Detective LaRue: Letters from the Investigation

Detective LaRue Letters from the Investigation Ike LaRue the devilish dog hero of Mark Teague s Book Sense Book of the Year Dear Mrs LaRue goes from obedience school dropout to shrewd sleuth in this exceedingly funny sequel As if obedience school

  • Title: Detective LaRue: Letters from the Investigation
  • Author: Mark Teague
  • ISBN: 9780439458689
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ike LaRue the devilish dog hero of Mark Teague s Book Sense Book of the Year, Dear Mrs LaRue goes from obedience school dropout to shrewd sleuth in this exceedingly funny sequel.As if obedience school wasn t bad enough, Ike now finds himself in jail wrongly accused of course of terrorizing the Hibbins cats stealing their cat treats Once again, he pleads hisIke LaRue the devilish dog hero of Mark Teague s Book Sense Book of the Year, Dear Mrs LaRue goes from obedience school dropout to shrewd sleuth in this exceedingly funny sequel.As if obedience school wasn t bad enough, Ike now finds himself in jail wrongly accused of course of terrorizing the Hibbins cats stealing their cat treats Once again, he pleads his case to Mrs LaRue, who s vacationing in France, but to no avail When a string of canary burglaries stalls the Snort City Police force s investigation and reveals their crime solving ineptitude Ike flees custody and takes matters into his own paws Expect mad cap comedy in Ike s daring escapades real and imagined , as well as ingenious split screen visuals from the incomparable Mark Teague.

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      169 Mark Teague
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      Mark Teague has delighted young readers with than 20 picture books, and he has written many of them himself, including the popular Pigsty, Baby Tamer, and One Halloween Night He is also the illustrator of Cynthia Rylant s beloved Poppleton series for beginning readers and the best selling books by Jane Yolen, How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight and How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon.Mark Teague s life changed when he moved from San Diego to New York City and he planted the seed for his first picture book, The Trouble with the Johnsons Each of Teague s books start as notebooks full of sketches and scribbles, strange little drawings and phrases that suddenly come together, Teague explains And although he had no formal writing training, his endless imagination and understanding nature gives him a permanent place in the hearts of everyone.Mark and his wife live in Coxsackie, New York, with their young daughter Lily, who has a great time watching her dad paint the pictures in his books.

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    • Picture Book ProjectCategory:Picture Book SoakReaders familiar with Mark Teague's first book about Ike LaRue's adventures in obedience school will already know what to expect of Ike's wild imagination. The story is told through newspaper clippings and letters from Ike to Ms. LaRue, his owner. Ike's letters stretch through truth in an attempt to "paint" a completely different picture. This book would be useful as an example of character perspective. After reading the book, the students could rete [...]

    • In “Detective LaRue: Letters from the Investigation” by Mark Teague, wire fox terrier Ike Larue, falsely accused and wrongly imprisoned for harming his neighbor’s cats, decides to escape police custody and look for the cats on his own. Along the way he begins investigating another crime that may or may not involve the very cats he seeks. This story of detective dog Ike is told completely through newspaper clippings and letters that Ike writes to his owner Mrs. LaRue. The picture book is hu [...]

    • This book is about a dog (Ike La Rue) who gets blamed unfairly by neighbors and police. They think that La Rue is responsible for the disappearance of the neighbors' cats. La Rue then decides to solve the case and find our the truth. While in prison, La Rue writes letters to his owner who is on vacation. After escaping prison, detective La Rue discovers that the cats have been on the streets chasing people's birds, something that started happening when the cats had gone missing. The book ends wi [...]

    • I chose this book because my mother used to read all of the Detective LaRue books to my sisters and I when we were little, and I loved how this book was all about a dog, who was determined to be a detective, solve mysteries, and have fun. This book is great for all primary school grades, because it is hard enough for older students to read, interpret, and analyze, and it has great pictures for for little kids to enjoy, as well as older kids as well. This book is also great for students to see an [...]

    • For more reviews, check out my blog Craft-CycleInteresting story. I enjoyed the epistolary style, but I could see how it may not resonate with young children. The story is really driven by the letters so it may be a bit confusing. The wording is often vague so I think it is suited for more advanced readers than very young ones. This is a surprisingly dark story in my opinion. Although I did like the placement of the idea that cats should be kept indoors to protect small animals. Good overall.

    • The Dectective LaRue series, is not one of my favorites. The cartoon illustrations are captivating, it has humor, and the vocabulary is wonderful for lessons. I think the length is why I am exhausted by the series. This picture story book is intended for Preschool to third (ages 4-8 years). In my opinion I would use this book for 3rd grade and higher. I do not believe this would keep our preschool friends enthralled the entire story. However, this would depend on the intellectual and attention s [...]

    • Detective LaRue: Letters from the Investigation is an interesting spin on classic mystery books. The crime has been committed, innocent bystanders overhear that there is no justice being served. Detective LaRue is on the case! With her huge fan base of supporters constantly mailing in clues, comments, and concerns, the case has been opened, and the thieves are far from celebrating their gluttonous victory. The book is based around animal fantasy where the main characters, as well as the surround [...]

    • "Detective LaRue" written and illustrated by Mark Teague is about a dog who is framed for two missing cats while his owner is away on vacation. He writes letters to his owner exaggerating what he is going through. The dog soon realizes that he cannot wait for his owner to come back to solve the case for him, he must do it himself. He escapes jail and starts looking for the cats. Will he be able to solve the case without the help of his owner?This book uses double page spreads of illustrations to [...]

    • •Fiction•2004•Summary: In sequel to the book Dear Mrs. LaRue Ike is at it again. This time he is suspected in the kidnapping of two cats. Ike runs away from the police and begins investigating the case of the missing cats. He soon finds out his case is related to a bird napping case.•Evaluation: This book would be good for a read aloud to an older elementary school class like 4th or 5th grade. The word usage would allow for several new vocabulary words. The story is told in letters and n [...]

    • The pretentious dog, Ike LaRue, writes his owner letters as he sets off on another adventure.This book contains a lot of strong vocabulary words and idioms that are perfect for literacy and language instruction for older readers. There are also hints throughout the pictures that will help upper elementary students solve the case before Ike makes it obvious. The book is also a strong example of how point of view affects a story. The letters that Ike receives from his owner are not shown and a fun [...]

    • The more Ike LaRue books I read, the less I like the series. To be fair, the style stays the same. Ike writes t his owner, telling her of terrible happenings, all while living in luxury. In the end, he is lauded as a hero and ends self-satisfied, despite various bad dog behaviors.This time, Ike is "framed" for the disappearance of the neighbor cats. He manages to track them down, in the end, and not only clears his good name, but annoys the snot out of them. All while enjoying time in a luxury h [...]

    • Detective LaRue: Letters form the Investigation, depicts the adventure of Ike LaGrue, a pet dog, as he tries to clear his name of cat nabbing. Ike “escapes” prison in search of the nabbed kitties and eventually clears his name. This humorous story is illustrated by the author, Mark Teague, he shows Ike’s thoughts by painting blue and white images of how Ike views his ordeal. While the rest of the picture is in full color, which represents what is actually happening in the story. The contra [...]

    • Meh.The problem I had with this book was the language. No, it wasn't offensive. It was just.nced. If the target audience was truly meant to be children, the language should have been simplified a bit. My 4-year-old could not have cared less about the story once I started reading. He kept pointing at the pictures and asking questions: "Why is he mad?" "What's he doing?" "Why does the doggy have a bone on his desk?" I have to give lots of credit for the art work (which is why I rated this book as [...]

    • The story is about Ike LaRue, Mrs. LaRue's dog who gets arrested for being the suspect of two missing neighborhood cats. Ike has to prove his innocence by trying to solve the mystery. This book is a collection of humorous letters Ike writes to Mrs. LaRue who is on vacation. He melodramatically twists the true story with descriptions of the "unfair treatment" he is receiving. The left side of the book has a colored illustration of what's really happening and the right side of the book is Ike's dr [...]

    • Ike finds himself in jail after being wrongly accused for terrorizing the neighborhood cats and stealing their treats. Ike again, writes letters to Mrs LaRue who is on vacation one again. Ike escapes "prison" and wants to solve the crime himself. Mark Teague has done it again by creating a split screen visual which show one side of the story and what is actually happening. It is an interesting spinoff on classic mystery books. The letters and text coincide with the feeling of the illustrations. [...]

    • After the disappearance of Mrs. Hibbins two cats, dog Ike LaRue becomes apprehended by authorities and is taken into custody. However, to prove his innocence and find the missing cats, Ike LaRue escapes from prison, later to become a hero in the process. The illustrations on each page were done wonderfully. Mark Teague used every inch and corner of paper with colorful, as well as black and white illustrations to capture the overall setting of the story. Mark lead readers on an adventurous trip v [...]

    • Summary: Ike LaRue has been arrested in connection with two missing cats. His letters to his owner paint a picture of innocence and determination to figure out where the cats have actually gone. Main Character:Ike LaRue, a dog falsely accused of doing away with the neighbor lady's two cats. He's going to find out where the cats have gone and what has happened to all the Canaries in the area.Interesting Information:I liked this book in that it was written in letter format from Ike to his owner. T [...]

    • I chose the original Ike book for my Saturday review, so I figure I should make it an Ike weekend! The sequel fits the same pattern - a dramatic dog writing letters. This one features him in jail, wrongfully accused (according to Ike) of chasing and terrorizing cats! The illustrations are humorous, and the letters can fit many needs. Make no mistake, I love Ike and this series, but I do want to point out that these are long read alouds. My career has featured teaching first and second graders, a [...]

    • PB: 49A very cute story written from a dogs perspective. The illustrations are wonderful and very detailed and really help moe the story along. I liked the black and white illustrations and found when mixed with small sections of color illustrations make parts of the story stand out. Te storyline is written as a series of letters and makes the story more interesting. Could use this book to teach letter writing to students ad show correct punctuation and ways to address a letter. Great for reader [...]

    • Detective LaRue is about a dog who gets framed for the disappearance of two cats. His story is much different than that of the cats' owner and he is "put away." He believes the cats are up to no good, and is not surprised to find that burglars are taking canaries and other birds. He escapes the police and goes on the search for the "missing" cats.Mark Teagure created a very fun book, full of detective mystery. The format of the book is very cool as the story progresses through newspaper reports [...]

    • Great for an introduction to a unit in newspaper or letter writing as this whole story is told through newsclips and letters written by none other than a dog. In addition, the humourous pictures tell a story all their own making this an excellent choice for discussing point of view and multiple perspectives on a tale. When two cats go missing, LaRue finds himself framed in their disappearance. Yet police are distracted from the case when a series of canary kidnappings break out. LaRue must solve [...]

    • There was only one thing about this book that I did not like, and it is pretty much a spoiler, so I won't say what it is. It is enough to say that I love both dogs and cats, and for that matter books.The 'split screen visuals' that Teague employs in this book are wonderful. Ike's noir inspired imagination is portrayed in blues and blacks as he investigates the case, and the text mostly describes this view of the book. The 'reality' subtext can be perceived in the other parts of the pages, which [...]

    • Tema's review "I liked it. When the cat ate the bird and when the 2 cats were being spies and that's all. I liked the book and the pictures and it was scary when they were being spies, cuz they were wearing masks. Mom, give it a 5 cuz it was so good"This was a cute book, but a lot of the humor that comes through, because of the difference between the story the dog tells and what the pictures show actually happened, was lost on my kindergartner. He says it was a 5 star, but he says that about eve [...]

    • It's very true that children will only read things that interest them--especially children struggling in reading. I've had entire classes fight over who gets to read this book next. Several of my girls who were in SPED for SLD in reading were so obsessed that they begged to skip recess and computer time so they could keep reading. (A certain school counselor also stayed in so that she could hear her students finish reading this edge-of-your-doggie-seat mystery!)Now, if the author only wrote text [...]

    • I love the pictures in this book. They are very original. I also love how the story part of this book is in letters he is writing to Ms. LaRue. This makes the story different from other picture books. It also has article clippings from the newspaper. These two writing styles makes this book very interesting. I keep wanting to read it and look at the pictures. I like how the main character is a dog who gets blamed for the cats missing. It seems logical to little kids but he is trying to prove tha [...]

    • Maybe I need to read the first book but, Golly Geeze oh myI am not sure I get all the humor. The Dog is writing to his mastere pictureswhat is is color is what is really happeningwhat is in black and white is what he is writing to his owner.Firstwhy is a dog writinghe does have a typewriter, but typing with paws not easy!It got the 3 stars because it was humorous and the pictures aren't bad but I can't say I am a fan!!

    • A dogs eye view on one cat investigation is the premise of this book. It gives us a unique and comical view into a dogs life. Students will enjoy being able to play the detective and get a chance to see letters. It may be difficult for students to understand though it does give them a chance to learn about the enjoyment of books. The benefits of this book allow it to model letters and the scientific method, yet it does not give any real strong moral lesson.

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