbled across this, definitely highly recommended to lovers of young adult fantasy novels!

    • This book was one of the first books that I read that really got me into reading and rereading it I was afraid that the nostalgia of was what I liked. I'm glad to report that I believe that I liked it as much as when I originally read it.Princess Branwen is sent away to marry a far off prince after the death of her brother. During her travel she stays at a near by Princedom to wait for the roads to be safe. There she learns of her destiny as the chosen warrior of the shining ones (forsaken god l [...]

    • I was really excited to read this book, then I noticed those unfortunate words on the cover "author of the Faerie Path". Drat. I couldn't even get through the Faerie Path, so my expectations went through the floor. This book has a lot to prove, so work it, little Welsh middle-age fantasy book with the worst self-explanatory title ever. Work it. Soon.Yeah, didn't happen. And it took me an entire WEEK to read! But I could feel the plot potential, so I kept reading. But really, it was awful.A) You [...]

    • Holy cow! I was totally entranced by this book! I devoured it! I have read The Faerie Path by Frewin Jones and enjoyed it, so I was excited to read this series. It did not disappoint! The story line is great, and the characters make you feel for them. I admit at times I had tears in my eyes! It is a short book in the fact that the events happen in only a few days time, but that isn't a horrible thing to read. I loved Branwen's character and how much she changed once she really figured out who sh [...]

    • Wow. . is was anamazing book! I whole heartedly enjoyed Branwen's adventure and I have already put the second book in the series on order - this is a treasure!Saxons are coming. The news is like a death sentence to the small "princedom" of Garth Milain. The rough territory on the ourskirts of Brython is very vulnerable to Saxon invasion and already they have been struck hard by raids. When Branwen's brother is brutally murdered by the Saxon raiders her parents decide her fate. As the lone heir t [...]

    • I found this book a very easy read to become emersed in. I love the lands that Frewin Jones created. I also enjoyed the hint of gods and goddesses that were included. This whole book was action-packed. It was interesting to learn the ways of the different people. This is my first YA historical fantasy that I have ventured into and I really enjoyed it. Branwen was the perfect heroine in this story. She watched helplessly as her brother was struck down dead. Instead of being hell bent on revenge B [...]

    • I picked this book up because after reading the description it seemed like something right up my alley: royalty, middle ages, fantasy, and strong heroine. It sort of fell flat for me though. First off, the heroine was not very personable and was very hard to connect with. You never get to see inside her head and its really hard to understand her motivations for why she does or does not do things. The characters all seem very one-dimensional. The book also does not feel like a cohesive story. It [...]

    • Branwen is the central character in this magical tale of an imagined history. Wales has been beating back Saxon raids for years, but there is an ever growing threat of full-scale invasion. Branwen's family lives with this threat daily. When her brother is killed by a Saxon raiding party, Branwen is sent-against her will-to a place of safety rather than bring honor on her family by fighting with her parents. But Branwen's time with the cultured, wealthy allies only makes her more determined to fi [...]

    • I absolutely loved this book. If anyone is sick of the same-old same-old teen girl fantasy/YA and is looking for something different then look no further than this book. Frewin Jones is known for his other series The Faerie Path, which is good and all, but this book is WAY better. It is based on Welsh Mythology and history which is something I really love, but even if you're not into that, it's extremely interesting. Branwen is not your typical YA heroine; she is feisty and can take care of hers [...]

    • Ignore the cover art - it has nothing to do with the story. When Princess Branwen's brother is killed by invading Saxons, she is sent away for her own safety. She doesn't want to leave her home and parents and, to make matters worse, the kingdom she is sent to is completely different than her own, and she is seen as uncivilized, and called "barbarian princess." But Branwen is proud of her heritage and doesn't want to be a ladylike, "just for show" princess; she is a hunter and a warrior. Add a t [...]

    • A wonderful medieval book that is set in Wales, the story is about a beautiful girl, named Branwen, who is the warrior princess in this magical old tale of fae. Wales has been battling back Saxon raids for years. There is always a looming threat of an invasion, and her family lives with this threat every day. Her brother is killed by a Saxon raiding party and Branwen is sent away to safety rather than allowing her to battle. Her experience with the wealthy allies only makes her more determined t [...]

    • I love strong female characters and Branwen is one of them who rejects the accepted, traditional female roles in this story set in a mystical world where the old gods and goddesses still exist. Branwen sets out on a journey that will end in an arranged marriage until events happen that make her decide she has another fate. The cover is very hokey - the book is actually very good. She becomes a warrior and fights. Her companions are well chosen. I hope there is a sequel. The Rhiannon aspect is a [...]

    • When Princess Branwen's brother Geraint is killed by the Saxons,her father(Prince Griffith)and mother(Lady Alis) decided to send Branwen on an arrange marriage with one of her father's closest friends, Captain Angor. When the Saxon's interfere with the trail that Branwen is supposed to be traveling,Angor invites Branwen to come stay at his place for the time being.There was a completely different culture and dress codes for Branwen to get used to in Angor's Place. Meanwhile, Branwen finds out th [...]

    • Hmmmmm. Mixed feelings about this book. It wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, nor was Branwen quite as strong or intelligent as I was originally expecting. But for all that, it was still a decent beginning and I am interested in reading the rest of the series.

    • I don't know how to review this . . . book one was great, but I need to read the rest of the books before I will know just HOW much I like it!

    • I liked this one! :D The characters where pretty cool and the story had a plaesant flow.I will probably read the second book as well. :D

    • I love this book but I felt really bad for her mostly because she lost a lot but she learned a very important lesson by losing a lot and I think that something that we need to learn. I liked how she changes from a sad girl from just losing her brother to a girl that is afraid of how things are going to end up and then she turns from that to a girl who wants to show that she is not a shamed of who she is and then she shows that she will do anything to prove herself to the boys in another castle. [...]

    • The writing could use some work. It's very adjective heavy, and there are so many similes that it's sometimes hard to understand what's actually being said. The word choice and word order are also strange, so it sounds ridiculously dreamy or pompous. "Highfalutin mumbo jumbo" comes to mind. It's sadly illogical and reads like a teenager's fanciful daydream.SPOILERS:Although she's a proven coward, Branwen suddenly decides that she's brave now and is going to be a warrior princess. No inner strugg [...]

    • I really wanted to like this book a lot It wasn't bad by any means, but o was really hoping it would suck me in and wrap me into another world it just didn't do that. It was fine enough. I'll read the others in the series it was that good of a story, but not so good that I couldn't put it down.

    • This book was absolutely amazing. I loved the way they speak and the mythology that the book centres around and how the characters interacted with each other. Can't wait to read the next one!!

    • Fantastic! I loved the storytelling and the main character's spunk! There was always something special in every chapter that never made the plot dull.

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