Shell Game

Shell Game Banking has never seemed so dirty as it does in SHELL GAME the pulse pounding new thriller from Joseph Badal The author brings a lifetime of business experience to this tale which shows how banking

  • Title: Shell Game
  • Author: Joseph Badal
  • ISBN: 9780615654843
  • Page: 417
  • Format: ebook
  • Banking has never seemed so dirty as it does in SHELL GAME, the pulse pounding new thriller from Joseph Badal The author brings a lifetime of business experience to this tale, which shows how banking regulations can ruin lives and how a villain can manipulate such rules for his own gain Don t miss it Steve Brewer, author of LOST VEGAS Shell Game is a financial thr Banking has never seemed so dirty as it does in SHELL GAME, the pulse pounding new thriller from Joseph Badal The author brings a lifetime of business experience to this tale, which shows how banking regulations can ruin lives and how a villain can manipulate such rules for his own gain Don t miss it Steve Brewer, author of LOST VEGAS Shell Game is a financial thriller using the economic environment created by the capital markets meltdown that began in 2007 as the backdrop for a timely, dramatic, and hair raising tale Joseph Badal weaves an intricate and realistic story about how a family and its business are put into jeopardy through heavy handed, arbitrary rules set down by federal banking regulators, and by the actions of a sociopath in league with a corrupt bank regulator.Like all of Badal s novels, Shell Game takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of action and intrigue carried on the shoulders of believable, often diabolical characters Although a work of fiction, Shell Game, through its protagonist Edward Winter, provides an understandable explanation of one of the main reasons the U.S economy continues to languish It is a commentary on what federal regulators are doing to the United States banking community today and, as a result, the damage they are inflicting on perfectly sound businesses and private investors across the country and on the overall U.S economy Shell Game is inspired by actual events that have taken place as a result of poor governmental leadership and oversight, greed, corruption, stupidity, and badly conceived regulatory actions You may be inclined to find it hard to believe what happens in this novel to both banks and bank borrowers I encourage you to keep an open mind Shell Game is a work of fiction that supports the old adage You don t need to make this stuff up.

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    • Joseph Badal

      Joe Badal has had a varied and successful career In addition to having had 11 suspense novels published The Pythagorean Solution, Shell Game, Ultimate Betrayal, Evil Deeds Danforth Saga 1 , Terror Cell Danforth Saga 2 , The Nostradamus Secret Danforth Saga 3 ,The Lone Wolf Agenda Danforth Saga 4 , Death Ship Danforth Saga 5 , Borderline 1 in the Lassiter Martinez Case Files series , The Motive 1 in the Cycle of Violence series released 7 19 16 , and Dark Angel 2 in the Lassiter Martinez Case Files series , he has had a number of short stories published.He is an 1 Best Selling Author and has received numerous awards, including being recognized as One of The 50 Best Writers You Should Be Reading He is a two time winner of the Tony Hillerman Award for Best Fiction Book, and has received Gold and Silver Medals from the Military Writers Society of America In May 2017, his books, The Motive and Borderline, were named finalists in the International Book Awards contest in the Thriller Adventure and Mystery Suspense categories, respectively Joe worked for 38 years in the banking and financial services industries Prior to his finance career, he served as a commissioned officer in the U.S Army in critical, highly classified positions in the U.S and overseas, including tours of duty in Greece and Vietnam He earned numerous military decorations He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in International Finance and Business Administration, and is multi lingual.Joe has also written dozens of articles that have been published in a variety of business magazines and trade journals, and is a frequent speaker at business and writers events His blog, Everyday Heroes, highlights individuals just like you who are confronted with a challenge and rise to the occasion.

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    • With Shell Game author Joesph Badal has knocked another thriller out of the park. The characters are well developed and interesting. The pace is fast. Included at no extra cost is a concise and clear exposition of commercial banking, banking regulation and commercial real estate financing. Don’t let this put you off. The action is well worth the education.

    • Disclaimer the First: I received a free copy of this book for review purposes through .Disclaimer the Second: I did not finish this book. This is a review of the first 100 pages of Shell Game, because that's how much of it I was able to force myself to get through. For all I know it may become well-written and interesting on page 105, but I have my doubts. I hate writing negative reviews, mostly because I really want to like the books I read. Occasionally though, there comes a book that I just c [...]

    • A LESSON LEARNEDRIVETING AND COMPELLING!This story struck a nerve and really hit home. Though it has been several years ago, it's like reliving the agony a loved one went through falling victim to one of the worst economic financial mayhem, like it was just yesterday.Reading this somehow gave me a better perspective of how and what mitigating facts contributed to the great recession in the U.S. history. I can't help feeling insecure at the thought that the same government officials we elected, p [...]

    • I started reading the financial thriller SHELL GAME, by Joseph Badal, on Tuesday and continued reading until late Wednesday morning. I couldn’t put it down! A carefully constructed, complex plot that unfolds with growing tension and pleasing action sequences; this is a great novel written by a gifted writer. It richly deserves five stars – highly recommended.

    • Very enjoyableIntriguing and fun. Plot moved along very nicely with twists and turns. Book had a villains and good guys nice read

    • Eddie Winter has a large successful restaurant business with many locations. Suddenly the bank has called all the loans and refused to grant additional credit even though they have never missed a payment and have much equity in their properties.The federal government after the Freddie and Fanny problems previously say they can take over banks with too many bad commercial loans.Eddie and his lawyer begin to check into this and discover many banks have been purchased at a low rate by Gerald Folsom [...]

    • Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    • Corruption in the U.S. Banking System leads to recession. A psychotic investor in cahoots with an FDIC official robs the system of millions of dollars. The investor also has a penchant for violence which results in murder. This was a really good read. The author worked in the banking and financial world for 38 years. The first part of the book was bogged down in discussing the system and its potential weaknesses, but I decided to clear my eyes when they were glazing over and really study his exp [...]

    • Extremely boring! Many times I almost quit reading. If it weren't for my OCD and the need to finish what I start I probably would have. The story is slow and difficult to follow. Mostly because each character seems to possess the same personality as the next which causes difficulty distinguishing the characters from one another. It's hard to figure out who is talking and what they are talking about. Maybe if u have an interest in banking? I don't know. But it was horribly painful to read all the [...]

    • Shell Game is a roller coaster ride of action and suspense. Different from Joe Badal's international espionage/special ops books, this novel is about the repercussions of the capital markets meltdown and the impact of that meltdown on community banks, borrowers, and bank investors, and the heavy-handed treatment of banks by federal bank regulators. Although fiction, this story could have been pulled from the pages of The Wall Street Journal. Highly recommended.Joseph Badal

    • Follow this authorI remember when the government closed Down small LI banks because of their bad commercial paper. Replaced bank presidents we're embarrassed and felt they had let the community down. Shareholders and small businesses were set adrift. I know the book is fiction but it strikes too closely to what happened. This is a well written, well researched novel. So intriguing it is hard to put it down.

    • This novel started with lots of talk about many government and banking agencies and how they worked or didn't. I admit I scanned the first ten per cent. It was just too dry and uninteresting. I almost quit reading and deleted it, but I'm so glad I didn't. The remainder was a great mystery and definitely worth reading even though the government agencies made me very angry. The book was well written and had great characters and I recommend it.

    • Shell Game is a great read for anyone in banking and financeThis book is a great story rooted in historical fact. The author blends interesting characters with identifiable situations that take you through the financial meltdown of the last decade. Joseph Badal weaves a great plot through humanities natural greed blended with characters that make you believe there is good in the world in the midst of corruption and crime. Highly recommended!

    • I am giving this book 5 stars for the superb explanation of the current banking crisis in our country. The historical overview in the introduction to this work of fiction offers a simple and succinct chronology of the stupidity (and possible corruption) of our government officials. The story itself is a really good thriller/mystery that should appeal to fans of the genre. Highly recommended!

    • This book reads like a textbook on the failed policies of the federal government with respect to the banking industry. The story felt like a marginally effective way of explaining the issue to laymen. It was repetitive, and it was tiresome. Although I can't say I disagree with the basic thesis of the book, the story was certainly secondary to the message.

    • Rallying for the good guys!Good explanations written in the book about unethical behavior by a money crazed sociopath using the government FDIC laws involved in the maddening real estate downfall early in the new millium. Mr.Basal writes with purpose and is riveting for the reader. Would read other books by this author.

    • Detailed explanations of the recent recession and bank failures; much of the detail was repetitive as if the author wanted to convince the reader that the government could make serious mistakes. Not much of a plot; straightforward bad guy making lots of money unethically and borderline illegally. Plus bad guy beat his wife and had a years long grudge with a woman who embarrassed him.

    • Excellent financial thriller.Economic meltdown, FDIC takeover of a community bank. Poor governmental leadership and oversight, corruption, greed. There are a lot of facts, about all these bank takeovers. Wonder how many businesses suffered and still suffering?

    • Twists and turnsThe family dynamic was interesting to follow. Showing the respect and willingness of family members to form bonds gave this book another dimension. The ending was somewhat predictable, but still a good read.

    • Financial intrigueOpens a pandora's box filled with current affairs and government excessive policy making that places burdens on the working class while bailing out corruptible privilege sycophant.

    • Historically Relevant ReadDoes a very good job of detailing the origins of the Sub-prime loan debacle. The government went too far with the notion that everyone should own a home ignoring the bank's time tested formulas for home ownership.

    • Behandelt de economische problemen en dan met name hoe de overheid deze aanpakt. Corruptie. Verpakt in een spannend en snel verhaal. Geeft toch ook wel aan dat niet alle bankmedewerkers greedy zijn. Kortom: aanrader!

    • I really enjoyed reading this book. It reminded me of how bad the Financial Crisis really was in the beginning. Also, it showed how banks tried to get little companies to do what they wanted or face the consequences.

    • Historical coverage of facts leading to recession is fascinatingNadal brings clarity t o the events leading up to economic meltdown of 2007-2008. I cannot wait to read more

    • Enjoyed Philadelphia referencesI thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a bit complex at times. But there was enough balance. I love books with Philadelphia being the setting

    • Nice twistThis author continues to deliver a remarkable versatility in his choice of areas to express his creativity in his writing.

    • Great ReadMy third book and rated each a 5 Star. Good plots judicial use of profanity I will read all of this author. Areal page Turner. Thoroughly enjoyed book

    • Good action, derring do; financial detail cured my insomnia.Skim the inside baseball of the banking world and you can finish the book sooner and move onto something better.

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