Arthur's Nose

Arthur s Nose Arthur s Nose An Arthur Adventure

  • Title: Arthur's Nose
  • Author: Marc Brown
  • ISBN: 9780316110709
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Arthur s Nose An Arthur Adventure

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      Marc Tolon Brown is perhaps best known for his Arthur series of children s books.He lives on Martha s Vineyard and in New York City with his wife, Laurie Krasny Brown He has three children, sons Tolon and Tucker, and daughter Eliza The names of his two sons have been hidden in all of the Arthur books except for one Arthur s Tooth.

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    • Arthur the aardvark is two years older than Garfield the cat and he's changed just as much since his debut in 1976. Arthur first appeared in Arthur's Nose by Marc Brown, an appropriate and funny title for a cover sporting a typically shaped aardvark, but a little disturbing in thinking of what Arthur looks like now.Brushing aside 20-20 hindsight for the moment, I want to look at the first edition book because that's the version I read. It's part of the K12 collection at Holy Names University tha [...]

    • It's funny, the old school Arthur illustrations scared the heck out of my kids. However, after reading the story, they sympathized with Arthur and were no longer afraid. Arthur sure has come a long way, though. It's really cool to see these early versions of all the characters.

    • We have read many of the books featuring the lovable aardvark named Arthur by Marc Brown and although our girls have grown out of them, they bring back fond memories.I discovered this book in our local library's book swap bin and I was a bit surprised to see the way that Arthur is depicted in this book. Just like with the Garfield series, the main character morphs significantly over the years. I guess I didn't realize just how much he'd changed (especially once he became famous and got his own P [...]

    • “Arthur’s Nose” is the first “Arthur” book created by Marc Brown and it is about how Arthur wants to change his nose since it makes him feel uncomfortable about himself. “Arthur’s Nose” may seem a bit too old-fashioned for the younger generation who has not read the older “Arthur” books, but it is still a classic children’s book that everyone will read for many years. Marc Brown has done a great job at writing the story as he describes the trials of being different from a c [...]

    • To check out my review: dancinginth3darkI never grew up with Arthur. I will repeat myself again, I NEVER grew up with Arthur. I admit that the show was impactful for the generation before me and my generation but I grew up in the age where kids stopped watching PBS and replaced it with cable for their daily dose of 90s cartoons. A great example is I praise Sesame Street for teaching children how to read, develop friendships, and other important fundamentals that parents sometimes fail to explain [...]

    • Arthur's Nose: An Arthur Adventure (Arthur Adventure Series) by Marc Brown is the first Arthur book, about Arthur wanting to change his nose since it makes him feel uncomfortable about himself. Arthur gets upset with his nose when he has a cold. Francine complains to the teacher that Arthur's nose was always bothering her. Arthur's friends thought his nose was funny, So Arthur decides to go the rhinologist for a new nose. Dr. Louise suggests that Arthur try on pictures of different noses to choo [...]

    • This book is appropriate for ages 3 to 6 in early childhood classrooms. The book “Arthur’s nose” was written by Marc Brown. It talks about Arthur did not like his nose because he had a cold and his nose became red. His sister thought his nose looked funny. He wanted to change his nose. So he told his friends that he was going to the rhinologist for a new nose. Of course, his friends were very surprised. Doctor Louise suggested that Arthur try on pictures of different noses. He could choose [...]

    • I'm a longtime fan of the Arthur cartoon series on PBS (a guilty pleasure), although I had never read any of the books. But they've been so super successful, I was interested to see how it all began. This 25th Anniversary edition of the series' first entry gave me that chance; plus it has extra material by the author, telling about what inspired him to write that first book about the young aardvark and his friends and family. I'm still a fan, but I have to admit if I was a kid just discovering t [...]

    • This story could be used to teach (or remind upper elementary) students that pointing out differences in appearances in a negative way can hurt someone's feelings. Students will learn to love themselves and appreciate the way other students look in their class. The saying "out of the mouths of babes" applies to the ideas expressed in this book. Children do not have a filter for their thoughts so it is important for them to learn how to think before they speak in elementary. The main character, A [...]

    • This first entry in the Arthur series is very disappointing. However, the disappointment is retroactive. This book is about being yourself and not changing who you are or what you look like. It teaches the message that everyone is special and everyone should like themselves and how they look. Arthur is self conscious about his nose. He thinks it is too big. At the end of the story he decides not to get a new nose after all. Now I understand this was a very early book for Marc Brown, but the very [...]

    • I don't understands why everyone likes this book so much. Sure, you can argue that it teaches kids not to pick on other kids just because they look funny, but in my opinion, the fact that Arthur gets a rhinoplasty anyway defeats that entire objective and the lesson suddenly turns into "kids, if you get made fun of, change yourself so everyone will like you more. you might feel a little empty inside, but that doesn't matter because you're beautiful and being beautiful is more important than being [...]

    • Arthurs Nose is the first book in Marc Brown’s Arthur series, which follows Arthur the aardvark. In this book, Arthur decides he does not like his nose and wants to change it. This book is about loving yourself and being confident in how you look because as Arthur learns in the end, he just isn’t himself without his nose. Young children will like the simplicity of this book as well as the pages when Arthur visits the rhinologist and tries on all the different animal noses. I enjoyed this boo [...]

    • I got the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition of this book from the library, and you know, that's special. 25 years of Arthur. Described on as an " eight year old anthropomorphic brown aardvark who lives in Elwood City", Arthur is a pretty good role model for children. He handles a lot of difficult situations with grace and approbation that even us adults could learn from his ways. It's interesting to see how Arthur has 'anthropomorphically' changed over the years, which is showcased in the introd [...]

    • We are a fan of Marc Brown's Arthur books. Not all book titles are created equal but I have a 25th Anniversary Limited Edition of this book and I love it!!! Thanks to my sister-in-law for a great gift.This limited edition reveals Marc's Arthur illustrations as they have evolved over the years as well as author's notes on his own personal life as it relates to Arthur's life. What we love about this book and some of the other Arthur books is Marc's ability to perfectly capture kid situations and d [...]

    • This was the first book Marc Brown wrote for the Arthur series and it is useful for discussing how Arthur's appearance evolved over time. In the newer Arthur books, it is hard to imagine that he is really an aardvark but it is easy to see it in Arthur's Nose. I read something that said he changed the face so it would be easier to show expressions with the mouth. When the class is doing an author study on Marc Brown, I like to read Arthur's Nose, Arthur's Eyes, and possibly one of the more recent [...]

    • I got this book at Fireside the other day to add to my anteater books collection. Originally Arthur was an anteater, I guess deep down he still is, but not like in the old days.Craig said Arthur is the Michael Jackson of Kid's book characters. Even though this first story in a series of many is about him not liking, then eventually accepting his nose, the current day Arthur has lightened in color and dramatically changed his nose. It's no longer apparent what sort of critter he is.I thought that [...]

    • This is Marc Brown’s first book that started it all. This book shows just how kids can deal with problems and how making fun of someone can affect that person. Arthur's struggles with teasing help him prevail and become a better person. This book is a perfect example for students to learn that teasing is not the way to treat people. With this book you can allow children to have compliment charts and they can use it whenever they want to give someone a compliment.

    • Everyone's going to point out that despite Arthur's decision to refuse a nose job, he did get a character redesign over the years. Yes, yes, but let's focus on this book as it was at the time it came out: no following character redesigns, and just the premise that he didn't like his looks because children can be horrid.It's a cute idea, but I keep getting set off at the notion of a child going in for a nose job. Later Arthur is what I grew up with; this is… a bit of a strange start.

    • Arthur's Nose by Marc Brown is a great book that can teach students that it isn't okay to make fun of someone's appearance. Students will be able to realize that picking at other's because of their differences is very hurtful and can damage other's self-esteem and feelings. I would use this book when in order to eliminate bullying or to increase my student's self-esteem when I see that it is down. This book can be used for students K-3rd grade.

    • I feel that this book is not appropriate for children. It is showing them that it is okay to change your appearance just because they look different then everyone else. Showing that there is even an option to change yourself at this young of an age is just inappropriate. This book should not even deserve 1 star but I am being generous. I do not recommend letting children reading this book because people should be happy just the way they are.

    • The original Arthur book, with a plot line that would not even make sense with today's character design. The character designs and the art of the book are very different from the rest of the series, but it's also a much older work with a big gap between this one and the others. There is still a solid moral about being comfortable in your own body, which is still relevant today.

    • A really cute book about self acceptance. My only qualm is that it's not the "Arthur" most kids recognize since he's evolved over the years. I imagine some kids will object because this is the "wrong" Arthur the fact that Arthur no longer has his original nose kind of undermines the self-acceptance message.

    • Although the Arthur series is usually a really cute and neat series. This probably was one of the more earlier ones. The charactors are all drawn differently than we are used to. However, this book helps children to understand to be comfortable with the way they look. I would still read this again, it's just not the normal Arthur the kids are used to seeing.

    • The first entry in the venerable Arthur series. Arthur is teased because of his nose, and considers rhinoplasty, but ultimately decides that he's fine just as he is. Not too bad art, decent message. The highlight is Arthur trying on various other animals' noses to see which he likes. Not a bad book, but the series does improve.

    • Cute story about accepting who you are, nose and all. But the Arthur character totally changed in appearance in later years, and he barely has a nose anymore. The evolution (de-evolution?) of the character muddles the message.

    • I always thought it a little ironic that the hero of the series that started with Arthur's Nose has had a shrinking nose throughout the years. Still, the classic is good, and most of the immediate characters are recognizable, even to a 2 year old.

    • The art is so much funkier in this early Arthur book. The newer version of Arthur is so vanilla. The story is a good read for any kid feeling insecure about themselves. That said, Arthur's nose *is* totally huge.

    • This has to be one of the first Arthur books written! It's funny to see how Arthur's nose has evolved (shrunk!) over the years. A good book but I think the later Arthur books have a lot more substance to them.

    • Arthur did not like his nose and tried on other animals’ nose. His friends made fun of his nose, but in the end, he learned to love and appreciate his nose. Kids can relate to the story, and is good for young elementary ages.

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