Chuck Close: Face Book

Chuck Close Face Book This fascinating interactive autobiography presents Chuck Close s story his art and a discussion of the many processes he uses in the studio The question and answer format is based on real kids inq

  • Title: Chuck Close: Face Book
  • Author: Chuck Close Ascha Drake
  • ISBN: 9781419701634
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This fascinating, interactive autobiography presents Chuck Close s story, his art, and a discussion of the many processes he uses in the studio The question and answer format is based on real kids inquiries about Close s life and work, and his answers to them Close, who is wheelchair bound and paints with a brush strapped to his arm, discusses the severe dyslexia and faThis fascinating, interactive autobiography presents Chuck Close s story, his art, and a discussion of the many processes he uses in the studio The question and answer format is based on real kids inquiries about Close s life and work, and his answers to them Close, who is wheelchair bound and paints with a brush strapped to his arm, discusses the severe dyslexia and face blindness he has struggled with since childhood, as well as a collapsed spinal artery that left him nearly paralyzed at the age of 48.An engaging feature of the book is a mix and match Chuck Close self portrait section This hands on component encourages the reader to create new and interesting combinations of Close s techniques and images The book also includes an illustrated chronology of Close s life, a list of museums where his work can be seen, and an index.Winner of the 2012 Boston Globe Horn Book Nonfiction AwardPraise for Chuck Close Face BookSTARRED REVIEW Art lovers of all ages will revel in this vivid, wonderfully affecting book, which is almost as ingenious and memorable as Close himself Kirkus Reviews, starred reviewSTARRED REVIEW Close describes his work with candor and insight The high quality printing and lush colors of the reproductions make it easy for readers to share that excitement A nifty mix and match section lets readers compare the methods used in 14 of the artist s self portraits Publishers Weekly, starred reviewSTARRED REVIEW Excellent quality reproductions of his paintings appear throughout A readable and engaging look at a fascinating artist and his methods of working School Library Journal, starred review Chuck Close s art and life story are the ideal way to introduce art and artists to children Horn Book A winner Chuck Close s honest, personal memoir about his life and work makes an ideal book for kids who find school challenging, who are creative or who see the world a bit differently from their peers In other words, this one s for most everyone Shelf Awareness

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      Chuck Close is a renowned American painter, printmaker, and photographer His 1998 traveling retrospective, organized by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, confirmed his place in the pantheon of major contemporary artists His paintings, prints, and photographs, represented by PaceWildenstein in New York, are widely exhibited and collected.

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    • Are you into art are reading? If you answered yes then "Chuck Close Face book", is a perfect book for you it give you that side of art that you may love. This is a autography type of book that show you (the reader)the artist chuck point of view in art and why he became a artist in the first place.This story take place in the childhood of chuck close. Chuck close is a about a man telling his life story and why he does what he does, chuck is a artist and all ways wanted to be since he was a little [...]

    • I have always thought that art by Chuck Close was a little odd - maybe even weird but I have a new appreciation for him and his work after reading this book I love that fact that the text is answering questions by kids about his life and his work and the explanations are detailed and interesting

    • Totally brilliant book! Possibly among the very finest kids' book on art ever conceived. Though it is suggested for ages 8-12, I suggest than anyone who loves the arts or Chuck Close in particular withh want to spend some quality time with this book.

    • If you like books that are about how people been through so much in the begging but then they succeed at the end, if so this book is for you. The genre of this book is auto biography because this book is about Chuck Close who wrote this book himself. The fact that I really like about this book is that it shows all the pictures that he made throughout his life. This book is basically about a man named Chuck Close in all the things that he has been through to get where he is at know. I'm going to [...]

    • Chuck Close Has been though a lot but this did not stop him from reaching his dream. This book is nonfiction and its autobiography by Chuck Close. This book is alright, I cant say its the worst book I ever read but it's not the best. However, I don't regret reading this book.I think Chuck Close purpose of writing this book is to show people that you can overcame anything to reach your dreams. I said this because in this book Chuck list all his problem but has always find a way solve is problem. [...]

    • Chuck Close: Face Book, is the epitome of perseverance. Chuck Close is an artist who is paralyzed from the chest down. He demonstrates intense dedication to his art because of his passion to do it. In a quote from the book, “His determination to be able to paint again, even if it meant having to ‘spit on the canvas.” (p.4). This book truly is inspirational to students who are passionate about something but feel insecure about achievement. The style of this book is a combination of an inter [...]

    • Too cool! A book about a contemporary artist for kids by a publishing company that seems to understand the needs of younger readers when it comes to non-fiction. This book would be a home-run in the art classroom as a non-fiction piece!The artist renders his face using different styles and mediums. All of these are in the book labeled for the medium and approach. But each rendering is cut into three pieces allowing the reader to flip the panels to see that Chuck's face still comes through even i [...]

    • "Why do you only paint faces?""Why doesn't anyone in your art smile?""When you were paralyzed, were you afraid you wouldn't be able to paint again?"These are some of the questions artist Chuck Close answers in his new autobiography for children. Filled with his portraits of mostly ordinary people, this book let's readers into Close's extraordinary life. Born right here in Washington state in 1940, Close began taking art lessons at age 8. His severe dyslexia and prosopagnosia (face blindness) mad [...]

    • Clay's Caldecott favorite!I've been a huge fan of the world famous artist Chuck Close for many, many years and was delighted to see his Face Book was everything I could have hoped for. Brilliantly designed as questions from studio-visiting kids that Close answers visually and verbally, this inspired me, made me laugh and nod, and I predict it will send kids of all ages and abilities (AND disabilities) straight to their own studios (treehouse, kitchen, bedroom, art class, backyard) wherever they [...]

    • I'm calling this a 'picture book' because I don't know how else to classify itrt biography, part question-answer, and all art.Close had an exhibit in OKC, and we went twicejust to stare from across the room, and as close as we could getjust stare at these huge faces, and the abstract renderings over photographs. Close is a master of paint and airbrush, and fingerpainting, and woodcuts and print-makingHe overcame such adversitiesdyslexia, physical weakness, and in midcareer, a paralyzing 'event' [...]

    • Holy crap. Anyone who reads this and then says, "I can't" is an idiot. Favorite QuotesIf a face expresses some emotion - laughter or anger or sadness - to an extreme, there is only one possible reading of the photo or painting. But if you present someone in a very neutral, straight-forward way, then there is no simple reading of who this person is. You have to look at other clues. Some of my work measures over ten feet tall. When a viewer confronts such a large image, it is hard to see the head [...]

    • I dug this book for the most part. I enjoyed Close's answers to kids' questions- he is far more guileless than his art led me to believe. I liked the mix and match pieces of his portraits. There's something not there, though, and I can't put my finger on it exactly, but this book didn't scratch all the itch it created somehow. It's breathtakingly hard to talk about the creative process, and even harder to do so when one's audience is children whose natural bullshit detectors are set to maximum g [...]

    • The autobiography assignment. Oh, it exists. It exists and children’s librarians know to fear it. At a certain time of year a child will approach the reference desk and utter the dreaded words, “I have to read an autobiography of somebody famous”. Never mind that while biographies are plentiful, good autobiographies come out once in a blue moon and, when they are written for kids, tend to be about children’s authors anyway (See: Jack Gantos, Beverly Cleary, Jerry Spinelli, Walter Dean My [...]

    • This fascinating, interactive autobiography presents Chuck Close’s story, his art, and a discussion of the many processes he uses in the studio. The question-and-answer format is based on real kids’ inquiries about Close’s life and work, and his answers to them. Close, who is wheelchair-bound and paints with a brush strapped to his arm, discusses the severe dyslexia and face blindness he has struggled with since childhood, as well as a collapsed spinal artery that left him nearly paralyzed [...]

    • More reviews at Mrs. ReaderPantsVIEW: Art teachers and students will love this book! It's a perfect way to introduce a living artist and the struggles he's encountered throughout his life, including dyslexia, partial blindness, and paralysis. Art teachers could use this book to introduce new art media and challenge students to explore new ways to create interesting portraits. Some of the techniques include: watercolor, oil paint, etching, pen & ink, pastel, woodcut, and my absolute favorite, [...]

    • When I first saw this book I wasn’t sure what it was about and I was even more confused when I opened it and saw the flip pages. I wondered what I would write about and thought maybe it was a visual biography without words.I was happy to be wrong! I loved this book and thought the design and format were amazing! The question and answer format let Close tell his story in his own way. The questions were posed by twelve fifth graders who visited Close’s studio. The questions and answers form th [...]

    • If you think you cant do something you should keep your mind to it and work for it so eventually you can accomplish it.In this exciting autobiography Chuck Close was dyslexic, and paralyzed but he still had determination to paint so he found a way to come back and problem solve so he could paint again. First chuck close had weekly art lessons with a professional artist. Chuck Close was dyslexic and he had a condition called the neuromuscular condition so this made it hard for him to do good in h [...]

    • Chuck Close is a world famous contemporary artist. His artwork is hanging in museums and galleries throughout the world. He is a portrait artist – his specialty is large scale portraits of faces. When he works, he breaks his canvas into grids then fills in each individual square with everything from fingerprints to paper pulp. When you look at squares they don’t mean anything, but somehow, when they are all viewed together as a completed work, they make a remarkable clear portrait. Besides b [...]

    • Ever since I saw one of his prints in my art classroom supplies, I've been fascinated with Chuck Close's work. I didn't know a lot about him, just found his abstraction of a face fascinating.This biography is told in a question and answer format and has a fascinating section in the middle where there are several Close self-portraits that can be mix and matched. I learned about Close's learning and neuromuscular problems. Probably most interesting and ironic to me of his struggles was that this g [...]

    • This review is for the Boston Globe/Horn Book Assignment:In traditional Chuck Close fashion, the whole book is not only available free, but it is interactive. This book is beautiful and inspiring. In it, Chuck Close answers child generated questions in an easy, respectful and enlightening manner. My favorite part of the book was the three panel section of self-portraits. The book is made in a way that you can flip different eyes, nose and mouth parts, done in a variety of media and methods, but [...]

    • Pages: 55Summary:Most of this book is actually written by Chuck Close, a very famous face painter. He had many learning problems as he was growing up; he was dyslexic, but nobody knew what that was in the 1940’s. He did poor in math, reading, science and every subject, except art. He grew up poor but received a scholarship to go to an art school where he learned how to paint with many different paints and use various canvases. When Close was older a blood vessel in his spine ruptured and cause [...]

    • I have been wanting to read this for sometime. Now that I finally have my hands on it, I can understand why it go so much attention when it first came out. This fascinating, interactive autobiography presents Chuck Close's story, his art, and a discussion of the many processes he uses in the studio. The question-and-answer format is based on real kids' inquiries about Close's life and work, and his answers to them. Close, who is wheelchair-bound and paints with a brush strapped to his arm, discu [...]

    • How many of you like art? If you said yes to this question then this book is for you. It's a very good nonfiction book. I hope you like this book review. So let's review. It's about this person and someone asked him questions. This person is very famous and a good artist. These questions reveal what he really thought through his life and what he did during those events. Many questions involved big points of his life. And what he thought, did, and painted during those times. It was all in differe [...]

    • Chuck Close: Facebook; written and illustrated by Chuck Close; copyright 2012, 55 pgs.*2015 Rebecca Caudill Nominee*Facebook was a fantastic book. It explains the background of the phenomenal artist Chuck Close in an interesting and positive manner. While traveling through the hardships and events that shape Close into the artist that he is, we see his creativity and passion shine through everything he does. Throughout the book, there are many supportive illustrations for the text; however this [...]

    • Chuck Close is known for his meticulous large scale painting and wasn't the first artist that came to mind when I was told that there was a new book in which kids asks questions to an artist.The result however, is inspirational. Close opens up about his dyslexia and "face blindness." He shares his struggles with art and his long recovery after he was paralyzed from the chest down after an artery collapsed in his spine. The layout for the question and answer portion of the book is colorful and ap [...]

    • Wow. An close up look (pun intended) at an amazing person. Chuck Close is one of those kids who could so easily have slipped through the cracks (I seem to keep come across stories like this -- hearing Gary Paulsen & Gary Schmidt talk about their childhoods earlier this year.) Dyslexic, at a time that it wasn't recognized. And with an inability to recognize faces (prosopagnosia - face blindness) -- so he "could meet the same people over and over and not remember them." Not a good thing in sch [...]

    • I was intrigued at first about the artist's severe dyslexia and his struggles in school, but when it got more into his process, I was fascinated. The grid process he uses to create his art is unbelievable - genius, really, for him to devise a way to combat his natural tendencies that could be self-destructive. I love his discipline - 3 hours of work in the morning, and 3 hours in the evening. Even though he has parameters for his work, I appreciated that he leaves space (NEEDS space) for his cre [...]

    • I was unfamiliar with the work of Chuck Close prior to reading this book. I found his art work very interesting, especially the fact that he changes his mediums all the time, but not the subjects of his work. He almost exclusively does art that focuses on a face. Many of these will be huge sized paintings. I was most intrigued by his picture of an older woman that was amazing & made just using his finger prints! Also interesting about him is that he cannot remember a face. Maybe that is why [...]

    • Unique and kid-friendly bio -- inspiring story, great info about art, artists, overcoming adversity. Possible Sibert contender. Caldecott? Maybe. 3 starred reviews (PW, SLJ, Kirkus) + ALSC Notables discussion (summer)2012 Boston Globe - Horn Book Nonfiction Award Winner"At the book's brilliant center is the irresistible opportunity to "mix 'n' match" various eyes, noses and mouths among 14 of the artist's arresting self-portraits"--Kirkus"’s clear that he considers these setbacks of little sig [...]

    • Using questions posed by a group of 5th graders who visited Close, the reader learns of his life--and the art which "saved" him. Throughout his life he has struggled with severe learning disabilities, most notably dyslexia and prosopagnosia (inability to recognize faces); then at 48 he was paralyzed from the chest down by a collapsed artery. In this interactive book, he candidly answers questions about his childhood, his evolution as an artist, "the event," and life today. He also discusses his [...]

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