Murder at the Rocks

Murder at the Rocks When Laurence Harford a prominent businessman and philanthropist is found murdered in the historic Rocks area of Sydney Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn is asked to solve the crime quickly and dis

  • Title: Murder at the Rocks
  • Author: Jill Paterson
  • ISBN: 9780646558530
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Laurence Harford, a prominent businessman and philanthropist is found murdered in the historic Rocks area of Sydney, Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn is asked to solve the crime quickly and discreetly After barely starting his investigation, uncovering a discarded mistress and disgruntled employees, a second killing occurs.Meanwhile, Laurence s nephew, Nicholas HarWhen Laurence Harford, a prominent businessman and philanthropist is found murdered in the historic Rocks area of Sydney, Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn is asked to solve the crime quickly and discreetly After barely starting his investigation, uncovering a discarded mistress and disgruntled employees, a second killing occurs.Meanwhile, Laurence s nephew, Nicholas Harford, has his certainties in life shaken when he becomes a suspect in his uncle s death, and receives a mysterious gold locket that starts a chain of events unravelling his family s dark truths.

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    • Jill Paterson

      Jill Paterson is best known for her popular Fitzjohn Mystery Series Set in the city of Sydney and its environs, it features DCI Alistair Fitzjohn A police officer of the old guard, Fitzjohn s methodical, painstaking methods are viewed by some as archaic Nevertheless, over the years, they have brought him success as well as the respect of all but one of his colleagues Chief Superintendent Grieg, the man Fitzjohn regards as his nemesis.Jill lives with her musician husband and bossy cat, Fergus on the outskirts of Canberra where she finds many opportunities for to photograph the scenery and wildlife.If you would like to sign up to be notified when Jill s next book is released, visit The Perfect Plot at theperfectplot Information on the series can be found at jillpatersonfitzjohnmysterie You can also follow Jill on Twitter JillPaterson2 or catch up on Facebook at jillpaterson author.

    794 thoughts on “Murder at the Rocks

    • Number 2 in a series of which I had already read #1 and#3. Not sure how that happened but it didn't matter since each story is individual and not much happens between books to progress the main characters.Alistair Fitzjohn is of course the principle character. He is a likeable man who works his way fairly and honourably through all the evidence in order to eventually arrest the correct guilty parties. He likes orchids and classical music and he misses his deceased wife very much. Unfortunately, [...]

    • Detective Chief Inspector Alistair Fitzjohn has been delegated to solve the murder of Laurence Harford. Laurence was found in a lane way that runs beside his business in the Rocks in Sydney. Working on the case with him is Detective Sergeant Betts together they set out to investigate the crime at hand, but they quickly learn that Laurence was not a well liked man so narrowing down their suspects could be a little harder than they first thought.The further they investigate, they discover that Lau [...]

    • This is a well written, fast paced cozy crime set in Sydney. When a wealthy businessman is found murdered near his jewellery business in the rocks area of Sydney DI Alistair Fitzjohn is sent to investigate. What he finds leads him on to discover past crimes and cover-ups and a family's darkest secrets. Well told story, the only negative being that the characters were a bit underdeveloped. It was almost as if the story was rushing along at such a pace that the author didn't have time to flesh out [...]

    • Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn has been handed a murder case which is very high profile, because the victim, Laurence Harford, is part owner of a huge jewellery and diamond business in the Rocks area of Sydney. When DCI Fitzjohn and his offsider, Detective Sergeant Betts arrive at the murder scene, which is in the lane beside the business, he was struck by the particularly gruesome manner of death, quite obviously not an accident!As their investigation progresses, Dr Nicholas Harford, nephew [...]

    • I adored this book!!! I hope this author will write a hundred more mysteries and obviously I now have to seek out the book that came before this one. Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn has to solve the mystery of who murdered Laurence Harford. Harford was such a jerk, the question was really who wouldn't want to kill him? He had been cheating on his wife for years , he bullied his late brother Edward so much the man had a heart attack. he is trying to challenge Edward's will to rob Ed's son Dr. [...]

    • This was my first Fitzjohn mystery that I've read and I must say it was fairly enjoyable. Considering the dirtbag uncle that was murdered, it's a shame someone like that even deserves to have their killer brought to justice considering all that he did throughout his life which I shan't get into here as it'd spoil the book for you. I will saythat some of the secrets took a bit too long to be brought out; I can understand and appreciate creating anticipation and keeping the reader on the edge of t [...]

    • Murder At The Rocks is a well-written police procedural with a complex plot and has rounded, engaging characters. I haven’t given it a higher rating because it’s not the sort of murder mystery I like very much and I see it as a responsibility to say as much for readers with similar tastes. There’s one too many sealed letters and locked lockets for me. They strike me as being deus ex machina plot devices when used multiple times. Unfortunately, I missed this aspect in the book description. [...]

    • Lets see we have blackmail, family secrets, dysfunctional family and to top it off a murder. The family secrets start to come out as you go along and the locket is known, but there is no key. Fitzjohn does not get along with his superior and skates by. Between the twists, taking care of flowers, and solving a murder I suspected almost everyone a long the way at certain points. This book is a must read as you will not want to put it down.

    • I wanted to give it 3 1/2, but thought it was worth rounding up to 4. This was a clean read and held my interest. I've always enjoyed a good mystery, but it's usually hard to find one that isn't filled with smut. My biggest complaint with this book was I found it hard to keep all of the characters straight. It took some interesting twists and turns along the way! I felt comfortable enough with it to let my "tween" read it.

    • EngagingThe plot developed at a pace sufficient to keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing . The characters came to live and draws you into their fictional wild.

    • I wasn't enthralled with the first book in the series but I thought I would give #2 a chance. However, it did not get better for me. I feel there are many people who would be charmed by the old-fashioned feel and decency evident in these mysteries, but they simply are not for me. I am doing any further reading on Alistair Fitzjohn although those of you who like the cozy feel might warm up to him more than I.

    • A cut above cosyThe author herself places this book in the "cosy mystery" genre but I would say there's more to it than that. A thoroughly enjoyable police procedural, with many a twist and turn before the bad guys are exposed. I found the main characters quite sympathetically written (their speech sometimes a little stiff and formal across the board regardless of their role). A decent read though, and an engaging mystery.

    • Fasten your seatbelt!What a good ride with Fitzjohn and Betts. This tireless pair barely takes time to eat and sleep in their endeavor to solve the murder. The author does a fantastic job of writing to keep you guessing who is guilty in a story that flows at a fast pace. At the very end the guilty character is finally revealed with a total surprise in the last paragraph of the mystery.

    • This was a free book so I didn't know what to expect. I ended up reading it all day. I found the characters well written and the plot just convoluted enough to hold my interest. Sometimes I got the characters confused as there were a fair number tangentially involved. But I enjoyed it sufficiently to consider reading more of the series. Parts were predictable and somewhat formulaic. But overall there was a certain charm to the book. Good beach read.

    • Plenty of IntriquePlenty of intrigue in this mystery. You're taken through twists and turns with soon to be 2 murders, and several suspects. I won't give it away though I figured out some answers along the way & others were revealed. It gets a bit slow moving in some spots, but it's well worth it.

    • Kept one guessingAn excellent convoluted mystery. For a millisecond, towards then end, I thought Nick would be shown as the murder of his Uncle. And I was very happy when Nick didn't even think about turning down his inheritance.

    • Thoughtful.First time I have read any of the Fitzjohn mysteries. Terrific read, the characters are well fleshed out and the plot is subtle. Would say if you like a well written,thoughtful and engrossing novel then read this.

    • The second book I've read by this author. It was okay but there were just too many unnecessary characters and red herrings. The plot was somewhat convoluted for my taste. However, I will read another because I do like mysteries without blood, gore and sex.

    • This was a well written exciting book. Kept you reading to find out what happens next. I will read the others in this series now. Very enjoyable book with mystery, crimes, drama and some romance for good measure.

    • Very good story. I was kept guessing. Plenty going on and lots of twists and turns.Love the relationship between Detective Chief Inspector Alistair Fitzjohn and Sergeant Betts. A good murder mystery which I enjoyed. Now want to read the first in this series.

    • This was an agreeable traditional murder mystery, with well drawn characters. I was sad that there wasn't a stronger sense of place for the historical Rocks district of Sydney that gives the book its title.

    • Still enjoy the characters - Fitzjohn is an unimpressive but effective detective that gets the job done. Will read more of these

    • Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    • A Lovely BookA Lovely Book.I just love reading about how Fitzjohn solves his mysteries!!! Very interesting!! Keeps you guessing who the murderer is to the very last minute.

    • Easy to readGood story easy to read it has quite a twist to the story in the end I enjoyed reading it and will continue to read the rest of the series

    • Not a bad story but very little character development. Needs more oomph to the story that seems to move glacially.

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