BOB Books Set 1: Beginning Readers

BOB Books Set Beginning Readers Bob Books are back now with a bright unique box display and colored illustrations throughout that make learning to read even fun Bob Books Set Beginning ReadersTeach a child letter sounds with Bob

  • Title: BOB Books Set 1: Beginning Readers
  • Author: Bobby Lynn Maslen John R. Maslen
  • ISBN: 9780439845007
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bob Books are back, now with a bright, unique box display and colored illustrations throughout that make learning to read even fun Bob Books Set 1 Beginning ReadersTeach a child letter sounds with Bob Books Set 1 With four letters in the first story, children can read a whole book Consistent new sounds are added gradually, until young readers have read books with aBob Books are back, now with a bright, unique box display and colored illustrations throughout that make learning to read even fun Bob Books Set 1 Beginning ReadersTeach a child letter sounds with Bob Books Set 1 With four letters in the first story, children can read a whole book Consistent new sounds are added gradually, until young readers have read books with all letters of the alphabet except Q Short vowels and three letter words in simple sentences make Bob Books Set 1 a fun confidence builder With little books, come big success TM

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      115 Bobby Lynn Maslen John R. Maslen
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    • Bobby Lynn Maslen John R. Maslen

      Bobby and John Maslen developed the Bob Books, while Bobby was a teacher of 3 to 5 year olds at a private school in Portland, Oregon After many years of self publishing, became Bob Books publisher in 1995.

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    • These books are #QUALITY. Do you have a child who is starting to read? These books are a life saver. As a mother of two, my children are now advanced readers, thanks to these educational books. Their stories are not only educational, but the stories have so much detail and emotion to them. I absolutely love these books, even as a middle aged women. Who ever thought of these books is definitely smarter than Einstein.

    • These small, inexpensive phonics readers offer immediate success to the nascent reader.The wonderful thing about the Bob Books series is the predictible format and the way new readers are immediately able to successfully read a whole book, cover to cover, right from the start. Thisearly success is encouraging and builds confidence, getting kids excited about more. They move at a fairly slow pace, introducing just a few new sounds with each book. The simple black and white pencil drawings are cut [...]

    • I chose these as first attempts for E to read, because there's not much out there that I've found that's phonics-based and tells a story in very few words. Bob books are phonics based with an intro on the back to scaffold the reading of the text. Pros: repetitious, small to hold, short, with word lists to review beforehand. For E, these really helped her get her phonics down cold, as the pictures are minimal, and there isn't any rhyme or highly detailed picture to help her "guess" the words she [...]

    • These are THE books to start your child reading. These are the earliest of the early readers. They are very short, there are 12 of them in each box, they get gradually more difficult in a very sensible, methodical way and they build a young reader's confidence perfectly. The look of pride on my son's face when he finishes yet another Bob Book makes me so thankful that we found these. They are the perfect gift for a beginning reader (ages 4-6) who hasn't yet started to read any other kind of book [...]

    • These are 'absolute' Beginning Readers for small children and are truly the first step towards reading, having learnt a few phonics sounds of letters, these books can be read by kindergarten-age children, independently. Giving a sense of accomplishment and much needed confidence boost. Highly Recommended!

    • This series is honestly the best yet. There is so much depth to the characters and they RHYME! Like who knew that an entire book could rhyme? Crazy right?!

    • Because of these books, my kindergartner believes he can read. Building confidence is so important at this age, and not only are all the words in these stories sound-out-able, they are also funny.

    • After reading the BOB Books Set 1 series first book, "Mat", I was impressed with the attraction to the characters that the story creates, as well as the likable and lighthearted feel it provided -- in my opinion. I thought that in a literary sense, the words were easy to follow and fit the reading level, I also liked how they rhymed. With regard to design elements, the limited color of the characters and lack of negative space really emphasized the illustrations and fit the feel of the elementar [...]

    • Nice toolMy son was really interested in these books. He loved to follow the short little stories. I think they work really well.

    • Perfect for Little Readers; When Letters First Turn In To WordsOur local library has multiple sets of "Bob Books"; that includes the 5 sets currently available and various older and earlier editions. (There have been so many different original and updated sets and levels that the Bob Books website FAQ has a chart that shows which books over the years replaced which books at the various reading levels.) The books are only 5 1/2 by 4 inches, so the library keeps them in a long plastic shoebox. I m [...]

    • With numerous early reader tools available today the Bob Books series truly starts at the beginning. Arriving in a sturdy, compact, brightly colored blue box are twelve books, perfect for little hands just learning the art of holding a book and turning pages independently. Each book is comprised of 12 pages, containing three letter words. Because young readers are easily distracted by glossy, high color images, utilizing simple, black and white drawings help children remain focused on the words [...]

    • There are a lot of controlled vocabulary books out there, but for basic, sound-it-out, early phonetics the BOB books work well. The newly updated series comes with a learning CD, so children can listen and read along or work through the books themselves. While not particularly interesting visually, silly, naive graphics work well at making young readers laugh, without overly distracting them. Unlike some books that claim to be Step 1 or Beginning Readers, the BOB books really are. Words like Mat [...]

    • When my daughter transferred to an academically-focused preschool, we were pleasantly surprised to be introduced to the Bob Book Series. She began with Set 1 knowing very few sight words. But we read the books every day, and before we knew it, she had mastered sets 1-5 by the end of the year! Over the summer, she mastered the Kindergarten and First Grade sets as well. We also purchased the Level 1 books for her, and she LOVES them. We had her tested with the WJ-III the week before Kindergarten, [...]

    • My oldest just finished reading this set. He started slow and was frustrated easily, burying his head in his arms when he didn't get it right on the first try. After a few weeks, sometimes reading a new book, sometimes only reading a few old ones for review and advancing a little at a time, he read them all and loved it. For my son the greatest part of his accomplishment was, "I read this whole book by myself!" That's why I bought them. He can read 12 books all by himself and feel the joy of mee [...]

    • Review not complete yet. July 22, 2012Draft hidden. As I said when I told you about the My First Bob Books sets I'm in love. I’m in love. Wait is it silly to say that about beginning readers and curriculum for teaching your child to read? Oh forget it, ridiculous or not I love these little books! Ever since I first discovered The Well-Trained Mind I have been planning on Bob Books being part of our curriculum. So I’ve been waiting for years to get involved. Then what do they do!? They come o [...]

    • The Bob Book Series is not intended to be great literature. it is designed to give beginning readers practice with something they can read independently. There are few words on each page and each book has a new word or sound to concentrate on. I am an elementary special education teacher and hope people will understand that these little books are to reading, as scale books and beginning melody music practice books are to piano. You can't play the hard stuff until you've practiced the basic skill [...]

    • I checked these books out of the library on the recommendation of a friend, and I've been really happy with them. My daughter is four and a couple months, and these books are short and simple enough that she is beginning to understand how to spell out and read words. There are twelve tiny paperback books in this pack, and each one introduces between one and four new letter sounds. We can easily get through a book and she'll be able to read the newly introduced words by the end, which brings her [...]

    • If you have a child learning to read you want these books! My sons teacher said he "can't" read or recognize his letters and sounds and put him in a reading support group to help him. When that did nothing to help him I decided to take matters into my own hands after seeing they wanted my barely five year old to read words like "paint, dance, write" and ext with tricky rules and silent letters. All without his teacher actually TEACHINGS him to read, she just gave him a book and expected him to r [...]

    • This is great set for my son who is a beginner reader. I found that the "Level 1" easy readers you find in the supermarket or Target, were just too much for him. Some of the words or names were just too complex for his reading level and would get frustrated with how much assistance he needed to read them independently (well sort of independent). Another mom recommended this set so I figured, sure, why not. I am very pleased with the purchase. Other reviewers saw these short and simple stories as [...]

    • These were great little books when Mia was first picking up on the concept that you could put letter sounds together to make words and this gave her some really great practice trying it out. While they do have a "small" story line, it's definately not very engaging especially if your child is used to being read to a lot so I think they are best used in small doses and only when a child is interested in the concept. The idea behind them is that they go in stages and almost every word in each stor [...]

    • Mommy's review - I forget when I first found and started Julia on these books but she read Sets 1-3 and they were a major, major help with her learning to read. I know she started on this set before kindergarten, I think it was the beginning of preschool. By the time we should have moved on to sets 4 & 5 she didn't need them.These sets of small books, combined with being read to, talked to and with correctly, and vocab worked taught her all she needed to know to actually read. She still surp [...]

    • I used these books to help me learn to read and they were great! Sometimes I look back and re-read the books. 3.5 STARS.Title: BOB Books Set 1: Beginning ReadersAuthor: Bobby Lynn MaslenIllustrator: John R. Maslen Book#/Title 1: Mat2: Sam3: Dot4: Mac5: Dot and Mit6: Dot and the Dog7: Jig and Mog8: Muff and Ruff9: 10 Cut-Ups10: Peg and Ted11: Lad and the Fat Cat12: The VetNext: BOB Books Set 2: Advancing BeginnersI copied book 8 from the box. I lost it :)

    • I wasn't sure about these early readers at first because the illustrations are not in color. However, so many teachers and librarians have raved about them and how the help children really embrace reading that I couldn't help but take a peek!I think the great thing about them is that there are about ten short stories to a box and this helps children feel that they can really read a whole book by themselves! This way they really can enjoy reading with a sense of confidence and independence! Bob B [...]

    • My 6 year old who loves books but hates the process of reading and writing is going through these now with great success. Finally I found a learning too that fits his rowdy, playful, little boy sensibilities. We used these to teach adults to read at my local library literacy center. They are for an absolute beginner. One doesn't even really have to know the alphabet to begin those, though that would be helpful. They are great because it all comes at you in little bits so the student doesn't get [...]

    • BOB books are a wonderful teaching tool. For children having difficulties learning the letter sound relationships, this is the series to start with. The illustrations give picture clues that help children to determine if they are pronouncing the words correctly. This is the series that I pull out to help struggling readers. Children are so proud of themselves when they realize they have read a book from beginning to end is priceless!

    • My 3 1/2 year old read these and the beginning books that came with the Hooked on Phonics set and everything about these is just second rate. The HOP have better pictures and are more entertaining using the same words. A few days ago my son and I were going through his stuff and deciding what to get rid of and he pulled out these books and said to get rid of them… so it wasn't just me that noticed they aren't very good.

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